5 1/2 Weeks Tour
Saratoga Springs, NY
August 29, 1999

Updated November 10, 1999

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Tori performed in Saratoga Springs, NY on August 29, 1999 at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center during the Tori & Alanis Morissette 5 1/2 Weeks Tour.

Set List

Cornflake Girl
Tear In Your Hand

Merman (solo)
A Case Of you (solo)

Professional Widow
Space Dog

Precious Things


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From Mikewhy:

I received a phone call from Duessa, who was at the Saratoga Springs show. It was a great show with a really great set list. Here it is!

Cornflake Girl
Tear In Your Hand

Merman (solo)
A Case Of you (solo)

Professional Widow
Space Dog

Precious Things

Wish I could have been there for this one! I eagerly await reports from people who were there!

From alittledream:

Oh my fucking god.. that was the best tori concert i've ever seen. merman and a case of you!! i nearly lost it.. and i was in the first row. it was amazing. she was in a great mood, and SPAC is a lovely venue.
it's out in the woods and has great sound. and no more number system meet and greets! i love professional widow live, and thankfully didn't have to hear blood roses again. concertina is sooooo beautiful. definetly my favorite tvab song of the ones i've heard.
even songs like cornflake girl and precious things, which i've heard many many times live, sounded wonderful. everything was absolutely perfect. bliss is great live.
graveyard and tear in your hand were very very lovely. everything was. even the not-so-lovely opening act(celephane? chorine? i forget..) sounded pretty good.
ahhhh it was amazing.

From Ambient-Spark:

WOW is all i can say WOW first off Tori
She is amazing no surprise there, i was shocked at hearing graveyard, i was totally not expecting to hear it, when she started i had goosebumps all down my body. Tear in your Hand was never a fave of mine. and i only liked it unplugged but for some reason tonight i loooved it and was dancing the whole time. LOOved Space Dog ! in the sound check she played space dog a few times and did a heavy techno version of it (my friend works there) i love the intro to space dog it kept me guessing. ALanis i have to say blew me off my feet and i can not even belive what an incredible performer she is, i was dancing like a maniac the whole time, she started off with a different song this time. Hand in my pocket it was fabulous. I went with Two friends one was a fan of Alanis's old stuff and hates the new stuff. and another who HATED Alanis all around and did not want to even be there when she came on. but by the second song they were both dancing. and now They looove her and want all her cds. what an amazing show i cant wait for the JOnes Show, o btw the meet and greet was good i got there late and only saw Toris face a few times, she looked great love the hair extensions !

From ScarletNynx:

Iieee! This was the *best* Tori show I've ever been to! The set-list was astounding, Tori was in fantastic shape vocally, and the sound and venue were amazing!
[/excited ramble]

Okay, ready for some down n' dirty specifics? Heh. I thought so. ;-)

- Tori -

* Tori was wearing a white/off white Victorian-looking shirt. It was hip-length and had sleeves that puffed out a wee bit and ended midway between her elbow and her wrist. The bottom of the shirt also appeared to have a drawstring. She was wearing dark navy or black form-fitting pants. I tried to scope the shoes, but I wasn't quite close enough. Her hair was half pulled back in a barette and the rest hung loose. Very natural looking, very comfy, entirely beautiful!

* Tori's vocal presence seemed to be VERY strong tonight. A few times her voice became a wee bit growly, like a purr, but that only added to the beauty of the songs. (Speaking of purr, we were treated to the little "rrrrrawr" near the end of "Cornflake Girl". It was so cute!)

- Set-List -

* The set-list has been mentioned above, but I scribbled a few notes in the liners of my tour program (nice photos, but a wee bit skimpy for $15.) . . .


"God" ~ Began a cappella off-stage, and rose to an amazing crecendo with cheers from the crowd. We were all on our feet the minute the boys hit the stage, and almost everyone I could see remained standing for the entire show!

"Crucify" ~ The new beginning is very bass-heavy, and not what you'd expect for the song we all know and love. But it grows on you. This is one "girl" who's getting the special treatment and *loving* it. ;-)

"Cornflake Girl" ~ I was happy she played this one because of the fierce piano lines. Even the most devout Alanis fan has to appreciate Tori's stellar playing, and I noticed a lot of folks grooving to this one. Even better than Plugged '98.

(Either between CG and Juarez or Crucify and CG, Tori mentioned that she'd never played up in Saratoga, and found the area to be quite beautiful. Mmm, what lovely words to native ears! She also wished a happy birthday to someone who had gotten a note backstage to her. She said that she didn't know the song that the girl requested her to play, but she wished her happy birthday anyhow. How sweet is that? ;-)

"Juarez" ~ A moody and ambient song with a good beat and searing lyrics, I predict this one will be a favourite for many people. For a first time listener, it's a bit complex. But I think the studio version will really hit people. Tori did a lot of pantomiming to this one, which was a great addition.

"Bliss" ~ Ooooh, I adore this "girl"! Hearing it live it's breathtaking -- dark, aching, and *so* fiesty!

"Graveyard" ~ Technically it stands alone as its own song, but everyone was silent at the end, all somehow sensing that it was more of an intro. The longer version is beautiful, and it led right into:

"Tear In Your Hand" ~ Mmm, a definite crowd-pleaser! The band has really taken to this one, and made "her" shine. "She's" wearing familiar shoes, but everytime it's like hearing it for the first time. Wonderful!

- Secret Time -

"Merman" ~ Tori prefaced this song by saying that she and Alanis had been talking about how they mistreated boys sometime. This roused several cheers from the audience, and Tori (who was stirring what appeared to be a cup of tea) held her spoon up and declared "sometimes they deserve it, of course!" Then she said that she and Alanis were surrounded by many many many brothers, and this was a song for the good boys. It was absolutely beautiful, and the studio version does NOT do it justice.

"A Case of You" ~ Tori prefaced this one by talking about a hooker who used to come by and hear her play back in the day when she was doing bar gigs. This hooker (whom Tori said had "serviced several Republicans", which she giggled at) would always ask Tori to "play that one for me." This song was easily the high-light of the show. The crowd was completely hushed, and the emotion was coming straight from the Soul. Beautiful.

- With the Band Again -

"Concertina" ~ This will become a favourite, I've no doubt. The piano was haunting, furitive, and ethereal, and the boys really gave "her" a lot of swell and depth. This one would probably be a popular single. Stunning.

"Professional Widow" ~ Ooooh, here "she" comes again! A few people sat down during this one -- it was hard to grasp right off the bat. But once Tori got into the groove and the drama, you *had* get into it!

"Space Dog" ~ Another song that sounds as if it's only gotten stronger and better since Plugged '98. A cute interlude happened when Tori began the line about "Colonel Dirtyfishydishcloth" and turned to Jon Evans, wiggling her eyebrows. He responded with a grin and a little nod of acknowledgment. So cute!

"Waitress" ~ To be honest, this song was never my favourite as an ender. It just seemed to go on too long, and it was easy to get a wee bit restless. But tonight was different. Tori was so focused and powerful and emotive, everyone was hypnotized. I noticed quite a few people doing the "hang-tens" and giving Tori the "horns", which made me grin. After the song ended, the crowd exploded and Tori rushed to get in a bear hug with Jon and Caton (Matt came over to join after a moment.) Then Joel grabbed her hand and rushed her off to the wings.

- Encore -

"Precious Things" ~ What struck me was that they orchestrated this song so it was performed nearly the same way as it was on the Plugged '98 tour. The boys came out first and began playing, and then Tori appeared after a few minutes. It was a tricky thing, because for a moment I let myself believe that it was the *beginning* and not the end. Very very powerful and emotional as always, and another crowd-pleaser. After the song, another hug and many waves ensued, and then Tori and Caton ran off hand-in-hand.

- Opening Act -

* I have to say that I'm Pro-Chloryphil as an opening act. They were very adept, eager, and they seemed genuinely interested in meeting people at the MP3.com tent between sets. Their music was melodic and catchy, and the lead vocalist had quite an impressive range. For the curious, they reminded me a wee bit of Unbelievable Truth (of whom I'm a big fan ;-) from the Plugged '98 tour. Good stuff. I'm glad I came early to listen.

- Merchandise -

* The tee-shirts and pendants and tour book mentioned in other posts were also sold at this venue. I was fixing to buy one of the black ones with the lavender-shaded picture of Tori and the boa and the tour dates on the back, but they ran out of my size before I could pick one up. And this was around 6:30, so I suggest hitting the stands first thing. I *was* able to pick up the Tour Book, which is lovely, but as I said, it does seem a bit lacking for $15. Still a wonderful momento, though.

- Meet & Greet -

* Can't say, as I didn't even attempt to be there. But like I mentioned, Tori received a request and a birthday notice from *someone* (presumably at the M&G) so someone must have made out well! Congratulations to you, and happy birthday! (Curiously, if you're reading, what was the song you requested that Tori didn't know?)

- Venue -

* I'd never been to SPAC before, but I really dug the layout. The online seating chart can describe it better than I can, but it was well laid out with several floor sections, a balcony, and ample lawn space. The floor was completely sold out, and most of the balcony was sold out as well. The lawn was covered. I noticed one girl being taken away on the paramedic caddy. I hope you're okay, if you're reading!

- Organization -

* I was amazed at how well this venue had organized for the show. All people who had inside seating were given a wrist band, and had to show their tickets several times to gain admitance. Sometimes a hassle, yes, but it saved a lot of trouble with people rushing the gate and trying to sneak into the indoor seating. We had great seats - Row L, front section on the left. We were lucky because the seats directly in front of us remained vacant, giving us a better view of the stage. Later, a woman from Row G offered us her tickets so she could sit with her husband and son. Whoo! Free upgrade! Speaking of which . . .

- Fans -

* I've NO complaints. None at all. I never ONCE heard a bad word about either Tori OR Alanis, which was refreshing considering the horror stories I've heard on this message board. Since everyone was standing anyway, no one could really complain, and everyone seemed to give both Tori and Alanis the respect and response they deserved. Which leads me to one last thing . . .

- Alanis -

* I dug the first album, but never bought the second, so several of the songs were unfamiliar. I couldn't tell you the set-list, but I know she performed "Hand In My Pocket" first, followed by "All I Really Want", and "You Learn" followed by "Forgiven" and "So Pure" came later in the show. Honestly, Alanis is a good performer. She is VERY high-energy, spirited, and seems to genuinely enjoy what she's doing. But I finally put my finger on the difference between she and Tori . . .

Tori performs a concert. Alanis puts on a show. There's nothing wrong with either scenario -- both can be fiercely entertaining, depending on your preference. But with Tori, it was more intimate, more profound, and had a greater feeling of being a "jam session", where anything could happen. Alanis' set felt very rehearsed and exact, and there were awkward pauses between the songs when she had to take a drink or one of the guys had to switch guitars. I also thought Alanis' set-design (including native tapistries and a screen showing various clips and illuminations) seemed over-done in light of Tori's simple silver panels. But like I said, it's all a matter of preference. My friend and I stayed until "So Pure", and then left, as it was after 11 pm and she had to work tomorrow. I'm *glad* I got to see Alanis, and see what her live show is all about. It paled in comparison to Tori's intimacy and her unique and provocative style, but it's a matter of perception.

All in all, it was an AMAZING night I'm sure to never forget. I hope everyone else had a great time! Take care!



From insanecanes:

Hi Tori fans! Just returned from the concert and WOW!!! I got to see Tori perform in 98 and thought she was great there... I was swept away by this experience. As others have said the venue is fantastic, and I think Tori fans pay a real tribute to this artist. The people are there to enjoy the music and there is just an atmosphere of respect. Tori was strong and beautiful tonight, I am being redundant. Some of my favorites came out tonight. A case of you, Merman (never thought I would hear that tonight) Tear in your hand...

Tori has such tremendous passion with songs like the waitress...

I met some real cool people from NJ and PA tonight. Hi Shawn, Frank & Danielle.

I may get blasted for this question but did anyone record audio or video of this show? Hats off to anyone who was able... Security was tight. E-mail me please if someone did by some miracle get a good copy. I think it will be a rarity...

It is official I am addicted to the music of Tori Amos. Good Night all. Kerry Wiley

From fatherlucifer:

I just got back from the show and am so beat. I loved the version of Merman and Professional Widow and thought Bliss sounded a lot more eerie live which I liked. I love her little talks between songs about how beautiful SPAC was. I was in the sixth row behind the pit to the right of the stage and could clearly see Tori and I though she was looking at me a couple of times. Me and a friend brought a card and some tiger balm for her at CVS before the show and gave it to one of the roadies. The card was so dunny and I knew Tori would get a kick out of it. It was a humourous card that said something like, "Sylvia couldn't stop calling herself after she got a vibrating pager."

From monique:

hi i just saw tonights show at spac...i think that all the reviews that have been posted up till now were all pretty much what i would have said.
i was sooo happy that she played tear, merman and a case of you. this was only my second tori show ever and i just want more!!! seeing her at jones beach next..
still high from seeing her. *sigh*
i will talk about the meet and greet...i was ALMOST late and ran up just awhile after tori got there...i had copies of my art with me and was desperate to get them to joel so tori could have them. i handed them to security and he passed them to joel..yay!!!! i hope tori sees them..and likes them..*hopes hopes hopes* i also had in tow an original drawing that was framed..i wanted it signed, and couldn't give it as a gift to her cuz it was done by me for my bf, therefore the guy said no. . needless to say it wasn't signed, it just didn't happen cuz i was in the back. lots of ppl commented and said it was good though and that made me feel good.
i met up with a couple of ppl from online and that was GREAT!!!! i didn't get to actually see tori but my bf snapped a number of overhead pics..hope some turn out.
well...sorry that i didn't really say much about the performance..but like i said i think that it was covered so well already.

From ttfn:

There have been some comments about the sound quality at some of the other venues. I was right down front at this show and the sound quality was awful. I have been in that same location for many other performers at this same venue and found the sound for Tori last night to be among the worst quality ever at SPAC. I talked with the house manager (SPAC employee) and he said he talked to several people who left the inside of the amphitheater and went out onto the lawn where the sound quality was great. He said that the sound was best about midway back in the amphitheater.

From The NYBG:

The sound did NOT suck for this show. The p.a. is variable depending on where you are. If you are in the center in the first 10 rows or so, it usually does sound bad because the sound blows right over you. The most common problem up front is low or inaudible vocals. I was in the back of the balcony and even there, which is usually very muddy, it was quite good. I went to the lawn during the opener and it sounded amazing compared to the balcony which was fine in itself.

From purple monkey:

oh my god - that was such an awesome show, I cannot believe it. Tori was looking beautiful, and she was absolutely stellar. Am I the only one who was crying during Merman and a Case of You? I made the mistake of telling that to my non-Tori friends and now they get a kick out of teasing me for that. But I thought those 2 songs together were absolutely AMAZING. I had never heard Concertina or Juarez before tonight, but they sound like they have great potential. I couldn't really hear the words too well - I can't wait for the studio album. The Waitress and Precious Things were just as rockin as usual. And I was so excited that she played Tear in Your Hand! Definitely one of my top 5. And Space Dog! Wow. Professional Widow was great. Does she always have that intro with the voiceover by that guy? What exactly does he say? I went with my friend who loves Alanis Morisette and just likes Tori, but after the concert he told me that he now loves Tori as well. He kept thanking me for introducing him to her wonderful music. I love turning people on to Tori!

From ScarletNynx:

This was definitely the best of the 4 shows I've attended (if only her set could have been LONGER! *Sigh*. Next time, Jess. Next time. ;-)
Personally, I thought the sound was pretty good for Tori's set. It was loud, but I was pretty close, so I just chalked it up to the rock-concert quota. ;-) *Alanis'* set, however, nearly broke my ear-drums. When we left, walking through the ampitheatre and through the lawn, I was amazed at how much clearer and crisp her sound became. The lawn-fans are lucky to have gotten such a nice sound. Worth your $22.50, ay? ;-)

Oh, and the recorded sound played before "Professional Widow" was hard to make out . . . It sounded like a old-time radio announcer's voice (male), and he said something to the effect of: "Now, I shall go back to the classics . . . I'm going to play one of my classics . . ." It could have almost been a soundclip of a DJ from early radio years. Funky!



From monique:

purple monkey...i TOTALLY cried
during during a case of you. i
teared up when she came on..like i
always do..then during tear..i
almost shear a tear...i was blurry
eyed...but once she started a case
of u i lost it...tears were falling.
i love that tori can do that to me.
makes me want to hug her to
pieces. ppl all around me were
sniffling along with me so i KNOW
that it touched alot of ppl.
i want to say that the audience was
great...ppl all around me were very
quiet and i was very happy about
the balcony was far from being sold
out...i was there...the center
section was full, but in the back on
the sides it was desolate.
i was in the center and was annoyed
cuz when i went to go up the ramp
the security guy told me they were
off to the side. idiot. he works
there shouldn't he know? well, i
just ignored him and i was right in
the center just like i thought i
was. :P
we had to wait till 7:00 to go to
our seats. so we went and bought
drinks which were 2.00 a
piece...then they didn't let us take
them in. grrrr there were no signs
out side that said no drinks..and we
bought them there..i thought that
was crazy. so we pretty much wasted
that money.
we bought lots of merchandise...baby
doll t's were $32 and others were
$27. we bought everything right when
we got in cuz we didn't want to not
get what we wanted. you know, so
many ppl have posted from the other
shows that they were selling fast.
well,,again i thought that the show
last night was magical and i still
feel all warm and fuzzy inside from

From Trevor:

Well i have been reading the reviews and i disagree a little bit. while tori's set was really good, she seemed just a bit out of it tonight, not really as into it as i have seen her in the past. she held back a bit during the faster songs. but i must say i loved bliss, crucify, concertina, pro widow. im not saying the show was bad at all but she just didn't seem to me like she was having fun. but thats IMHO. however i was blown away by alanis, what a spectacular performance, so into the crowd and everything. at the end security let us move right up to 3rd row for the encores, it was awesome! we really thought she was going to do two encores because after her encore they kept the lights out for a couple minutes and everyone was screaming for more, but no luck that was it. but you know why my opinions are that way probably is because i've seen tori before and maybe im a little jaded, maybe i expect too much, where as with alanis i had no expectations really because i didn't think about it much. needless to say if this post makes any sence to you whatsoever, it was a great show over all and i was very happy! Trevor

From Jupiter48:

Hi everyone,
I was at the show on 8/29 in Saratoga Springs and it was just fantastic. Tori was intense and brilliant as she always is live. It was great to hear some of the new songs in a live setting. I really fell in love with "Juarez" in particular. Such a beautiful song. Anyway, someone asked about the Meet n Greet, and to answer, yes, the number system has been abolished, and it is pretty chaotic. Unfortunately, lots of us showed up very early for the MnG and left disappointed. I arrived at 8:30 am, and ended up at the very back of the crowd trying to just get a couple photos and something signed. Since I'm a pretty small girl, it was just impossible to get up to the front. There was a good deal of pushing and I knew it just wasn't going to happen. I hung towards the very back and passed up this framed drawing that I made for her, which, (thank god.) did get up to Tori. Towards the end, Tori did come closer to my side of the railing, and she smiled and waved and gave a sympathetic look, which was enough for me. We do have to understand that all of this is beyond her control. She wants to see all of us, but it becomes harder with each tour. I did get some really good photos then, so hopefully they'll come out. I did meet some really nice Tori fans ( Hi Michelle and Kelly !) which made the ordeal worth it. I really don't know what to tell anyone who wants info on the MnG's now. They are crazy, the number system wasn't great, but this is worse. At past meet and greets, I've had good luck, like getting my LE signed last year on the Plugged tour, but this one was not so good for me. But don't show up til later, it isn't worth waiting, doesn't do much good. Good luck to all who are trying. Hope you all have a little better luck than I did !
- Marci

From Ambient-Spark:

No one has posted Alanis set, so i will try to recall as best as i can Hand in my pocket
All i really want
(not in order)
a new song for the Dogma film
You oughta know
You learn
Sympathetic Charactor
Would not come
That I would be good
So pure
Long piano intermission led into :
Uninvited (last song)
Thank u (encore)

From Bogdi:

I'm still tired, but this show was AWESOME . Whoa, the songs we've got to hear!
APOLOGIES TO THE SCREAMERS IN GENERAL, FOR WHATEVER I'VE SAID BEFORE- LAST NIGHT I SCREAMED MY HEAD OFF AND NOW MY VOICE IS SQUEAKY. I knew I was doing exactly what I hated to hear from others, but some parts were breathtaking or, rather, scream inducing .

Tori has such a huge amount of energy, I couldn't take my eyes off her. At some point during the show I got this feeling that it can't ever get any better than that . I had a great seat- 3rd row in the pit and the first three rows were 99% EWF. We stood throughout the show and I danced the whole time, w/a on my face. There were 2 Alanis fans in row 2, who knew some of the songs and stood too, but kept glancing back at us. Which made me a little self conscious, as I'm a lousy dancer .

During Juarez, Tori looked my way, as she played the keyboards. I think I looked like a total idiot w/that permanently circular smile LOL. But I couldn't be bothered, since I enjoyed it 150%. (This was the first time I've ever heard Juarez the first time of the many more soon to come ).

When I heard Space Dog, my eyes almost popped out of my sockets! I leaned forward, over one of Alanis fans' chairs. Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that she'd play it at my (very first) show !!! And it's on Venus too-YAYAYAY!- yeah, it is one of my top 3 songs by anyone.

2 Neil songs! Mary Jo (hi ) and I got a kick out of Tear In Your Hand- it was just too good, impossible to sit still during it. And w/Graveyard...

A Case Of You hit all the soft spots (and generally I'm not a big fan of it).

If Concertina won't be a big hit- at least w/us- I don't know what will! The piano work is juat amazing, I couldn't help cheering in the middle of it.

Waitress was so focused- as it's already been said- it got me so bad I had it alternately stuck in my head along w/Merman and Alanis' Hand In My Pocket (ha ha ha- I danced throught that one too!)

Right before the concert I made sure she's played the Widow at the PNC. I was so happy the Widow got new shoes this 'season'! And when I heard the DJ's voice, my already circular smile got 3D (DDD, that is), and I cheered again . Wow WOW wow!! that's all I can say- and I sang along and danced, much to those 2 poor Alanis lovers' fright (really, I had nothing against them, cos they treated Tori right, but they had this surprised look on their faces, everytime (too often!) they turned to glance at us.

Merman sounded great and it promptly got stuck in my head till about a couple of hours ago. Later I tryed- w/no results- to remember whether she said 'to the knee' or something else...

In the middle of Precious Things, I just thought 'there's no way I'll ever be able to play it so well!' LOL- I don't even play the piano . Watching her play is such an experience...especially because she struck me (the second time!) as so 'normal'. Hard to describe . She hardly holds anything back, she's not on any pedestal, she's just the best of us at what she's doing .

The songs I didn't mention: during the begining of the show I was still sturstruck by seeing Bosey, the guys...oh, yeah, and Tori! Incredibly starstruck, the type of when you pinch yourself to make sure it's real. This was made worse by so many 1st times that day . I'd given up the idea of the M&G but finally I got there. She herself took UTP (my 1st Tori album) from my hand and signed it- ooooh...during yesterday, I pulled it out several times to look at it. LOLOLOL, how 14 yr old of me . Today I got it w/me at work, to brag about it.

Aside from what's been said, Tori wore red sandals w/spike heels, or so it looked from where I was . I loved the tassles hanging from wrists and belt (? looked like that, when she came back for Precious). Jon- who was on my side- wore a green b-down shirt and brown corduroys, Matt wore a navy blue b-down shirt but I didn't have a good look at Caton, so I don't know anything except for the hat that you all know.

Sweet Saliva, where were you? I didn't spot anything from where I was (but she was mostly w/her back at me LOL, except for God and Juarez and when she just sat on Bosey .

There were funny questions and answers at the M&G- somebody asked who was Rabbit and she said- I don't quote- that it used to be one person and now it's multiple people...I got a terrible kick out of and downright made fun of it, afterwards - flame me for my ignorance, he he he. Karolyn's brother asked her if she's seen Nightmare Before Christmas, because he thought Sally's song sounded exactly like Purple People- not a quote, again . She said she didn't see it. I don't know if this was here or at the PNC, but somebody requested Alamo and she went 'No.'

Also, VH1 got here for some spinoff for BTWS (?) and they filmed the question part (at least).

I love this venue. When we entered, we had to cross a bridge high above a stream. I was amazed at security- they didn't check me AT ALL, just because I didn't have a bag w/me, but I had a shirt w/lots of pockets LOL. Wow, that was some organization, they checked your ticket a hundred times before you got to your seat, but NOBODY jumped seats and there was NO PUSHING IN THE PIT. Or this is just my ultra happy experience. There was a barricade set up between the front row and the stage, which took care of the problem. A girl in the 1st row had wings, but they were cute and small so they didn't get in the way .

Even the bathrooms went fast .

The guy at the merch table was bragging that while Alanis had 20+ items and Tori only 8 (the ones you already know), Tori was outselling Alanis- LOL, Tori the soldout! Well, the crowd around Tori's table was twice as big.

Like it was already said PEOPLE BEHAVED EXTREMELY WELL. Between the 2 sets of fans there was no animosity that I know of. I'm impressed.

After Tori finished, the pit became 99% Alanis. Karolyn's brother- and maybe some other ewf- gave his pit ticket to an Alanis fan (but it was quite hard to find one, from what he said. He kept running into Toriphiles. A girl thought Tori was gonna come again and do a song w/Alanis. Some people didn't even know that there was an upcoming Jones Beach show and didn't know about M&Gs either. 2 girls we met in line for water- they looked quite young and they were very serious about liking Tori .

We had to leave after a few of Alanis' songs because of reasons that have little to do w/Alanis. But it is true: people were pouring out during her show. A little embarrasing to see.

My head is still spining from the show- btw, the sound was not ear splitting, like in the NYC clubs (sheeesh!). I almost didn't understand any lyrics to Juarez and Concertina, but it was ok, I really am in no need to complain- AWESOME!

From Laura162:

Hey!!! I know people already posted the setlist, but I simply must! God
Cornflake Girl
Tear in Your Hand
A Case of You
Professional Wido
Space Dog
The Waitress

Precious Things

The set was sort of tacky. There was these rectangles of tin foil behind Tori, and the guys, and they looked like that silver insulation stuff. They looked neat when lights hit them, but weren't too impressive.

Tori was wearing a loose white (or VERY light other colour) shirt, long sleeves and no buttons, and black pants. Her hair was down and curly.

After she started the opener she went and touched few hands then squatted and swayed a bit, then went and did the same to the piano!

God- a capella as usual at the beginning. (followed by above) It was somewhat hard to hear what with all the screaming.

Crucify- primary unrecognizable. Had the "boink chak bah-oo" sounding bass and strong beat.

~I think this is when Tori said something like (not exact words but close to them) "I have never played up here before, but it's a very beautiful place, very calm. Someone has a birthday today but I don't know their request, so, anyway, Happy Birthday" Then she introduced the band.

Cornflake Girl- no too much to say. Nothing strange or outlandish.

~Tori makes cute provocative pose...

Bliss- sounded very much like the song itself. Very very good live!!

Juarez- I LOVED IT!!! It gave me chills! There is a part where she belted out "noooo angels" and my jaw dropped to the floor. Excellent.

Graveyard- Short and sweet. Sort of was an intro to the next song

Tear In Your Hand- I noticed Caton doing his little jig a lot during this one.

~Tori says the guys are going to leave for a while and she's gonna do a few songs. Then she said something like (not exact words but close) "Alanis and I were talking about how we give guys a hard time sometimes. We're surrounded by many wonderful brothers tonight, sometimes they wear strange socks, but that's ok *chuckles in crowd* Anyway, this is a song for the good ones out there."

Merman- absloutely beautiful!! I found myself singing the little high harmonies in the background.

~Tori tells us a story (not exact words again.) "There was this girl at a piano bar in [washington ??? something] She served republicans *crowd laughs* Well she would come and have a scotch and say, 'Play this one.'"

A Case Of You- I hadn't heard this before but it sounded very nice.

Concertina- this song was great. I hadn't heard any clips, and it was upbeat, yet deep. It sounded great.

~ A man's voice comes through the speakers VERY muffled, but says something about this being one of Tori's "classic" songs.

Professional Widow- this sounded reallty good. It was a driving beat with the album like piano.

Space Dog- GREAT!!! The "deck the halls.." parts were absolutely amazing! I was so pleased to hear this song!

The Waitress- very very long. Near the end she sang "I'm gonna go where he/she goes" (is that right?) for a few minutes. Lasted a long time, but was very good. Not one of my favorites, but I enjoyed it.

~ Tori and band go downstage and hug each other!! AAWW

Precious things- my friend really wanted to hear this one, it sounded really nice.

MEET and GREET... Steve made us cancel the number system, and some were really jipped because of that. There was about 50 people. She came out around 3:18, and stayed for around 20 minutes. A girl said it was the longest she had stayed so far for this tour. This may be false. Anyhow, she was wearing a navy blue top with 3 quarter length sleeves. On the left sleeve there were two white stripes. Her hair was down and curly. She looked very nice and content. When she came out, a girl yelled "Thank you for saving my life." and Tori smiled and said "oh, come now!" Then, (lucky me) she came to the far side I was on. I was in the 3rd row from the front, and on the edge. I got about 20 really close up pictures that should turn out very nice. I got Under the Pink signed when she was to my right, and when she was directly in front of me, she said to me "Hey there." I said "hi" and she shook my hand. My long blonde hair got caught in her ring, and she pulled it out and said "My crew would use your hair!" hehe It was the best. I worked my way to the back so at least someone might have a chance who didn't. When I was there, at one point a man yelled, "I've been waiting 3 years for this picture of you and me" and Tori said "ok, pass it up." as she was signing it, he said "to kevin (I think) please." and Joel replied harshly with "Would you like us to take you out to dinner, too?" He sounded very bitter. I don't think he was being funny. I got to give her a picture I drew, and a letter along with things stuffed in the envelope. My two neighbors got signatures, too.

There were 2 Alanis fans in front of me, who talked. I couldn't hear them but they got up and down and blocked my view constantly. It was annoying.

I was on the balcony, near center, a few rows back. I had a really nice view and the sound was great.

CHLOROPHYLL- the openers. I hated them. I'm sorry, but it was very boring. A few of their songs were "Easier" and "Star Gazer." They all sounded the same. They reminded me of Matchbox 20, but less diverse (if you can imagine that) and worse. Sorry if any of you like MB 20... shudder.


(in order)

Hand in My pocket
All I Really Want (says Hi and Thanks)
Would Not Come (Hi, thanks Tori and Chlorophyll) Song from Dogma film, called "Still"
Sympathetic Character
That I would be Good (introduces band)
You Learn (Analis spins)
Forgiven (wow)
So Pure
You Oughta Know
~Long Piano intro by some guy to~
Thank You

She was wearing dark green pants, red?? sneakers, red skirt over the pants with two slits, and a brown and white picture shirt w/ long sleeves. Braid and two peices on the sides.

I enjoyed here set, and her performance was really enjoyable.

I met some nice ewf's including, 2 amanda's, Alicia, Karolyn prg, Darrel, and Matt. All very nice!!! I also got to see 5 of my close friends from camp that I haven't seen in 2 months. I was wonderful.

Well, that is all I suppose.

Smile and Nod.

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