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Tori did a signing at Barnes & Noble (Union Square) in New York City on Wed, February 23, 2005; See photos!

Updated Thu, Feb 24, 2005 - 5:11am ET

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Tori did a signing at the Union Square Barnes & Noble located at 33 East 17th Street in New York, NY on Wednesday evening, February 23, 2005. I found out from Sarah Banks that you can see some photos from this event posted at the Getty Images web site. I also have a descriptions of the event from people who were there and a couple more photos.

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Photos from the event

Thanks to strangelttlgrl2 for sending the photos below to me. Please click any thumbnail to see larger.

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Thanks to Katie for the photos you see below from this event.

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Accounts from fans at the event

Check out to see some photos and a description of the evening from Jualiah who was there.

From strangelttlgrl2:

here are some pictures of the book signing from b&n yesterday. let me just say that this was the best time i have ever had at a Tori event! the crowd was filled with the most amazing people i have ever met, and i met quite a few of them. i mean ten and a half hours gives you a lot of time to socialize... even the people running the event were awesome. when she finally arrived, of course she was amazing! the time that she spent answering our questions, then spending at least 2 to 5 minutes with each person, all i can say is that she was just amazing.

From Valerie:

I was EXTREMELY fortunate to get a wristband. Barnes and Noble did go back on their word about giving the bands out at 4pm-but obviously due to the number of people who came out for this appearance there was no way to predict how it would turn out. I got there a little before 1pm, and was able to get in line. My heart absolutely went out to the crowds of people waiting and hoping. I waited until 11:30pm (an hour and a half after B&N closed) to have Tori sign my book and cd. She shook hands and hugged all 300 people waiting....patiently.

This was my first time to meet Tori, and I don't think I stopped crying for a second. I was even lucky enough to meet her parents who were both there! There are no words to describe how happy I am to have finally met her!

So, I will extend a HUGE THANK YOU... to The Dent.... for keeping me updated on this appearance. Without it, I would never have been able to skip work and make this once in a lifetime dream come true!!!

From PriMaDoNnAChArmZ:

I was at the book signing today, Tori was just perfection, she took the time with EVERY fan. Signing 2 items for everyone and chatting up a storm as well. She posed for media, and did and audience interview, and she really was so articulate as she always is about her work. Questions were about the new book and album. She spent HOURSSS today with everyone, more than 300 people. She arrived at 6pm, but of course the line was formed outside that same day at 5am. All EWF were patient of course and some were angry that the store had said that wristbands would be given out at 4pm, instead the were given out around the time of opening,10:45am, because the turnout was so immense and really unexpected by B&N.The number of ppl that cameout by the evening was somewhere around 400.But all EWF knew that no matter what time they would be given out we all had to be there super early and just wait over 12hrs for Tori, and she is well worth it! She looked amazing, and was humorous and intelligentas usual. Very gracious, very expressive, very kind and sweet, Very Tori. EVENING: PERFECTION.

From Rudy:

Metting Tori the other day at Barnes and Noble still has my mouth gaping and my mind reeling; I think I'll finally appreciate it to the full extent three days after death. She was just so amazing with every fan and I can't believe how lucky I was to get on the line at such a great place.

I arrived at about 11 and got on line, and after receiving my wristband as an emergency wristband from Adrienne (I believe that was the British lady's name), I realized that I had cut the line by accident, because where I saw what I thought was the line's end where I joined was in actuality a part of the line before a gap in it. For example:(2832049...2854332) If that wasa representative of the line, I would have joined at that first dot after the 9. No one ever came up to me to say anything so I didn't realize it till after the fact, but it worked out perfectly because there's no way I could have stayed until much later than I did...and I got my autographs at 8:11.

Tori was so pretty, warm, and inviting to each and every fan. I couldn't believe it when she said my name out loud and I heard myself telling her about the poem and letter I had put in her gift box. I also told her about reviewing 'The Beekeeper' for my local newspaper and she wished me good luck with my writing. The autographs came out really beautifully too, and I almost walked away without a hug but she stopped me and gave me a big squeeze. It was so sweet, and the presence of her parents was also extremely pleasant; I meant to tell her how cute they were but I was too stunned to remember to do it.

An overall extremely rewarding experience. I would certainly wait twice the length to get to meet her again.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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