Billboard Reviews 'I'm On Fire' and 'Blue Skies'

Added October 30

In the October 19th issue of Billboard on page 62, the magazine briefly reviews both the I'm On Fire track that appears on the VH-1 Crossroads CD and the dance song Blue Skies, which will appear on BT's new album. Here are the reviews sent to me by Toriphile Nghia Luu

I'm On Fire

With the MTV's "Unplugged" now a household name and a benchmark for rock credibility, VH1 is gunning for similar power with its "Crossroads" series. This cut is taken from the program's first compilation recording, and it's an absolute winner. Over her most subtle and effective vocal in years, Amos climbs inside Bruce Springsteen's hit and bathes in the song's quiet but smoldering sensuality. A simple piano/vocal performance, this is easily and deservedly accessible to rock, AC, and even pop formats.

Blue Skies

Washington, D.C., native B.T. is already a mega club and radio star throughout much of the world, and he is ready to finally conquer his homeland with this tripped-out duet with Amos. He taps into the eccentric nuances of her voice but underlines it with jittery break beats and caustic, trance-induced keyboards. The hook is the stuff of radio dreams, while a double pack of remixes is appropriately designed to earn the props of every possible DJ and dancefloor disciple. An excellent introduction to B.T.'s brilliant debut album, "Ima."

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