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Screen Shots and Details about Tori's appearance on the Channel 4 TV show 'V Graham Norton' in the U.K.
November 17, 2003

Updated Sat, Nov 22, 2003 - 3:43pm ET

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On Monday, November 17, 2003, Tori appeared on the Channel 4 TV show 'V Graham Norton' in the U.K. I now some some really nice screen shots of this TV appearance, as well as some reports from people who saw the appearance. It looks like this was a really fun and memorable show!

More Details

You can also see a photo of Tori from this appearance at Thanks Liquid Datura.

Screen Shots

Many thanks to Emma and Andy for making and sending me these screen shots!

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Reports from Toriphiles who saw the show

From Kathrine von Ahnen:

Tori was on V Graham Norton this evening on channel 4 here in the UK. She was wearing a long-sleeved sheer marroon or brown top with a sparkly gray and black knee-length dress over it. She had a black ribbon tied around her neck and was either wearing knee-length marroon boots or tights with stillettos of the same color, it was hard to tell. She wore a long dangly earring in one ear, with clear glass or crystal beads on it, as well as a dangly bracelet. Her hair, to be honest, looked like a bit of a rush job, it was worn curly and down, brushed over one shoulder, but very messy and frizzy. She wore red lipstick, but did not look nearly as glamorous as we are used to seeing her. Graham asked her several question but she only replied in one word or one sentence answers, but to be fair Graham does like to listen to the sound of his own voice and does not let people talk! She did seem very quiet though, and perhaps not too pleased to be there. Graham brought out a picture from the Y Kant Tori Read era, which was amusing. He also talked about it being 8 days until the next global tori meet and made fun of some photos from last year's meet. They did a few games, and one involved looking at objects from people's homes. Tori accidentally knocked over a really tacky egyptian theme dish, which was hilarious. She performed "Cornflake Girl" at the end of the show and it was fantastic. Just her and the Bose, but with the backing track. At the point where she normally sings "And the man with the golden gun thinks he knows...", she sang "I know it's so easy to close this door" while the background voice sang the golden gun part. It sounded amazing, her voice was really clear and strong and towards the end of the song she seemed to warm up a bit more, smiling at the end and sticking her tongue out in that little mischevious way she has.

From Tessa:

This has to be the cutest Tori interview ever! It's clear Tori likes Graham and he - her. She seemed at ease and never stopped smiling. They spoke of Librarian, how long she'll be in London & her YKTR days - he even showed a pic of the band! They then went over to a table on stage that had a few audience members "treasures" on them. (The point was to show what kinds of crap people own and think is really nifty.) There were a pair of decorative plates propped up on the table. As Graham was talking and everyone was laughing about some lady's pitiful King Tut replica Tori accidentally hit one of the plates and knocked it off its stand. Happily - It didn't break but the incident sent the audience into another huge fit of laughter. Everyone was laughing and Our Ms Amos looked mortified that she had almost broken the plate. She was laughing and turning her head, covering her face with her hand and giggling so hard I though she was going to double over. It really was precious. Then they cut to break. When they came back T & Graham were back in the interview area. Graham often goes on line to show his guests odd or interesting websites dedicated to them - Today he showed Tori the INTERNATIONAL MEETUP DAY WEBSITE! Even pointing out that meetup day is in 8 days! Then there was another game with the audience but that was nothing special really. Tori just stood there mostly. The game was interrupted with BBC lost its feed anyway. Once returned Tori then played out the show with Cornflake Girl - using the alternate lyrics during the Man with the Golden Gun part. I just loved this interview. Tori shone with radiant happiness.

From Daniel Nolan:

A friend from the UK rang me up today to tell me that during the interview with Graham Norton, they were looking at the site and they introduced our Brisbane, Australia group with one of the meetup photos with all of us in it!!

Yaay... Tori knows we exist *swoons*

From Samantha Free:

Haven't seen this mentined yet but I thought it was interesting that the movie screened on Channel 4 immediately after Tori's appearance on Graham Norton was Thelma & Louise. They also aired an ad for the new album during the movie.

From Carina:

I just had to add to the first comment about the appearance on Graham Norton last night.  I thought Tori looked really beautiful.  Her hair was lovely as well, I prefer her hair this way (some may call it frizzy!) rather than the sleek shiny hair we have seen lately.  I think she looked at ease (as noted in the second comment) but I was a bit worried about the change in lyrics at the end of Cornflake Girl.  Something about "To close this door would be so easy".  Is Tori hinting of changes to come?  I would love to know what these changes in lyrics mean, if any other EWF know. 

Posted by: Mikewhy

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