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Salt Lake City Weekly
July 14, 1997

    I have found several news stories online about someone named Michael Patrick Moore who had a strange and unusual Tori connection. Michael Patrick Moore was an inmate serving two consecutive life sentences at Utah State Prison for some murders that took place in 1982. The inmate worked with computers at the prison and wrote programs for them, including those at Utah Correctional Industries (UCI), where he worked. The first time he is mentioned in connection with Tori is in the July 14, 1997 edition of the Salt Lake City Weekly. The article states, "A Utah prison inmate has been banned for life from computers after allegedly going on-line to send complimentary, if off-color, e-mail to female rock star Tori Amos." The article mentions Tori several times and you can read it in my Article Archive. In any case, Moore was somehow exonerated and he once again began using computers. His name appeared again in the April 30, 2000 edition of the Salt Lake Tribune shortly after he hung himself in his cell. This article mentions the 1997 Tori incident, as well as the mysterious circumstances of his death. That article is also available in the Article Archive.. I do not know any details about these emails to Tori (They could have simply been to her record company.) I also don't know if they ever decided who did sent her the emails. But it was odd to see Tori's name in conjunction with these news events.

CNN Web Site Story: Remembering Ears With Feet Ana Coiner
July 1997

Washington Post Article On The Lilith Fair
July 27, 1997
    Tori was NOT part of the Lilith Fair in the summer of 1997. However, this all-female music festival was still very much worth seeing and very successful. There was an article in the Washington Post on Sunday, July 27, 1997 that was really good. It only briefly mentioned Tori, but the insights it explored about women in music could just as well apply to Tori. The article was called The Mamas & the Mamas. It mentioned the fact that RAINN is one of the charities that Lilith Fair was supporting.

Time Magazine Article On The Lilith Fair
July 21, 1997
    Tori was NOT part of the Lilith Fair in the summer of 1997. Tori was mentioned in some articles that dealt with the Lilith Fair because one of the charities supported by the concert series was RAINN and also due to the fact that Tori was asked to join by Sarah McLachlan. Tori was busy recording her next album and could not join. Sarah often mentioned Tori in articles on Lilith Fair when talking about the status of women in the music business, especially in the area of radio airplay. Sarah was often denied airplay when her Fumbling Towards Ecstasy album was released, because the radio stations said they had already added Tori. An article about the Lilith Fair appeared in the July 21, 1997 issue of Time Magazine. (Jewel was on the cover.) That article was called GALAPALOOZA!.

Riotgrrl Webzine
July 15, 1997

    Ears With Feet Rose Hill (The Rose) writes for the webzine Riotgrrl. In the July 15, 1997 issue she wrote about Tori in her column called True Riot. I highly encourage you to read this column because it is a beautiful piece of writing. She talks about seeing Tori in concert during the Dew Drop Inn tour and meeting her in person.

Washington Post: Bootlegging article
July 14, 1997

    Richard Handal posted to all Tori mailing lists information on a newspaper article called "CD Bootleggers Face the Music: Supply of Illegal Recordings Shrinks After Customs Crackdown" Richard says, "This Monday [July 14, 1997] there was a rather large front page article in the Washington Post about a recent sting of a number of major bootleg CD distributors. I found it to be most enlightening, to say the least; and indeed, Tori Amos was one of the bootlegged artists mentioned in the article."

    Read this bootlegging article at the Washington Post web site.

Q Magazine
July 1997

    An interview with Tori appeared in the July 1997 issue of the British music magazine Q on page 24 in the Stories section. This issue has Beck on the cover. Tori talks about writing her new album in the tropics, RAINN, and the Professional Widow remix.

    You can now read this short interview at The Dent.

Details Magazine: Article On KROQ Radio
July 1997

    The July 1997 music issue of Details magazine includes an article called "Breaking The Airwaves" about influential modern rock station KROQ in Los Angeles. Tori is briefly mentioned in the article, and there is a photo of her with assistant program director Gene Sandbloom. In that same issue, Fiona Apple mentions Tori in an interview.

    Click here for more details.

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