Tori on Every Woman
January 2001

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Tori has been featured on a syndicated TV show in the U.S. called "Every Woman". According to the web site for Every Woman, which can be seen at, this show "features an in-depth profile of outstanding women who have excelled in business, education, entertainment, politics, humanities and sports." Thanks to Unhinged (Ben) and Marley for first telling me about this show.

According to the RDT Fanzine web site, Tori discussed "her struggle to succeed, her inspiration as a song writer, her relationship with her parents and creating to venus and back."

You can find a video clip for the Tori segment on this show at You will need the Windows Media Player to see it. When I tried to view it on both my Mac and a crummy PC at work, I was initially unable to to get it to work. However, other Toriphiles have gotten it to work and thanks to Ellen (St. Theresa), I was able to figure out a way to watch the video. I think the way they have the video encoded on the page (in javascript) makes it difficult for Macs to view it and for PCs that have an older version of Windows Media Player. If you have difficulty getting the Video to play, try this link instead which may work!

I rather enjoyed the interview myself. It appeared first on the program and lasted for about 6 minutes. I am not sure if this interview has been seen elsewhere before, or if it is exclusive to this show. I am also not sure if this is the first time this show has broadcast this episode, or if this is a rerun. The interview was taped during the promotion for "to venus and back" in 1999. In fact, she is wearing the same kind of eye makeup that we saw her wearing during her appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on September 21, 1999. So my guess is it was taped on or around that date.

Since this is a syndicated program, the stations and times that it will be broadcast will vary from city to city. You will need to check your local listings to see if it will come on in your area. Also, they feature other women as well, so you have to make sure that you see the episode with Tori.

I found a local station airing "Every Woman", so I was able to take larger and higher quality screen shots from the show and you can see those below. Below the screen shots you can find more details and comments on the show from Toriphiles who have seen it. If anyone had a transcript of what Tori said, please let me know as well.



Click any photo to see larger.


Here are some comments on this show from Toriphiles who have seen it:

From Mikewhy:

    I really liked some of the quotes in her interview. It was too short, but there were some potent comments. At one point Tori is talking about religion and she says, "The Christian god to me is a mythology. No different than Islam, we look at it as a mythology. No different than Cherokee mythology. But all of it has value. And I study it not just... how my mother's perception of the Christian god is, but what surrounds it. How it's affected the planet in the name of this god."

From Marley:

    She was on a program called 'Every Woman'. She spoke about her relationship with her father and god. They showed the 1000 Oceans video and she talked about various things.

From *Shannon (posted to the Dent forum):

    she talked about:

    -her father
    -when the muse comes
    -she sang a part of 1,000 Oceans,explaining about how sometimes you can hold back a friend or someone,when they need to jump off a cliff,have an adventure.(she sang the part,"and I would keep you from flying"
    -they showed clips of 1,000 Oceans during the interview

    She had that shimmery stuff under her eyes,like from the Jay Leno performance.I think she was wearing a green or a pink shirt,I am not sure.I could only see from mid stomach and up.

    Her eye color looked cool more greenish then usual,in my opinon.

From Unhinged (Ben):

    This morning (Sunday, Janurary 14, 2001) there was a show called "Every Woman" on the WB. The thing is though for us, WB programming is piggybacked onto this Chicago network called WGN--so I don't know if it was national WB or just some local Chicago bit.

    It mainly featured Tori talking about her new album...I really didn't like the interview--and here's why:

    There are generally three types of Tori interviews

    First on this home-made paradigm of anger, there are ones that come from knowingly superficial grounds--The Daily Show would be an example of this. So we know that nothing deep is going to be touched on, John Stewart will wet himself and that's about all.

    Secondly, there are interviews that may have something about the song's or Tori's life into them. These are those frequent ranting places that Tori visits and goes on and onnn and onnnnn and onnnnnnnn and ooooooonnnnnnnn about how the album is really a story and what-not. (Not that I'm trying to belittle the often 20 minute insights into a 3 1/2 minute songs, but I have to re-read them so often--having not heard to catch the sentences in voice context--just to get them). Generally, when this happens, the interviewer makes sure to include the whole interview and keeps his or her personal comments out of it because they know what a ravenous pack we are...also, I'm sure they are thwarted into a state of mute unresponsiveness by the brilliance of the bringer of holiness...

    Lastly--oh and I hate these--there are the interviews in which Tori touches on deep things, and the interviewer--who doesn't really like Tori's music anyway, but has to do it--reads too much into it. The problem with these is that it can go two directions: 1) either the person asking the questions will end of looking like a daft ass who just doesn't get it, or 2) the clips of Tori making her usual similes and metaphors along-side the interviewer's own opinions about her opinions will make her look like a combination of spacey drug-addict with a hint of non-chalant bitch.

    For example, this interview claimed that Tori had a "still-standing, deep personal rift between herself and her father, caused by her music." And when they showed Tori's response to it, in which she talked about how she studied Christianity as a mythos, just like all the things she studies, it made her look like she hated Christians and Jews and all the rest. Also, they kept showing the most random clips, and said that "straight answers were hard to pin down from Tori." That's the most factually-retarded statement I've ever heard. Right after that, they showed her singing lines from "1000 Oceans."

    I've looked it up and Every Woman is a public affairs TV show that's national WB programming. It is weekly, and apparently showcases national figures that have impacted women's lives today. It comes on at 7:30 AM Eastern time on all WB networks (unless the local affiliate doesn't catch it). I happened to see a re-run on WGN Chicago/WB at about 9:30 this morning (I live in Louisiana) so I don't know what that was all about...of course, I was fading in and out of sleep so the time could have been different. There was no interviewer seen, just a woman's voice who narrated and explained Tori's comments.

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