5 1/2 Weeks Tour
Camden, NJ
August 27, 1999

Updated November 10, 1999

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Tori performed in Camden, NJ on August 27, 1999 at the E Centre (Blockbuster/Sony Music Entertainment Centre) during the Tori & Alanis Morissette 5 1/2 Weeks Tour.

Set List

Professional Widow
Cornflake Girl
Blood Roses

China (solo)
Baker Baker (solo)

Tear In Your Hand

Precious Things


From Richard Handal

September 3, 1999 - Richard called me after the show. Tori debuted Honey, Baker Baker, China, and Concertina tonight for the first time this tour. He also said that Graveyard was the full version and not just an intro to Tear. (The same thing was also the case in DC!)

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From j:

I just got back from the Camden show and it was great. I can't remember the whole set list, but she opened with God, played Cornflake Girl, Blood Roses, Bliss, Concertina (which is amazing), China, Baker Baker, Tear in Your Hand, Honey, The Waitress, Precious Things, and several new songs that I could not recognize.
I had lawn seats and it was complete mud due to the severe storms we had here last night. It began to rain just as alanis came on (when I left). The crowd was very pro-tori, at least where I was sitting. The sound was great and tori of course looked cute.

Oh yeah, she did a really great Professional Widow, i forgot to mention that above. And i really love Concertina, it has this amazing piano line in it that you have to hear. She said it was the first time she had played it, so we were "all virgins".

It was just a great night!!!!

From beth:

Set list
Prof. Widow
cornflake girl
Blood Roses
Tear In your hand
Precious things

She didn't play honey unless that's the title I can't remember. The people next to me were loud because they were complaining about their pot getting taken away. Chlorophyll was good, I wanted nothing to do w/ Alanis

From LollipopGestapo:

guys here how it went
not in order. sorry.
god- so cool...
concertina - which she messed up and waved her hands for the boys to keep playingwhile she gave it a go again. she said she would fuck up and she did but it was very cute.
juarez - very nice the new girls are wonderful!! graveyard
tear in your hand
cornflake girl
blood roses - was awesome and prof widow which are absolutely amazing!! china& baker - (baker was such a surprise and i dont think i really understood its beauty til i heard it. cant wait for 1000 oceans single now cause this is so beautiful!)
precious things
honey- was a great surprise to me i didnt expect to hear that one tonight the waitress im glad hang ten honey is still going on.. bliss

this was the best tori show i have been to. m&g was annoying as hell. that's all i have to say but a gracious thanks to chaz for getting my letter to tori. i showed up at 1200pm and was number 54 guys. m&g shouldnt be like this... one funny thing was there was this guy that seemed like he was trying to impress his date during meet and greet. he got annoying. at the end of the show... my friend said she heard the person in back of her say she didnt play any new songs. i was thinking what the hell was juarez and concertina and bliss.. bee sides that didnt make it? sheesh. let's keep up on the news kids!!
all in all it turned out well. she wore a black shirt and jeans. mark was wearing a red rugby shirt very sexxy.heh. The stage and lighting were great they were using colors that i thought most people would be afraid to use together it was really nice and i absolutely dug the lava lamps. the crowd in front of me was sitting down and to my right and left people were up and down and then up again no one was behind me the seats were empty so i stood the whole time and felt like she was playing just for me

From apop007:

i cannot explain how blown away i was by this show!!!! its was amazing!!!!!this was my first preshow meetandgreet aswell and even though i didn't get to meet tori it was fun meeting all the ewf. (chaz by the way thanks again for giving tori my mix tape your are the man!) the versions of professional widow and blood roses are sooo incredible it was worth all the money! and graveyard which is a little longer now is soo beautiful. i also saw mark running around and met tori's father who was very nice if not a little overwhellemed by all the people talking to him. tori is in top form this is definetly worth the trip! p.s. meagyhn is the only dent member who went the extra mile wearing the laminate so she deserves extra brownie points and congrats again on getting your winter single signed even though you couldn't see her and to the amazing girl with the fan i owe you big time! your truely a saint

From Nick:

Wow, I just have so much to say!!! This was my first Alanis concert AND my first Tori concert. I had no idea what to expect and BOY was I rewarded. I can't believe the high that I'm on right now (especially since I haven't eaten since 12:00 this afternoon). We got there around 6:00 and waited around until they opened the gates. I was a little disappointed because nobody else had a laminate. I was hoping to meet some nice toriphiles, but had no such luck. Anyway, we had lawn seats which I thought would suck but NOPE!!!! They weren't bad at all!!! I could see the stage perfectly, even though the figures were small, and the screen was right in front of me.

Chlorophyll was okay, nothing spectacular but I still listened intently and clapped throughout


God - I've heard so many live versions of this, but this one won by far. The drums in this were awesome and the "when the wind blows" part was great.

Professional Widow - I didn't recognize it at first, with the wierd little piano part. But it was great to hear the new version of this.

CONCERTINA - The highlight of my night!!!! We were 'virgins' (even though she supposedly played it on that radio performance a couple days ago - I guess she meant with the band). This song is DESTINED to be my favorite from TVAB. If you thought that 13 second clip was good, you're in for a treat.

Cornflake Girl - I guess after SOOOO many performances I've been desensitized to the magnificence of this song. It was still great watching her really show off her ability at the piano.

Bliss - SOOO much better live than on tv or the single. I started out thinking Tori was beginning to 'slip' artistically when I heard this.... oops

Blood Roses - I'm not too infatuated with the new version - I guess I just miss the harpsichord. Still very cool...

China - Never a favorite song, but it is beautiful live.

Baker Baker - Well, I definitely can't wait for the 1000 Oceans single. This song is BEAUTIFUL live.

Honey - It wasn't too spectacular in any way, just great as always.

Juarez - This one doesn't have my adoration yet, but I'm SURE it will after a couple listens.

Graveyard -

Tear In My Hand - The crowd went WILD during this whole song. It was a great experience.

Waitress - All out kick-ass version. This song has just grown and grown, and it keeps getting better.

Precious Things - The 'girl' wasn't as long as I hoped for my first ever concert, but I'm sufficiently content... for now

(For anyone who cares, Alanis played the following

Hand In My Pocket
All I Really Want
Would Not Come (great )
Are You Still Mad (even greater!!! I don't love this on the album, but it translates SOOO well live)
Sympatetic Character (great also)
That I Would Be Good (tied with Concertina as the high point of my night/life)
You Learn (spinning makes me happy )
Mary Jane (another special moment)
So Pure
You Oughta Know (hee, she forgot the lyrics so she let the audience sing a lot of it)
Uninvited (intro was great)

Thank U

The people around me started by saying "ewww Alanis sucks, why is she wasting Tori's time". By Are You Still Mad, most of them were saying "that wasn't so bad." By You Learn they were saying "she's pretty good." And by the end I heard a couple say "wow, what a great bill this was." That was possibly the happiest moment of my evening. (My friend also has a newfound enjoyment of Tori - so it works both ways!!!).

Well, I've inhaled enough second hand smoke to make me want to seek out and injure the woman who was giving away free Camel cigarettes. And just a quick question for people who smoke pot at concerts. WHY THE HELL DO YOU SMOKE POT AT CONCERTS????

I have so much more to say - like thanking the dancing people up by the gate who provided some interesting poses and dances

So I'll just thank Tori and Alanis (and Chlorophyll ) for the best night of my life.


From bobby, the bee collector:

Despite someone stepping on my programs, spilling beer on me and being harassed by a security guard seven times (yes, he demanded my ticket seven times when I never moved ONCE), tonight's show was asbolutely incredible. My throat is sore from cheering so loudly, my heart is aching that it's over and my head is spinning at the concept that I am seeing Tori again tomorrow night in Holmdel. The set list was fucking absurdly incredible:

Professional Widow
Cornflake Girl
Blood Roses
China (solo)
Baker Baker (solo)
Graveyard (solo)
Tear In Your Hand
The Waitress
Precious Things

GOD was incredible. It was really a whole bunch of fun and a good way to open these shows.

PROFESSIONAL WIDOW blew me away. It's amazing. And at the very beginning, there's this techno voice that comes over the speakers and says something like "This song is a classic." It was just so powerful and so faithful to the Pele version. I was in awe.

CONCERTINA was great. Tori said we were virgins and she was doing a new song. She messed up and started again. I couldn't make out what she was saying, except "concertina, concertina." Alot of piano and a very nice beat.

CORNFLAKE GIRL was alright. The new intro is cool, but I'm a little tired of this girl. It was still amazing, but you know...

BLISS had me breathless. It was just too amazing. The drums and the piano blended together perfectly. I looked over at my sister and she looked like she was about to faint. Yes, it was THAT good.

BLOOD ROSES is amazing. Tori revamped this girl into something absolutely amazing. Amazing is all I can say.

CHINA was a surprise and although I didn't want to hear it, but I'm glad she played it. It was beautiful and so many people were crying. It was touching.

BAKER BAKER was soooooooooo sad. It was sooooooo beautiful. Her voice quivered and it was just terrific.

HONEY was fantastic. She messed up a bit before "i tried to bribe...", but played it off really well. It was soooo great. So great.

JUAREZ is going to be a favorite of mine. There are lyrics in Juarez that appeared on an improv before (time to keep it up, time to keep it in, time when the indian realizes the cowboy is his friend.) And the chorus is chilling. "No angels here," Tori declared. I beg to differ--there was an angel on stage

GRAVEYARD was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. She changed the words a little bit, but it was the entire song, not just an introduction.

TEAR IN YOUR HAND is a song I cannot escape! I've heard it at both Plugged shows and now tonight and I seem to enjoy it more and more each time I hear it. It was flawless.

THE WAITRESS was just...I can't describe it...her breathing at the end was the most intense I've ever seen her do it...


PRECIOUS THINGS was great, but I don't like it as a closer, because I was expecting another song :P

The show was great. Camden is a scary scary place (we passed by a house with a hole in it, literally there was a hole in the people's living room wall) and if not for the E Centre and Aquarium, it would completely useless. It was just creepy. The Alanis fans were nice for the most part, but many were rude and talked during Tori's set (but after we spoke to them, they stopped.)The lights for this tour aren't as intense, but they're still very coool.

Chlorophyll was boring. Every song sounded the same.

Tori was wearing a black tank top that really really showed off her cleavage [sp]. And she had a see through black jacket over it. Her hair was very very frizzy; she looked adorable.

All I can say is that this show was *extremely* satisfying and Tori is just incredible. And everyone--pray that you hear "Juarez" at whatever show you go to, because, kids, what she does with her body during that song...I won't ruin the surprise, but those who have seen "Juarez" live KNOW what I'm talking about

Goodnight. Ahh, until Holmdel..

P.S. My seats were AWESOME. I was soooooo close. Ahh, it was a perfect night. Except for when we got lost on the way out, but that's a different story.

P.S.S. I got the "super nova juice" shirt. It's awesome. It's this weird crash test dummy playing the piano...very weird, very cool...and the program is nice, but $15 is expensive for something that's not even that big...

From SpikyPurple:

Hi everyone,
I just got back from the Camden show. It was great! I was really looking forward to seeing the t-shirts and getting the necklace and keychain for this show. They're just so nifty, with the little planet on them.... A couple of people have already posted the setlist, so i'll skip doing that.
I thought my seats would be really terrible, but they actually weren't bad. I was in section 102, row Z, seat 23, and I sat next to an Alanis fan who let me use her binoculars during Tori's set and who was very nice throughout the whole show. Yaay!
I also quite enjoyed Alanis' set. I was never a big fan, but she looks like she's having so much fun up there, swirling around and always thanking everyone, so I guess I'll have to pick up SFIJ. I love my new keychain and necklace. I can't wait to use them. I will be so cool. Everyone will look on me with envy. Camden is a terrible, sad place. The entire city is going bankrupt. They can't afford to pave their streets. No bad neighborhood in Philly can even compare to the ghetto that is Camden. It makes me sad. I think that's all. Did anyone see me there? I was wearing black corduroys and a white t-shirt with embroidered strawberries on it. -=-Laurie

From cloud_queen:

(it tried to rain, i felt a few drops.) we just kinda guessed on the directions. my boyfriend used to work there, and his directions consisted of, "get on 42 and look for signs. they tell you where to go." he was sooo helpful, really. but we found it just fine. but anyway, it was just lovely. chlorophyll was actually pretty good. alanis did pretty well, i'm not big-time into her, but she did good. tori was great. baker baker made me cry, but i knew it would. the new songs were really good, i like them a bunch. i got this mp3.com temporary tattoo from this guy, and i took my hand to the best buy booth and he gave me a phone card that had alanis and tori's names on it good for 5 1/2 minutes. get it? 5 1/2 minutes, 5 1/2 weeks? i thought it was cool. and we got the nice guy there to give us lots and lots of www.mp3.com stickers, which we then gave out to everyone we saw, just like the trojan man. yeah, the trojan condoms people were there, they were giving out free condoms to everyone. we made sure we got one from them every time we saw one of them walking by. i ended up with 15 of them. that was fun. i bought the program, which cost 15 bucks. alanis' was only 10, but we all justified that by telling everyone that that's cause tori's better. i got the necklace too, but i like the one from the plugged tour better. and i got the shirt with the strawberry on the back. i like that. we had lawn seats, we were right by the pillar for the 200 section right in the corner, maybe you saw us. but anyway, it was great. by the way did anyone else notice that she didn't do any of the choir girls? (at least i don't remember hearing any of them.) you'd think that since that's her most recent release that she'd have at least included one of them. i found that unusual(unless someone knows something i don't?). but it was great. and i can't wait until she comes back!

From Lady Eepman:

So I'm not the only one who had Rude Talking People? Mine were drunk; we politely asked them to keep it down, and they began making fun of us. Grr. They talked through Alanis too, so at least they were nonpartisan in their rudeness.
Other than that it was a lovely evening; nice weather (except mild mud and dripping), free condoms, random shadow dancers, and Tori was amazing. (Alanis was good too but she twitches a bit much for me, and I find her new songs repetitive. just my opinion.) Tori was wearing (I was on the lawn, but I got to see the video screen thingy) a really low cut dark shirt.

she sounded absolutely incredible. just...wow. i'm really looking forward to the new album and I think Bliss will be my least favorite song on it (relatively speaking).

i have a necklace that says "venus envy". my life is complete.

Melley the Mad Rambler

From xiola:

I just wanted to add that at the end of Baker Baker Tori said "and I wonder if she's ok, if you see her say hi." she used female pronouns instead of the usual male ones. and it was very emotional. also Graveyard was pretty extended...and there were lots of female references there...possibly for her lost child. Or maybe somebody else. but it too was very intense and emotional.

There was so much passion in her performance tonight. It really was a special show. One that I won't forget.

From agirlinbethlehem:

Tori was AWESOME! This was my first concert ever, and there were just so many great people there! I got to talk to Nick K who posts on here sometimes (great time talking to you, and the shoes WERE comfy all night, even if they don't look it!!)
About the M&G -- it was good and bad. There were a lot of awesome people. There was this one chickie there from Isreal! She was cool and told us how to say "I love you Tori" in hebrew. Pretty freaking skippy, if ya ask me! Also, I don't know her real name, but there was a chick and her friend who walked to the M&G with me...rasongirl was on her name tag (or something like that). However, the numbering system thing...gah! The numbered people were told NOT to move after seeing Tori so that, after she saw the people in front, they didn't move to let anyone else in. Security told them NOT to. Is that standard policy?

Anyway, hanging out was cool. I talked to a group of really awesome girls -- one had her Winter single signed! Lucky girl! Thanks for sharing the bread, you guys, btw -- hi to Amy, Laurel, Alissa, and all the rest!

The scrapbook project (Project 5½ Weeks) was insanely disorganized. The person who was supposed to bring it to us from DC didn't...someone else did and didn't know who to look for, so he gave it to me! Arg! I wasn't even planning on going to Holmdel, since I work tomorrow, but guess what...! LOL. Oh, the things I do for Tori! I just wanted to, on that note, say hey to my scrapbook guys and gals...Jean, Chris, and Damion!!! Hope Tori gets the faerie from England and the piano you brought for her!

(PS: If you get to see the scrapbook, check out the drawing by Deborah...it's so realistic, I thought it was a photograph!!!)

The show itself was incredable. Tori was so amazing, and I loved Precious Things! I'd been hoping she'd play "Merman" (which she didn't) but I liked "Professional Widow" and "China" so it was all ok. I broke down into tears during "Baker Baker."

My only complaint was some of the Alanis fans I was sitting around were doing pot, making comments like "this will make this part (everything until Alanis comes on) bearable" at which part, I would have decked them, except I wanted to see Tori's entire set and not get kicked out. LOL.

Also, something that Tori once talked about was very very noticable at this show. Tori said something, once, I can't remember the exact wording, but something about, you have to take from the audience what you put into it. Like, you take from the audience and then give it back, 10 fold (something along those lines.) Tori DEFINATLY does this! I mean, I was sitting next to some hard-core "I love Alanis, don't want to bother with Tori" people, and by the end of the night, they were all about singing Tori songs and were so involved, they were just so excited about how emotionally charged she was. Alanis, on the other hand, takes her energy from her audience, you can see that, but so many people were bored, walked out during the middle of her set, or just sat down, I felt bad, so I (not being a big Alanis fan) stood up and cheered a little louder for her -- at least, that's the way it was in the section I was in. I think, I mean, she draws from her audience all the energy she shows on stage, but she doesn't return it the way Tori does. Hopefully, by touring with Tori, she'll pick a little of Tori's audience style along the way.

Ok, that's just my thoughts on the show and such!

-- a girl in bethlehem

From NeshX:

Since most of the details have been posted, I'll just add some random thoughts..
Concertina for me was the absolute highlight of the show... I had been telling my friend that my one wish was that she would debut this at this concert, and she did... the 10 second clip that is floating around does no justice to this song.. my god, it's fucking beautiful... very melodious... I love how it flows so quickly. The beats are very cool a well.. during the reprise, there is a special drum beat added that I can't really describe well...

Other than that, Juarez was interesting.. it will take a while for it to grow on me.. at the beginning she did this cute dance on top of the piano while the band was playing. I loved Honey -- I was really happy that she played that song over Sugar. Professional Widow was interesting... it didn't have as much energy as on the CD, I thought.. what was that sample that they played right before? Anyone have any idea?

Oh, and I WOULD have had the most PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT video bootleg, but my friend who was taping it next to me got caught... so they took our tape away. :\ Apparently, he had perfect close ups and angling and everything too.. oh well....

I am a lot more excited about TVAB now..! Holmdel tomorrow...


From Non Reaction:

ok, here is a long ass review of both tori and alanis: Tori Amos was incredible. Sitting there on the piano, she was just mesmorizing to watch, I couldn't believe how close

God - she started a cappala and walked across the stage, sat down, and started slamming on the keys, it was great, she moved the song along so well, it was weird hearing God as an opener, but then it all clicked for me

Professional Widow - my god this was amazing, I was close enough to see her eyes, such intensity, such passion, she wailed it at the end, and just went crazy, it sounded so amazing, she screamed "Star Fucker" really loud

Concertina - my new baby, "This is the first time we are playing this song, so all you guys are virgins" something like that, and than she stopped playing, and told the guitar player to go louder, and tapped on the mic 3 times, and said to the audience "You see, this is what happens " and then kicked in, I couldn't believe the raw power of the song, such emotion and raw power

Cornflake Girl - same as usual, but always a delight, she just kept going and going at the end

Bliss - I couldn't believe how good this song was live, she ennunciated every word with such power and emotion and feeling, it truly was bliss

Blood Roses - when I first heard it I didn't even recognize it, she just brought this song to another level wit this version, it really was something else, and her eyes, the shear beauty in them during this was incredible, and she just kept going and going and then it was over, like it never happened, I don't know, I cant explain it

Secret Time:
China (solo) - this was really unexpected, she started just playing these random notes, and then just broke out into the first line, she was mesmorizing, very slow, and with such feeling, she really took her time on this one

Baker Baker (solo) - also very unexpected, just played and played and went on, it was great, I have a new founf respect for this song after hearing it tonight, she just looked right into the audience during a few lines, like she wanted them to make her whole again

Band Comes Back:
Honey - another really unexpected one, I didn't know this song well enough to fully get it, but what I heard was just bliss, she has a way of drawing you into her, like you just become the fuel for her, and than it is over, and you are just left with this numb feeling in the pit of your stomach

Juarez - what can I say about this song except that she blew the roof off the place, this song rocked, the bass, the guitars, the drums, and of course, the piano, everything was done in such perfection and balance, she just took the audience and made them rock to this song

Graveyard (full version) - another song I didn't know, don't really remember

Tear In Your Hand - ok, my body went numb during this song, she started it by talking and half singing about something, she said things "but I know your alive" so I thought it was going to be 1000 oceans or Marianne or something, and then she sang the last two words to the tune of Tear In Your Hand, and I knew. She played this perfectly, better than perfect, and then when she paused, I felt my body tingle, I guess cause I have a special connection to this song, then she just dropped the ball when she started again "Caught a ride " wow.

Waitress - I was at first a little annoyed to hear this again cause I knew it would be the last song, and I was hoping for Sugar, but she just kept going and going, you had no choice but to pay attention. She stood up in front of the piano and ate something with a spoon, it looked like yogurt, she seemed quite amused
Precious things - what can I say, she rocked this song, escpecially the end, I just loved the "Wash me clean, ah daddy" she went through the motions on this one, and just brought it up, very unbeleivable, and I was sad at the end when it was over

Alanis came on and she looked more beautiful and radiant than ever, I was in shock at how close I was, her eyes are so pretty close up, she has such intesity and openess in them.

Hand In My Pocket - The band came out first and played their little intro like always, and then Alanis came out and grabbed the mic and harmonica and sounded wonderful, she looked like she was having so much fun during this song, just strode along the stage back and forth, it was beautiful, and at the end she walked over to the drummer and played the harmonica to the drum beats

All I Really Want - She went right into this after HIMP, it was energectic and exciting, she spoke to the audience, and just stared across through everyone, and she sung really clear, and played a wicked tune on her harmonica

Would Not Come - I couldn't believe the power in her voice during this song, she went way above the band on this, and she just delivered each line with this raw and unbridaled power, and she danced to the music, that funky dance that she does, it was so soothing to watch, and yet, you wanted to get up there and dance with her (Video - Alanis running in the desert and on the street)

Are You Still Mad - she strapped on an acoustic guitar for this one, and she just played it through, her words were clear, and her voice sailed, I never cared much for this song, but she played it well, and the band really got into it at the end (Video - close up of holding hands and faces)

Sympathetic Character - they just went right into this one, and she came over to the left of the stage, and just stared right at me the entire first verse, people were turning to look at me and were like, "she is staring at you", it was incredible, her eyes are so intense and amazing, so beautiful. After the verse she bowed to me and went on singing, and then at the end she started wailing and doing her dance, beauty in motion

That I Would Be Good - this was the most beautiful song of the night, she started off by playing her flute, and then the music kicked in, and her voice was so pure and so full of emotion, you could feel the song in the pit of your stomach, and her vocal range at the end was incredible, and then she picked up the flute again, and just chanted with it, so beautiful

You Learn - She dedicated it to the audience, and just went right into it singing with such joy, and then at the end, she just spun and spun, it was great energy, great vibes, you couldn't help but smile (Video was a snow boarding video game)

Forgiven - Another amazing song, her voice just kept getting better towards the end, and she sailed through it, the chorus of the song was very emphatic, her eyes were focused and intense, and was really spiritual (Video - Words and faces of Gods)

Mary Jane - Quite a surprise, I wasn't expecting this song at all, Alanis seemed like she was in her own world up there, I wonder what made her do it tonight, it was beautiful, her vocal range was exquisite, especially at the end

So Pure - She dedicated it to all the bad dancers in the audience, it was fun and energetic, less poppy than the album version, she put on an electric guitar, and had some serious issues walking around with it, it was practically bigger than her, but it was great, she looked so cute

You Oughta Know - Deep bass in the beginning, she really changed it around, she messed up on the words in the beginning, and put the mic to the audience to sing it so she could get back on track, and then she did, and some girl ran up to the stage, and threw flowers right at her, Alanis had to jump back and catch them, but she smiled, and continued to sing. It was slow in the beginning, and then it kicked in at the end

Uninvited - The band left the stage, and Alanis and piano player stayed, he played some intro on the piano, it was excellent, and alanis sat center stage and listened. The band came back, and Alanis nailed the song, it was beautiful, she hit every note, and was just so powerful with it


Thank U: She came out and threw three pieces of fruit to the audience, and then launched into Thank U, which was excellent. I have always loved this song, and the lyrics mean a lot, on the surface and underneath, at the end, she just kept going, singing the "Yeaaaaah" "Ahnooo oooo"

Ironic: She held the mic to the audience to sing, it was great, she was smiling the entire time, and then she just went into it and started dancing and walking all over the stage, pure energy

And then kissed the audience, and said we were beautiful and god bless, kissed a piece sign, and ducked back behind the stage.

From spacedogbt:

hello everyone..just got in from a wonderful camden show!!

CONCERTINA (we're gonna fuck this one up, we have never done it live before)
BLOOD ROSES ( god knows..!!! she did the cruel dance after that verse..she also was shaking like precious and waitress)
*secret time*
CHINA!! (white and red lighting)
BAKER BAKER (white and blue lighting) (And I wonder if SHE'S ok If you see HER say Hi)
------------------------------------------ HONEY (this was requested by Brian at the best-ever organized meet and greet)..so good to hear again!!
JUAREZ (interesting..stuff about angels?) GRAVEYARD (added some lyrics..or repeated some) TEAR IN YOUR HAND
WAITRESS ( ate her cup o soup and just sang the 1st verse without any piano.they she put the soup down and blew the house away..HANG TEN!) -----------------------------

it was an amazing show filled with sexual refrencces...her parents were there again...earlier they were outside the venue talking with fans...the reverend told us about DC bars.said tori is one of the only women who can play both the piano and keyboard at the same time..he said she got that from the bars... the meet and greet was superb!! thanks to anthony and brian....it was like a first grade class proceding to the library..what a perfect singe file!!! tori was not in good spirits thogh..people began to get rowdy and push and yell..joel said lets go hun..and they DID!! it was a spectatular show and encourage anyone to see these upcomig shows they are full of so much sexual energy!!!!!! email with any questions...i was there from 11:30 the previous night to 11:30 tonight!!


From evanhurst:

this is kind of related to the show....i was in Nashville and saw Alanis do Uninvited....
now i'm a pianist and i just was not impressed with the guy playing the intro....he was merely improvising, and not even doing that very well.....to me it was like "alanis, honey, let me talk to you for a second in my office....you're incredibly good and we know that, but what are you doing asking TORI AMOS to come on tour with you and then bringing your own subquality guy to do that...." i don't know.....i just think that if Alanis wanted a long piano thing at the beginning, it would have been a perfect opportunity for her to at least say, "hey Tori, i have an idea, what do you think?" that's just my two cents.....

From PerdyFaerie:

This was an awwwweesome show. I had such a great time. Highlights: Honey, Concertina, Bliss, Precious Things, and Tear in your Hand. The meet and greet was cool, cuz i met some awesome people! (What up Mike Rich Josh Carl Marlene etc!) Anyway, i didnt get to meet tori..but i was close to her at some point and got a few good pics. It was so funny...the israeli girl was like "tori i came all the way form israel" and then some1 was like "tori i came all the way from philly". OH, tori looked soooo beautiful. I thought she was just awesome. i stuck around for alanis...she was cool. I felt a little weird, cuz i was surrounded by alanis fans and just a bit outta place. Alanis was crazy on stage man. She span around 100 times during one song. her outfit was crazy as well. Oh, Chlorophyll was really good. I thought they were really awesome. camden rocked!!!!!!!!

From alittledream:

The meet and greet was not fun. i woke up at 5:30am, and i spent four and a half hours in a car trying to get there at a reasonable hour. i got there about 10:30(after getting a bit lost). i was numbered 44, and after standing almost two hours with the 80 or so people really close together, in really really hot weather. and i could hardly even see tori when she came out. my advice is *if you can't get there by 9:30am, don't bother go to the meet and greet*. only about 10 people got to meet her, and they weren't allowed to move so other people could. someone had a 'make your own wine kit' to give to tori, which was rather funny.
the show was great. i can't believe it's over already. it was rather short, but wonderful.
the opening act made my ears hurt.

God - not one of my favorite songs, but i was still glad to here it.

Professional Widow - i had NO idea what this was until she started singing. it was amazing!!

Concertina - this song is absolutely beautiful. especially the beginning part. she played that twice, since she said she "fucked up" the first time. lovely lovely.

Cornflake Girl - i've heard this song too many times..

Bliss - this was one of the more together sounding songs. it was great.

Blood Roses - i like this better live. she did a long improv. like, "you hurt yourself. you hurt yourself" and then at the "when he sucks you deep.." part she was like "sucks you in, sucks you out" over and over again.

Secret Time:
China - really really really beautiful.
Baker Baker - pretty

Honey - amazing!!! the lighting was really beautiful.

Juarez - i don't really remember..
Graveyard - i was

Tear In Your Hand - this is the one song i really really wanted to here. i was screaming so much. it was wonderful and lovely and amazing.

Waitress - i'm starting to like this song more. it wasn't as long as other live versions i've heard.

Precious things - lovely lovely and amazing. great ending song.

From krisis:

Well, i realize i missed the boat by going to sleep, but here is my review. It is long.

I want to preface it by saying this: i am a huge fan of both Tori and Alanis. I saw them both within the same month last year, and they were my two favorite shows of the year. (even though i saw/met my favorite band, Garbage, inbetween the two).

So, here goes:

We got the ferry at about 6pm and had no tickets. My friend Amanda and i had just decided last nite to try to get tickets at the door, since all of our other dumb friends didn't want to go (personally, i would even sit through 85minutes of Pearl Jam if i got to see Tori with a good friend).

So, we got to the window, and lo and behold they had 7th row pit seats, dead center. I pronounced my love for the Ticket Grrrl and then promplty we bought them.

While in line we ran into Chaz, who seems pretty well known here. I met him while curled up in line for Alanis Morissette club-tour tix and afterwards a whole mess 'o people went and had breakfast on South Street. I found it rather Ironic (a-hem) that he wasn't planning to stay for Alanis.

I had a whole picnic worth of food stashed in my bookbag because i thought we'd just wind up with lawn seats, and the security dude missed all of it! I hope this means we got several good boots of this show!!!

Anyway, i got all excited when they guy came by us with Chlorophyll info, because i remembered Alanis mentioning them by name in the chat. They were much better than the bands Tori had last year, though i think the singer should rely a bit less on his falsetto. However, it was really fun to see someone up on stage who didn't get pushed up there by a record lable. I cheered appropriately loud, someone near me yelled "i love you." I hope the band had a really good time.

We went through a bit of serious Tori-craving while they set up. I mean, come *on*, the opening band only had three or four mics and a teeny drum set. But, anyway, in this time i managed to locate legendary Philly ConcertDivas Mel&Jen, who i screamed back and forth with over the crowd before i finally got over to meet them.

So, let us skip to Tori. I know y'all know the setlist, but these are my comments.

- Tori fans rock. They were really nice, switching seats so people who knew each other could talk, and letting short people squeeze in for a good view. To the short-ish gal with the cool glasses who squeezed next to Amanda in the sixth row during Tori: you were so excited, it was fun to watch your reactions! It made me even more giddy!!!

- "God" was rock solid. Rock. No improv, really, which upset me a little, but i think it works great as an opening song. I noticed that most of the rhythmic guitar scratching was pre-recorded; i didn't realize they used any prerecording which Tori herself did not trigger on the keyboard.

- "Profession Widow." I almost died. I put my hands over my mouth and started screaming and shaking and tearing up. I literally would have paid $50 just to hear this song live. Luckily, i got done with the hysterics before Tori began singing. This just rocked my ass hard. Wow. (btw, did anyone else hear some guy talking at the beginning of this? Was this part of the song? What was he saying?)

- I knew "Concertina" was my favorite as soon as i heard that clip that has been floating around. When she said we were "virgins" i thought she was going to play that version of "Like A Virgin" she keeps talking about, lol. This was great, and it was hilarious when they messed up and Tori told them to keep playing. The chorus(?) part sounds very familiar... at least, the melody of her singing "Concertina, Concertina" does. Any comments?

- I had seen "Cornflake Girl" before, so i tried to tear my eyes off of Tori and watch the band. Jon Evans has so much fun at these shwos, he really shouldn't even get paid (well, except for the fact that he is the mad Booty Man...). Also, Caton, who usually seems rather stoic or mad at his guitar (hehehe) was having a lot of fun, doing that great psuedo-elvis dance and really interacting with Tori on the solo. The band was hilarious all night, if you go to a concert please pay attention to them a bit too!

- "Bliss" was very solid, but i note that this, like "Spark," seems to be rather deviod of all improvisation. Is this because they are lead singles and she wants to make the trendy/radio crowd pleased?

- "Blood Roses" was creepy as hell. She did so much to this song, and it still has all the power it started with (have you all read the Alice Walker book it refers to? If not, do so NOW). I think this could almost work as a closer, if Tori ever got tired of "Waitress" (not too likely, though).

- "China" and "Baker Baker" were beautiful. I think Tori wants me to adore "Baker" a bit more, since she's played this at my last two shows now.

- "Honey" was great, though the buried Caton's guitar too far into the mix. It's the only mellow band song they did tonight, but it is one of my favourites. Was she improving on the second verse, or just forgot the words?

- "Juarez" is also creepy as hell. It was cool to here the "No Angel" song everyone was talking about last year. I can definitely grow to love this one.

- "Graveyard," dear god... i love Tori so much. I was praying to hear this at Newark and got "Beauty Queen" instead (oh well, i wasn't complaining). Tori's played "Tear" at all three shows i've been to so far, and every time i get so wrapped up in it i totally cannot remember hearing it. This is my 2nd fav Tori song. (does anyone else hear a resemblance to "Crazy For You"? I think they may be in the same key...)

- "Waitress" was rocking. I did the hang-ten symbol with the other people around me, Tori seemed very amused. Caton actually stopped playing for second and gave it to us! Is it me, or did Tori seem to tack yet *another* minute into the "Devil Bitch" section (the words "Devil Bitch" are the only two i audibly sang aloud to int he whole show). "PT" was similarly rockin', but it is a bad closer, as we are left wanting to rip stuff to pieces. Poor Alanis...

So, we took a break, and got in just as Alanis started. Does anyone know why the hell she didn't play "Baba"? I think this was her first mistake...

I noticed all the Tori fans in the pit seemed to be gone except a few (the dude with the Puppet Head shirt was really cool). The Alanis fans were rude, drunk, and in our seats. I hated them. They were Reason #1 that Alanis's set wasn't doing it for me.

The other reason is that Alanis totally messed up the set. I was having fun until she played "Are You Still Mad," at which point she seemed to totally lose momentum. She didn't manage to hold my attention once after this aside from "Forgiven." Although, "You Learn," which usually makes my ears want to bleed, wasn't that bad. The two straws that broke the camels back were the total lackluster "You Oughta Know" with the painful audience sing'a'long in it, and the dumbdumbdumb "Uninvited" intro. I actually adore Alanis's keyboard player, and cheered for him when she intro-ed him, but to have anyone play piano after a Tori set is laughable. This seemed to me like some three year old tinkling at the keys. I couldn't take it (and i hate that song anyway), so i left.

Now, this might not make me sound like much of an Alanis fan, but you have to understand that i refused to go to the concert with anyone who wouldn't stay for Alanis! I love both her albums and went through hoops to get tix to her club show. I told everyone i knew how amazing she was live. I don't know what happened... i think it was partially due to loss of momentum, and partially because she can't communicate with such a large room. She didn't ever seem to make eye contact. If you ever have the chance to see her at somewhere as small as the Electric Factory, do it. You will not regret it.

Anyway, that was my concert experience. Tori was amazing, and if Newark wasn't the most unbelievable show ever this would be my favorite I want a boot bad, but don't have very much to trade for it. However, we can work a deal, and i have a CD-R on my end, so, perhaps it can be done.

From JasonRafferty:

I have only been to a few other Tori concerts, and this was truly one of the best. It was GREAT! I was too late at the M&G so, I wasn't able to get very close to Tori. I did at least get to see her, and snap a few pictures. The pictures Dor had were great, just some more to add to my own photo album of Tori. Everyone was very nice there, and the staff was not a problem(one girl seemed to be overtaken by the moment, and looked like she was going to faint, one of the staff members brought her a bottle of water and made sure she was ok). Bliss, Cornflake Girl, Precious Things, Concertina, Blood Roses, Baker Baker, Waitress, AHHH it was all GREAT! I was absolutely flying after the show, I could not sleep at all. Unfortunately I was on the lawn, but we were right at the railing and it wasn't too bad. Fortunately I was surrounded by tori fans, and didn't have to put up with anyone talking or being rude during tori's set. Sound and Lighting was great (I'm a lighting designer for a local Threatre Company, and noticed a few things were probably not supposed to happen, but no one else probably saw them) Now its on to Holmdel, can't go to the m&g (have to work) I hope this show will be as great as Camden.
Jason Rafferty

From rkoppinger:

First of all, whoever designed the Sony E-Center must have been on Quaaludes. There seemed to be only one way in and out as the Parking Lot Gestapo ordered "One Lane Only!" I thought Tonya and I would have to pitch a tent for the night. Also, Tonya and I were very uncomfortable in our tiny little seats, not being tiny people ourselves, and the E-Center architects apparently decided to skip such unwarranted amenities as aisles, compelling one to wade through an absurdly long row to get up and use the restroom, for example. Speaking of restroom, the guy who sat next to me also fidgeted a lot due to the uncomfortable seats, plus he smelled like piss. And who are these morons who bring laser pointers? Get a life. Talk about reaching the completion of idiocy. King dorks, all.
By the way, I wore my laminate all day. I didn't see any others.

Then again, it was a great show. When Tonya and I got there we were talking with fellow Ears With Feet Randy and his friends (CRAFT on their names, sorry). Randy reads the Dent. Hi Randy; post sometime, won't you? They had lots of Tori music, and we had a great time hanging out together and talking Tori and Tori concerts. "This must have been what it was like being a Deadhead", I said. One of Randy's friends was dressed to punk and was really cool, and I wish I could remember names, damn it! Anyway, I liked his buttons, especially one which he told me was a band from New York; Reagan Youth.

As for other EWF, I met the lovely agirlinbethlehem, who I see in her review called me Nick K. That's alright, dear. As you can see, I'm not in any position to chastise anyone for forgetting names. I got a good look at her Steve Madden Tori Amos shoes, and they are really cute and not at all uncomfortable looking. She demonstrated by jumping in them, which made me a little nervous, but she didn't fall. I wish I could remember the name of the girl she was with, who I also spoke to briefly.

So I got frisked (patted down) for the first time in my life. I thought it was weird that, on the list of things not to bring in, Weapons was fourth. I bought a couple of T-shirts and a program. Why the Tori program cost $15 but the Alanis program was $10 I couldn't figure out. No matter, I have given mine a good home next to the previous Tori programs. I also got a Venus Envy necklace. There's no way in hell I could ever get this on, but I wanted to have it hanging up next to the computer because it's really cute.

I checked out the MP3 booth inside, but the guy couldn't answer what I thought was a very simple question, "What kind of connection do these players use to connect to the computer? Is it USB, parallel, what? How does the file get from the PC to the player?" Well, I did send myself a postcard just for the hell of it. Another MP3 guy was handing out temporary tattoos. I asked him if they hurt. He liked that one. I still have it, since I didn't put it on. There's no way I could compare to our lovely Meganatrix anyway. My roommate got a whole mess of condoms from the Trojan army. I declined. They would get more use from me as cat toys.

Except for my pet peeves above, it is a nice facility. Maybe the architect was only a recreational Quaaludes user. My view of the stage was clear. As an added bonus, I sat 6 rows behind the sound board, so I got to watch Mark work. The man is never still, not for a second. Maybe that's why Tori is so happy these days? Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Tori went on at 8:25 and opened with God, which is even more funky and fluid than before. Interesting to hear God with a bit more of a groove to it. She followed with Professional Widow, which was fantastic and also had a very new groove; very different from ever before. I love the way Tori has, in her words, "tarted up" some of her girls. Professional Widow on this tour is more stunning than ever.

Next, Tori debuted a song. "It's the first time we're playing it, so I'm probably going to fuck it up. So you're all virgins right now." She played, sang, and then said while the band played, "See, I fucked it up. This is what happens. Just keep going, guys. I'll do it again." She slipped into the song like a girl in a new Easter dress. A little awkward at first, but one little adjustment, and she was perfect. The song was Concertina, and it was lovely, fluid, and powerful. It was during this time that I noticed a couple of condoms blown up and batted about like beach balls at so many concerts I'd been to years ago.

Bliss was next, which featured blue lights rocking back and forth, then there were bright orange lights that made the stage look like a sunrise. Bliss live gave me goose bumps. What an explosive song this is. However, we were in for another explosion, as Tori went into the completely rearranged Blood Roses. This song was a needle 3 years ago. Now it's a dagger. I couldn't help noticing the inclusion of words like "You hurt yourself today". Not to delve into Tori's personal life, which I am wholly unqualified to do, but it continues to make me wonder if that dagger is meant for anybody in particular.

Secret time came, and began with China. As Tori sang "I can feel the distance", she waved to some Ears With Feet off to the stage left side of the theater. I looked and saw about 20 lighters in the air, which was a first for me. She followed with Baker Baker, and I noticed the substitution of feminine pronouns for the masculine; "And I wonder if she's okay / If you see her, say hi." Again, I had to wonder if it was a personal message. I know Mark was only 6 rows away, but I decided to be respectful, as most people would.

Tori then began playing Honey under golden lights as the band returned gradually. The brand new Juarez was next, and it is also a very powerful song. It was the third song she played from her forthcoming album, and if nobody there was psyched for To Venus and Back before, they either are psyched now, or they're dead. To me, it was like coming to grandma's apartment on Thanksgiving when I was a kid. I could smell everything and I couldn't wait to eat. The cheese and crackers and the olives helped tide me over, but I was still looking forward to that turkey.

Tori played Graveyard, which went into Tear In Your Hand seamlessly. I always thought this was one of the less appreciated Boys For Pele B-Sides. I forgot how much I liked Graveyard, and it's always nice to hear Tear In Your Hand. The Waitress was the same as it was during the Plugged tour, but the spotlights flashing in my eyes I didn't need. I'm glad I'm not prone to seizures, but it was uncomfortable. I'm greedy. I want to look at Tori when she's playing. I don't like having to look away.

She left the stage and returned for one encore, Precious Things, which again was just as powerful as it was on the Plugged Tour. Tori played for exactly 75 minutes, and it seemed she was well received by all. I've been to a few Tori concerts, and I could certainly tell this was an abbreviated set, but it was also very powerful. In fact, one of the more powerful Tori shows I've been to.

As for Alanis, I found her entertaining, energetic, and gracious. She was very sweet to the audience and she thanked Chlorophyll and Tori, waving her hands in the air in piano playing motions to the enthusiastic screams of the audience. I never realized how long her hair is. I thought she was lovely. For all the walking, jogging, bounding and spinning around that she does, I think Alanis should get some cordless microphones. I was afraid she was going to get wrapped up and trip herself.

I liked her lighting very much, especially the gigantic medieval looking tree on the curtain behind her, which had holes that allowed the projection screen behind it to shimmer colors that rivaled any acid trip (so I hear). It reminded me of a backdrop I saw Loreena McKennitt use.

Alanis opened with Hand In My Pocket. The crowd sang along very loudly and enthusiastically. It was wonderful being a part of it. She followed with All I Really Want, which also had people dancing and singing along. Would Not Come followed, then she picked up an acoustic guitar for Are You Still Mad. Sympathetic Character was quite strong, and I liked the flute intro to That I Would Be Good, but I found the computer snowboarder behind You Learn distracting. I was delighted by her dancing and wild spinning, which made everybody in the theater gleefully crazy.

I was alarmed during You Oughta Know, when somebody up front threw a bouquet of flowers at Alanis. I'm glad she caught them, and I'm sure the fan meant no harm, but it could have been bad. Those stems can be nasty. Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull once sustained an eye injury from a rose thrown on stage. I wish people would refrain from this kind of thing. Somebody up front was blowing bubbles, which was cute.

While I was very happy and impressed with Alanis' set, I was hoping to hear my favorites from Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, Baba, Joining You, and Heart of the House. I was thrilled to be there. I had a great time.

I apologize for not being more descriptive with regards to Alanis, but she is very new to me. This was the first time I'd ever seen her live. In fact, were it not for Tori, I would not have been at this show. Which is not meant disrespectfully towards Alanis, but I don't go to large concerts anymore. Except for Tori, I'm more interested in smaller venues. I saw it as an opportunity to experience something new, and when it comes to music, I rarely turn that down.

What I saw tonight is that Tori and Alanis are like fire. Tori is heat, and Alanis is light. Both are equally welcome and needed.

--Rich K

From don'thaveone:

tori was amazing which goes without saying. but the sound need a bit of help. at least everyone in my section thought so. and there were really no lightning mistakes i caught. theatre person writing again. alanis was good but there was no way she could have topped tori. loved it

From siren658:

My friend and I arrived at the E-Centre more than an hour before showtime, it was a little before six. We got in line pretty much right away as the third and fourth people in our line, but they still had us wait more than a half hour to take out tickets and let us in. In the meantime, over the loudspeaker: "We hope you enjoy tonight's performance of Tori Amos and Alanis Morissette... blah blah blah blah blah. Tomorrow night: Jonny Lang blah blah blah." They must have said this about a hundred times and it was making me more anxious to just get in the venue! Finally they let us in and I made a beeline for the merch counter, buying a Tori program, Venus necklace and a purple Tori shirt.
When we went to find our seats, we were amazed just how close the were to the stage... I mean we already knew 8th row pit was CLOSE but I was just amazed! Our seats were in the center, so we were right in front of Tori and the Bosey!

Cholorophyll was the opening act and I have to say I adore them. I bought the cd when I found out that they were going to be our opening act (although I would have LOVED to see Lotusland!), and it's a really good album. I was looking forward to seeing them play, and I really enjoyed their performance. I didn't know all of the songs that they did, because I think some of them aren't on the album, but I recognized ones from the album like Transmission, Stargazer, and my favorite, Monday. Pat Jamieson has a
beautiful voice! In between Tori and Alanis' sets, my friend and I went down to the Best Buy booth where I bought a cassette single and had the guys all sign it for me. Did I already mention that I adore them?

Before Tori's set, I was talking a bit to Rasin Girrl and Elizabeth from the Forum. Rasin Girrl's boyfriend showed us a photo album of all these amazing pictures from past meet and greets that were really amazing. Tori had such cute expressions on her face in some of them! However, I think I neglected to tell anybody that I'm siren658 here on the Forum because I was so full of odd energy because of my excitement of my first Tori (and Alanis) show ever and I wasn't wearing a laminate. I was in the purple Tori shirt with the guy in the grey tee-shirt in row 8 of the Pit. Hi to everyone I talked to!

Then, it was time for the show....

God - I will never forget this, ever... Tori singing the first few lines from backstage and then emerging on the stage, waving at the crowd. It was amazing, I had tears streaming down my face. "God sometimes you just don't come through... and then I see you." Tori would make a O with her thumb and forefinger and look through it when she said "see you", which I thought was cute. Nice lighting changes during the "when the wind blows" part.

Professional Widow - I wasn't expecting this for some reason, and at first I didn't recognize it! Everyone around me started going nuts, and finally I realized: "PROFESSIONAL WIDOW!" I can see what everyone who went to previous shows was raving about this for, it was classic. All it lacked was the bull... I don't suppose Tori could bring him on tour.

Concertina - Tori told us we'd all be "virgins" to this song. I recognized the first few notes as the beginning of Concertina right away, even though I'd previously only heard a 13 second clip of it. She messed up after the first couple of lines and started over again, which was cute. This song is beautiful, I feel so lucky to have heard it "first" (even though she played it solo for that radio program already). It flows along really well, "concertina, concertina". Someone needs to mp3 this one!

Cornflake Girl - An old favorite that was wonderful to hear! She did the "I don't even know that much anymore" improv towards the end, like in the Live in NY video. That happens to be my favorite Cornflake improv, so I was happy.

Bliss - These new girls really are something special live! I was anxiously hoping that Tori would play it for our show, as she had for each previous show. It was very, very powerful during the "four horse engine with a power drive" part. Great stuff!

Blood Roses - Its back, new and improved! During the intro, Tori and Jon were looking at each other and doing this sort of dance thing that was cool. I think I like this live version better than the album one, because of the way some of the words are changed around. I think I heard something about "I can't forget those things that I said" instead of the usual line. Everyone was cheering during the "chickens" part!

China - Although China is not readily one of my favorites (in fact, I'd picked it as the Tori song I could live without!), this was gorgeous! Pretty much like the album version though. Very nice "la da da da da das".

Baker Baker - This was perfect for secret time, it was SO beautiful. I also caught Tori's use of a lot of female pronouns ("And I wonder if she's okay, if you see her, say hi") and wondered if it had anything to do with her baby...

Honey - The light changes were great, and the song was wonderful. Besides the live version on the Hey Jupiter single, I don't think I ever heard another live version. Very warm and exciting.

Juarez - Songs like this one make me totally excited about the new album... I have had it stuck in my head since last night! "The Indian is told the cowboy is his friend... No angels here." Very moody and slinky-like with a nice bass line. You have to move your hips to this one!

Graveyard - My little shock of the whole performance... I wasn't expecting it, and its my favorite Pele bee-side (not counting Pele-era songs released on the Choirgirl singles). There were also a lot of female
pronouns in this one, if I'm remembering correctly: "She's alive, she's alive." A beautiful little piece!

Tear In Your Hand - The whole crowd was excited over this one, people waving during the "goodbye" part. It sounds wonderful with the whole band, so full and rich. I was so happy to hear it!

The Waitress - I just about lost it during this song, it was SO awesome. I know a lot of people wish that Tori wouldn't play it so much, but for me, seeing it for the first time in person was amazing! I had my own little "whiplash dance" going on and I was just freaking out. It was SO cool. HANG TEN HONEY!

Precious Things - It seemed a little shorter than live recordings I've heard of this song, but it rocked nevertheless. "Wash this thing daddy, wash it out of me." I would have danced again, but I was still recouperating from my Waitress workout!

All in all, I was awe-struck by Tori and her band's performance!

I liked Alanis' performance, too, but I think she was a little out of sync with her band members. The bass was too loud or something, it tended to dull her vocals a little bit. She has SO much energy which made her performance a lot of fun. However, by this time, I had next to NO energy myself, so I sat down for a while and only stood and danced for about half the songs. It was awesome to hear Mary Jane, That I Would be Good (the flute was so pretty), and of course old favorites like All I Really Want,You Oughta Know, Hand In My Pocket, and You Learn. It was cool when she caught those flowers! Unfortunately, we had to leave before the encore, but while
we were out in the parking lot we could still hear the strains of Uninvited, Thank U, and Ironic drifting out from the venue. A lovely first Tori and Alanis concert experience!

From Sirenfire9@aol.com:

Ok so can I just say that yesterday was the best day of my life thus far! Ok so Here's what happened. I woke up at like 9 because I had won passes to the Y100 Sonic Session, which is an instudio performance with Tori solo.So I get picked up at 9:45 and my friend rich and we headed to the sonic studios. We get there and stand outside, we met some cool girls So they started to let us all in around11:20 or so. So I walked in with my present for Tori which was a star pillow made out of purple velvet and a shiny star material. I had also printed out a sign that said, "Please play cooling Luv mike" Because well, you all know my thing with Cooling. But anyway.. So we get these little laminated pass thingys and are told to stand in this room for a little bit. Then after like ten minutes they say that they are ready to take us up to the studio. Yet before that some guy said that he would collect all of our gifts for tore, and that there wasn't enough time to get pictures or anything. That was a bummer but oh well. I was still beyond ecstatic to be there. So we all go up some stair into the studio, it wasn't that big and everyone was sitting on the floor. There were about 50 or so people there. I sat down and Joel told me to move over so I did. I then realized that Tori would be walking right passed me to get in, he he he...
So she walks in right passed me and I get really giddy because I knew that it all was going to be so special. So Tori sat down at the piano which was maybe 5 feet if that from me. So she sits and asks if anyone had a question, well I raised both of my hands and basically made a fool of myself. Everyone laughed including Tori. So she called on me and I said "Hi Tori I'm Michael, Actually I have a request, if its not too much trouble could you please play cooling , it would mean so much to me and stuff and I would really appreciate it. I mean I know that if she's it here, then she's not but.. It would be true ecstasy then I said that it would be all smiles, and that I loved her, she giggled a little and didn't really say anything. So then she started to play her first song which was "Purple People" It was beautiful, she highlighted the "thunder wish's it could be the snow" parts. After that she started to talk to us again. She asked how we were and if anyone had any questions etc. Someone asked her who won the contest that the lighting and sound guys were having on the last tour, something about who could hide the most dwarves. Tori said that ti was a funny story, and said how the won team had kidnapped the other teams dopey and he was killed. And so they had a funeral for him, and Marcel dressed up as snow white for it. Then she took another question, Someone asked her what type of music she was listening to. Her response was that her crew we're CD fanatics and that there was always something playing. She mentioned Moby's new album. She said that he had asked her to do a track with him for it but she couldn't due to the fact that she was recording her album. She however seemed to be praising his album. So then a phone rang and it was funny, she looked surprised and she said, "well you might wanna get that. I mean it might be important" I think someone answered it, or it just stopped. So then she put her headphones back on and looks at me and says "This is for you Michael" AND SHE PLAYED COOLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gasped really loudly when she said this and some girl was like, he's gonna loose it.... It was the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. The defining moment in my life so far. I mean she played it for me, FOR ME! he he I sat there soaking it all in and I couldn't help but start to cry. It was awesome. It was beyond true words. She did it beautifully."And is your place in heaven worth giving up these kisses, these kisses" She held the last kisses part for longer than normal. It was BEAUTIFUL..... Ok so I was like shaking and sobbing by the end. Hell I'm getting all shaky just writing about it. OK so after it was over I think I screamed thank you but It's kinda a blur. She then took some more questions. Someone asked her to tell us about the ring on her right hand. And she smiled and said that someone special gave it to her, and then quickly said next question, hehehe it was cute. Some girl then asked her to play take to the sky because it was as such an empowering song for her, and Tori said yeah I can play that. Yet first she said "Ya know there's a story behind that, and I luv to tell this story" And she told the story about how she turned L.E. into Atlantic and they rejected it. So she then played "take to the sky." It was powerful and touching. After that she took some more questions.Somoene asked her if which of her songs was her favorite, and she didn't really give a straight answer to it. Then some girl asked if she could have a hug and tori said yes and gave the girl a hug, then some other girl asked if she could sing a duet with tori and tori said yes and asked the girl what she would like to sing, the girl couldn't think of anything and so tori said, for her to think about it and that she would come back to her. The however never said anything and she didn't sing with Tori. So then Tori started to talk about the new album. She said that she was gonna do a song from it yet she couldn't do bliss without her brothers, she then said "Marcel should I do your favorite?"
And then she said that the song she was about to do is actually done with the band and that this was one of the only times that she would be doing it solo. She then did "Concertina" which was fucking awesome!!!!! excuse my language. But it was. it was beautiful. And I already know that I love it. After that she did one more song and it was "1000 oceans" once again I shed a tear, it was great! So that was it. And tori had to walk past me to leave like she did coming in and so I stopped her and handed her my letter personally and shook her hand and said thank you very much. she then left and my heart was racing a mile a minute. And that, ladies and gentleman was my Sonic Session Experience. And yet the day continued to be awesome..... I went to the meet and greet and met some great people, we were however in the back due to the sonic session. Buuuuuuttt I didn't mind much do to obvious reasons ) he he he So the meet and greet happened, I didn't get to even really see her, I saw her for like a split second. But I didn't mind much. So after that we went to dinner with some people we met and just had fun in philly.... Then we went back to the concert and well what a GREAT show, it was like one of those shows that only happens when the planets all align. There was just something special about it. Here is the setlist and my thoughts on all the songs:
God- It was the way she's been doing it at all the shows. Acapella at first.. It was great.
Professional Widow- I didn't recognize it at first but then when I did I was mighty impressed, it sounded unbelievable it was awesome, WOW is all I have to say.
Concertina- She said that they had never done this before and that we were all virgins. It was beautiful. She said that she was gonna fuck it up probably and kinda did and told the boys to keep going and she started it again. It is such a beautiful song. Cornflake Girl- I luv the new intro for it. Always a great.... Bliss- This song is soo inspirational for me for some reason, it just affects me and it sounds very honed with the band, 'Twas magnificent. Blood Roses- I luv the new way which this has been revamped. Its got a whole new feel to it. Its grooving and very mysterious sounding now..... China - It was lovely.
Baker Baker - I screamed loudly when she started this, I had never heard it live and well. WOW.... It was beautiful beyond true description. Honey- I luv this song )
Juarez- This was the booty song of the night. Tori and john evans were looking at each other in the beginning cause it was all bass. It was great.
Graveyard- I knew what would be coming up next. and I loved this, she did the full version which is a rarity I think. It was unexpected and awesome....
Tear In Your Hand- his seemed to be a real crowd pleaser. I love this song, its soo fabulous... especially live. Waitress- Vicious as always...
Precious things- This sounds as great as it ever did, I still think that this song along with the waitress will NEVER be the same.... The concert was amazing, our seats kicked ass. We were right in the center and in row N so not far back at all. And another little special thing that just added to the day as that 2 rows in front of us were none other than Mr. and Mrs. Amos, and I am pretty sure there were other members of Tori's family in the row with them. Mr. Amos was in his clerical collar, And Mrs. Amos was absolutely adorable, she is soo cute and small. She had a huge smile on her face the entire time Tori was on the stage and during a few songs she was kinda bobbing to the beat. It was pricelessly cute. After that Alanis came on and she is such a fun performer. Like where Tori is about the passion, Alanis was just fun, the hightlights of alanis's set were uninvited, which had a kickass i ntro on the piano and thank you was also great. But anyway, she was very good .
So that was my day... I can not believe that she played cooling for me. It literally has not hit me yet. I mean I know she did it. But I mean she really did it for me. Oh my god!

Mike )

From weatherjeff:

All I can say is: What an amazing and awe-inspiring performance!!! I just flew back from Philly this morning so I am late in my reply. Everyone pretty much said everything that is to be said. In short, here is the setlist:

1. God
2. Professional Widow
3. Concertina
4. Cornflake Girl
5. Bliss
6. Blood Roses
-- secret time --
7. China
8. Baker Baker
-- the guys return --
9. Honey
10. Juarez
11. Graveyard
12. Tear In Your Hand
13. The Waitress
-- encore --
14. Precious Things

Now just a few additional comments. I had been keeping up with the prior concert reviews on the Dent and was trying to recreate the new songs and the newly renovated songs. It was strange because I had not heard any mp3s or knew any lyrics of the news songs (except Bliss of course) but I immediately recognized them. That freaked me out. I knew Concertina by the flowing, classical-esque tone of the beautiful melody. I just remember the lyrics "I calm you, I find you too", "condescending", and "truth is between us". The low intro "da da da da da" gave Juarez away. She also sang "dropped off .. .. again" and "cowboy is his friend". Sorry, I am not much help. I was jumping up and down on the second beat of Pro Widow when everyone around me looked very confused. Pro Widow seemed slower but with more emphasis on the beat. China and Baker Baker were just as gorgeous and intimate as performed on the DDI tour (I had to completely block out the whistling bitch behind me...this girl...that is all she would do...at one point during the encoure, she actually sounded like high-pitched feedback from Caton's guitar). Graveyard was very personal. Tear In Your Hand found actual tears in my hand and all across my face. During the quiet beginning of The Waitress, it was very dark with just the silhouette of Tori's body kneeling back wards on the piano beach. She appeared to be indulging in some type of instant Cup-o-Soup. That was funny. Ther Waitress seemed rushed...she began the improv piano part right after the second chorus and it accelerated rapidly. It ended suddenly and unexpectedly also (no real heavy orgasmic breathing at the end either). She came back at the end with Precious Things, as she had with the previous six shows. I was REALLY looking forward to this but she didn't seem that into it. Again, it seemed rushed but very slow at the same time. No real improv. And then it had released. I was glad to have reached my Tori high six songs earlier with Blood Roses. She just went CRAZZZZZY toward the middle and the end. At one point she continued to sing this unfamiliar improv while she was playing the Icicle melody! Did anyone else pick this up? The only way I can describe this song is by using the word bluesy. But a sick and twisted bluesy nonetheless. Tori had decided to take the lower octave for much of the improv which was terrifyingly beautiful. My friend and I thought she sounded quite similar to Stevie Nicks at that point. All I can remember from the Blood Roses improv are lyrics like "You're slow, today, yes..yes..yes" and "you know you take away" and "you wanna dance, you tell me lies".

The sound was not that good. Boy, do I miss those smaller venues. But, what an excellent concert nonetheless.

Oh yeah, my friend and I met the Rev. and Mrs. Amos - they were sitting one row behind us. They were so friendly...charming people really. They were freely talking to everyone there which I though was cool. I said something like "You're daughter is simply amazing" and Mrs. Amos replied with something like "yes, I reckon my little Ellen is something alright" which I though was cute. I asked if they were following their daughter around the country (I knew they had attended most of the previous six shows before) and they smile, sighed, and she said "Oh, by heavens no. This was our last show." We shook both their hands and then my friend and I left. We had heard of a possible post-show m&g which I was skeptical of but everyone else seemed to be really hopeful. The security guard said there was one at the last show. That would be the D.C. show. Can anyone confirm this? Anyway, we were waiting by the back gates with only about 20 or so people during Alanis's set and we saw Tori's parents drive off. They waved and said bye-bye..they are adorable. About a half hour later, Tori's bus took off but we did not spot her or Mr. Puppethead hanging out the window. The bus did however almost run over this kid on a bike about 5 seconds later. And that was my evening in a nutshell.

From Eric The Red:

i can't really add more to what people have said about the concert itself -- but does anyone else habitually, routinely, uncontrollably mistake the opening chord of "honey" for the opening chord of "little earthquakes" during tori's live shows?
this happened to me AGAIN at the camden show.

i mean, don't get me wrong; i LOVE honey. but little earthquakes is so very, very far above every other song on earth as far as i'm concerned -- it pushes the concert out of the realm of rock concert and into religious experience.

so whenever there's even a hint that it's being played, i usually let out a shriek of joy -- thereby obscuring the second, third, fourth, etc. notes of the song and it's not until a few seconds later that i realize that no, in fact, it's not little earthquakes, it's just honey.

hate to put her in the runner-up category like that, but there it is. ;-}

it took us longer to reach the concert hall than i anticipated due to the rain and the rush hour on 95, so we missed the first four songs of tori's set. :-( :-( :-( ... i would have loooooooved to have heard concertina; and it would have been appropriate to hear tori's "virgin" comment, given that the woman i was with had never been to a concert before.

oh, and the piano-and-crash-test-dummy t-shirt lists denver as the last concert of the tour. i know that t-shirts frequently get printed with only the available data (the summer t-shirts from plugged '98 don't include the october and november dates at all, for example, since they were added later). but if it turns out that the only tori-only shows of this tour are the ones which have already been announced, i may very well have to go on a massive roadtrip in october... ;-}

see you (and her) in six flags next week...

eric the red

From Muttonbone:

Another Sonic Session Story
Friday, August 27th, Tori played at the Blockbuster E-center in Camden, NJ. The morning before the concert, she played a special recording session for the Philadelphia radio station Y100. The radio station gave away 25 pairs of tickets throughout the preceding weekend. I was not so lucky as to personally win any, but I was so lucky that my best friend (WanderingStar*) won. She had planned to write a report for the dent forum describing it for you all. She has, however, been fairly busy lately, hasn't had a chance to get online, and may not for some time. I am going to go ahead and let you all in on our wonderful experience. We were told to be at the studio at 11AM, when they would let us in, and to be there promptly, as at 11:15 they would lock the doors. We showed up at around 10, and there were maybe 5 people outside. We walked to a nearby McDonalds, had breakfast, and walked back. It was about 10:30-45 by then and almost everyone was in line. At around 11:15, they opened the doors and start letting us in. They gave each of us a press pass to wear, and gave Star two tickets for the concert that night (part of the package for winning). These she donated to friends because we already had tickets for the show long before she won. In the studio, the lower level is offices and a lounge, upstairs the actual studio. When we came in the front door, the lounge had already filled up (they were giving away food). We just shuffled to the side and waited a little bit down a hallway for instructions. It soon became apparent that the hallway we happened to walk into was the one that leads to the stairway. This was a stroke of fantastic luck. A representative from the station came out and started explaining all the rules. The rules turned out to be the worst part of the engagement. He explained that due to her tight schedule involving preparations for the concert that night, that Tori would not be able to stay long enough to personally take any gifts, sign anything, or meet us individually. They also forbade taking any photos, which was a bummer. We had dreamed of going home with pictures of each of us with her. They then brought around a box and asked for any gifts. Star had brought her a Pablo Neruda book (Selected Works), and a Beanie dragon (very cute), along with a letter, and had to surrender these items to them. This was a real shame. We had so looked forward to being face to face with her and handing them to her personally. Also, I'd say everyone had something to sign. (...some of us many somethings...) After this was done, they told us to line up in the hall and get ready to go upstairs. The excitement was visible on every face. There were less than ten people in front of us in the hall. We got to the top of the steps, and walked directly into a studio where the piano was set up alone; the only lights in the room all pointed right at it. (It was the studio's piano, of course) I, for one, was very happy to see that they were not set up for the band to play. I have seen Tori six times now, and by far and away the best show (excluding the one I was about to see) was the first one I saw in 1996 (Norfolk, VA). I like the sound of the band, but if you haven't seen Tori solo, then you're missing out. The few people in front of us sat Indian style in a line about 10 feet from the piano. We sat very tightly behind the first row, and pretty much directly in front of her seat (in line with the keys). Altogether, there were maybe 70 people in the room. It was packed pretty tightly all around. One of the radio jocks gave a short introduction (it turns out Tori was the first performer to ever do a Sonic Session for Y100, and also the first performer to return for a second.) She entered from a door behind us to the right. She was wearing a solid black shirt with mid sleeves and open shoulders, dark blue jeans, and (pink?) thong beach sandals. She's so tiny! ...Must I describe how ravishingly beautiful she is?... As she approached I said, "I love you," but not loud enough. She gave us a wave, to much applause, and took her seat. Before starting, she gave away three of the four bottles of water that they had left for her at the piano. She said, "I'm working for Evian now." She then said hello and, "So what's been up with you guys? Tell me how you're doing." She invited any questions. I remember being just hypnotized that I was sitting in a room that close to her. I could not think of a question or even to raise my hand to attempt one. The first person to speak, (I might have the order of some of these speakers incorrect) whose name was Michael, expressed that it would satisfy him to the depths of his soul if she could play "Cooling", "...and I love you!" he added. She said she could do that for him, and blew a kiss for his "I love you". The next asked if she had ever played the song "Son of a Preacher Man" in concert. She said no, she had not, but that she used to go onstage to it. She commented that that moment before walking out is just so intense that she needs comfortable music. She then played Purple People for us. If only there were words to describe the beauty of her singing. Being that close to her while she performed was one of the most emotionally profound things I have ever experienced. The performance of the song was slightly slower and lighter than the recording on the "Spark" single. Very good. She took another question after the song. It was about the dwarfs. Apparently during one of the tours (DDI?) her sound crew and her lighting crew had a competition regarding who could hide the most dwarfs around. (I don't know the details of the rules for their wager ) The question was: "Who won?" Tori said, "Well, that's a very tragic story actually." She explained that as the competition escalated, one of the crews (lighting, I think) resorted to extreme measures. They kidnapped the other team's Dopey, intending to win the bet by having more dwarfs. They delivered a ransom note demanding surrender for Dopey's life. The other crew did not give in. Eventually, Dopey was found covered in ketchup and beheaded. Both teams ended up winning a bottle of tequila for their efforts. She then said, "This is for you Michael," and played "Cooling". This was one of two songs Star and I had wanted to request (the other being "Here In My Head".) mmm (::listening to "Cooling" now : She asked for more questions when finished. The girl she chose told Tori that in all the hardship she had been through, when she had nothing more to give, the song "Take To the Sky" had always given her strength, and asked if she would play it for her.. Tori agreed to play it. She then told us a story about the song. She said that when she had originally turned "Little Earthquakes" in to Atlantic, they rejected it. At that time though, "Little Earthquakes" was a very different album. It had on it Mary, Flying Dutchman, Take To the Sky, Upside Down, and a few of the other LE B-sides, in place of some of the songs on the LE we know. Atlantic rejected those songs. So she rebuilt it and those songs became the B-sides. They were originally first stringers. The she played the song, pounding the piano. Awesome song. The next round of questions, I managed to find the coordination to raise my hand. Being close (and being tall helped I think) I caught her eye. She chose me, and I asked her what kind of music she has been listening to recently. (Music is my thing. That's always been a thing I wonder about the best musicians ŒWhat do they listen to?') She said that all the guys in the band were the CD collectors. With all of them around there is such a huge variety that she ends up listening to everything. She did mention that she has been into Moby's latest CD "Play" (very good stuff) and a group called Urban Species who I have yet to hear. It was such a thrill when she looked right at me and talked to me. mmm Hypnotism. She then said she was going to play us a song that she had not yet performed for an audience. She played "Concertina". I only later realized what a very special treat that was to hear that song acoustic. She played it at the concert later in the night and the version with the band was much different. In the morning I had listened to it as an acoustic song and thought that's how it was written. I realized at night that it would most likely be recorded on the album with the band playing along. So experiencing it solo might be a very rare and beautiful thing, especially for hearing the first time. The next question was Star's. She said, "Can you tell us about the ring on your right hand?" I thought Tori was going to cry. She said, "Well, I cooouuld tell you that." She seemed a little choked up when she told us that someone very close gave it to her about a year ago. Then quickly followed that with, "Next!" ( I think I am forgetting a question in here somewhere ) A girl near the back then got up and asked, in a shaky voice, almost crying, "Can I sing a duet with you?" Tori enthusiastically said, "Yes! Any time babe. What do you want to sing?" The girl was so shocked and nervous she probably couldn't think of a single song title. She said, "Anything." Tori told her to think about it and she would come back to her. I really think if she had named a song, Tori would have done it with her. The last girl she chose to speak turned out the smartest. She asked, "Can I have a hug?" Tori said "Absolutely," took off her headphones, and walked over to us to hug her. They had to reach over me and a couple of others to embrace. (We were squeezed in that tightly on the floor. By this time the circulation was cut off in my legs, and probably everyone else's as well!) As soon as that girl asked, everybody else knew they should have just asked for a hug. Gosh She then played "1000 Oceans." Again it was so much more beautiful solo. Not that it's not a beautiful song with the band as well, but solo is the bestest. After finishing she thanked us and was quickly ushered away. They cleared us out very soon after she was gone. Though it was a truly fulfilling experience, it might have been better if Tori had a little more free time that morning. Though we did get the intimate performance, I think everyone there had expected to be face to face with her for at least a moment, and maybe get something signed. For that we would have had to go straight from there to the meet and greet in Camden, and by then would have been in the very back. So in a way, the people who went to the m&g got closer to her. But, alas, one of my dreams came true that morning. I cannot begin to complain.

Thank you Tori. And Thank you WanderingStar*

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