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5 Chances to see Tori Amos on TRIO on Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Updated Sun, Nov 16, 2003 - 8:13pm ET

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The Trio network in the U.S. will be featuring Tori during much of the day on Tuesday, November 18, 2003, which happens to be the U.S. release date for Tales Of A Librarian! People are even seeing store counter displays that show the cover to TOAL along with a line that says, "Tori, All Day Long On TRIO." You can see a scan of this display here. (A sincere thanks to Garrett aka tornado for sending this to The Dent.) One of the shows, Remixed, Remastered, Revealed, appears to be something new. Click here to read more about that one. Here are the shows that Trio will broadcast on November 18th:

Scarlet Sessions (Trio On Tour) - 9:00AM and 3:00PM ET
Remixed, Remastered, Revealed (Trio On Tour) - 10:00AM and 4:00PM ET
Sessions At 54th Street - 7:00PM ET

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