Y100 Sonic Sessions Vol. 1

Updated December 15, 1997

Rich Cherry has informed me that radio station Y100 in Philadelpia has released Y100 Sonic Sessions Vol. 1. The CD features a live version of Tori singing Landslide at the Y100 studios. Here is Rich's report and a photo of the album cover:

    Yesterday I was at the mall and I was browsing through the cd store when I found a new cd called Y100 Sonic Sessions Vol. 1 (Y100 is a Philadelphia radio station). The cd features a live version of Tori singing "Landslide" and many other songs by different artists. Other artists on the cd consist of Blues Traveler, The Wallflowers, Sheryl Crow, Joan Osborne, Jewel, and many others. There is a short tid bit about Tori on the inside that goes as follows:

    "From listening to Tori Amos make up a song about how cold the studio was at the first sessions (then preceding to cover Fleetwood Mac- a full year before the reunion), to the intensity of seeing a rock band like Cracker stripped down to the electrifying excitement of Kula Shaker... this disc just begins to skim the surface of what's gone down so far! If the walls of the studio could sing, this would be their song."

    This photo is from inside the CD booklet. Thank you Richard Handal!

    This CD is sadly sold out and is likely hard to find these days.

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