Access Hollywood
September 19, 2001

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Access Hollywood

Prince Adam was the first to tell me that Tori appeared on the show Access Hollywood on September 19, 2001. Tori talked about her appearance on David Letterman the day before and Tori said David Letterman was different from usual. She said his "mask was off" and he "wasn't pushing [an] agenda". He was more open and emotional. They also showed a clip from her Letterman performance. If anyone has screen shots of Tori from this show, please let me know!

Special thanks to The NYBG and Monique for sending me the screen shot from the show that you see on this page.

Toriphile Joanne Batzel provided this transcript from this short appearance:

    Tori was on for only a few seconds. They showed her from the shoulders up, and it looked like she was wearing the "I'm Not In Love" outfit.

    Narrator (over clips of Tori at the piano on Letterman, and then Letterman and Tori hugging): "The musical guest was Tori Amos and today the singer told us she saw a very different David Letterman."

    Tori: "David last night was just incredibly open, and um, the masks we off. It wasn't like they were running their agenda. It just wasn't like that. It's a very very different tone than it's ever been."

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