1999 "To Dallas And Back" Solo Tour
Portland, OR
October 6, 1999

Updated May 2, 2000

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Tori performed in Portland, OR on October 6, 1999 at the Rose Garden Arena/Theatre in the Clouds during Tori's short "To Dallas And Back" solo tour.

Set List

Caught A Lite Sneeze
Father Lucifer
Cornflake Girl
Past The Mission
Sister Janet (solo)
Mother (solo)
Merman (solo)
Spring Haze
Riot Poof

Encore 1:
Precious Things
Space Dog

Encore 2:
Winter (solo)
1000 Oceans
Pandora's Aquarium

Venue Photo

An early concert-goer plays in the water sculpture in front of the Rose Garden. (Thanks to Richard Handal for the photo.)


From Richard Handal

October 7, 1999 - The show got a late start at 9:17PM, seemingly due to the late arrival of a replacement piece of lighting equipment. Tori played until 11:13PM. The Waitress ended at 10:41.

Richard said this was the most hilarious show he ever attended. He enjoyed it very much. He got the impression that some folks may have been enjoying a few too many lemon drops this afternoon.

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From Blackberry:

Just got back from a great concert and wanted to post the setlist:

Caught A Lite Sneeze
Father Lucifer
Cornflake Girl
Past The Mission
- secret time -
Sister Janet (solo)
Mother (solo)
unknown (with the repeated lyric "Go to bed") (solo) ( * Merman ) - end secret time -
storytime - she starts Spring Haze, "Well I know it's just a spring -- storytime." She sings a story about Mr. Fong (?) on the bus with his bong
Spring Haze
Riot Poof

Encore 1:
Precious Things
Space Dog

Encore 2:
Winter (solo)
1000 Oceans
Pandora's Aquarium

From Danatoria:

The show was wonderful. Mother, Sister Janet, Winter, and Merman were all wonderful surprises.
About the show, it was really interesting because she sang a story about being in Portland and the tour bus. She talked about the food here. At one point, someone kept yelling and Tori finally told them to fuck off. It was an excellent show, and we were so lucky to hear some songs that aren't done to often live. During the solo songs, the emotion was just so intense. It was beautiful (I'm too tired to be really descriptive.) I hope everyone had as great as a time as I did.

From pan:

Show was great! At first the show's energy seemed to be a little off,but they really pulled it together quickly. Hotel just about rocked me into neverneverland. She forgot the lyrics and the crowd helped her out...until she got to the right foot/left foot part. She blamed forgetting the lyrics on the placement of her feet. It was great. During the beginning of storytime a gentlemen kept on shouting while she was starting her story. She told him to "Oh fuck off!" The crowd went nuts. Highlights for me were Sister Janet, Spacedog,Spring Haze and iieee. Wonderful energy from all of them. She was very VERY sassy giving us tons of hips,lips,and a little of the old in-out,in-out action!

From Shaman:

By my watch it was 9:18 PM when the band came on and 9:19 PM when Tori did but I also have Jude playing from 8:03 to 8:40 by that same watch. I didn't time The Waitress but it was cool and Spring Haze and 1000 oceans song better live. Riot Poof is really cool live as was iieee. "secret time" was nice because all three were pleasant suprises. Not to be vane but I wonder if having her sign my Past The Mission promo CD had her thinking about it. Who knows? It sounded really good. I expect this Seattle show to be alot better than the last one since she was in a good mood last night (Er, it now thursday, I think) and she won't be flying in from LA and she'll only be doing a chat and not a full performance at the radio station. I think I've managed an hours worth of sleep after
getting 2-3 hours the night before the trip down for the concert yet I'm too anxous to sleep which is why I came back to Seattle during the night rather then taking up an offer.

She introduced the band between Father Lucifer an Cornflake Girl as I recall and the posted list is correct except for her impromptu song. Anyone recognize what she was playing to. I sometimes have problems placing songs even if I know them.

Finally, I'd say this was one of the better performances I've seen from her despite having forgotten the words to Mother from lack of playing her. Probably not her best but it pushes some others down my list. The one thing was when she finally got around to playing Pandora's Aquarium I knew it was probably over. Oh well. I wish I could go to every show like some lucky stiffs here get to do.

From Athena:

I thought this show was one of the best musically and atmosphere wise I've been to...maybe it's just that it's the first solo show I've seen in a long while, I don't know.
Tori said something after she said "Hello everybody" about Portland. I wish I had written it down. Something like "We've had coffee in your coffee shops, we've eaten in your delis, we've (I don't remember the other one)....You've picked yourselves a nice spot here."

I thought it was great when she forgot the words, actually. People in the front row reminded her quickly and she got back on track.

Before she told the guy to fuck off, she answered whatever he had said with "Do I want a date?"...then she said to him "You'd think this was your living room"

When she stopped playing Spring Haze for the "story", she said something like "Storytime. I don't have any stories. No, I won't tell old stories...I don't have any new ones...." something like that and then she sang the little song that was the story.

I just love Tori's mood and the obvious camraderie on stage for this tour. She seems very happy to be doing what she's doing and has such great little snickers with the other band members...eye contact, smiling...it's all so fun to watch. She has really hit her stride.

I cannot believe this was my last show

From Tatiana:

I think that everyone has pretty much covered the show. I couldn't believe it when she played Mother, I had never requested a song before and that one means so much to me... I know someone else requested this as well. I also know a few people requested Winter. Besides her solo songs (especially Mother) Father Lucifer was a highlight. I never really liked the album version but I thought this was wonderful. Space Dog is also one of my favorites and I really like her solo parts in that.

To kind of repeat what others have said, she didn't talk very much, but she danced,swiveled her hips a lot, she seemed like she was in a great mood.

Okay now for the M&G. We didn't show up until just before 2:00, since that what Tori said. Of course there were already people there and I was surprised to see them standing in the barricades so soon. Right after we got there though security came and told everyone to move to this ramp. About half the people moved to the ramp and about half of the people stayed close to the barricades, even though security kept telling them to move. I wanted to get closer too, but I figured security would make them get back by us before they moved. But they didn't!! Instead of letting us have a fair shot at it, seeing as how we followed the directions, they just told the closer group to go to the barricades, we couldn't even hear what they were saying.

So I didn't even get to see Tori, much less talk to her, and of course I was sad because this is my only show this tour, and other people who got to meet her were obviously getting their 100th item signed because she knew their names. Why are people so selfish? Do they not realize how selfish they are? Everyone always talks about what nice people EWF are, and how the love to go to M&G to meet them. My first M&G a year ago was so terrible I cried. Not only did I not see Tori (which I realize is just luck, and you aren't supposed to expect it) I passed my stuff up and somebody stole my things. At this meet and greet there were a couple nice people, a girl with a brown fur (I don't know if it was really fur) lined coat, a really tall blond guy, and a man with a long sleeved plugged shirt. So to those people I want to say thanks for being so king. I have never walked away from a M&G thinking, wow those people are really nice. Sometimes there the select few, but most I have met are selfish and rude, and think that because Tori knows their name they are so much better than the rest of us.

Does anyone remember an article/interview with Tori last year and she talked about how people are always up front and they were being "unknowingly selfish"? Why don't people understand that even Tori doesn't want them at the front all of the time.

One other thing that pissed me off is when my friend tried to pass up his cd pamphlet for Tori to sign the girl that was right by Tori told us that her a her friend "don't pass anymore." Like they were queens of the world.

For those of you wondering what time to show up let me reiterate other posts about M&G's and say that it doesn't matter how early you show up. There was one guy in the back who kept complaining that he had been here since 5:00 AM. Don't show up that early expecting a sure shot at meeting Tori.

I didn't realize this would be so long. Thanks for reading.

From Ivana Kisseyou:

Well, since no one has mentioned this yet, I will. Tori started to play Spring Haze and then suddenly threw both of her hands up and said, "no STORY!" and then the crowd went wild and then she was about to say something and this guy starts yelling at her and asking her for a date. She looked at him and said, "you people, you'd think you were in your living room, geez." The guy kept yelling at her so she said, "oh you, fuck off." The crowd went wild again and then she looked as if she was trying to think of a story and someone yelled for a particular old story (I think) and then she said, "I don't tell old stories, only new stories." Then she (then the band followed) launched into a story/song about being on the bus in Portland, looking for pot, and how the bus can never have enough sweaters. Then they played Spring Haze. I was loving it. The show was fabulous with the exception of the super tall dancing people in front of me and the high pitched screaming of the girl two people away from me on the left. And freaky girl, if you're reading this, I didn't regain full hearing in that ear until mid-way through my class this morning. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. Tori also got a little teary during Sister Janet, which was beautiful. And she was making odd pregnant belly movements during one of the first two songs, Cals or Blood Roses, I don't remember, but she was also making index finger into open fist movements (think about when you're in 4th grade and you make gestures indicating sex) She also sang something about how boys you know you came through there (indicating general womb area) to get here, every boy you had too, you know you did. I'm butchering it I know, I apologize. That's all I have to add, other than it was a fabulous show and my legs are still tired from trying to balance on my toes for two hours...oh and I loved Jude, easily Tori's best opening act and way better than whoever I saw at the Vegas show. He
was so funny the way he dealt with the "hecklers." I'm definetly getting his cd.

From crazytripr:

The show was great tori seemed very happy maybe a little bit buzzed.She danced forgot the words to Mother told some guy to fuck off she was really cute.M&G went real well for me it was the frist time I have met her she was real nice I gave her a letter and my purple lady bug named tobie. I feel sorry all the people who were on the ramp.There was a lot of people next to me who were very selfish and had met her several times . I went to the meet greet last year so I had an idea of how physco some of regulars can get.So I didn't dare go back to ramp and when they said walk I walked as fast as I could.I got right up front. There were some other people who were behind me who had never met her too. So people had a good day.Tori was really sweet and asked everyone how they were looked like she just went shoping and she was wearing this brown long leather jacket and black bootsi can't describe the rest but it was really cute . I got a pic with her and I couldn't speak I said like three word. but I'm so HAPPY right now .Anybody know exactly what she said email me crazytripr@aol.com also thank you to the very nice girl who sold us those cute pics of tori .

From Mireya:

I can't really add any new info here, but I just want to say how much I loved the whole experience. Life is much easier if you avoid the M&G altogther if you've met Tori before. We didn't even show up until 7:40, quickly found our seats, and Jude came out at 8:00. Being in the second section back, on the left, I couldn't see him very well... but his voice is gorgeous! I loved his songs, his humor, and he seems to have a way with the female crowd. I bought his CD, but haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.
Tori was fantastic! This concert was my birthday present, and I couldn't believe my luck that I got Sister Janet, Mother, and Merman, all solo! I was so happy -- I was in tears by the end of Mother. Definitely the best birthday present I've ever had. Tori was in a great mood, most of the audience around me seemed to be too. Almost everyone was sitting down, except for a few here and there, and everyone on the floor was standing (they actually had chairs on the floor the time, I couldn't believe it!) One wildwoman was throwing her body around and flailing her arms in the next section over... security moved her up to someplace that she dance without being in anyone's way. Everyone around me was great, except for the screaming girlies directly behind me... I thought my ears would bleed everytime they cracked a squeal, which was every two minutes, at least. Thankfully, they decided to move somewhere else halfway through the show.

Overall, I was very impressed with Tori, the opening act, and the behavior of the audience. Most were excited, happy, but still respectful... a far cry from what I experience at the same venue last year.


From God:

Unlike the usual style of my review posts, this one will be from a PURELY personal perspective.
As much as I've avoided getting into the herd for the m&g's - I'm too old for that - I almost did it in Portland...well, it WAS my birthday, I flew up especially for the show, and I REALLY wanted to tell her that I needed to hear Lust and Josephine live. After security moved the group 4 times though, it was just too ridiculous for me and I left until it was over. (I oftentimes find I don't have much patience with nonsense; maybe I should work on that...NOT.) Anyway, while the wait was going on, a few of us were talking about the perfect set list - I probably brought it up. I thought Pandora's Aquarium should be on it, which of course brought a hearty round of 'what've you been smokin?'. And let's see, Spring Haze is my favorite of the one's which have come out to play from TVAB so far. Hmm, well Mother (it's CRACK, that's what you're smokin'!) and Winter would be perfect, too. Umm, and maybe, well she doesn't play her very much, but Sister Janet is another one I LOVE! And then there's Father Lucifer, Merman, Hotel, iieee, and SPACE DOG - yes, Space Dog, one of my all-time fav'rites!

So there you have my initial impression. She gave me 10 from my A-plus wish list and all the rest were either A-plusses which she's been playing all the time or they're on the A-list. All that and it wasn't even necessary to ASK for it! Now, THAT'S a birthday present! THANK YOU, TORI!

I'm very simply too overwhelmed with the amazing beauty of this show to really describe it. Tori was in a great mood - and lookin' gorge' as usual. A guy I met at an L.A. show told me he'd seen her shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch before the m&g and, from previous reports of instances of this, she always seems to be in a good mood after shopping. Also, 3 or 4 days off can't hurt either!

I hadn't ever been to the Rose Garden Arena before; or to Portland, for that matter - nice town Since I'd read about the sound panels in the ceiling of the arena, I had hoped that the acoustics would be pretty good. No disappointment here, this was, acoustically, the best of the 8 venues I put up with, er, enjoyed, this tour. In fact, it was better t han an old converted '30's movie house I sat in earlier this year in the Midwest for a different concert. Don't get me wrong, it's not Symphony Hall but it's better than any other arena or amphitheatre I've been to in the last few years and better than many - even most - indoor theatres. Thank you, Portland, and whoever hired that architect.

So much of this concert has been described in other posts and so I'll just say that she gave me chills, she made me laugh, she made me dance, she made me shed tears - not necessarily in that order and not just once!

You know, her performance wasn't the most TECHNICALLY perfect I've seen her do, but it was still Tori at her performing best - the best I've been privileged to witness. And the guys were hot, too. Everything they did tonight sounded RIGHT. Nothing seemed at all out of place, everything just WORKED! She was really workin' the audience and workin' WITH the audience tonight. The rapport was DEEP.

Let's see now, just one more thing, uh, oh yeah, THIS WAS MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE TORI CONCERT!!!!!!!

I lied, there's one more thing. "We're getting older..." came with a sudden look directly at me - I have no idea who she was REALLY looking at (the sound board was behind me) ...it COULD have been me, 7th row isn't THAT far away, and I AM old.

So there it is, the best one yet! For me, the best concert of ALL time (by anybody) in 36 years of concert-going. Of course I've only seen a small percentage of Tori's shows, so maybe others among my fellow Tori-addicted will have other ideas, but.....

Unfortunately, it's my last this year. It DID wash away the bad audience experiences from the 5.5 tour. It DID remind me why I wanted to go to the 5.5 dates to begin with. It DID hit 8.9 on the Richter scale, while the best of the 5.5 shows showed up on the scale as a fully loaded 4 cylinder Escort station wagon hitting a speed bump (Alanis' set included)!

Still no Lust or Josephine, though. Maybe I'll get lucky and she'll tour next year and play them. With my luck, though, she'll play them in Berkeley tomorrow to some people who've never heard them on CD while I sit at home a few miles away crying.

Oh, yeah, and while I was talking to Richard Handal, who should come up and say hello but Caton. I don't know why exactly but I didn't think he'd be as cool as he seems to be! Probably fun to hang with. Anyway, Mr. Guitar Man, one word - nicotinePatches. I SAID it was one word. They make running up and down the back stairs MUCH easier, take my word for it!

I'm still flyin', but then it's only been 1 day!

From Justin:

Portland (Oct. 6th) was fantastic as has been stated above. But I do want to clarify something. I was very fortunate and had front row tickets so I caught some audience response that others couldn't hear. i don't believe Tori was referring to the guy asking her for a date when she said "fuck off." A girl kept yelling "Are you pregnant? Are you pregnant?!!" at the same time- even after she said "this isn't your living room" and finally she just went, "OH FUCK OFF." The set was incredible. I wanted to hear absolutely every song and got to! yay! Justin

From brittyn:

well, i was (un)lucky enough to have been right in front of the guy that kept yelling at tori. not only did he do it during that one story time, he did it during all of her songs before that. he'd be "singing" along like this "AHHHHHHHHH" for about a minute. oh but when it was actual lyrics, they'd be completely monotone and awful. then in between each song he'd yell "TORIIIIII!!!!!! TORI AMOSSSSSSSS" we were all telling him to shut up. oh and he didn't ask her if she wanted a date, he was actually asking if she believed in fate. then he kept saying he wanted to be her backup singer and was better than the guy from tool "LET ME SING MUHAMMAD!!!!!!!!!!" oh man, finally he stopped 'singing' during her songs. i think he must've been drunk. WAAAAAY drunk!

From gg:

I just want to say that I have been reading your posts all summer so as to live vicariously through your toriexperience, so this is like way huge for me that I get to post now after the portland show. whew.

OK, well, by best friend flew up from CA and I met her at the Portland Airport and we drove over to the arena at about 5:30. I thought I heard Tori soundchecking so we sprinted like animals to the theatre but they were blasting FTCH, so we went back to my car.

I wish I could have gotten to know some of my fellow ewf there, I don't know anyone besides my best friend that is as devoted as me.


Tori was wearing this black see thru loose top thing with something under it of course, and tight dark blue jeans and spiky heels. Her hair was really short, very different then the GMA thing or lately how its been looking really long and wispy. (extensions?)

And let me tell you guys that can only read and have never been to a show...there is nothing like hearing her live for the first time. When she started singing God a capella from backstage I almost peed my pants.

In my opinion, the highlights of the evening were mother and winter, because I have a thing with those two songs, but I space dog rocked, waitress was, lordy, she was FEELING the waitress that night, um, Merman was haunting and delicate. I knew she'd throw me a loop. (Its one of the like 3 songs of hers thta I don't have) And sister janet was a shock and a half.

She shook her butt a lot before riot poof. Who couldn't? Its such a booty shakin song.

By the way I love TVAB. she has grown so much as a musician. I can't wait to see what she does next.

Also, I firmly believe that she knew I was there, or the songs did, and they came for me. You don't know how I used to joke about hearing mother and winter, I mean, before I was even as die hard as I am now I adored those songs and made my friend play them for me all the time. So I think maybe they saw me coming and said, hey, let's make her day.

love to you all, especially Mikewhy


From father lucifer:

Well everyone, sorry it took so long, but I am finally getting around to writing a review of the two Tori shows I saw this last week. Seattle was my 8th Tori show, and these two are probably two of the best if not THE best shows I have ever seen. It was amazing seeing two shows in two days and I had a great time with my oncert buddies Diana and my sister Ashley! Also, we met SO many amazing people that I had so much fun with so I just want to say hi to Chris, trish, crystal, stacy, mike, choirboy and snowflake! You guys are so much fun! And of course good old Rebecca, who missed her song by one night.
On to the reviews:
PORTLAND, OR October 6th/99 at the Rose Garden Arena setlist:

MOTHER (solo)
MERMAN (solo)
4 ON A BUS (improv)
-encore one-
-encore two-
WINTER (solo)

We arrived in portland and got checked into our hotel by 11 - just me and Diana at this point - it was a beautiful day, and we raced off to find the meet and greet! We met up with mike and stacy and all the other good folks and waited by a not-so-lovely garage for many hours before finally seeing Tori. I won't get into detail about the meet and greet other than they screwed us around by moving us out of the gate then back in, so me and my friends lost our prime position (front and center) but I did wind up on the side which was a good place to talk to her from. When Tori finally came out, she looked beautiful but sunburned. She was wearing a nice leather jacket, a skirt, and some black boots. She came past me and talked to snowflake for awhile whom she seems to know really well! It was cool! When she talked to me i just managed to get her to sign my venus CD and stumble a request for "sister janet" and explained (for the third time at a meet and greet) how it has been my favorite since I was 12! She wrote it on her hand and moved on. Chris gave tori flowers which was totally cute cause she tried to smell them but they didn't smell, Diana got an autograph, and we all got some really nice pictures! After that a bunch of us went to Denny's then came back for the show.
Our seats were pretty bad - 300 section - the Rose garden arena was beautiful though, and we had a good view, and a broad perspective of the stage - I didn't care. I was just happy to see tori two times. Chris Trish and crystal had like front row, and tried to get us down there but it didn't quite happen - this nice security guard named TRUDIE tried to help us out, but that didn't work either. On to the show. In general the show was amazing. The performance was GOOD, but not GREAT. perhaps an 8 out of 10 - it was the setlist that made this show so incredible! And the length! The show lasted about 2 minutes short of TWO HOURS! It was just incredible... very emotional show:

GOD: I still didn't like this one as an opener, and she seemed to have a little less energy than in Las Vegas, but it was good - I realized (from my BROAD perspective) how awesome the lights truely were, and I liked those big silver rectangles that were hung in the back of the set.

CAUGHT A LITE SNEEZE: Great choice for a 2nd song!!! It had so much energy and power, and it was a really good one to get the crowd going. She didn't do the HURT improv in the middle like on the last tour though :P

FATHER LUCIFER: I nearly died! I have waited 3 years to hear this song in concert! Ever since BfP it's been one of my favorites! She did some weird hand actions and stomach motions at the beginning which confused us since we were in the back (We figured out later what it was all about) - but it was an amazing performance. She really dragged it on for about 10 minutes.

CORNFLAKE GIRL: The usual...

PAST THE MISSION: She did THE most gorgeous improv intro to this! I had no idea what it was, and I can't remember what she was singing (I neeeeeed a bootleg of this show! I tried to record it, but I was unsuccesful!) but it was gorgous! Then she went into this song! Another one I havn't heard yet in concert! It was beautiful.

BLISS: I like this song more and more every time I hear it! They used purple lights during the verses which went onto the audiance like spotlights, and they rose to a large orange crescendo durring the choruses! Awesome!

HOTEL: I die again. I was so happy to hear this - it's my 2nd fave on CHOIRGIRL - this song just has so much to it, and when she sang "I have to learn to let you crash down" it just sent shivers down my spine. Definatly a good choice near the beginning of the set!

SISTER JANET: Aaaaaah! She played it for me! This is the third time she has played this song for me in concert, and it is a true rarity! I claim it now as MY song! It will always be MY song! This was the most beautiful I have ever heard it! She sang it under red lights, and her piano really got loud durring the choruses... such a beautiful song - this is when I really started to enjoy the show.

MOTHER: Oh my god. Hearing these two in a row was heaven! This is what I would have requested if I couldn't request janet - and it was just sublime! She forgot the words at the beginning and we had to call them out to her, but after that it was the most TOUCHING performance of mother I have ever heard! She took her time, and whispered half the words... it was so beautiful. I wished rebbeca could have been there cause this is what she had been planning to ask for in seattle, but she was too late - she missed it by one show.

MERMAN: ok. sister janet. mother. THEN MERMAN! How lucky can I get! I was so happy, even though this was the third concert in a row where I've seen her play merman - it was beautiful as usual, and a real treat for me and for my friend Diana (it was her first tori show by the way)

FOUR ON A BUS: Before she started spring haze she did a solo improv which was very jazzy about her and the brothers smoking weed on the tour bus! It was hilarious! She sang something about "getting older but better, got a lot of sweaters in my closet" something like that! These improvs are what tori shows are really about, and this was the coolest improv I have ever experienced!

SPRING HAZE: Although not much differnt than the CD version, the live one is SO much better! The beginning on solo piano is so pretty, then the band comes in about 10 times louder, and tori's voice is so powerful. I was very glad to hear this one.

RIOT POOF: Very fun and funky! I like how she sings the background part durring the "it will all find it's way in time" bit...

IIEEE: TOTALLY UNEXPECTED! Very happy to hear it! I thought if she was going to do it that it would be at the beginning of the set. I was kind of hoping for space dog, cause that's another I really wanted to hear, but this was a pleasant suprise. I really enjoyed watching her manouver her way between the keyboard and the piano - she does that so much in this song.

WAITRESS: Same as usual... very long...

PRECIOUS THINGS: One of my favorite songs, but It wasn't the greatest performance for some reason.

SPACE DOG: OHMYGOD! I didn't expect this here! I was so happy to hear it! This was when I just couldn't help getting up and dancing! It was an incredible performance, and this is one of my favorite songs! The "deck the halls" part was just spine chilling! She really took her time, and drew out the ending! It was gorgeous! I think this would work well as a last song... it worked well as a last song for the first encore anyways....

WINTER: This is when I realized this was the best setlist ever! This was absolutely gorgeous, and probably one of the hilights of the night! She whispered most of it... just beautiful! It really gave me a new appreciation for this song that I often overlook!

1000 OCEANS: Well since this is my new favorite and my very fave from venus I was really happy to hear it! It was so pretty! Although by this point Caton was good and drunk (he drank wine A LOT durring this show) and messed up the chords quite a bit! Beautiful performance though.

PANDORA'S AQUARIUM: wow. This was the biggest suprise of the night, cause it is the first time she has done it on this tour! It was such a good closer! I absolutely love this song and so does Diana so it really finished off the night well for us. An amazing performance too!

Hilights of this show were Sister Janet (OBVIOUSLY), Mother, Winter, 1000 Oceans, and Pandora. So that night we went out for awhile to some little club called the Roxy with chris trish and crystal, and then we went to mcdonalds, said goodbye to our new friends, and went back to the hotel... the next morning we were off to seattle!!!

From missbluebutten:

***girl has crazy braggers right
about portland***
Portland was my first tori show... (gizzz).

i absolutely Loved portland, the venue was BEAUTIFUL, the weather was beautiful...

showed up early for m&g but nothing to spectacular happened for me and a lot of the people i was hangin' with due to some fans who, somehow didn't hear instructions from tori's people, to stand back and wait patiently.... but i saw tori through the inticipating crowd from the back... got some pictures.. so lucky though... most tori fans don't even get that..

ok, so aren't i lucky? i scored one of the orange posters!!!!!!!! you know, the tori amos show promo's in the box office widnows! (this is where she brags)
thank you so much Dor for the stamps!!!!

really, once i was inside a muse and i decided there really wasn't a bad seat in the whole arena.... but somebody (we) were VERY INSANELY LUCKY and had third row, had very nice tickets... the show was brilliant, mother was fab, didn't we all cry? (except for the slip up, very cute) ... merman was VERY special; and really took into my heart live, i never knew tori could just reach in like that, instantaneoulsy... riot poof was pulsing.... i was just really wowed.....

and most importantly, i made some wonderful ewf friends, you guys made my experience phenominal and you are in my heart, i miss you guys already....

so i just really wanted to pop up here in the dent and say how freaking lucky i've been.... i was fortunate enought to do portland through on to denver, and portland was one of my faves... yo


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