Tori In The July 1997 Issue Of Details Magazine: KROQ Article

Toriphiles Gina & Butterswan have informed me that the July 1997 music issue of Details magazine includes an article called Breaking The Airwaves about influential modern rock station KROQ in Los Angeles, and how they have been instrumental in "breaking" new artists. The article's only mention of Tori states, "When KROQ calls, Courtney listens. So do Tori and Natalie, Fiona and Poe, Jewel and Jakob, Gavin and Beck. For the minstrels of modern rock, KROQ is the village square." The article includes the photo below on page 104, which shows Tori with assistant program director Gene Sandbloom.

Mike Rillo kindly informed me that in the same July issue, Fiona Apple mentions Tori in an interview on page 138. The question: "I wonder if Alanis and Tori-who your're forever being compared to-were as clever. What do you think of that comparison anyway?" Fiona replies, "I can explain that right here, right now. Alanis-we're both white, have long hair parted down the middle and we're young people who get angry sometimes. It ends there. Tori Amos- two words: piano, rape. They're unintelligent comparisons."

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