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Updated Mon, Sep 22, 2003 - 10:09am ET

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The web site just posted the following paragraph about Tori's new album. In additional to this, they post the cover, but with different lettering on it than the one shown on Thanks to Mr Zebra and Will for alerting me to this!

We have advance information on the upcoming Tori Amos collection that is slated for release on November 18. This collection, Tales of a Librarian, will contain 20 songs. Sixteen of those are favourites and hits from her catalog with 2 re-recorded rarities and 2 brand new tracks. It will come with a bonus DVD that will have 3 newly filmed live songs along with two additional live audio tracks remixed in 5.1. The new songs are called "Angels" and "Snow Cherries". The B-sides are "Mary" and "Sweet Dreams". The live videos are of "Pretty Good Year"; "Honey"; and "Northern Lad". The remixed 5.1 audios are "Putting The Damage On"; and "Mr Zebra". The set concludes with an extensive photo gallery.

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