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Tori's TV interview/appearance on KRON 4 Morning News in San Francisco on November 12, 2003

Updated Wed, Nov 12, 2003 - 10:35pm ET

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On Wednesday morning, November 12, 2003, Tori appeared on The Morning News show on TV channel KRON 4 in the San Francisco Bay area. I have full details of the appearance and a transcript from some fans who saw it.

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Here are some reports about the show from various Toriphiles. The first one includes a mostly complete transcript of Tori's interview with KRON 4:

From Frank Paul :

Well, KRON 4 dubbed Tori's album "TOAL" as "Record of the week" ...they showed the album cover on the air...and played a clip of "NORTHERN LAD" from a live London performance?...and then "PRETTY GOOD YEAR"...I'm thinking they're just playing the footage from the DVD...she's wearing a black dress (sorry but I think her hair looked kinda bad...not like SW!!) Then KRON4 interviewed her "Live" from London(after the news anchors promoted the interview at least 20 times before she appeared) and this is some of what Tori said(i pretty much typed it word for word....but i'm missing a few words....i should have just taped it)...

Liam: Hi how are you? Your album is record of the week here.

Tori: Thank You.

Liam: What made you put this musical variety together?

Tori: I wanted to get in my multi. The record industry is changing...i'm not surprised if someone's original masters are in I said get them all in.

Liam: Well congrats Tori...the music industry is put in the dvd and a special way of tracking by your website.

Tori: I think you have to embrace change...its exciting... I think its fun. Its like a puzzle.

Liam: You're a child piano something you were encouraged to do?

Tori: Ii think that I was probably born with a love for music and so when I was 2.5 years old and saw they was friends, we've been friends ever since, its my first language.

Liam: Your daughter, does she play the piano yet?

Tori: Its hard to find a piano teacher for her because she's so young. Shes only 3.5. So, I put on another hat and I've been teaching her piano...she sings to me what she's thinking...she talks half the time then she sings.

Liam: Well Tori thank you and the record comes out Tuesday...thank you sweet.

From Michele:
The Tori KRON interview was preceeded by the station's top 5 new album release picks. Tori was the top pick and they showed a clip of Northern Lad from the DVD. Tori was fully dressed up in a black dress and big white necklace. They showed the reviewer holding the CD, hard to tell if it was just the cover or a digipack.

Before they did the interview, Tori playing Pretty Good Year from the DVD was the lead-out clip to the commercial. This was very brief, just the ahh from the song's chorus.

They started the interview with Northern Lad again, then brought on Tori. She was wearing a white shirt, a long earring in her right ear, and they gave her a nice London at night background. Here's a very brief overview, but not full transcript of the Q&A:

What inspired you to put this musical biography together?

I think I wanted access to those multis while I still could get them. Especially while the record industry is changing. I wouldn't be surprised if some young artist's multis are somewhere in Berkeley under someone's bed. I said bring 'em in.

You do have to think slightly different as an artist these days, I know you put a DVD with the CD collection and gave away a track on your website. Is that just a part of the new way of thinking as an artist today? (Pretty Good Year in background)

We have to embrace change, I think really it's exciting. And artists have to be part of that. It's fun, like a puzzle.

How did you start playing the piano?

I think that I was probably born with a love for music. When I was two and a half and I saw the piano it was my friend. It was my first language. (They showed the ASF vid from Scarlet's DVD)

Is your daughter into music, does she play the piano yet?

It's been hard getting a piano teacher because they won't take someone so young, we live so far out in the sticks, so I've put on a ridiculous hat and becoming Mrs. Paris. We've been having a giggle. She sings to me what she's thinking, she talks a little bit and then she starts singing. It's fun to watch.

And then the interviewer cut her off.

I'll be posting terrible video clips and stills to abta and

From Melanie Davis:
The interview took place about 8:30 my time. They gave previews of the videos from the album they were Northern Lad and Pretty Good Year, then Tori chimed in Live from London and had a short but sweet interview, the guy interviewing her is also english and was quit happy to be talking to her. He asked her why make this album? she replied "well i wanted my multi's, they way that the industry is changing you dont know where they are, they could be under someone's bed. She also spoke of how musician's need to please there fans and this album to her with the dvd's and all and the sneak peek of MARY she said where for her fans, "It's like a puzzle" she said. Then he asked about Natashya, he asked is she playing the piano? Tori replied how hard it is to find a piano teacher considering that she is only 3 and she said " I put on a hat and call myself Ms. Paris and I teach her, she likes to sing to me!" she gave that awesome smile when thinking of her daughter. Then he asked you started playing piano at a young age? Tori replied" I was born with a love of music, it's my friend, I cuddle with it!"

Tori's hair has been died BRIGHT RED, kinda like little earhquakes days.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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