Articles - October 1996

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Phone Interview With Tori
October 30, 1996

Billboard Reviews
October 19, 1996

St. Petersburg Times Article
Mid October, 1996

    Monica Sanghavi sent me a copy of an article that appeared in the St. Petersburg Times, in conjunction with Tori's appearance in concert at Clearwater Florida, October 19th. This article, called True Tori, Turning To Tori, looks a little more closely at her fans and how they feel about her. My favorite quote comes from Monica herself, who says, "I thought Tori was my best friend before I even met her."

Roanoke Times Online
October 8, 1996

The Face
October 1996

    Tori and BT have a short article in the October 1996 issue of the British publication The Face. Actually, it is in the section of the magazine called HYPE on pages 32-33. It talks about the relationship that Tori has with Brian "BT" Transeau. The cover of the October issue shows Lauryn Hill of the Fugees. The article reveals that the lyrics to Blue Skies (which are very hard to make out by the way) were ad-libbed and created by Tori during a soundcheck.

    At one time you could read this at Greg Burell's T.O.R.I. web site. That site is down for now, so if anyone has it, please send it to me so I can place it on the Dent myself.

The Web Magazine
October/November 1996

    In the October/November 1996 issue of The Web Magazine, my web site is mentioned in an article about Music and the Web. Page 84 has the quote below about web sites and record labels. They also list the URL and show a tiny part of my main logo. (Many thanks to Kim for being the first to alert me to this.) They also review Greg Burrell's excellent Tori Online Research Institute favorably, except for the comment about the icons and how they look "creepy". I rather like them myself!

    "Though record labels were among the first major presences on the Web, and music in general is its biggest growth industry, imprints typically have left the fruits rotting on the vine. Most label sites merely tart up basic band bios and discographies with tawdry graphics and, yawn, hot (or cool) links. You'll find superior info and inspiration in homegrown fan pages. Compare, for instance, Michael Whitehead's towering totem to obsession--A Dent in the Tori Amos Net Universe--with Atlantic's underfed and uninspired official Amos home page. Two words: Travis Bickle."

    Visit Web Magazine's Web Site

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