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Short Tori interview on "The Biz" on the CNN Fn network

Updated Fri, Nov 14, 2003 - 4:30am ET

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On November 12, 2003, there was reportedly a short Tori interview on the TV program The Biz, which is shown on the CNN FN network. I have a transcript of this interview. Thanks to Lucy for emailing it to The Dent.

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Interview Transcript

Tori Amos' Alter Ego: 'Tales of A Librarian' , CNNfn

Allan Chernoff:
You've been listening to music off of Tori Amos' new album. "Tales of a Librarian" hits the stores on November 18th and it's the first compilation album by Tori Amos who joins us right now.

And, Tori, thank you very much. Good to see you.


CHERNOFF: I should point out that Tori Amos is joining us from London, so we're on a satellite delay.

And, Tori, first of all, let me ask you about the title of this album, "Tales of a Librarian." Is that your secret career, the alternative, or how do we get that name?

AMOS: Well, I've always thought that librarians know where the information is hidden and I needed to find these multis that were all over the world and I kind of like the idea. I have a fantasy about being a librarian with a cute shoe.

CHERNOFF: Now a musical autobiography is how you've described this CD. In what way is it an autobiography?

AMOS: We decided to choose songs that cover this woman's life that we called Tori in a factual way. The fact that she was born in 1963, three months to the day that JFK was shot, so we included Jackie's strength. We included songs about her religious upbringing, her dad being a Methodist minister and the fact that she worked in Washington, D.C. playing lounge piano for congressmen and maybe their rent boys and their wives sometimes if you got lucky. So we included what shaped this woman as a composer and I thought that it was good fun.

CHERNOFF: You've got a new song on the album, "Angels," and the chorus in there is "they're trapping angels by the Potomac." Can you tell us what you mean by that line?

AMOS: Well, I've been touring the last couple years around the world and a lot of it in America. I have heard something over and over and over again. And that has been that people feel that they haven't been told the truth by our leaders in the world and I felt the truth has been trapped in some way. And sometimes we get pulled in and don't even realize how we're being manipulated. That's what I've seen. And that's what that means.

CHERNOFF: Very well. Tori Amos, thank you so much for joining us. It's good to see you.

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