Photos And A Transcript From Tori's Appearance On Good Day LA

July 16, 1996

This transcript was written by Tori fan Kim, and I am soooo grateful! The photos come from a video Kim Sent as well.

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"Fox 11" "Good Day L.A." morning news
Visuals are represented within (). * = italics VO=voice heard over visual

(Three anchorpeople behind newsdesk: Weather Woman, Anchorman, female
Entertainment Reporter.)

ER: Anyway, female music stars are looking for a few good sperm donors.
First Madonna, now Tori Amos would *like* to have a baby, but she doesn't
necessarily want a husband. On her new CD, called "Boys For Pele," Tori
sacrifices all the men in her life to the Hawaiian goddess Pele. Not to be
confused, of course, with the soccer player Pele. (laughs)

WW: What I thought immediately !

ER: Anyway, all this will now be explained by Beverly Cohen. Bev ?

(concert footage: Tori in olive sweater and skirt, hair down, singing
"here, here..." passionately)

VO, Beverly Cohen: Tori Amos is probably one of the most emotive and
sensual performers around today. But that sex appeal has not made her
immune to heartbreak. (video clip: "Crucify": Tori in 'doorway' and in blue
jumpsuit at piano) When the 32 year old singer wrote on her first album how
she was sick of Crucifying herself, she said she still hadn't learned how to
avoid unhealthy romances.

(Tori in medium closeup, what appears to be dark navy-blue sweater and
skirt, seated, scratching her neck and shaking her head, wry smile)

Tori: I was angry at myself that I'm crawling to a phone that isn't
ringing. (video clip: Talula)

VO, Beverly Cohen: But with her third and newest record, "Boys For Pele,"
Amos said she has found freedom. Her album is about sacrificing all the
former guys in her life to the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele.

(Tori and Beverly are seated facing each other. Camera is over behind Tori)

BC: What is one of the most frequent reactions that you hear to this album?
(Camera aimed at Tori now)
Tori: Truth ? (BC's voice: hmm.) Women come up to me and say, 'I know
exactly what you're talking about.' Men come up to me and go, '*What* are
you talking about ?' . (grins, looks at camera)

VO: Beverly Cohen: (Beverly and Tori walking out french doors of a white
house) She hasn't become a male basher. She says she's just not so *blind*
any more.

(Tori closeup)

Tori: Sometimes, um, I have chosen not to see...certain characteristics.
I just choose to make excuses, so I put them on pedestals.

VO: Beverly Cohen ("Cornflake Girl" American video, 'girls' in back of
pickup truck, Tori driving) But with women, Amos said she never tolerated
any nonsense.

VO: Tori: I've just been much more balanced with my relationships with
women. Because (Tori closeup) if they weren't honoring me...'bye, sister.
(gestures: thumb over shoulder, shakes head 'no')

(Tori in concert, bright blue shirt, ponytail, at piano, & singing

VO: Beverly: While it's true that not everyone 'gets' Tori Amos, it's hard
to deny her powerful and enchanting performance. (wider shot, same song)
With the piano her only accompaniment, (while Tori performs camera is wide
enough we see the Z100 NY banner against wall--must be a small promotional
concert) she sings while looking directly into the eyes of her fans, and,
she's not afraid of no (dissolves to Tori in white and brown long striped
vest singing "Me And A Gun" a cappella) accompaniment at all. Just her
voice and her breath. Lots of breaths. (Tori is singing "so I must get out
of this")

(Tori, back in interview setting, in closeup) Sometimes, *nothing* wants to
be there except breathing.

(Tori in olive outfit getting off piano bench to greet photogs at edge of

VO: Beverly: This minister's daughter knows what she wants in her music,
(visual dissolves to Tori and Beverly standing outdoors) and in her man.

BC is saying: ...Brad Pitt, John Travolta...

Tori: No. (camera shot jumps; obviously edited to later)

(Tori and BC have been standing outdoors with their arms sort of in front of
their ribs. Here Tori places one hand loosely over BC's wrist.)

Tori: Think about it. You're out in the middle of the desert, and the car
breaks down, and they have to call their agent. (BC laughs) I want a guy
that can fix the bloody thing.

(Now both are walking outdoors, a landscaped yard or something. Noises of
many cars going by, out of sight, behind hedges)

VO: Beverly: Now she's thinking of having a baby, but don't bother
proposing, guys.

(Indoors, both in chairs, facing each other, BC's back to us)

Tori: Oh, I'm not getting married. Are you kidding ? You think he's gonna
get the pianos ? (tight closed grin) (shakes head) No.

(BC laughs at this & claps hands once.) VO: I'm Beverly Cohen reporting.

Back to anchor desk: the 3 anchors laugh and joke around, inconsequentials.

ER: And in addition to...writing all the songs on "Pele" Tori has a new
band called "Pet" and a new label called "Igloo."

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