1999 "To Dallas And Back" Solo Tour
Salt Lake City, UT
October 10, 1999

Updated November 10, 1999

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Tori performed in Salt Lake City, UT on October 10, 1999 at the E Center of West Valley City during Tori's short "To Dallas And Back" solo tour.

Set List

Blood Roses
Little Earthquakes
Silent All These Years (solo)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (solo)
Never Seen Blue (solo)
Professional Widow
Father Lucifer

Encore 1:
Precious Things

Encore 2:
Butterfly (solo)
Winter (solo)


From Jenavive:

Set list:
Blood Roses
Little Earthquakes
Silent All These Years
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Never Seen Blue
Professional Widow
Father Lucifer

Encore 1:
Precious Things

Encore 2:

As soon as I can calm down, I'll post a review of the meet & greet, going backstage before, and the actual concert.

From mh:

Amazing, Amazing, AMAZING!!! Although I have loved Tori's music for a long time,this was my first concert and I am still blown away. I have never heard anyone sound so amazing live before! She truly is a goddess!!! The last song of the night, Winter, gave me chills that haven't gone away yet. Love the band, but was thrilled so many songs were just her and the piano. Tori is truly amazing!

From I love TORI!:

This was my first ever concert. It was incredible. The sad part was that thougth I got to the e-center at 11:30, I still didn't get a good spot at the meet and greet. I and my friends were sick of the nasty looks we kept getting from the crowd allready there so we went off to sit alone and write poetry. We ended up at the exact spot of the meet. Tori is so amazingly beatifull. She came out and said "hi beautifull people and waved her Tori wave. The concert was so gorgeous. On the stage she had nine lava lamps lit up and the light show was gorgeous. Waitress when on for SO LONG. I nearly passed out. On a couple of songs like, little earthquakes and silent all these years she was playing with the crowd as they sang the songs with her, slowing it down and speeding it up at time and you could hear people messing up The play list is allready post but the was one thing left out that I know of one or two songs before Smells like teen spirit she sang a little Hurt. My heart still wont stop pounding. She actually kept makeing eye contact with me. The first time was when I had my hands on my stomach and she did a little move criss crossing her hands and arms across her stomach and Smiled this Huge smile. The concert was almost an hour extra. I still don't have a voice. She made a funny comment about utah something like "You cant get a fucking cup of coffee here but you guys sure get wild" I cant remember it word for word but if someone does PLEASE post it! Tori was wearing a black unitard type thing under a fablulous grey sling like dress. Behind each of them was I belive a crush velvet backdrop. There was a lot of purple greens and blues and REDs light used and black light. Durring silent it was just tori and about 7 or 8 red spot lights focused at her head in a haphazard star formation You could almost see her aura. The lava lamp were. set up in 3s 3 infront of tori's pianos, 3 in front of john and 3 at the other guitar. Sorry for not having specific names.
the light shows matched her songs so well. I hope this is what you wanted.

From DirtyDougFishySmeathDish:

I honestly can't even think of how to start this. I sit at my keyboard, getting ready to describe last night, and I just can't. You have no idea. WOW! Definitely the best show I have ever been to!!!! It's like she was just hanging on, and didn't want to let go-- Secrettime was longer than I was used to, the encores just never ended, and I was absolutely shaking!!

And that was just the HIGHLIGHTS!!

The only disappointment for me was that, when she did "iieee" (often one of my favorite live songs), at the end, where she does that "I know you understand understand why" part, she left out the "you took you took my little girl," and "you shove it, you shove it in my face" parts that I just love.

Not a significant disappointment.

I was about to explode when I heard more solo piano after "Smells Like Teen Spirit," because I thought surely we had gotten a more incredible secrettime than we deserved already. And then she goes into "Never Seen Blue," of all the songs to give as a fucking BONUS, and I looked next to me, at my little gender nectar with the never seen blue eyes-- that song is the song I listen to whenever I have him on my mind, and here he is, next to me, and there's Tori SINGING OUR SONG right on stage, and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard!!!!

When she started secrettime and I heard it was Silent All These Years, I said, "Oh, I didn't want her to do this-- I already heard her do this live at Las Vegas." I felt like one of my secrettime songs was being wasted. But no, oh no, this song touched me like it never has before, and I was seriously relying on my gender nectar to hold onto me so I wouldn't fall to the floor. :-)

The second encores, as I am accustomed to them, have one song and one song only. The Las Vegas show didn't even HAVE a second encore. So when the second encore starts and it's "Butterfly," I am thinking, oh wow, what an amazing way to end the show, we are so lucky that she is doing this song, I can die a happy man. And then the song is over and the band is trotting on out and John is picking up his big bass thingy and Josephine starts and you honestly can't imagine!!!! So it's over, and suddenly we heard the beginning of "Winter," and I got so sad, sure that this was all just a dream that never really happened and that the real Tori show, the one that would happen during waking hours, would be a disappointment by comparison.

I am very sad to see this tour end, but it ended on such a positive note for me!!!!!!!


From Brian:

Ok, yeah, so I'm major PO'd because I just wrote a nice long review and I was all the way at the bottom and it got ERASED! SO dammit to hell, let's try this again.
Tori was amazing in Salt Lake. The only thing I was disappointed with was her choice of the setlist. I recently saw her in Las Vegas and she basically played all the same songs, minus "Cornflake Girl," which made me bitter. All I wanted her to sing was Talula and Raspberry Swirl and I didn't get either. She could have walked out there naked, played two songs and I would have been happy. But NOOOOOOO.

So we have "God" as the opener, same as in Vegas, and at first I was bummed, but no, she tops Vegas, for some reason, it was so amazing!!! I LOVE the lights in this one, especially when she goes "Why you always go when the wind blows" "Sugar" is one I've heard so many times but surprisingly, I'm starting to like it more and more. Even though she does sound special ed "Sunga" But she does say "Pussy" so i'll like it just for my friends' sake.

"Crucify" was next and i was so happy she was delving into her "Little Earthquakes" self. This was a definate treat. "Juarez" was next and I loved it! It was so amazing and she looked so cute when she sang it, kinda leaning on the piano. It was weird because I was listening to it earlier that day, and thinking about how much I actually liked it. A few songs in and still plenty of time for Raspberry Swirl.

Next we hear "Blood Roses" and I thought "oh wait, this sounds familiar" oH YAH, I've already heard this in Vegas! Not one of my faves, but I did love the lighting in it! All red. AH! Red=Blood=blood roses! Woah, how perceptive of me is THAT?!

"Bliss" was next and no matter how many times I hear it, I love it more and more and never get sick of it! We got "little Earthquakes" next and dear god, can we say "orgasm?" Love, Brian. It was so amazing! I was definately impressed!I was so stoked to hear some more from Little Earthquakes and more would I hear because next was secret time

She started out with "silent All these years" and while at first I was disappointed because I had already heard it in Vegas and the version bugged me, for some reason here it didn't at all. I loved it so much and it was close to being my favorite of the night, but then I look over and see something that makes me happy for someone, but ultimately sorry for myself thusly putting a damper on the song and making me sad. And I don't get sad. So I was in kind of a daze for "Spirit" and "Blue." I've never been a big fan of Nirvana.

The band comes back out and they start out with "Suede" which made me semi-happy because that song is starting to grow on me more and more because I think of a certain someone when I hear it and it puts a smile on my face! SUEDE. I'm getting chills just thinking about it. Maybe cause it's cold in here.

"Professional Widow' was next and I loved it so much more than in Vegas! It was fucking amazing! I was so impressed how lively she seemed in this song! Still no Raspberry Swirl, but there's still hope. Before "father Lucifer" she did this sign language thingy that made me thing she was pregnant at first! But no, it was just Tori being her own damn cute self. "Father Lucifer" was a nice treat although I could have done without it. I also could have done without "waitress" one, before it went on for forEVER and two because I've heard it just too many damn times.

The crowd was going insane so she comes back out and throws "Precious Things" at us. It's my friends' favorite song so I was happy if nothing else, for her sake that Tori played it. It was amazing, as usual. This is twice I've seen it as an encore, I'd like to see it as an opener once. "iieee' was intersting. Not one of my faves, but still amazing live. Hope for Raspberry Swirl was looking dimmer and dimmer but I wasn't about to give up hope yet.

"butterfly" I'd never heard before but my friend likes it so I was happy for him and then I hear "Josephine." JOsephine was one I really didn't like at first but in the past couple of days, I've been liking it SO much more and I was so happy she played it! "Winter" was a great ending. The people I was around were weird during it, but it actually made me cry because a few weeks ago I was having the worst day, like crisis-like and went for a walk and brought "Little Earthquakes" with me. It got to winter and started to skip so I had to listen to the song like three times. I put myself back in that place therefore, Bri-Bri had tears.

The concert was amazing, despite my initial disappointment afterwards. One, I wanted to see Raspberry Swirl more than anything and Two, I thought her setlist was a little weak and repetitive. But it was Tori, the goddess and Diva she is. I was with one of my favorite friends in the world, and Tori was there too so I couldn't have asked for anything more.


From cornflakegirl*:

Oh my god! Can I just say that Tori is so fucking amazing!! This concert was the best concert I've ever been to! I have only been to two Tori concerts, but this one definately topped the last one. The guy who opened for Tori was pretty good (JUDE) He had a good voice and he was funny. After he was done, we waited for what seemed like forever for Tori to come out. I could honostly not sit still. I was so excited I could hardly stand it! Then FINALLY the band members came out and started playing an introduction to GOD. Tori started singing from back stage for awhile but then she came out. Let me just tell you that It is the biggest fucking adrenaline rush to see her come out from backstage! Oh my god, and she looked SO GOOD!! after GOD, she played SUGAR, one of my favorite songs! Tori Amos sounds so good live!!! Some people don't sound good live, but she definately does!! After she played SUGAR, she asked us how we were all doing. Then she told us that she justed loved coming here because "nobody knows it, but you people are really wild." Then she says "You can't get any fucking coffee, but there's a lot of booty!" which made everyone laugh. I LOVE Tori concerts, there is just the best atmosphere at them. After she said all that she broke into CRUCIFY, another one of my favorites cause I relate to it so well. She was teasing us the whole night, in a very sexual way (and for all you people that were there, you know what I mean!) She would lean back on her piano, and, I can't describe it, you just had to be there, but god, she is so HOT!!! After CRUCIFY came JUAREZ which was very good. Then she played BLOOD ROSES, which was also good, but the next was the best. She played BLISS, which is one of my most favorite songs on the new album!!! Yay!! I was just in heaven!!! Then she went on to play LITTLE EARTHQUAKES, which in my personal opinion sounds exceptionally good live!! Then it was a very special time for me. She started out into SATY, which got me very emotional. When she played that song, it just brought me and my girlfriend closer together. We just sat there and held each other, listening to Tori's beautiful voice.....Tori brings out the best in everyone. Then came SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT, which was absolutely beautiful! Then she played NEVER SEEN BLUE, which was also incredibly beautiful! It put me in a trance just staring at Tori and just listening to her. It was almost like a form of self hypnosis. It's hard to describe, maybe some of you felt like that too, and you understand what I mean. OK I'm sorry this is getting a little long, I'm almost done. Next she played SUEDE which was a definate highlight for me because I just love that song. It sounded really good, but then again, does Tori EVER play a song that doesn't sound good? Next was PROFESSIONAL WIDOW, which was another highlight for me. My friends and were singing along with her "Starfucker, just like my daddy..." It was great! Then before she went into FATHER LUCIFER, as some one mentioned before, she was doing this kind of sign language thing, and let me tell you, it cracked me up! Especially the part where she was making the sex gestures, that was great. Then she played FATHER LUCIFER, which sounds incredible live!!!!! I LOVED it!! then she played WAITRESS, which was very good also. Then she ran off stage, and every one was screaming for her to come back on stage, you know how it goes. So then she comes back and plays PRECIOUS THINGS, one of my favorite songs on little earthquakes. I was actually hoping she would play this, so I'm very glad she did! Then she played IIIEEE which was performed extremely well!!! For encore 2, she started out with BUTTERFLY, which amazingly, I have never heard before, so I was very happy she played it. It was very beautiful!!! Then came JOSEPHINE!!!! YAY!!! It was SO AMAZING!!!! I was very, very happy she played it! But the next song, WINTER, was the very best part of this concert. Okay, wINTER has been my all time favorite song since 'Little Earthquakes' first came out. It got me all emotional again and it was just the perfect ending to the most perfect night! I could have stood there listening to Tori forever, but the concert was then over. We were in row 11, and we had a really good view of Tori. The only thing I have to complain about, was the people next to us kept trying to smoke, and the ushers had to keep coming over to tell them to stop. It was really annoying, it distracted me from Tori's music, and that Pissed me off!! Most people show respect at Tori's concerts, but I guess you can't expect EVERYONE to be respectful.....all in all it was a wonderful night and I will remember it always!!! Salt Lake City was VERY lucky, for this concert was the very BEST!!!

From Sailor Rainbow:

Oh, Tori was so incredibly amazing. I'd never been to a concert before, so I was really excited. Tori did not disappoint! The opening act, Jude, was quite amusing. Until he hit a high note badly and then I decided that Tori had better make up for it. She did, of course, and put a lot more soul into the entire show than I thought she would. My best friend & I were dancing, crying, and singing throughout most of it. Even though I only knew nine songs that she played, I was estatic. My friend Kati described it as "orgasmic". WOW! I could even see the Goddess smiling down upon Tori, giving her strength and power in songs like "Never Seen Blue", and "Precious Things". The lights were perfectly aligned to her music. I loved the Celtic knot pattern she did in the spotlights! I would love to go again, and you can bet I will be around for her next concert in SLC!!!!

From PeleChick:

I will be happy as a fucking clam for the next like five years now that I have finally seen my first Tori concert. I loved Sugar, because I had fallen in love with the live version from TVAB. I wanted her to play CALS, CFG, and Cruel, but I was happy with all the treats (Never Seen Blue, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Sugar). When she played Precious Things, Professional Widow, and Waitress, I got intense. I was gyrating around like a tree in a windstorm. I really boogied a lot. But anyway, the hands down highlight for me was Josephine. I am desperately in love with that song and I was hoping and praying that she would play it and when she did I cried. I started to cry again when I listened to it on the way home in my CD player. It was just so amazing. And I love Caton's hat. It kicks. I thought perhaps John's bass was mixed a little too deep and it was fuzzing up the sound, but I don't really care. It was just amazing. I was so floored when Tori finally came out from backstage. She is so much more real to me now!! Also she did all this sexual stuff like the sex signs when she poked her finger into the hole of the other hand, you know, the gesture we all used for sex when we were in elementary school. And she was like humping the piano a bit I think. I had to stand the w hole time and I had a bad floor seat (next to last row) but that was OK, too. It was just so amazing, I can't even stand it. I was still shaking when I got home at 2 in the morning. A cute guy next to me got to hear her play Winter, which is his favorite, so I was happy for him. When I was about to leave I realized that Mark (Hawley) was behind the sound board, which was right next to me. I wanted to say something to him, but I decided not to because he looked sorta worn down and grumpy. I didn't get to go the meet and greet, dammit, but I guess there's always next time. Well, I guess that's about all I have to say for now.

From precious:

I must say, I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed by the set list given that it was the only show I was able to see on the tour, I traveled to get there, and not ONE of the songs on my 20-song wish list was played. In fact, most of the songs performed were what I consider to be my least favorites.
So my heart sank a few times, and yet, that said, she performed beautifully and I had a blast. And for every song I was disappointed to hear or not hear, hundreds of others felt the opposite. It was great to meet Mikewhy and some other folks, and I'm so happy I went.

From spacedog22:

ok now.
salt lake is really a strange place that throws a weird kind of vibe the show was really incredible of course, never seen blue and butterfly were the highlights for me
and she did josephine for one of my friends so i was really happy about that
the meet and greet was weird, tori didnt come out till like 5pm and everyone was so antsy
the only thing was, the crowd was yucky
everyone was screaming DURING the songs instead of in between them. at one point tori was annoyed by it duing silent and starts playing the keys harder and singing louder and rolled her eyes at caton. i think people took the hint coouse it got way quieter in there. robyn

From sparky:

Fabulous show! I was a liitle skeptical after the fairly mediochre performance I witnessed in Vegas last month. After all; this has been one HELL of a long tour for Tori, the band, the crew, and the fans...especially those of you who pack it up and follow most if not all of the performances. One can understand that after such a long haul, fatigue can set in; and things can start to sound labored. But not so with Salt Lake. This show was total delivery. Everything was right on. Tori was full of energy, and she unloaded her bag of treats and tricks as only Tori can.
I think someone has already posted the set list (see Jenavive), but among the real gems were: 'LITTLE EARTHQUAKES' (1st time I've seen it performed live); 'SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT' (big surprise); 'IIIEEE' (another 1st for me); and best of all 'WINTER', which is still my all time favorite. As far as I'm concerned it was a perfect set, nothing wanting, performed in top form by the artist we all have come to love and admire- as a musician, as a mentor, as a friend.

By the way I must say that the crowd was way enthusiastic. Perhaps a little too enthusiastic. No offense, I'm a local Salt Lake resident; and I know Tori appreciates the kick ass support, but remember Tori music is LISTENING music, and we are NOT the show. So let's listen, and let everyone else listen without drowning out the songs with our screams and shouts of "I love you Tori!" Trust me, she'll like it just as much if we wait 'til the song is over

On a personal note, the first Tori Amos performance I ever went to was in 1994 for the 'Under the Pink' tour. At that time there were no "meet and greets". There were less than ten people that greeted Tori as she exited the limousine that day. And she actually spoke to ALL of us, She signed SIX items for me, and everyone got a photo with her, and not crammed against some baricade while trying to play "mother may I" with Steve and Joel, who now have a legitimate job to do in protecting Tori from the mobs that demand to see and be seen of her now. My point? It is a privilege to meet Tori, to have her speak to you, to listen and connect as she has with so many people. The meet and greet in Salt Lake was out of control! I felt like an animal being hearded. I have made a point of trying to meet so many of the artists I admire, and have been fairly successful. But Tori is by far the most giving, and loving of her fans. Let's just remember that she doesn't HAVE TO do this. But she does. I hope we can all be mature enough, corteous enough that she will continue to be so approachable.

Tori, go home and take a good year or two off, enjoy your new marriage, and come back with so much more to sing about.

From Enchantra:

Last year Britnie and I were dead center, front row. This year I'm almost 9 months pregnant, so Britnie, Laurie and I used one of the suites, to keep my tummy safe. We were a little far away, but we brought our binoculars. Can you say bird watching? Tori was exquisite, as always. Her set lists were different every night. We had no idea what to expect. It was a little surprise, the songs she chose to share with us. We loved Butterfly, Precious Things, Father Lucifer, Never Seen Blue, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Little Earthquakes and Sugar. It was so nice that she did Winter last. We were all choked up and teary during most of the show. Nothing like leaving the concert after Winter with our little wads of toilet paper and red eyes. Just everything she did was perfect. She is by far one of the most talented musicians of our time. And she thrives in the lime light. I was so happy that she did several songs solo. She looked so pretty too - as always. She had a wonderful glow. The colors she wore, navy and black were wonderful with her eyes and hair. Very nice. What a treat to see her two years in a row. We are so glad she added Salt Lake to her tour. I cannot say enough good. Just know that if you had the opportunity to see this show, and you didn't, you missed out way bad. I wish she would have played Lust - love that one from the new album. But I'm satisfied. I guess we can't expect her to play everything now, can we? Peace

From Jenavive:

So okay, I'm back to post my opinions. For starters, the M&G, arghhhh. I've heard so many complaints about the people that follow the tour, and crowd to the front at each M&G, hey guys! ya know what, everyone deserves a chance! I was among one of the first people there in the morning, I'm the bitchy looking redhead in platforms, hi. My friends and I were the ones that were forbidden to go first. I was a bit disappointed, there was a lack of actual communication when steve told everyone to back up, asked how far, he just got pissed, not sure why, and let the other people go first, which is fine, shrugged it off, but the damn guy with bad michael bolton hair, who was at the front to and wouldnt back up, still managed to run, against instructions, to the front. Grrrrr! All of my friends left but two, they were really upset. To be quite honest, there has to be a better method to the madness. Having people stand in a cramped space for such an amount of time is insane. Finally I dropped out of place because my mom had won backstage passes, which is another story. My friend told me that a little bit after she came out and that a few females lack respect and pushed their way to the front. I'm glad that I left.

We all have stories, we all have reasons, we all admire tori, but that does not make one person better than another, or our mission more important. Ya know what would be nicer, and i'll be the first to admit, I acted like other people were the "competition", if all the ears with feet would get to know each other more, before tori comes out. I feel that way we would respect one another more, and the time would pass quicker while waiting.

Backstage: My mom is the greatest mom, I hope everyone has a mom like mine. She's my best friend and mentor. Anyway, I spent the week before so depressed that I didnt leave my house, or go to work. On friday i woke up and decided that I was going to drive and see the boise show, but I'd have to go alone. My mom was worried, so I told her if she won the passes, I'd stay. I thought no way in hell she would win. She did and passed it off as angels helping. *shrug*. So around 5:15, I went to meet up with the group that had passes. My mom was already there, she's just as big of fan as I am, and had even brought flowers for tori! Everything seemed to be running late, this was no exception. The guy from atlantic didnt seem too thrilled to be there, but that is my assu mption. We went around the building closer to where tori was going to meet us. The best part was sitting inside and listening to her do the sound check. She was playing spring haze. It was so nice to hear it without people yelling throughout the song. around 6:15 we were taken back to a sort of locker room place. there was a total of 12 of us. we waited for what seemed an eternity. finally around 7:00 or so, her management came and explained we'd go up in pairs, get a polaroid taken that she would sign, and she'd sign one other thing for each of us. It went by too quickly! My mom and I were the second to last. I told my mom she had better not cry, because she knows how much all of this means to me, and what a symbol of strength tori represents for me. And she didnt. Tori was sweet, came in, said, "Hi guys." She seemed kinda of tired but still happy. She'd put her arms around everyone when they took the picture. I finally got the courage to say how my mom had won tickets and if she got a chance to play winter. I looked on her hand, and she showed me that she already had it written down. She said something along the lines of; if the song wants to come out, it might not be until the end, so stick around. I said of course i would stick around. I've heard an mp3 of tori doing let it be, and thats my moms favorite song, and i was going to ask her to do that, but asking for a cover is awkward, but my mom actually did. she responded with a "i havent played that forever"

I think after all of that I was too numb to show too much response. The concert was fantastic. This was actually my sixth show, and maybe my third fave, i'm still getting used to the band. For any of you that have been going to concerts for a while, you have to understand that more fans have been picked up along the way, and the atmosphere of the show has changed, everything has. It is disrespectful to shout or applaud in the middle of songs, but not everyone has mastered the form of reverence. But the audience was definetly better than last year. Last year Tori couldnt even tell the story behind marianne without someone being rude. so it was better this year.

I wont go into each song in detail, but i saw the show in vegas, and i must say there was definetly a better energy at this one, and it showed all around. I was happy with the set list, and thats the nice thing about tori, you can follow her around the u.s. and each show will be different.

I'm still in awe!

From Can't breathe:

This was my second tori concert, and i had row FOUR FLOOR, as compared to lower bowl five or something at last years. So i think that may have been it, but this show was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! I loved it! I've gotten to the point that i never expect her to play anything, i just go with the flow, so i won't mention that i didn't get to hear my beloved raspberry swirl *sniff* BUt anyway.

The best part of the show, i must say was the second encore with josephine and winter. It was fabulous. Josephine is one of my favourite songs from Venus. NAd when she played winter, at the part where she says "Palace" Our eyes met, and we sang in perfect unison, it was sooo.....amazing, i can't even describe.

Our good friend Mikewhy had a row in front of me, actually, he was directly in front of me, and I was dancing next to him for a while, but then i fell bakc and let some others get closer.

I don't even know how to explain it, it was all so good, and i was soo happy with it, i even got a chance to give her a folder full of my writing at the meet and greet. Which is just heart stopping for me. Though it didn't last long, it was great, and all wonderful when it was capped off with her waving and saying,"Goodbye, cute people!!" i was soo happy, and i didn't even remember that my legs hurt form having stood there for so long.

I loved it, i want to go again, soon, but i hope tori takes some time off before she starts up again, she could use it. -WOO

From Talulagirl:

First of all, can I just say: Tori is the most talented, beautiful female music artist of today. She is AMAZING! This was my second opportunity to see Tori live. Of course my first time seeing her in concert last September was absoulutely wonderful, but this time it was so different.
At first I was really nervous about how this was going to work out. My friend Doug bought 8 tickets and on the day of the concert he had only sold 4 of them. Orginally I was going to take a good friend of mine to the concert with me, but she ended up not being able to go. Too bad for her...she missed out on one incredible evening! So anyway...somehow we were able to sell all the tickets. We arrived at the E-Center just before Jude came on for the opening act. He was really good and I enjoyed his music, but I couldn't wait to see and hear Tori again. At this point it was just the anticipation of waiting for her that was making me so nervous. I had butterflies so bad! Then out of no where, we hear Tori's voice (that beautiful angel voice!): "God sometimes you just don't come through"...at that moment I felt like I was riding on a rollercoaster. I was on the top of one of the hills and when I heard Tori start to sing, I went down that hill and felt like my insides were going to explode! The whole concert was amazing and I couldn't help but somehow feel so connected with my friends, with Tori, with everyone there who was possibly experiencing the same thing I was. Tori just has a way of reaching a person's soul and speaking to it. It was the most INCREDIBLE thing!
I liked most of the songs she chose to sing, but according to Doug and Brian, the set list was very similar to the Las Vegas show. I was really hoping she'd sing Happy Phantom, 1000 Oceans, Caught a lite sneeze, Concertina or Glory of the 80's. Don't get me wrong...I loved it, I just wished she could've done these. Secret time was wonderful....it was so private. I loved it. I would've loved to have seen her do Me and a gun during secret time because I hear it is fantastic, but I guess she doesn't do it very often any more. That would be a hard thing to have to re-live all the time.
By far my favorite song she sang was Precious Things. It was the song she opened with in Salt Lake last year and since then I love to hear it done live. She sings it with such emotion...i can't even begin to describe the way it makes me feel. WOW!!! Overall the concert was the most indescribable thing. I LOVED it and can't wait to see her again. I listen to the live CD (from TO VENUS AND BACK) constantly because it reminds me of the concert. I'm glad I went with all my wonderful friends. I love you Doug, Brian and Ray! And Tori too!

From Roadrunner:

Ok, sorry I couldn't hold on and read all of you wonderful guys' reviews, 'cause I've just got to say: TORI FRIGGIN PLAYED WINTER FOR ME-I REQUESTED IT AT THE MEET AND GREET!! AAAHHHH!! Ok, I'm calmer now...where do I start-I have an EWF friend and I swear to you, whenever we're a team, we're so incredibly lucky! We managed to get in the front at the M/G, but then these two other short girls (Megan and ?) were standing right behind us and could see squat, so we let them have our spots.
Tori comes out and spends forever at our spot, 'cause Megan was really sad so she spend a long time consoling her-Such an amazing spirit! I refused to snap pic's at her then, even though she was right THERE. It was just too emotional and would've been rude and invasive. I did take a picture though, when she turned tears into laughter and said something like "It could be worse-You could've been a record executive or a journalist for Spin magazine." *L* Anyway, so then she turns to me and "How art you honey?", and I asked her: "Could you play Winter for me tonight, if she's dressed up?"
Tori: "Well, I'll try...I'll write it on my hand." And so she did. The concert: So AMAZING! Blood Roses, Prof. Widow, and Father Lucifer are just out of this world live! Along with the rest... Ok, so we come closer to the ending, and my hopes about Winter being played diminishes-NO WAY she's doing THAT many encores...*G* I was still ecstatic from the whole "trip" though, so...but then, there it was. One of my ultimate favorites, the one I've wanted to hear since whenever-AAAAHHHHHHH!! My knees got all weak and I bend over at the waist-my friend probably thinking I was gonna faint or something! I got back up and just breathed in the essence of it all, getting teary eyed and everything....shaking. I couldn't believe it...I still can't! After the show-We got to go see her backstage (RAINN)-A present to me from my friend!! He's so cool! So, I've met her before that way, and wasn't as nervous as the last times. I was just very ecstatic and needed to pee. So I borrowed a bathroom back there, and was interrupted by Joel knocking on the door being desperate to go as well. Guess those security guys are human after all...*G*
We went to her dressing room. Tori came over and I thanked her for playing Winter for me, and she said "Yeah, we managed to squeeze it in there..." Then a hug.
So, the other two girls were soooo nervous (I totally rememberred what I was like, the first time I saw her too-See last year's review!). They couldn't find the words, so Tori said "Well, that happens to me too sometimes. Let's get back to it, and I'll go over here instead." So she came over and I got to give her a Kokopelli I'd bought for her. With the Pied Piper theme and everything, she liked it a lot "This is just fabulous!" I also gave her a letter and music stuff of mine, but also a book thing, wanna be screenplay, I've written. SHe got way excited about that one and said it was impressive, and that she would read it. I explained to her I'd just printed it out 3 hours prior (STRESS!), and that it was "still quite fetal...", it needs some trimming here and
there, but she was all smiling and saying "It's ok...wow...I'll definitely read it", while she looked through the pages. Fred (my friend) had a Baltimore single for her to sign, and a letter from a radio guy who sold it to him-An acquaintance of Tori's. It was an article about Tori's road to where she was then. SHe read some of it aloud: " 'Tori Ellen, who was chaperoned by her mother to play at the bars, while she was underaged...bla bla...' Yeah, I remember this guy. Tell him hi from me next time you see him." So Fred said he thought the singel was real and she said "I believe it is..." Then she signed it and said "Fred. This is real! *laugh*" (With much love, Tori Amos). *g* That thing just tripled in value-Straight from the horse's mouth! Ok, so the girls got their tongue back and one of them asked her about her music (the usual stuff), and among other things, Tori said something like "Well, you really have to let it take you where it wants to go, sometimes. It's much about going to the unconscious and being four dimensional about it..." When she was done, I was reminded that I wanted to mention that to her in my letter, but had forgotten to! (See my review from last year! (under Eva P.)) Sometimes I can't believe how alike we think...it's almost not even funny! Anyway- Me:"...When I saw you in Michigan last year, I swore I saw the fourth dimension! It was so amazing...Something happened there, and I've never seen any other artist being able to do that, or any other concert where that has happened before..."
Tori: "That's what we're trying to, go to that place without drugs. Neither me or any of the guys do drugs...I'm 36 now, and I don't need to do that stuff. I've tried different stuff when I was younger, you know...like [some plant], I thought I needed it (something like that, and I can't remember all of it ) But all 4 of us love going to that place, and doing these shows..."
Me:" Well, you're doing a very good job. You're such an excellent road dog, and I hope you'll stay one forever." Tori: "Aaaarrww! Mmmmmwah!"-SHe came over and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek-A gesture that HAD to be returned. *g* AAAHHHH!! She's just so REAL and down to earth, and so very attentive. SHe focuses entirely on YOU when you talk to her.
Other stuff was said, I'll post it when I remember it more accuarately.
I had pictures taken with her too + one of her dressing room. Pikachu made it there, guys! *g*
I have to go now, but will write more later. Take care
PS. I'm so happy I got to meet Mikewhy, too!-You're awesome!

From anakha:

Okay, I have the hardest time putting my concert experience in words but I'm going to try.
Before Tori came out, my friend Tim and I were up front talking to one of the security guards and she said during the soundcheck Tori insisted on privacy and a couple people who worked at the venue were sitting in the doorway listening and Tori asked for them to be removed. (the were fired on the spot) Anyway, this lady was the coolest security guard I've ever met... she was sweet and friendly and honest. She actually let Tim and me go up in the first 4 rows section but later another person was checking all the tickets so we had to leave

About the venue, the E-center is more of a stadium than a concert hall and the sound is really shitty. Not as bad as the Delta center, but still bad. Last year I was offended by how bad Tori's sound was and I vowed not to go this year. The day of the concert, I realized I would feel eternally guilty for not going and managed to get tickets from Doug. I'm SO GLAD I did! The sound wasn't much better than last year, but the show itself made up for it.

God was a good song to get us all pumped up and it kinda seemed like she was in "piss off Salt Lake mormons" mode cuz she played so many of her controversial songs... and the audience ate it up! We were totally excited.

Sugar is a really cool version, but I'm not sure I connect with it like the original. I'm still adjusting to the idea of her band... Through most of the concert I was annoyed because the band is so loud that you can't understand her words... you can hardly hear her voice except as another instrument making noises.

Crucify: I heard the intro and was thinking "I have no idea what song this is yet, but I know I'm gonnd love it!" and I did. I was actually kinda bored with this song when I heard it in Boulder on the Dew Drop Inn tour but I LOVED the new version!

Juarez: I still haven't connected to this song on the album and wasn't really into it at the concert.

Blood Roses: Absolutely amazing! She was so intense and the music was so moody. I was taken by surprise with this song. I wasn't ready for what it would do to me... it seemed to bring out a lot of demons that I didn't even realize were there.

Bliss: gorgeous live!

Little Earthquakes: I didn't expect the LE songs to still have so much power, but I was reconverted by this concert. Every song she did from LE were pure heaven for me.

SATY was so beautiful. The audience kinda sang along with her but it wasn't too loud. just kinda cute. I've heard this song so many times that I don't fully experience it often... but I felt every ounce of sadness and determination through this song

Smells Like Teen Spirit was pretty but it didn't move me emotionally like I thought it would. Still great to listen to

Never Seen Blue: WOW! This was a total surprise. One of my favorite songs (like that's special... probably 30 Tori songs are my favorite) and I had a grin from ear to ear through the whole thing

Suede: I hadn't listened to the new album enough yet to know this song well, but I remember that I enjoyed it. Since then, this song won't leave me. I'm stuck singing it, listening to it, living it 24/7

Professional Widow: I was so confused by the intro but got really excited when I heard her start the lyrics. I enjoyed it, but the contrast with the cheesy band music and the harsh song kinda bugged me

Father Lucifer: amazing

Waitress: I'm sorry, but I didn't enjoy this song at all. If the crowd wasn't screaming and we could hear Tori and feel what her voice was saying, I probably would have fallen on the floor overcome with her emotions, but instead it was just a bunch of noise for what seemed like hours and hours.

Encore 1
Precious Things: another favorite, loved this performance!!

iieee: I've wanted to hear this song live since Choirgirl came out but when I finally heard it, I was a little disappointed. I can't pinpoint it... It just wasn't as cool as I expected (again, the bad acoustics and bad crowd might have had something to do with it)

2nd encore
Butterfly: I was tingling all over through the whole song. Pure heaven!

Josephine: I hadn't really connected with this song on the album yet, but after the concert it's quickly become another favorite. beautiful

Winter: by far, the most amazing version I've ever heard and probably the most moving song of the night for everyone. I swear you could cut the intensity in that room with a knife. I know I was crying and I'm sure I wasn't the only one...

In all, the concert was a million times better than last years SLC concert. I don't think anything will ever live up to the Boulder DDI concert, but that's okay I was so tempted to run off to Denver the next day and now I wish I had. Oh well. I loved what I got!


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