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Request Magazine Reports On Tori's Online Popularity
August 1996

    The August 1996 issue of Request magazine, which was available both on the newsstands and for free at Musicland/Sam Goody record stores, had an interesting article called Little Web Quakes: Tori Amos Makes A Dent In The Web Universe. written by Robert Levine. (Nice title!) The opening paragraph says the following, "The most comprehensive source for news about Tori Amos isn't a newspaper or radio station but an elaborate World Wide Web site run by Michael Whitehead in his spare time. Updated almost every day, 'A Dent In The Tori Amos Net Universe' contains an astounding amount of information about the singer/songwriter, including set lists from concerts, reports on recent television appearances, and even an index of her between-song remarks during performances."

    Read this article in its entirety.

    View the Request magazine web site

    Read a review of Boys For Pele at the Request Web Site It's actually quite good!

The Democrat & Chronicle
August 29, 1996

    Tori devotee Kimmy has sent to me and the Torinews mailing list the text of an article that appeared about Tori in a Rochester NY local paper, the Democrat & Chronicle, on August 29. Despite some of the stupid comments from the journalist, there are some great Tori quotes here about religion, the nature of her music, and how she refuses to be domesticated!

A Fan Responds To Unfavorable Review
Added August 19, 1996

Greensboro News & Record
August 16, 1996

    Richard Handal has emailed the Tori mailing lists a wonderful article that I missed from August 16, 1996 in the Greensboro News & Record. The heading says "Tori Amos traces her lyricism and spirituality to North Carolina." This is a MUST READ article. You can also find it in the archives at the Greensboro News & Record web site.

Break (Weekly Arts magazine in Charlotte N.C.)
August 14, 1996
    An article appeared in a weekly arts magazine called Break from Charlotte North Carolina on August 14, 1996. Cover Headline: Tori Amos On Stage: Unguarded And Riveting. This article and the photos from the article were sent to me by Richard Handal.

    Read The Article

    Visit The Charlotte Break Web Site

The Raleigh News & Observer
August 11, 1996

    Nina Miller sent me a copy of this informative and rather humorous article from the News And Observer newspaper in Raleigh, North Carolina from August 11, 1996. The article is titled, "The Town of Newton Could Claim Tori Amos. If Anybody There Had Heard of Her." The writer of the article goes to the small town of Newton North Carolina where Tori was born, and tries to find people who remember her or know her now that she is an established singer/songwriter. I am not sure if my reaction is normal or not, but I laughed rather hard reading this. No one knows who is she is, and the only person they found who was familiar with her music was an inmate at the jail! The reactions of these small town conservative folks to the photography from Boys For Pele was also hilarious. "Looka that," one declares. "She's crazy!" They also talk to Tori relatives and her father. It is a good source of information about Tori's background, and I might also add that this is the article that called my web site frighteningly elaborate.

    Frighteningly elaborate? Thanks :) It is nice to be noticed! Karen H. Hagglund emailed me once and said, "Glad you are back to updating your 'frighteningly elaborate' page (hey, I'm scared EVERY day by it!)" Thank you Karen!

    Read The Article.

Ticketmaster/Pepsi Online Chat
August 1, 1996

    The Tori chat at Ticketmaster Online went pretty well on Thursday August 1. Things did go slowly and not that many questions were answered due to time constraints, but it was still interesting. Tori talked about her jewelry, plans for after the tour (To pass out!), her love of books, the wierdest thing that has happened to her in concert, how she cares for her voice, faeries, unicorns, and her plans for the next album.

    You can access the transcript from the Ticketmaster Web Site.

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