1999 "To Dallas And Back" Solo Tour
Boise/Nampa, ID
October 9, 1999

Updated November 10, 1999

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Tori performed in Boise/Nampa, ID on October 9, 1999 at the Idaho Center during Tori's short "To Dallas And Back" solo tour.

Set List

Caught A Lite Sneeze
Cornflake Girl
Father Lucifer
Happy Phantom (solo)
Marianne (solo)
Hey Jupiter (solo)
Riot Poof
Professional Widow

Encore 1:
Precious Things
Space Dog

Encore 2:
Graveyard (solo)
Tear In Your Hand


From Richard Handal (as posted to the Precious Things mailing list)

October 28, 1999 - This show near Boise in Nampa, Idaho, struck me differently than any of the other shows on this tour. As I think back to previous tours I can recall some shows with an overall similarity in feel, but they weren't as expressive of the music.

It's funny, because one of the main reasons I like to see the shows is to experience the level and clarity of Tori's mindset on any given evening. Typically, the playing is marked all night long with who she is as a person that night, and for some reason I find that fascinating.

This show was as little like that as any other that I can recall to have still been a great show. Instead of Tori's personality, the *songs* were asserting themselves all night long. I found it to have been oddly moving to experience the degree to which the material was coming out through her unaffected--there was a purity to it which touched me. In as much as she's said she doesn't compose the songs as much as she does channel them from parts unknown, this also was how the music was coming on this particular night.

The solo songs especially came gushing out of her. Each portion of Phantom, Marianne and Jupiter took on its own little life--the separate sections being expressed with remarkable individual clarity. Actually, it was almost eerie.

When I spoke with a friend later after he'd come out from backstage that night and he told me that on his way into Tori's dressing room he'd been warned that she was tired (my friend also said he could readily tell this when he had been speaking with her), the reasons the concert had been as it was presented themselves. She had little of herself to impress upon the music that night, but instead, had allowed it to reach out through her. It wasn't as if she was too tired to play, she was just too tired to put the usual amount of her personal signature on everything.

I don't know if I'd want to see great numbers of shows were they *all* like this one in that regard, but it was oddly refreshing, and made a great impact on me.

Another thing I wanted to mention about this show is that Caton was absolutely tearing it up all night long. Especially during Cruel, when he was wailing his balls off, and the effect of Cruel overall this night was one of insane abandon.

On a humorous note, as I was stamped for potential re-entry with a rubber stamp on the back of my hand as I came into the venue that night, I saw that the design of the stamp was of a horse. I remembered that this was a rodeo arena, and I flashed on the possibility of them performing Horses that night. I know that someone had been requesting Horses at the shows for a little while, but it was at this rodeo arena where she chose to play it. I love how her mind works. :-)

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From lisa071573:

ok setlist first..(I thought for sure someone would beat me to it) god
caught a lite sneeze
cornflake girl
father lucifer
happy phantom
hey jupiter
band comes back:
riot poof
professional widow
1st encore:
precious things
space dog
graveyard/tear in your hand
horses (w/ band)

ok my quick review....
Idaho totally rocks! It was a beuatiful day out, only about 50-60 or so people for the m&g, very civilized (Steve asked us what was up cause everyone was behaving ) I met Mikewhy - yay! - who is soooo sweet! and a whole bunch of other really nice EWF. I ended up behind one girl right up against the barricade and right next to Mikewhy...waiting for Tori to come out was silly - someone (can't remember his name) was doing a poetry reading from a gay mag - very humorous anyway, Tori didn't come out until 5:00 - they said she was downtown shooting a video - I don't know if that's true or not...anyway, she was VERY talkative!! I had my Steve Madden shoe with me (yeah, I'm the girl with the shoe heehee) and Tori signed it along with my name she talked a lot about the Spin article and how she hated it and thought it sucked and asked Mikewhy to make a big fuss about it..he said he was and she talked about how they tried to go for shock value instead of the truth. She was very cute! I asked her if Here in my Head was coming tonight or if she was off somewhere...she said "who honey?" I repeated HIMH and she said something like "Oh that might happen, I'll write it on my hand" and she wrote "here." on her hand she didn't sing it but I was happy enough that she wrote it on her hand. She also said she liked the pics in the Spin mag and I said "oh yeah, what's up with the tree?" and she gave me a Tori look...I really don't remember what she said - I think I was just too happy in the moment - but it was something like they were goofing off...someone asked about Voodoo and she said they had been soundchecking it....she also mentioned Josephine but said she probably wouldn't happen tonight...before she left she thanked Mikewhy for making a fuss about the Spin article and said "we appreciate everyting you do" - it was so sweet....oh, also, Mike asked her if she really was playing solo -alone- in London and she said yes, she was... anyway, the show was wonderful...Idaho really does rock - my seat was originally two sections back on the left of the stage (only set for 3000 people so not a bad seat by any means) but on the phone when I called to verify my ticket was there, the girl said she might be able to upgrade my seat "for an extra dollar" - did I mention I love Idaho? so when I went to pick up my ticket and asked the girl about a possible upgrade she said "oh you've already been upgraded" to the floor - 7 rows back dead center some sweet EWF I met were trying to convice me to go to Salt Lake even tho I can't really afford it and I have to work Monday - but I really don't think it could top the day I had...although my luck will prove that she'll do Josephine and Here in my Head, but oh well...

so ok, this is not a quick review....cruel was wonderful - very long and she did the little dance thing with her hands behind her back...CALS was a pleasant surprise - I love this one...I think after cruel - but maybe after CALS - she said hi and asked if "you guys won your homecoming game" or something like that...someone said "who cares?" and she said " you say who cares? well I'll tell you how I feel about sports. I care about Formula One..." something else like she only cared because her hubby liked it and if his team won then she would "get a good shag" from him if his team lost she'd go out with the girls cause she wouldn't be getting any...but if his team won then "the wine is chilling..." very cute! She did the little don't get pregnant motions before cornflake girl - a lot of dancing and smiling tonight -- and Lucifer was great - I just love all the versions of this song...happy phantom was very cute...she sang "here" a couple times before Marianne and I thought it was my song but no luck. Marianne was gorgeous as always and the "weasel squeaks" part was very loud and perfect...jupiter was beautiful...it was my first Concertina and it was great - cool beat...Riot - just love it! Prof Widow was kick ass as usual and Waitress was very long tonight...Space Dog was another pleasant surprise...Graveyard always gets me - esp. the bit about "it feels like you'e alive..." oh and I finally got the damn setlist Marcel gave it to me...she actually followed it tonight...

love Idaho! and Mikewhy

I think the Lucifer was just the same Lucifer version she's been doing this tour. It had the Lucy girl bits and the Steve McQueen verse. From the few shows I saw this tour, graveyard was always a tiny bit longer with an extra line or two..something like "it feels like you're here" or "they tell me you've been gone for a while" I just love graveyard.. :)

also, I forgot to mention...Jude didn't play. Some local Boise band opened..does anyone know where he was?

From urbanspell:

it was an amazing concert. i had so much fun. it was my first tori concert and from the way it sounds, i guess it had a really good setlist. i enjoyed it except i missed the second encore. but that's okay. concertina was really really good. and i think CALS was before cruel.

From smarks:

First, the setlist. Mine matches the one posted by lisa071573 except that I have Cornflake Girl between CALS and Father Lucifer. Also, there was a long digression in the middle of Father Lucifer that I wasn't familiar with. Is this a separate song or just a variation she threw into the middle?

I thought the show was great. Tori came on a bit late (9:15 or so) and the crowd was getting a bit restless. But she made up for it by playing almost two hours. It was much more satisfying than the shows she did with Alanis (I was at the Concord CA show) as Tori's set then seemed abbreviated and rushed.

The Graveyard intro to Tear In Your Hand seemed like an extended version too, at least longer than what she played at Concord. Where did Graveyard come from? I haven't heard of it before this tour. I swear, there's one measure where she sings "Sleep, now" that sounds exactly like Merman, just before she starts Tear In Your Hand. I guess this is sort of a mini-medley.

The Idaho Center venue was quite nice. I'm really bad at estimating crowds, but it certainly seemed much less crowded than other places I've been. Even though I was in almost the last row on the side, stage left, I felt I had a pretty good view. The place was small enough that they didn't over-amp the sound either like they seemed to have done at Concord and at last year's Oakland Coliseum show. I could hear her words and I didn't feel the need to use earplugs.

Great concert, worth the trip.


From pan:

I thought that the setlist was great,but the crowd was LOW energy. I also have to say this...PEOPLE THAT TRY TO TAKE OTHER PEOPLES SEATS SUCK! When we got to the concert,three professional tori followers were in our seats. They ALL knew that they did not have those seats,yet they tried to take them. One of them ended up the chair behind me. There were two girls in front of us that acted like they were there just to get away from their parents. Also people were trying to get into the front by the barricades which totally distracted me because security was always talking right next to me. I think that the band and Tori did great!

From urbanspell:

i don't know where jude was. but that chakra mission band wore me out. i thought i was going to fall asleep. i remember my friend telling me that they should have made the lights they shone on them pink. that would have been better. we were joking around and i said i should do kung fu on security and go backstage and tell tori to hurry up and get onstage.

From lisa071573:

yes, the opening band was kinda dull...I thought they were called Shock the Mission but who knows..I was kinda looking forward to hearing Jude since he's been getting fairly good reviews here. oh well

From daystar:

yum. she was just beautiful. the first five songs she did were *all* on my wishful-thinking setlist! my seat was in A15, on the left of the stage... i was the excited one with the black net gloves and a pink lightstick *laugh*
can't even decide what my favorite song was. happy phantom was really special for me because it was the first tori song i heard in the music store back in... what was it? 1992? anyway, it was the week after little earthquakes came out. i had two weeks of my little-girl allowance money and blew it all on a tape of LE... and i've been a dedicated EWF ever since *smile*
'cruel' was fabulous... very intense...
as for 'space dog'... yay... i love where she sings "fishy dish" *laugh* i know, i sound weird, but that part always cracks me up. i was so happy when she played 'marianne'... i never expected we'd hear from her!
as for 'bliss'... *yum* i saw her perform it on letterman, and it blew me away -then-, but live it's even better (if that's possible.) i was a little disappointed in 'waitress' because it seemed as though it went on for a bit longer than it should have. i'm kind of tired of that one, too. maybe that's it.
'cornflake girl' made me happy *smile* love this one... she rocked. her little pregnant dance was very cute. i just wanted to go up there and give her a hug for being so loveable *laugh* the set looked great... i counted ten lava lamps! i loved the lighting. it seemed to fit. two encores, i was hoping for a third, but mostly because i didn't want her to go away. *sniffle* wish she had played 'talula', 'china', and 'raspberry swirl', but maybe next time...


From Serine5035:

I was at the Boise meet and greet as well as the concert. I found the experience somewhat dissappointing.
First of all, i found out Mikewhy would be there. I thought it would be cool to meet him and thank him for all his hard work and sacrifice. When i arrived at the Boise meet and greet there were only 20 to 30 people tops. I figured with such a small crowd that it would be a piece of cake to get something signed and possibly a picture - which was all I wanted. I noticed that many 'professionl' tori followers were there. I consider 'professional' tori followers to be thsoe who go to more than two tori concerts a year and to the meet and greets. There was Mikewhy, some guy named Steve (?) and a few others. Since Tori has only been to Boise once I figured these seasoned veterans would stand aside for the newbies to to get stuff autographed. NO. They took to the front of the barriers with no thought to those behind them who might never get this opprotunity again. I found this very offensive. The other three people I knew there were also very offend and let down by this. So tell me why you guys do this? I understand that Tori can't possibly meet all her fans but couldn't we at least be sensitive to those who rarely get an
opprotunity to see her and talk to her go first? And in Boise... nobody rushes the barricade... you guys could've simply stepped aside for a moment. All we wanted was five seconds... a signiture. I never did introduce myself to Mikewhy because of this. I know that things and people get crazy during meet and greets. i know that people don't always think clearly - god knows I was one beer short of a six pack after sleeping on the street for two days for the Seattle Sneak Peek. Still, aren't Tori fans the ones who talk about how sensitive and understanding they are? I found people in Seattle to more polite than the 'professional' tori followers in Boise. Just my two cents.


From Mikewhy:

Sorry you feel that way Serine. I would have enjoyed meeting you.

I attended 17 concerts this year and saw Tori at only 2 meet & greets...the ones in Indianpolis (where I was in the 4th row of people) and Boise (where I was in 2nd row.) I attended other ones but did not try to get up front. I would hardly call that greedy or selfish. I am very aware that other people have not met Tori and I usually do what i can to give other people a chance. Everyone who arrived at the venue before me was in front, and I helped a few others see Tori or get a letter to her. If I had my choice, everyone would have had a chance to meet her. I hope you will not hold my desire to speak to Tori against me. I really don't do it that often and I do care that others get a chance. In fact, had you introduced yourself to me before the M & G and told me you had never met her, I may have been able to help you out. In any case, I want to say that I am sorry you did not meet her and it is my wish that everyone have a chance. That is why I do so few meet & greets.

It was great to meet everyone. Lisa with the shoe was so cool :) and so was missbluebutton and all the other great people I met. Boise was much more peaceful to me than the shows in Salt Lake City and Denver, and while Denver was more emotional, Boise was very very special. People who were there were very lucky! :)

From missbluebutten:

i don't konw how cool of me it is to reply in defense of others, it's not my place, i just want to add a sense of insight... and it was really speical for me, these shows...
so on to a boise review!!!!!

i absolutely fell in love with cornflake girl, and thought the intro was snazzy, the uhhhhhhhhh, a, uuuuhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaah.... and matt's drumming was fab! i think the band (and tori) really enjoyed playing this one, it was present in their smiles and rocking out--- and caton really gets down, so cute that shuffle bent over the guitar!

the evening was just beautiful, and i am so lucky to hear marianne - just very special to my heart...

and i had most fun with riot poof, they really sounded great in idaho i thought.. i know everyone said it got played a lot, but come on... the great songs should be played a lot, it adds a divinity to the show,( like the waitress), and brian an i rocked out... i caught a muse moving to it too... i think what really enhances the show is the people next to you (or unenhances it) i mean, riot poof is particularly a smiling memory because it means a lot to me, but to get that meaning with another person, it validates how you feel and to enjoy the performance that strikes the chords in your being, and the beings around you... when you feel the music and it resonates around you in the people next to you, it beomes shared zen of a sort and you foget your standing or your squished or you can't quite see, you just there and you can hear tori, real, in front of you... it just makes the moment glitter... I like riot poof live a lot, it sounds nice to hear the oooohhh, wooo, oooooo, ooohhhh, instead of it all will find it's way a thousand times over, and it makes 'it will all find it's way in time' a beautiful finish to the song...

well, not going to make a huge in-depth interpretation of every song... but geeze, what an amazing show, and tear in your hand was really great........


From PandoraW:

I was there!!!
Sorry it took so long for me to get to my computer, but it died when I was out, and it's just getting back on it's feet...

My friend and I got to the venue at 10:00 (drove form Reno), and only two others were there, then we went to get a shower and hotel, and we come back, expecting dozens of people, and there are maybe ten...

so all us EWF sat on the grass outside of the Idaho center and just chatted and such, and I met the greatest people, like lisa (with the shoe) and william (all the way from New York, who still has GGRREAT karma!) and Mikewhy and, I can't even remember everyone's name. The funny thing was was that there were only maybe 5 people from Idaho there, we all found it silly...

So, finally we were awaiting Tori at the gates, and since it was my first time to a M&G I was so very anxious and such, I was scared I'd get pushed to the back because I am ssooo small, but heavenly William pulled me up close, and I ended up right at the barrier, IN THE FRONT ( I love you William!)
So when Tori came out I was taking pics like mad, and she came over and talked to the girl beside me about her job, and giving little kids shots, and then she came over to me, and I requested my favourite song, "Me and A Gun", but Tori said that she wasn't coming out during this tour, that she was on a beach somewhere drinking a double pina colada , so sad for me, but she singed my poetry book that I brought to her It says:
"Jody Pandora...
Sweetness Ripple back further there in your own River Realm and, wow!!!!, she called me sweetness
( *bashful smile* )
so then, the concert...

All the songs were absolutely fabulous! The peak of the evening for me is a toss-up between 'Hey Jupiter' (I was very literally in tears!) and Happy Phantom...
but it was wonderful! She didn't talk as much as she did at the last consert I was at, but she squeezed in soo many songs!

After they all walked off stage (I can't remember if it was the first or second encore) half of the audience just up and left, and I know she would come back on, the rest of the audience whipped out their lighters and it was so very 60's...and she came back!! (of course!)

SIDE NOTE: personally, I can't help but believe that some if not half of the people there weren't there to see our beloved, because the band that opened were from Boise, and so many people left even before Tori came on, like they were just there to see the opening act or something...

But it was amazing, and this rambling is long, so I'll let you rest your eyes while I rest my hands

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