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Added November 28, 1996

Emailed To Me By Bastiaan J. van der Linden

So now that the Dew drop inn tour finally ended, it's time to make up the final charts !

I've counted all the setlists I have (182 out of 185 shows) and this is what came out of it [NOTE FROM MIKEWHY: There were actually 187 shows performed during the Dew Drop Inn tour, so these stats are slightly off, but are still very useful!]:

182x Beauty Queen / Horses (100%)
181x Me and a gun (99.5%)
178x Cornflake girl (98%)
163x Caught a lite sneeze (89.5%)
160x Precious things (88%)
120x Talula (66%)
116x Little Amsterdam (63%)
113x Blood roses (62%)
108x Doughnut song (59.5%)
108x Hey Jupiter (59.5%)
106x Not the red Baron (58%)
085x Little earthquakes (46.5%)
080x Leather (44%)
075x Pretty good year (41%)
068x Space dog (37.5%)
068x Winter (37.5%)
067x Putting the damage on (37%)
064x Father Lucifer (35%)
058x In the springtime of his voodoo (32%)
049x Crucify (27%)
048x Silent all these years (26.5%)
046x Marianne (25%)
046x Honey (25%)
046x Tear in your hand (25%)
045x Love song (the cure) (24.4%)
040x Icicle (22%)
039x Bells for her (21.5%)
037x China (20.5%)
037x Somewhere over the rainbow (judy garland) (20.5%)
035x Mr. Zebra (19%)
034x Happy phantom (18.5%)
034x Twinkle (18.5%)
031x Take to the sky (17%)
029x Butterfly (16%)
029x Yes Anastasia (16%)
028x Frog on my toe (15.5%)
028x Losing my religion (rem) (15.5%)
026x Upside down (14%)
026x Baker baker (14%)
025x Etienne (y kant tori read) (13.5%)
024x Landslide (fleetwood mac) (13%)
024x Mother (13%)
024x Muhammad my friend (13%)
024x Past the mission (13%)
022x Purple rain (prince) (12%)
022x Smells like teen spirit (nirvana) (12%)
021x Here in my head (11.5%)
021x Sugar (11.5%)
020x Angie (the rolling stones) (11%)
020x A case of you (joni mitchell) (11%)
019x London girls (chas & dave) (10.5%)
017x Cloud on my tongue (9.5%)
016x This old man (9%)
016x Flying Dutchman (9%)
012x Famous blue raincoat (leonard cohen) (6.5%)
012x I'm on fire (bruce springsteen) (6.5%)
012x Let it be (the beatles) (6.5%)
011x Sister Janet (6%)
010x Black swan (5.5%)
009x Song for Eric (5%)
008x Sweet dreams (4.5%)
008x Mary (4.5%)
007x Professional widow (4%)
007x Daniel (elton john) (4%)
007x She's leaving home (the beatles) (4%)
006x On saturday afternoons in 1963 (rickie lee jones) (3%)
006x American pie (don mcclean) (3%)
006x Graveyard (3%)
006x The wrong band (3%)
004x Happy birthday (tradditional) (2%)
004x Cool on your island (y kant tori read) (2%)
004x Thank you (led zeppelin) (2%)
004x Alamo (2%)
004x Amazing grace (tradditional) (2%)
004x The waitress (2%)
003x Killing me softly with his song (lori liberman) (1.5%)
003x Daisy dead petals (1.5%)
002x Tiny dancer (elton john) (1%)
002x Songbird (fleetwood mac) (1%)
002x Wrapped around your fingers (the police) (1%)
002x Bad company (bad company) (1%)
002x Agent orange (1%)
002x Humpty Dumpty (1%)
001x Over it (0.5%)
001x Samurai (0.5%)
001x You make me feel brand new (the stylistics)
001x Whoomp, there it is (???) (0.5%)
001x When Sunny gets blue (???) (0.5%)
001x Way down (0.5%)
001x Oh susannah (???) (0.5%)
001x Live to tell (madonna) (0.5%)
001x Here, there and everywhere (0.5%)
001x A whole lotta love (led zeppelin) (0.5%)
001x Pain in his hole (0.5%)
001x Ohio (crosby, stills, nash & young) (0.5%)
001x Boys in the trees (carly simon) (0.5%)
001x Ode to the banana king (0.5%)
001x Fire on the side (y kant tori read) (0.5%)
001x Blue skies (bt) (0.5%)
001x Girl (0.5%)
001x Cooling (0.5%)
001x Surry with a fringe on top (oklohoma - musical) (0.5%)
001x God (0.5%)


Some remarks:

* Tori played a total of 103 different songs this tour !

* She played all the songs from her 3 albums ! (and most of the b-sides).

* Beauty Queen / Horses was the only song she performed every night !

* Me and a gun was missed only once (at a 2-show night)

* Songs of which she played less than half didn't count for this list.

* I still miss the setlists of 3 shows (all in the UK) : Aberdeen (28/2), Hull (1/3) and Exeter (11/3). (anyone ???)

* Tori played 34 different cover-versions.

* The YKTR and BT songs are not counted as cover versions !

Well, Here's the COVER TOP 20:

01. Love song (the cure) 45x
02. Somewhere over the rainbow (judy garland) 37x
03. Losing my religion (rem) 28x
04. Landslide (fleetwood mac) 24x
05/06. Purple rain (prince) 22x
05/06. Smells like teen spirit (nirvana) 22x
07/08. Angie (the rolling stones) 20x
07/08. A case of you (joni mitchell) 20x
09. London girls (chas & dave) 19x
10/11/12. Famous blue raincoat (leonard cohen) 12x
10/11/12. I'm on fire (bruce springsteen) 12x
10/11/12. Let it be (the beatles) 12x
13/14. Daniel (elton john) 7x
13/14. She's leaving home (the beatles) 7x
15/16. On saturday afternoons in 1963 (rickie lee jones) 6x
15/16. American pie (don mcclean) 6x
17/18/19. Happy birthday (tradditional) 4x
17/18/19. Thank you (led zeppelin) 4x
17/18/19. Amazing grace (tradditional) 4x
20. Killing me softly with his song (lori liberman) 3x

Hope you liked this,

Bastiaan (the obsessed ?), falling from his chair...

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