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"Little Earthquakes" is #28 in the Zagat Survey Music Guide's 1000 Top Albums of All Time

Updated Tue, Sep 30, 2003 - 4:44pm ET

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Thanks to Michael Gehrig (gildedstar) and Matthew Sandoval for this information. In the latest Zagat Survey Music Guide (Rolling Stone was heavily involved) of the top 1,000 best albums of all time, Tori Amos is featured at #28 on the most popular list with Little Earthquakes. Sadly, none of Tori's other albums ranked. They also categorize music for the best selections within a category like "Break Up" or "Chill Out". Tori was featured in the "Late Night" category, with Winter from Little Earthquakes.

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Here's the excerpt for Little Earthquakes. Number rankings are from 30 (the best) to 1. 20-25 is very good to excellent. 26-30 is Extraordinary to perfection.

Tori Amos, Little Earthquakes

27 Overall
28 Songwriting
27 Musicianship
25 Production
1992, Atlantic; "Winter";

"Heartbreakingly honest", this "astonishingly assured debut" launched "quirky singer-songwriter" Tori's career with a "series of surreal musical portraits"; "strong yet fragile", she mixed a "remarkable vocal range", "prodigious piano prowess" and "incisive lyrics" - and "made a generation of girls feel it was ok to feel the way they did"; it's "an emotional journey" that "scares the bejesus out of you", but "never has an exorcism sounded so beautiful."

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