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Dutch newspaper "Trouw"
October 9, 2000

Q Magazine
October 2000

    Laurence Wilson reports that Tori is mentioned by Bjork in the October 2000 issue of Q Magazine in the U.K. He reports:

    Just thought I'd write to let you know that in the Q magazine, there is a regular section called "Cash for Questions" where rock stars answer questions posted by readers. You may remember that Alanis Morisette answered one about Tori in 1999.

    Anyway, the wonderfully talented Icelandic star Bjork (she's big in Europe, not sure about the US) was asked this question from Alan Kerr in Bidford-upon-Avon in the October 2000 issue:

    "Have you seen Polly Harvey and Tori Amos since your Q cover with them in '94"

    Bjork's answer was

    "I talk to Polly more, probably because she lives in England. We don't see each other regularly, I wouldn't say we're friends exactly. But we all definitely give each other mutual support. We have similar jobs. Tori is mag-ical, euphoric and it's enjoyable to be around her. Polly has more of an earthy quality. She's so truthful and has so much integrity."

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