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A detailed description of the video by Kim H.

Sound: synth drums and what sound like castanets in slow-mo (chickachicka- choo, chickachickachoo)

Visual: little girl's feet running down smoky hallway, also slow-mo.

Tori seated in rocking chair, holding onto one side of it. Singing "Hey Jupiter"...She looks very numbed-out. She has very dark eye makeup all around her eyes.

Little girl *skipping* down hallway.

Tori sitting in rocking chair, oblivious, as the walls of the rundown room she is in burn all around her.

Little girl opens door to room Tori is in and steps back afraid as smoke backs *into* room.

Little girl walks slowly round to Tori and, on "thought we both could use a friend" , gently takes her hand.

Next shot, little girl still holds Tori's hand and both are running down the hall. Little girl is in front leading the way. Tori still has mostly blank expression on her face. The little girl is blond, has a very serious expression on her face. Girl is dressed in grey dress, short white socks, black patent leather "Mary Jane" shoes. Tori wears low-cut sleeveless bodysuit top and tight black pants.

Firemen, outside, looking up at burning building to "and he isn't you..."

Tori and girl are outside building now, still walk/jogging away. Girl is *pulling* Tori. Then shot of top of burning building, then of inside door with spooky smoke still filtering out the doorframe.

On "this little masochist" Tori and girl enter car (girl first, still leading Tori by the hand) Car has raindrops on its windows.

Crowd looking up at building. Various men, women, even toddlers in arms. Oddly, most of the women wear Tori-type sleevless low-cut bodysuit tops!

Tori closeup in back of car. Tearstreaked face. Looks wrung-out. Singing.

Little girl bouncing in seat next to Tori, who looks to be trying *not* to crack up laughing, and finally smiles. Back to sad Tori closeup: song ends.

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