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Tori's appearance on the BBC TV Programme 'Liquid News' in the U.K.; Find out details and see screen shots

Updated Fri, Nov 14, 2003 - 3:57am ET

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image On Wednesday, November 12, 2003, Tori appeared on the showbiz news program Liquid News on TV Channel BBC 3 in the U.K.. I now have some nice screen shots and reports from people who saw the interview!

More Details

Many thanks to Rich for making these screen shots from Tori's appearance on Liquid News on BBC 3. Click any thumbnail below to see the photo larger. After the photos, you can find details about the show from people who saw it.

Screen Shots

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Details about the show

From Foo:

Tori was wearing the jacket from SW era the one with the puffy shoulders. Her sleeves were long. She looked pretty. Her hair was very red.

The ask her how it felt to be in England, watching all the crazy things in America (a la Christian Slater being beaten up by his wife) She said it is crazy but she played Las Vegas so saw it only just recently. Gambling, drugs and sex etc.

Then they talked about Mrs Love. They were live from her court hearing. The guy interviewer, said its funny that you are here since Professional Widow was about Mrs Love. Tori laughed and smiled "allegedly" The guy was pressing her to talk about her.

Tori said (i am paraphrasing her) "when you are of the same peer group, you get know certain things about each other and the way you treat other people comes back on you big style later"

The interview was ah so she's getting bad karma.

"No, i'm saying she made choices, we all made choices that effect you later."

(GO TORI!!!)

Anyway, she talked about Beyonce can't remember the details. But whilst she talked about they played the Mary video and had random facts (nothing new usual father minister, lives in Cornwall, piano talks to her, starring in Mona Lisa Smile) It looked cool though young Tori in the background and old (ish) Tori talking.

Claudia asked her where her piano lived, she said in her barn studio in between the pig and chicken farm.

Claudia then ask her why she was so nice to other singers, instead of being horrible (a la Xtina and Britney, Pink and Kelly) She said it was to do with the male music industry "they want us to be nasty to each other, it shows females are so hormonal they can't even get on with each other"

She said "female songers are who they are, they can't change that. I can never be you. Britney can't be Pink Pink can never be Purple." To which everyone laughed!

An ok interview, Tori was lovely I love way she spoke - slow and calculated

She wasn't budging on the Love situation, the guy interview asked her whether Tori actually liked her. She just smiled and said "you so cute!"

From Tessa:

The style of the show isn't really interview but rather comment on the short segments of entertainment news they show on the big screens that surround the stage. Most of the program was geared around Tori's comments, though there was some Brit comedian I didn't get the name of that spoke as well. They showed a piece about Beyonce then the two hosts (Claudia & Paddy) talked about how young she was to have such huge success. Turning to Tori they asked what she thought of Beyonce's success at such a young age to which Tori replied that she thought Beyonce was very spiritual and grounded. When asked about her, as an American, living in Cornwall Tori gave her usual response about how she married a Brit and husband not wanting to live in the states and how Cornwall really doesn't want to consider itself as part of the UK anyway. By far the most interesting segment of the show was on the "breaking news" regarding Courtney Love going to court over her drug possession charge. The female host quickly used the op, to my amazement, and actually asked if Pro Wid was about Courtney. Tori replied with a sly smile and gave a one-word answer - "Allegedly" - To wit Claudia, the host, pushed further about Tori & Courtney's history and Tori replied that Karma was an interesting thing to observe. That certain people should be aware that when they do thing it will come back to bite them on the ass.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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