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Entertainment Weekly Article On Laura Nyro
April 25, 1997

    Tori is mentioned in an article remembering Laura Nryo in the April 25, 1997 issue of Entertainment Weekly. The article was written by Alanna Nash. Artist Suzanne Vega says the following about Laura Nyro, "I was obsessed with her, her phrasing, the way she used words. You can hear her influence in Rickie Lee Jones and Tori Amos; women who write from a strong inner world."

Pittsburgh e-Zine Marbles Mentions Tori & The Dent
April/May 1997

    A Pittsburgh e-Zine named Marbles has a column called Cramer's Musical Landscape in the Absolute Music Section. It is a column about finding music on the web and is written by a local DJ named Cramer. In the April/May 1997 issue (which is no longer the current one), this column debuted and mentioned Tori and The Dent! The Tori section states:

    I'll start you off with an artist that is very loved and very hated at the same time. You may not hear her music much on the radio, yet all her albums go platinum. This is a large accomplishment in that you usually need radio support to spur on huge sales. In her case, her artistry is enough to make that happen. I am speaking of Tori Amos. Now don't roll your eyes, you're listening to your best friend's opinon, remember?

    Check out this one site and you'll probably be convinced that there must be something to her after all. Go to A Dent in the Tori Amos Net Universe and look around. This site also connects with a seemingly infinite amount of other pages devoted to Tori and could potentially keep you online forever. Look around real hard at the first site and you'll find your best friend giving Tori a squeeze by the way!

Spin Magazine
April 1997

Alternative Press
April 1997

    Amber S Phinney tells us about a review of BT's album IMA that appeared in the April 1997 issue of Alternative Press by David Weiss. IMA received a 4 finger rating and the Tori relevant part states, "Everything's really a prelude to 'Blue Skies," the breathtaking snapshot of beauty on the album's bonus CD. It's a chilling collaboration with Tori Amos, whose stunning vocal range becomes the centerpiece of shimmering effects and some big beaty bass."

Woman's Own Magazine
April 1997

    There is a brief piece about Tori and RAINN in the April 1997 issue of Woman's Own magazine. There is a photo of Tori and some information about RAINN and some rape statistics.

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