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Tori In The "Nukees" Comic Strip
May 1, 1997

    Teresa J. Wong tells me that Tori appears as part of a dream sequence in the "Nukees" comic strip in the May 1 issue of _The Daily Californian_ (U.C. Berkeley's student newspaper). This strip was drawn by Darren "Gav" Bleuel. Take a look at it!

May ? 1997

    The iZINE is a web site about film, art, books, and rock rhythm 'n' roll. Tori is featured in 2 sections of this interesting site, The Reverberation section has over 100 online interviews, including one of Tori from 1996 called The Springtime Of Her Voodoo. The exPOSEd section features a weekly collection of pic news stories. They have some photos of Tori and some vital comments about her and RAINN Day, which was held on May 16th.

Boston Phoenix Music Poll Voted Tori Best National Female Vocalist
May 1997

    Tori was voted best national female vocalist in the 9th annual best music poll conducted by the Boston Phoenix newspaper and radio station WFNX. Read a wonderful article about her and her victory at the Boston Phoenix web site. You can see all the winners of the poll here.

Musician Magazine
May 1997

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