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New York Nightlife Magazine
March/April 2000

Revolver Magazine
Spring 2000
    A short interview/article with Tori appears in the Spring 2000 premiere issue of the U.S. and Australian quarterly magazine Revolver. (Jim Morrison is on the cover.) Tori talks about wine. They include some striking photos of Tori. Check out the photos and the article in my Article Archive.

Mix Magazine
March 2000
    There is a terrific 2-page article about Tori's touring gear in the March 2000 issue of Mix Magazine. It describes the equipment her crew used during her 1999 shows, and includes quotes from Mark Hawley. It also includes a photo of Tori, several of her band, and several photos showing some of her equipment and the engineers that use it. It gets rather technical, but I still found it to be a fascinating read and it was great to learn what complex gear is behind Tori's live sound. Read the article and see the scans in my Article Archive.

Radio & Records Magazine
March 17, 2000
    Rebecca Cox scanned a photo of Tori posing with various personnel of radio station KROQ in Los Angeles, CA. The black and white photo appeared in the March 17, 2000 issue of Radio & Records Magazine. The photo show Tori with program director Kevin Weatherly, DJ Jed The Fish, and Gene Sandbloom. The article was about KROQ.

Village Voice
not sure what date this came out
    Toriphile Mike (Doughnut Hole) posted to my forum this information. Each year the Village Voice takes a huge poll of music critics for best album, single, and reissue. The poll is reportedly respected amongst music critics, and it is run by Robert Christgau, who is one of the most respected popular music critics in the country. The 1999 poll contained ballots from 489 critics from national magazines (Time, Rolling Stone, the Source) to small local papers. Tori did fairly well on this poll in 1998, getting somewhere in the 70s with "from the choirgirl hotel". However in the 1999 poll, "to venus and back" only ranked 446. Tori made only 2 of the 489 critics' top ten lists. (Moby's "Play" was #1.) You can see the full list at the Village Voice Web Site. It is unfortunate that Tori did not do better on this, but critics are not always to be taken seriously I think.

Cosmopolitan Magazine (French version)
March 2000
    Valerie Le Pouesard has translated from French into English a short article that appeared in the March 2000 issue of the French version of Cosmopolitan Magazine. The article was written by Valerie Rodrigue. Read it below. You can also find it and the French original on her Tori web site called "The Sweetest Cherry In An Apple Pie," which is mainly in French!

    Tori Amos, the red-haired girl married to her piano, and additionally to a man, gives a concert on March 14 [2000], at the Grand Rex [Note from Mikewhy: This concert turned out not to take place as mentioned here.] The last double-album, made of live and of new songs, looks like her: free and intimate.

    Robert Plant had asked for marriage in an Indian restaurant, above a tandoori. She had said "no". Later, she got married, lost a baby in the middle - pregnancy and, since, accepted the idea to be a mother one day or maybe not. Musically, she's fertile as ever. Tori is well the spiritual younger sister of Kate Bush. And the inspirer of the following girls, Alanis Morissette and Fiona Apple. Tori does not love that one chuckles singers of more than 35 years, the return of Debbie Harry or Annie Lennox. "Rock loves youth, but if we, women, 20 or 40 years old, spread this ideal, we're cooked. In 35 years, we have another voice, and the lived truth." With this new album, she took up with a certain femininity, not maternal as in the precedent, but with a power, a feminine force. "Boys For Pele is an album in which men drive me to Lucifer, which turns out to be a woman. To Venus And Back trails round me of Venus, my reconciled femininity, to Lucifer, my dark pole." Male power stops there where that of the women begins: "Jesus was not conceived in the lust and due to the sperm of a man" clarifies the one who had a Calvinist father and sang in churches to begin. That did not prevent Tori to evoke subjects very sex in the songs, or to pose with a little pig sucking the breast on the booklet of Boys For Pele.

InStyle Magazine
March 2000
    Sarah McGee, Alex and Leyna inform me that the March 2000 issue of InStyle Magazine (with Julianna Margulies on the cover) mentions Tori's eye makeup. (They do not include a photo of Tori.) In "The Goods" section on page 342, which is about trendy makeup, they write:

      Although she's famous for her soulful ballads, Tori Amos is a shiny, happy person when it comes to eye makeup. The singer highlights her expressive eyes with Fresh Eye Shine ($16), shimmery liquid shadow available in 12 shades-including Rose Damask, for when Amos wants to be "under the pink". To order, call 800-373-7420.

    Entertainment Weekly Magazine
    March 10, 2000
      Metro Joe (MetroJoe82) tells me that Tori was mentioned in a very nice letter to the editor that was published in the March 10, 2000 issue of Entertainment Weekly. The writer, Robert Easterbrook, was responding to the recent Grammy Awards. He writes under "Grammy Whammies":

        Your insider comment regarding Moby, Tori Amos and NIN being irrelevant is bizzare at best. Moby's PLAY is a true synthesis of the techno and forward alt scene. NIN is still the truest band in the category currently playing, and Tori Amos reaches millions of unsugared, aware, and intelligent young women. I weep for popular music. It has no place outside of Mentos ads. All sugar sweet, no lasting value.

        Los Angeles

    Shuz Magazine
    Spring 2000
      A Tori article appears in the Spring 2000 (Vol. 3 no. 1) issue of Shuz Magazine. This publication is all about shoes! Read the article and see a photo from it in my Article Archive. Thanks to Emily Taylor, Shelley, and Sophia from Atlanta for telling me about this. Emily scanned the article for me, and Shelley sent me the text. Sophia said she found the magazine at Tower Records.

    Dutch Magazine "One"
    March 2000
      orange jasmine informs me that a one page interview with Tori appears in the March 2000 issue of the Dutch magazine One. Read the interview in my Article Archive, which orange jasmine has translated from Dutch to English. There is also a full page photo with the interview that you can view. There are some good quotes in this interview.

    Rolling Stone Magazine
    March 2, 2000
      The March 2, 2000 issue of Rolling Stone (#835 with Leonardo DiCaprio on the cover) includes an article on with the title, "" The article's only Tori content is a mention that sponsored the Tori/Alanis 5 1/2 Weeks Tour. It also includes a photo of Tori and Alanis. Thanks to Karla and Stacy Delmonte for sending me scans, and to Lauryn Peterson for telling me about it. The article was written by Fred Goodman and has the subtitle, " is the best-known music site on the Web, but does it deliver anything worth hearing?" I found a copy of the article and made my own scan of the Tori/Alanis photo, which you can see to the right. (Click on the photo to see it larger!)

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