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More details about Tori's two upcoming signings at Tower Records in the U.S.

Updated Wed, Nov 19, 2003 - 5:58pm ET

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Updated: I earlier reported that Fanscape added to their news ring box information about two signings Tori will be doing for TOAL in the U.S.. I have now added details about BOTH signings:

  • The first is one is on Monday, November 24, 2003 at Tower Records Village store on 692 Broadway in New York City from 6:00pm - 8:00pm ET.

  • The second signing will be on Tuesday, December 2, 2003 at Tower Records in Brea, CA which is located in Orange County, CA about 40 minutes from Los Angeles, CA and near Anaheim. The address is 220 S. Brea Blvd in Brea, CA. and the signing will be at 7:30pm PT. (The Fanscape newsring states that the signing will be at a Tower located at 220 South La Brea Blvd in Los Angeles, but in reality it is the Tower Records in Brea, CA. Thanks to the many people who pointed that out to me!)

    Click the details link for more about both signings.

    More Details

    More Details about the Nov 24, 2003 signing at Village Tower Records in New York City

    From Thomas Bugarin:
    I just wanted to let you know some info about the Tori Amos signing at Tower Records Village Store.  Once you buy your CD at Tower, you must take your receipt to the Customer Service Desk (across from the registers) and ask for a pass for the signing event.  They place a yellow sticker on the receipt with the Tower Records logo on it (and some other writing on it....not sure exactly what it says since I dont' have it in front of me) and on a master list, they write down the receipt number.  They also number the receipt by hand, and this number is written on the master list, with the receipt number (Mine was #89, which I'm assuming means only 88 people before me got the sticker).
    THIS PROCEDURE IS NOT ADVERTISED ANYWHERE IN THE STORE! (Very irritating)  I happened to find this out by overhearing one of the workers talking about the midnight sale of the CD on Monday Night, so I asked about passes.
    Beyond that, there IS a sign saying Tori will be in the store at 6:00 and that only one item will be signed.

    From Abbuford (This was posted to the Precious Things mailing list):
    Besides what was already posted, you MUST buy your CD at that particular Tower location (692 Broadway, in the Village) in order to receive a wristband to get in line for the signing. They are only letting in the first 200 people and they don't know yet when they will allow people to start lining up.

    More Details about the Dec 2, 2003 signing at Tower Records in Brea, CA

    From Johnny Endicott:
    OK, here's the 3:00 PM Tuesday 11/18/2003 update from Marnie the Manager at the Brea (LA AREA) Tower Records store where Tori will be performing on December 2, 2003 (Tuesday, at 7:30PM)...

    There will be NO required pre-purchase at this particular Tower Records location. This is a special cross-promotion thingy with STAR 98.7 FM and Tower. The 60 people who get to have something signed will "WIN" their opportunity from STAR 98.7 FM.

    The rest of us (the 500 minus 60???) who get in will be first come, first served at the Brea Tower store starting at 12:00 NOON on that day (December 2, 2003, Tuesday). Apparently the Brea Police are well suited to keep people from camping out or otherwise loitering until noon.

    The lucky 60 who get to have something signed (ONE ITEM ONLY!!!) will have to chose between the new Tales Of A Librarian CD (AWESOME!!!!!!!!!) and the STAR 98.7 Lounge 2003 CD that Tori is featured on. I threw Marnie a curve, and asked if the 60 people who get "chosen" by STAR 98.7 will get to waltz in at the last minute. It seems logical, but she didn't know the answer to that one, and said she would get back to me via email with the answer to that Q.

    From Danny Quevedo:

    This previous message is somewhat right, but here is the LATEST!!!! I talked to the manager at Brea Tower and hhe said that this even is indeed sponsored by STAR98.7 but the 60 lucky fans that will get to meet Tori will be the winners for a private drawing each Tower in the L.A. area will be having before this event.

    500 fans will get to see Tori perform (and this 500 fans will get a wristband when they're in line) once the door closes no one will be able to get in anymore.

    TORI WILL ONLY MEET THE 60 LUCKY FANS... SHE WILL NOT BE MEETING ANYMORE FOR THAT EVENING... But he told me to bring anything I want signed, JUST in case she decides she'll meet a couple more.

    Posted by: Mikewhy

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