1999 Solo Tour
Orange, CA Virgin Megastore
November 28, 1999

Updated December 15, 1999

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Tori made an appearance and played solo at the piano at the Virgin Megastore located at 20 City Boulevard West at the Block in Orange, CA at Noon on Sunday, November 28, 1999 to promote the fact that she appears on the Star Lounge 1999 CD, produced by radio station KYSR - Star 98.7 in Los Angeles. (That CD, released locally in the L.A. area, included a live version of "Silent All These Years.")

Set List

Take To The Sky
Upside Down
Pandora's Aquarium
"Noel" improv
Tear In Your Hand

Reviews & Photos

From Noel

December 15, 1999 - Hey, Mike, you have an awesome site. By the way, I'm using a friend's computer (since I don't have one - I'm stuck in the Stone Age) Tori sang that song for me. (I'm Noel) I've been in shock for the last two weeks. I couldn't understand what she was singing because I was crying so hard, but afterwards I heard the concert on the radio and I heard my song. My tape is all worn out because I've listened to it over a hundred times. You know, I wanted to write something and put it up for others to read, kind of like those girls did when they wrote the review of her concert.

My friends tell me how cool it would be if Tori had a holiday album, and included my song on it. OHMIGOD, that would be like a dream come true, I sometimes imagine it coming true. Tori is such a beautiful person. I asked her what was it like when she met Robert Plant (her idol). Because I got to meet her and I'm sure we probably had similar feelings- me towards her, her towards Robert Plant.

The girl that asked what her favorite tea is my firiend Andrea that I met there at the concert, she lives in San Jose. I can't believe how everyone was so friendly and everyone was so touched by Tori, we were giving everyone hugs. My friends and I are still in a daze!!!

The story of how I won the tickets is crazy, I randomly called up the radio station just to get some info. I got through on the first try, and they put me on hold. Well, I was calling on my break from Starbucks (where I work) and the song "Kiss Me" came on. I was about to hang up, but I like that song so I decided to listen to it until it was over, and then hang up. Well, Ryan Secrist (the DJ from Star - who is so FINE) came on, and I won two backstage passes!!! It was total destiny that I met her because my life has changed so much. Tori is no longer this mysterious goddess singing words of wisdom to her fans, she is this genuine caring woman that I got to hug and take a picture with!!

Anyways, I'll write more later, but there was this cute boy there named Joey (he had glasses from Huntington Beach) I was going to tell him he was cute, but I didn't. My friend told me I chickened out, so in order to save face, I must find him and tell him!!!

By the way, Tori is still a goddess in my eyes. And I want a copy of the entire concert on a CD, so even if I play it 1000 times and cry 1000 times, it'll still sound like I'm in the room watching her from six feet away, and she is singing "find your own sweet bliss, find your way out of this, I said find your own sweetness."

Still in shock, NOEL.

From glo

The photo you see above was taken at the performance by Toriphile glo who emailed it to me.

From Erin Dolll

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The photo you see to the right (click to see larger) was taken at the performance and is posted with the permission of Erin Dolll, who took the picture! You can see many more photos from the event and read Erin's review of the show at her web site.

From Kerry

December 6, 1999 - i was at the virgin performance, about two rows from the stage and am almost absolutely sure tori sang "your own sweet bliss" not "your on sweet bliss" [referring to the "Noel" song listed below.]

From K* A*

December 5, 1999 - some people have asked about them, so i listened and here's what i heard.....


noel noel, you were so sure again.
something less,
something to slip through you
and when it goes
and you can find
your way
your way out of this
i said
your on sweet bliss
oh you could tell the way they say
you're swingin'
something strange
and all
you're sure the wipperwil knows
your on sweet bliss
and you must find your way out of this
i said, find your own sweetness

From kelly

December 3, 1999 - hi* i'm kelly, the girl that asked tori the MAAG question. i've been waiting to ask that question for so long, and i did fell kind of slefish asking it, but i know that was probably my only chance, and not many people were taking advantage of the oppertunity to ask questions. i'm sorry if i offended anyone, but i do not think tori was annoyed in any way. i cannot even xpress the way she was looking at me...... it was a once in a life time xperience..... anyways, if anyone can tell me what she said back to me. i asked her *did you have an inspiration when singing MAAG in the past, when it was night after night? any someone or something?*
there was a pause of dead silence. she was looking straight into my eyes..... and i was so scared that i shouldn't have asked..... then she said * you know, i had to do it for myself.....* i blanked out.....
i have heard she said that i have to be strong, if anyone remebers anything else, please let me know.....
with love,

From Justin Baldridge

December 1, 1999 - Well, I was able to go see Tori at the Anaheim performance at The Virgin Megastore. It was such a great experience. Even though I did wait in lines from 7:10 am to 11:15 am. I have been listening to Tori for two years now and I have fallen in love with her. Going to see her that close up was very emotional to me. Forever I have just known her as a voice on a CD spilling out her emotions through song. And at the 5 1/2 week tour a little dot on the stage. But since that Sunday I have seen her as a real person because she was only 20 ft away from me. During the performance I was awestruck with her and the music she produced. Afterwards my friends and I ran to see if we could get an autograph but the security kicked us out I was sooo mad. Anyway, I just though I should tell you about my experience.

From K* A*

December 1, 1999 - this show was so wonderful, i can only summerize.....
the set list

take to the sky
cooling (during which she screwed up during *so the love walked up to like..... and she went into *things fuck up sometimes.....* then continued)
they took questions..... most were silly, funny questions (what;s your fav tea? spiked tea) i felt very lucky. i got to ask her a question that's been rehearsed in my mind for so long..... if anyhting opr anyone inspired her while she sang me and a gun..... she answered that she had to do it for myself, and i need to be strong..... i've gotten flamed for asj=king that question, so sorry if you found it rude or selfish. i really needed to ask her that. i think she understood..... upside down (mess up a bit)
pandora's aquarium
one guy asked her to play the first noel, she said that she didn't know it, and proceeded to play a BEAUTIFUL song for him. tear in your hand

only approx 400-500 people got in..... i was very lucky. i hope everyone that went enjoyed it, and see you at KROQ's Acoustic X-mas :)
with love,

From ana maria

November 30, 1999 - hey mikewhy! i'm fairly new at this....only have seen tori 7 times now but her performance was by far the best yesterday at the virgin megastore. i requested pandora (my favorite choirgirl song) and she played it=) they only allowed 500 people in so it was very intimate. tori seemed really at ease and in very high spirits. i think julia forgot to mention that someone asked her, "whats your favorite kind of tea?" and tori responded, "spiked tea"...hee hee=)

From EnchantĘscoot

November 30, 1999 - Great morning with Tori. a very interesting venue. Q: if you couldn't be a songwriter what would you be doing? A: Nothing to do with sewage! Lately I have been making a lot of sandwiches...cause my chef broke his leg...it had something to do with the dress incident and some Stolli.....
Q: I made a dress for you? Did you get to wear it? A:I'll be completely honest with you...I saw one of the Road crew wearing it. Notes: Nobody was outside of 35 feet from the riser. Before playing Cooling she said that she was unsure she would remember the lyrics..and she did start humming before going into a bluesy version of the FUCK UP song - after a small pause she resumed Cooling and eyed an set af fans to lip read a bit. The improvised NOEL song was a response to a request for the FIRST NOEL which she said she didn't know well enough. The melody was a new one. A very welcomed and precious moment for a small crowd. Virgin did not do a closed circuit broadcast to all their stores since it was a promotional visit for a local benefit CD. Other Tori fan Questions-- Q: Since your husband has you as a beautiful and talented wife, Does he ask you to sing for him? A: uh..NO! No he doesn't. (pause and a coy simle) but we colaborate on other things!

From glo

November 30, 1999 - ok, so my sis and two friends arrive at Virgin Megastore last night at midnight to camp out ONLY to find out that they're doing the goddamn motherfucking wristband bullshit. I think it should be first come/first serve. they said arrive at 8, i said kiss my ass...jk, i didn't, but i was royally pissed..so we camped out in my 4-Runner (it was comfy) until they told us to leave. So we went to a parking lot in Dennys and slept for a couple of hours. I don't know why we camped out even though we live 5 min away from the block. It was fun though.

So we arrive at 6am to Virgin again and the fans are coming in one car at a time, then it doubled, then it tripled. Anyways, they said only 500 people are gonna be chosen and they did it the raffle/wristband way..if your number was called, you get two wristbands to go in.

not any one of our numbers got called.

I sat in the corner and started crying. Then i saw a girl who looked like she was giving away a free wristband. Suddenly, 10 people crowd her and i go up there too and start begging, cause she had one to give away. i told her i would pay her 50 bucks...it was a contest between me and ten other people..Then i said, "look, i have a tori tattoo." she said, "it's yours." I'm still kind of pissed that she took the 50 bucks. tickets were free.

my sis and friends didn't mind cause they're really not into tori that much..eh...
There were these three people there that were crying that they didn't get in..they were standing near the entrance of Virgin and Steve saw them, and he remembered them from Concord..he went in to tell tori, and he came out with 3 wristbands..they said steve said, "these are from Tori" they were so happy


Baby Bosendorfer was at the show today, not Imperial. Anyways, i was standing in second row, EXCELLENT EXCELLENT view of tori. She was right there. about 7 feet away..it was so intimate. There was much bawling. After a song, the DJ would come up and have us ask questions.

she started with:

*Take to the Sky

after this, the DJ asked her how her Thanksgiving was, she said she didn't celebrate Thanksgiving. Then she said on Thanksgiving, she had a good bottle of wine and let her husband adore her


Before this, she said the usual "this song never made it on the album, but i play it quite a lot." I predicted this one beforehand..one of my favs ~

she messed up before "so then love walked up to like" she said, "oops, i fucked up" and went into the whole "things get fucked up sometimes" She did that for quite a bit...then went on to finish the song.

questions from the audience:

someone asked her something about the making of Me and a Gun or something like that and it pissed me off to all hell. Fuckin a. Tori didn't seem comfortable answering it.

Then this guy standing right next to me got the mic and said, "Tori, when i was younger, people made fun of my name, my name is Noel (not nole, no el). They called me gay and girl and since it was the holiday season, i was wondering if you can play Noel for me" Tori starts singing and playing a version of Noel that i haven't heard before and i thought the guy was going to need an ambulance. He was crying so sooo sooo hard. It made me and everyone around him cry. I was so happy for him.

*Upside Down

unexpected, but so very beautiful.

the girl that sold me her ticket got the mic and had sugar packets in her hand and she said "Tori, i brought you sugar." tori set the sugar packets on her piano

someone asked Tori what she would've done in life if she wasn't a musician. She said, "definetely not with sewage...so i guess a sandwich maker." She said her chef has a broken leg and she has gotten into making real exotic sandwiches.

Someone else asked Tori if she sings to her husband...she said "we're busy doing other stuff!"

the two sweet girls i was sitting with whom i met at Jay Leno got their requests played.

as they were taking questions, one of the girls got picked to ask...she asked tori for Tear in Your Hand.

They told us all to sit down so that everyone in the back to see that we should sit down.

*Tear in your Hand

My friend was crying so bad..it was all so very emotional.

so then my other friend got the mic and asked for Pandora.


I was so happy that they got their requests

after that, i jumped up and down and yelled "Winter, Winter, Winter" Tori gave me a funny look and smiled...relax folks, she did not play winter

* Not Tonight, Josephine

not expected at all. it was very beautiful without the drums!

I was really happy that she took many requests, as she always does.

All in all, this was the most emotional Tori event ever. I was so close and it was so intimate. I have a feeling i'm missing a song, but i think that's it Tori was in great spirit today...made my day.

From xenaw0man

November 30, 1999 - ok glo- i'm not sure who you are but i'm pretty upset about your post..yes i was the one crying for 30 minutes bc all (yes all 10) of my friends got in and i didn't (with no ride home)..steve was very very gracious to me since i talked to him a bit earlier about how he was doing..my friend kelly (yes one of the 10) who got in asked the question about MAAG..she has been wanting to ask Tori that for 2 years now and finally she did...i was crying so hard and so was everyone around me (who i didnt know)..at least they can understand where shes coming from...better than "will you sign my poster tori" i love STAR 98.7 questions...

*with love*

From Meganatrix

November 30, 1999 - Amazing...
Tori looked absoulutly stunning...She had on a silver shall ...A leather skirt and suade boots on over a shiney black body suit..
Tori was in very good spirits and she looked great..She made a lot of Eye contact with the crowd and said hi to people she recognized.. Julia has the set list above..But I just wanted to add a few things..Tori came from london to do this for star..She said she doesnt celabrate thanksgiving and she seemed was very intune with the crowd..The improv for Noel was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard Tori sing and I dont think there was a dry Eye in the house ..Kerry and I were lucky enouph to be one of the first numbers called so we were 7-8th in line..And I think we were about the only people that were screaming when our number was called..I mostley remember people in my way, falling on ropes ,and kicking a car..But I didnt car becuase I was soooo excited...It was all very worth waking up at 5 am to see tori perform ..So we were about 3rd row after all the contest winners..It was an awsome day and I still cant get over the fact that I was actually there...

Edited due to mass confusion :)
sorry mike :)

The artist Formerly Known as meganatrix
..Queen Sexy Bitch In Charge Of Make Overs.. ..The Co-founder of the Ghetto Fabulousity club..

From mattrix

November 30, 1999 - An interesting morning nonetheless. Arriving at 08:00 there were allready a lot of people there. With these things I've found it doesn't much matter how early you get there unless it's like the Capital Records Parking Lot type of concert. I will say that the Tori fans were nice, however I found the security and staff of Virgin and Star to be rather fascist and rude. As said before, there was a raffle which I had not orriginally won. I was with Mari who you might know as iieeeyore on tori chat. Right as we were ready to hang it all up, we were able to get wristbands that the staff had said were non-existant. Since I had been so pissed I wanted to play some violent video games and blow stuff up. On the way to gameworks we saw them handing the non-existant wristbands out. We got lucky and made it into the show even though it had not seemed possible. As for the meet and greet, that was only open to the people who had won the privilige to do so. The set list is accurate from xenawOman so I won't duplicate it. Even though I could not see her I really liked this show as it was just Tori and the piano again. I was just happy to listen but for the last two songs everyone had sat down. Note to other people, I turn off cell phone and mute the pager during these concerts, I was disappointed that some people did not do the same. I am also disappointed in the people who yell during the songs to try and be on a recording. Grow Up! Anyway, that's the way I saw things this morning-afternoon.

Take it easy...
a.k.a. mattrix

From My Syrenn

November 29, 1999 - I've read these reviews, and none of them talk about backstage.. I was lucky enough to have won tickets from Star... I was let in through the back, and let to the empty stage.. I was close enough to touch the Bose.. The set list has been posted.. She did lots of requests. Upside Down was a request, and she said that she hadn't played it in a while, she forgot some of the words.. Then she invited everyone to sing with her. During Cooling, she start to play off key, she said "I fucked Up!!" and went into the "Fuckup Song," a cute improv.. then returned to Cooling.. The Noel Song was beautiful.. lucky guy.. When the show was over, I stayed.. (about 20 people had won, Noel was one of them)... we each got to meet tori.. I talked with her for about 5 mins, and they gave us polaroids, that she signed.. She also signed lots of my stuff, I didn't even ask.. Wonderful.. Steve and Joel were as nice as they usually are.. I asked her favorite ice cream.. she said that Chunky Monkey came in a close second.. My friend started to cry uncontrollably as soon as we left her presence.. you could feel the sympathy... I must say that this show was much more intimate then the KROQ breakfast.. everyone sat down, and we all laughed, and smiled.. No mean pushing, like the meet n' greets before Irvine.. Great show.. great show...

From Rachel

November 29, 1999 - went to go see her at the Virgin Megastore. She was only supposed to play for a half hour but she played for an hour. They had two question and answer segments and one of the questions came from a kid named Noel. He said that when he was younger everyone around him used to make fun of his name and called him "girl" or "gay". He asked tori to sing "The First Noel" for him. She said that she didn't know the words so she began making up her own songŻabout him, to a gorgeous melody. The words were along the lines of "Noel, you have you're own little sweetness, baby!" It was really beautiful and brilliant as expected. The little song lasted about 2 minutes. The kid started to cry (and I must admit a tear in mine). It was awesome!

From April

November 29, 1999 - i thought that you would like the set list to the appearance at the virgin megastore at the block in orange so here it is

1. Take To The Sky
2. Cooling
3. Upside Down
4. Pandora's Aquarium

in between this and the next song a guy asked her to play the first noel cos his name was noel but she didnt know it so she made up a song for him with his name in it

5. Tear In Your Hand
6. Josephine

From xenaw0man

November 29, 1999 - hey guys i'm really tired, so i'm not going to go into major detail right now but she played... take to the sky
cooling- she fucked up and then sang the fuck up song in the middle upside down
improv for some boy named noel that said he got made fun of when he was young pandora
tear in your hand (for Lauren

in the middle of a few songs she took questions such as: i forgot her name- tori i was at the irvine show and i took a picture of you bc i'm a professional photographer, and i made you a copy (very emotional) tori- aww thank you

gracie- hi tori i was at the Breakfast and gave you that dress that i made, i was wondering how you like it?
tori- well actually i saw one of the guys running around with it on..

another person- tori do u want some sugar? tori- hahaha well yah know? i could use some cinammon, starbucks has been kinda cheap.. ryan seecreast- he everyone make a mad run to starbucks for cinammon for tori

kelly- how did you get the inspiration to sing me and a gun every night? tori- i just needed to do it....

noel- my name is noel and everyone made fun of me when i was young and said i was a girl (hes a guy), but would it be too hard to play the first noel? tori- um i dont do that one much but hold on...plays some random noel song that was soo awesome

another girl- can you stand up so we can see you? ryan ceecreast- yah we were thinking before the last song everyone should sit down.. tori- yah everyone take one step back and sit!

lauren- hi tori, do u remember my friend mike (sparkly boy) that was at seattle? he says hi and i went to all the west coast shows and you never played tear in your hand...could you please play it?
tori- plays it

random people-can you sign my poster?
tori- um yah
*all the quotes arent in order nor are they 100% accurate..like i said i'm running on 2 hours sleep and tons of tears*
this was a great performance despite the stupid raffle wristbands..they couldve easily fit 100 more people in...
*with love*

From ana maria

November 29, 1999 - i'm fairly new at this....only have seen tori 7 times now but her performance was by far the best yesterday at the virgin megastore. i requested pandora (my favorite choirgirl song) and she played it=) they only allowed 500 people in so it was very intimate. tori seemed really at ease and in very high spirits. i think julia forgot to mention that someone asked her, "whats your favorite kind of tea?" and tori responded, "spiked tea"...hee hee=)

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