1999 "To Dallas And Back" Solo Tour
Dallas, TX
September 29, 1999

Updated November 10, 1999

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Tori performed in Dallas, TX on September 29, 1999 at the Starplex Amphitheater during Tori's short "To Dallas And Back" solo tour. Tori completed her tour with Alanis Morissette a few days earlier and this was the first of a brief solo tour she was doing after the 5 1/2 Weeks Tour.

Set List

Father Lucifer
Past The Mission
Spring Haze
Here. In My Head (solo)
Icicle (solo)
Landslide (solo)
Professional Widow
Space Dog

Encore 1:
Precious Things

Encore 2:
Jackie's Strength (solo)
Tear In Your Hand
Thank You (solo)


From Richard Handal

September 30, 1999 -

And after seven days the waters of the flood came upon the earth. The waters prevailed and increased greatly upon the earth; and the ark floated on the face of the waters. And the waters prevailed so mightily upon the earth that all the high mountains under the whole heaven were covered;

Gen. 7:10, 18-19

Indeed the floodgates were opened. Tori was on stage from 8:34PM and played 1 hour and 53 minutes ending the show at 10:27. The main set ended at 9:56. There were 19 songs, with 5 being solo songs without the band.

Richard said that he drove 15,000 miles on this tour leading up to this show and it was worth every psychotropically-over-caffeinated moment of it.

There was a new intro for Juarez. It now has an acapella intro.

Here. In My Head was heartfelt and expressive. Tori was lovingly interacting with the piano during all the solo songs.

The building power in Thank You was incredible.

This show was scheduled to start at 8:00PM, but the opening act Jude hit the stage around 7:30 and then Tori went on stage at 8:34PM. Therefore, if you want to see the opening act or make sure you don't miss Tori, you may still want to make sure you are at the venue a little early.

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From sweet can:

I am utterly speechess. More tomorrow when I wipe the stars from my eyes. I love her I love her I love her I FUCKING LOVE HER.

Father Lucifer
Past The Mission
Spring Haze
here in my head - solo
icicle - solo
landslide - solo
professional widow
space dog
first encore
precious things
second encore
jackie's strength- solo
tear in your hand
thank you -solo

From Tori_Live:

First of all, got to the m&g and was up on the rail. She was really chatty. Introduced myself, for a change. Told her I'd met her in Atlanta, and that I'd asked her to sign my shirt, "To Dallas and Back," and she goes, oh yeah, I remember you. And I go but you see you wrote To Dallas and Back but didn't actually sign it....so now I've got TDaB in black and Tori Amos in blue.
At some point Marcel came up and so I asked what the hell was she talking about last year in Austin before sugar. Finally came to the conclusion that Marcel does put cream in her Tea in the nude, she then told a hilarious story about how they'll use a cell phone and call people up and play name that song(or sound).....and apparently the sound guys are banging it against there um...uh dick....."and the problem is, it's not their Phone, so I've got to watch out for everything."

I also gave her my letter, which has a few details below...the important ones anyway.

The Show

Oh my fucking God. This show was fucking incredible.

I gave her a letter telling her my hearing predicament(tinitus...getting worse) and that there was a good chance that it'd be my last set of shows. So I requested Thank You, as usual, China and said that if she felt like it, I'd heard a lot of nice things about Landslide.

Ok, so she opens with God, as usual, then Father Lucifer(didn't even recognize it at first), Sugar,
Juarez, Past The Mission, Ieee. Don't recall the order after that, but she also played Space Dog and some others that I don't recall offhand. First Secret Time:
Here In My Head, Song I can't recall(Icicle) and then Landslide, which wasn't on the Set List. Comes back after one of the encores and plays Jackie's Strength by herself, and then Tear in your Hand.....then the band leaves and plays THANK YOU!!! Wow, what a great night.

5 songs with just her and 2 of them I requested. SOmeone else requested Jackies Strength and Here in My Head.

I'm one happy camper folks. This now goes down as my favorite show. She could have done that by just doing Thank You, but 2 out of thee songs. If anyone goes to the M&G tomorrow, please tell her Kevin owes her one big hug. I don't see how Houston or austin can be any better, or even as good, but THANK YOU TORIIIIIII.

Well I need some sleep.


From Nadawi:

oh my fucking lord in heaven! imho, this show was MUCH better than last years...she seemed happier to be there....genuinly and absolutly greatly flattered at how enthusiastic we were...it was such a great show. lets see...i met chiorboy...sweet can...jill(who i met before, cuz she sold me tix)...and a few others that i forget...sweet can is just a darling!

lets see....fav quote
'how i see it is...if you don't swallow it, smoke it, or lick it...you suck.' (after she asked if the next us prez would come from texas [georgie bush jr.]...hehe)

anyway...my head is reeling..and i'm going to the church tommorrow...MUST sleep.


From crnflkguy#1:

The Dallas show was great as everyone has said. The playlist was a little ho hum for me, but every song was done to perfection, and that gave me (almost) a new appreciation for some songs I never much cared for.
All in all, a great show!

I was in the pit, 1st row, left of Tori. This is to all those who think that the pit is the shit. It IS! We were pelted by birdshit all night. The influx of birds was due to the influx of crickets you saw on stage and flying around, plus you Texans know what I mean by cricket influx. But was it worth getting shit on to be in the pit??



From RiotPoofBoy:

Jesus Christ, what an incredible night. My very first Tori concert, and what an amazing one to see. She came out blaring with God (her band is absolutely amazing), played a great set, I LOVED iieee. Then I heard the beginning of Here. In My Head and absolutely freaked out. And then she played ICICLE!!! That was so unexpected and such a welcome surprise. And what a great encore!! Precious Things, Hotel, JACKIE'S STRENGTH, and Tear in Your Hand. Plus Thank You. Jackie's Strength was more beautiful than I possibly describe in words .Tori, you rock my world. Okay. time for bed now. I'd write more, but i'm SOOOO tired.

Night all.


From merry:

I've just gotten in from the show and am in absolute awe. Meet'n'Greet was...chaotic and stuff, but I'll be posting on that subject later. The set list included something for everyone and the amount of energy that went into Tori's performance was incredible. The extra solo songs were amazing (duh).
But the concert experience goes far beyond just Tori and her performance. It also relies on the actions of the listeners. Two of the people who were next to me were smoking constantly (against the rules, by the way and incredibly rude--there ARE asthmatics out there who would like to make it through a concert with out wheezing and coughing) and had a camera. Guys, I want pics of Tori, but you just don't bring cameras into the venue unless you're press. The security people kept returning to argue with them and that was really disturbing when you're trying to listen to a concert. Respect the people around you, please, 'cause I think you'd like them to do the same.

HOWEVER, all normal concert obnoxiousness aside, there are fans who make the concert worthwhile and I was lucky enough to benefit from the generosity of one of them tonight. I'm short, and, because the people in the two rows in front of me were taller than me (and swaying back and forth---to see around eachother), I spent most of the concert craning my neck, standing on tip-toe and jumping up and down to see. It's one of the regular perils of being short, so, while I was frustrated, I'm used to this sort of thing. During the very beginning of the second encore, the guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder and offered me his binoculars. I tried to use them, still couldn't see and let my two friends look through them. One of my friends tried to lift me up, but it just didn't work. The guy who offered me the binoculars told me that I could stand on the seat in front of him and watch from there. He helped me onto the seat until I gained my balance and I was able to watch the rest of the second encore through the binoculars, as if Tori were right there in front of me. After she finished playing Thank You and got up to wave at the crowd, she cupped her hands around her eyes like binoculars, smiled, and pointed, mouthing, "For you." It was so cute...at first I thought that she must've been pointing at someone else, but when I asked later, I was told that I was the only one standing on a seat with binoculars. As if seeing Tori live, performing solo for us weren't enough...To that guy, whoever you are, you made my night. I can't begin to thank you. I only hope that we can all be that generous.

From Tori_Phile_UNT:

OOWWWW!!!! Hot damn, what a great show!!! Some other kind soul posted the set list, thank you!!! Anyway, My second Tori show was totally unforgettable!!! I was in the pit dead center on the rail, in front of the Goddess herself! After her 2nd encore, she gave the lucky guy next to me her water bottle. I just about died. Might seem cheesy, but you know what, Her eyes are so pretty. I gotta a great look at them!!! I snagged the set list that was closest to the Bosendorfer!!! Yea!!! I have a even greater resect for that woman and I defintely will be back to see her ASAP!!! Love ya Tori!!!

From Syren:

WOW! This show was incredible! This was actually the first time I got to see Tori and the band live, and I'm stunned speechless by the whole ensemble. Absolutely breathtaking..
Ok. Setlist and personal thoughts:

*God - Tori sang the intro from offstage (like I heard she's been doing) and emerged from the darkness, joining the band. It sounded great! I could immediately tell she had the energy for this - she seemed ready to go!

*Father Lucifer - I didn't even recognize this at first. Either she did some ad-libbing, or changed the sound with the band, but it wasn't until, "Father Lucifer, you never looked so sane.." that I realized what this was. I wasn't sure how this would sound with the band, but it was incredible..And John's bass at "nothing's gonna stop me from floating" was rumbling..I felt it through the floor...wonderful..

*Sugar - amazing..better than I'd hoped. Hearing this live brings so many different emotions out, it's even more touching than the studio version (which I didn't think possible). Her voice was really on and you could feel that she was giving it her all.

*Juarez - didn't recognize this either, until I caught the drum beat and bass line. She sang "no angel came" accapella as an intro, which rang out nicely. I do love this song on the album, but I felt like it was missing something live. Certainly not from their performances, but I think the individuality of each chord and melody was kind of lost live. Still fun to watch and listen to though. During the entire song, she made gestures, one of them being her arms outspread like an angel during "the desert, she must be blessed". I must compliment Matt on his drumming - I think the whole tribal beat he keeps so well is awesome to listen to!

*Past the Mission - I don't think anyone was expecting this. It felt like collective surprise from the audience, resulting in cheers, as she started,"I don't believe I went to far.." Haunting..

*iieee -I was looking forward to hearing this live because it sounds so lucious with the keyboard parts and her singing overlapping..as she has one hand on the Bosey and one hand on the synth..very beautiful song live. She put a lot of emphasis on the "why does there got to be a sacrifice" line, repeating "sacrifice" several times, more than usual. I think she may have made some gestures, like the cradling, but the people from the pit will have to say for sure.

*Spring Haze -My friend Cindy and I wanted to hear this live and ,alas, here it was! More beautiful than I'd expected. Her solo piano on the verses gave me chills as she swept into the chorus with the band. She made a flying gesture with her hand during the one of the choruses..that grabbed my heart, especially feeling like this song is about a plane crash...

*Here. In My Head (solo) - Well sit me down! God, I needed to hear this song so badly and it was so beautiful, it swirled in my head and brought out my tears. She put oomph into "do you know what this is doing to me?" and it was perfect! Breathtaking...my favorite of the night. Chills...

*Icicle (solo) - a crowd pleaser! Everyone was thrilled as soon as she began playing those first familiar notes..and everyone sang along..you could hear this wave of voices singing, "getting off, getting off, while they're all downstairs", which was such a kick to hear! She's always right on the mark when she does this live, and tonight, she did it yet again!

*Landslide (solo) - Woah. I have heard this on various recordings and such, but this was my first live. It was so beautiful and moving that I had to sit down, take a breath or two, and cry. The magic she puts into this song is simply astonishing. Her voice sailed through the place, everyone was quietly listening..it was so beautiful. My other favorite moment of the night.

(band returns)
*Suede - I recognized it from the bass lines.(thank god for John, eh?) She was completely playing the keyboard until "oh little sister.." which she switched to solo piano (with bass maybe? I'm not sure..). It was a very bassy song, lots of bottom end, as it is on the album. Kinda like Juarez, the melody got lost in the size of it all. I still love the song though. And there's nothing like her facial expressions - very serious - during the chorus...the intense "Tori" stare..

*Professional Widow - kicked my ass!!WOW. That one word sums it up. God, the band was so into it, the light effects(with smoke) were so fitting..this completely rocked the place...I'd gladly hear this one again!!

*Space Dog - I'd only heard this with the band from the TVaB live cd..that's the only way I recognized it! The band did a great job of transfering this song from the studio version. Caton was right on with the guitar effects, very into it. Tori was flawless with the solo piano parts..beautiful.."deck the halls, I'm young again, I'm you again.."

*Waitress - ENERGY!! One word, that's all! I've heard it live, but to see it is totally different, with the light show, John bobbing his head with the beat, Matt beating the hell out of his kit, and Caton playing with effects..of course, then we have Tori, who was completely into this song, and I do mean that..she started the "hang ten honey, I'm going go where she goes"..and didn't stop! Just when I thought they'd reached the end, Tori kept on, banging the keys and singing "I believe, I believe.." She was definitely channeling some serious energy. Believe it or not, Caton gave Tori the sign to end it!! His fingers were probably bleeding!

Encore 1
*Precious Things - Always awesome..always, always, always! Once again, huge amounts of energy from everyone. Tori really put it all in there with the "girl....." - yep, the long growl of a word with her hand stopping at her crotch and moving up to her chest. Powerful to watch, powerful to hear..love it!

*Hotel - Blew my mind! I did not expect this at all and was blissfully surprised.."Give me more" sailed over the crowd..it was awesome..Switching from keyboard to piano, she balanced it all so perfectly, her voice right on the mark. "I have to learn to let you crash"..was so pretty with the lights and band helping out. This was a song I didn't expect to play well live, but it really blew me away!

Encore 2
*Jackie's Strength (solo)- she came back out and said, "for you." then began playing the beautiful melody. I'm guessing she played this for "us" due to the Dallas and JFK connection. It was intensely beautiful and I love it even more when it's just her and the piano. The place was so quiet, I heard crickets chirp during a pause..people lit up lighters. The was one of the most emotional versions of JS I've ever heard..it certainly got me...

(band back)
*Tear In Your Hand - This song crushed me...absolutely crushed me..They had it sounding quite close to the studio version, but it was her voice that got me. She put emphasis on certain words that made it hard for you not to feel something. "Maybe it's time to wave goodbye now" was the part that grabbed me..her voice echoing in the air, with incredible emotion...Ah!!

*Thank You (solo) - the best version of Thank You I've ever heard! Brought tears to me and my friend Cindy's eyes...it was so incredibly beautiful..she added some things in there that I wasn't able to decipher, and she played around with the chords which made it sound (and feel) even more passionate! She built the ending by letting it last longer..I didn't want the song to end!

Ah, but it did, and so did the show. I am so thrilled that I was able to go and be a part of this wonderful night. She truly was at top form and seemed to enjoy having more time on stage again.

And if you got to the end of this, wow..thank you! Take care all..
Sweet Tori Dreams,

From denisec:

Syren's review is right on the mark.
It was definitely a musicians night out under Dallas stars with the State Fair in the background.
It seems that Tori has evolved to another circle of musicianship and if you're will to take the leap, the ride will be just fine.

By combining past "girls" with current ones, Amos manages to show the audience an evolution of herself that many artist select not to.

Although my seats were distant, binocolar created an excellent frame for viewing. Without a doubt the band is tight, the lighting engineer is right on and the sound....perfect.

From the lawn, which is a great place to release yourself, Jackie's Strength was perfection. Silent and lit with audience lighters. A definite treat for a well behaved audience and a spiritually touched artist.

Even though I missed the previous shows with Alanis, it seems that the teaming up of two generations of women and musicians has added to the evolution of something amazing.

Tori did extend praise to Ms. Morrisette and displayed enthusiasm to be playing with her brothers and Starplex concert goers.

When all was said and done, the crowded left a stadium kissed by fall air and tucked in with a peaceful Thank you.


From single engine cessna:

Mother of God, Poo on a Stick, I am in awe. My second TOri show, my 7th year of loving her, and this show was incredible. I could not have asked for a better set list! Landslide blew me away- it was my first time to hear it live, and I actually hunted for this for months to hear a recording of it, so this was a real treat. I was third row, right in front of the Bosey! She was wearing jeans, red sparkly strappy platforms, and what appeared to be a light pink child's nightgown for a shirt. It had a high, ruffled collar and an appliqued flower on the front along with some other ruffles. She had little red ribbons tied to her wrists, and she looked absolutely adorable and beautiful.
19 songs, tons of rariies, way to much for one person to handle. Tori is a goddess!

From JiLL:

As for the meet and greet.. spent my time helping out other poor folks who some of the "I GO TO EVERY SHOW TORI KNOWS MY NAME" people wouldn't help pass up even though JOEL was asking for them..

Anyway, I helped my lil friend Lori (Razz) get her's signed, and this nice girl Sheila who's made it to 3 meet and greets and never gotten an autograph.. and she cried.. it was moving..

And I got my own, but not personalized.. I've had my time in the limelight, I SHARE it.. :P
But I *DID* ask for ICICLE.. YES THAT WAS MINE!!! Because it was my best friends song, and since my best friend died in January, I decided it would be good for closure, and it felt really good.. and I could feel Kristin there..

So, that was ok.. not worth the hussle and bussle unless you're in the front though..

The show.. wow, mean people there too, rushing to be in the front, I don't care what you guys say, all of these tori fans were willing to FUCK ANY ONE ELSE to get what they wanted.. it was really a pisser..

I did get to the front, on the rail (yay) and I watched the whole show from there, and tori was AMAZING.. and Icicle was AMAZING.. MY REQUEST WAS PART OF SECRET TIME W00H00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You was the fucking coolest ending, and wow.. it was great...

oh and I met Tori_Live (good thing cause of the hotel thing) and Choirboy.. what a nut! Been hitching it the whole way.. AMAZING! Can't wait to hear his story..

K, nuff of me..

From Shelly:

Oh Wow. I just now got around to posting this because I'm just getting over my shock. It was unbelievable. I was in the Pit, sort of between 2nd and 3rd row, but I didn't notice any bird droppings. It was increadible. This part hasn't been mentioned yet, so I thought I'd ask. There was a girl right in front of me, and she fainted or something. It was during Sugar, her eyes rolled back into her head. A man came over and picked her up, and took her out. I was wondering if she was OK. It really scared me. I don't think anyone has mentioned her clothes yet eithier. She had on a cream ruffled blouse with red streamers hanging from the cuffs. She had on tight dark blue jeans and this really awesome sparkling red strappy sandals. I took a ton of pictures. She had on the sparkly eye shadow as well. Right before iiee she took out her lipgloss and sort of seduced us! I was suprised about Past the Mission. I screamed so loud! It was so wonderful! I lost it though when she started Here in My Head. I cried all the way until Professional Widow. That rocked so hard! As did Space Dog and the Waitress. I was so hyped about Precious Things. When the verse about "...with their nine inch nails..." came up the whole audience just yelled it out. My voice is killing me! When she came back for the second encore, I started to cry again. Even before she played a note of Jackie's Strength. I was just so happy she was back! I was suprised she played Tear in Your Hand. But pleasantly suprised. But I was SHOCKED to hear Thank You. It was so beautiful. I was balling my eyes out. I swear she posed for me when I was trying to get a good picture. Oh, also the Dallas Morning News said she was an "Earthy Goddess" and gave her an amazing review. (Deservedly) I also forgot to mention that Spring Haze (a song with special meaning to me) was absolutely gorgeous! I, of course, cried at that one. Tori is so, so, I don't know, words cannot describe the effect she had on me last night. The effect will actually last me forever. Thank you Tori! Oh, I just realized someone HAS mentioned Tori's outfit, oops! So Sorry! CrnFlkguy #1, were you the guy someone asked about why the techs tune Caton's guitar? That was my friend, she still thinks if she were a musician then she's want to tune it herself. Oh well. If that was you, you replied, "they don't have to. They're rich and famous rock stars." Or something along those lines. Anyway, all in all it was a perfect peformance, and the crowd (for the most part) was lovely. I'm still an awe. Wow.

From Guenwyvar:

Ok, I'm crying again now. The show last night was SO amazing, but everyone's said that already. This was my very first show. I've missed every show since I fell in love with her over Boys for Pele. Every year I have tried to go to a show and every year I haven't gotten to. But not this year! I made it! The whole show was amazing, but when she played Precious Things for the first encore, I broke down. That song has so much meaning for myself and the friend of mine that accompanied me. When we were in Highschool we used to go to the park late at night and read and write poetry and sing that song over and over again. We held hands and cried together for the whole song. jackie's Strength is another song that really got to us. Everything was so special. I screamed my little heart out, and am missing a voice for it. The only thing that brought me down was the ppl in front of me who were not happy at all about my screaming and yelling. They were the only thing between me and that barracade and they didn't even yell or cheer once, they even covered their ears when all of us behind them were cheering for an encore. I wonder why they were in the front. But I made it to the barracade for the encore because someone left and so she looked and my friend and I through most of the song. ~ I was standing about 5 ppl down to the right from the lucky guy who got her watter bottle. She told him to "Share", but he didn't. Hee hee, I wouldn't have either. ~ But whoever he is, congrats!
On the issue of the merchandise, They had a purple T w/ three bars of photos from her new CD and on the back it had some dates. I was told it had Dallas on there, so I'm not sure if it was for the solo leg only or not. But they also had a black T with the pick from the Bliss Single and onthe back it had the 5.5 tour dates. There was a white shirt with some stawberry picks on the front and dates on the back. There were two baby tees. Both lilac, one was darker and the pic of what I think is on the 1000 oceans single, the roses against a door, on the pic it had "moistening" and Tori Amos, and on the back it had "on the bomb" The other baby tee was a lighter liac, almost pink and the words were in sea green, but I don't remember what it said. She had a neclace which I think said to Venus and Back. and she had key chains which I'm guessing said the same as the neclace. And then there was the tourbook. The regular T's were $25 and the baby T's were $32. The necklace was $10 and the tourbook was $15. I don't remember how much the keychains were.

Well, that's all for me.

Love and Faery kisses!

Guenwyvar ~:)

From gutterglittergirl:

ooooooh! i don't know if it's the fact that i could actually SEE tori at this concert (i was waaaaaay in back last year) or the amazingly wonderful luck i had at the meet n greet, but this show was so wonderfully amazing! oh, if anybody out there from that mosh pit of a meet n greet, thank you all so much for helping the short. i got my happy list (an on-going list of all the happiness i can squeeze out of this world) signed by TORI AMOS - how wonderful is that!!! (yet another little giggle fest) i'm still in shock.
the show last night was so...energetic. i sang my little heart out with tori, like those great moments when you're listening to her in the car alone so you know you can sing as loud as you want and no one will hear you, but better, because you know you're in huge group of somebodies who are doing the same thing... and there is still something so transcendent about that piano. by the end of precious things i was on the verge of tears (i know far too many of those Christian boys...) and when she came back out and sang jackie's strength...i couldn't sing anymore, all i could do was this kind of happy whimper thing, like verbal tears of joy...it's a good thing my eye makeup was smeared when i put it on! i feel very lucky to have been a part of such an event. oh, and i love tori people because you can leave stuff in your seat at a concert to save your space, and they won't steal it!!! thank you all so much, i hope everybody had a great time, especially tori. toodles!

From Erinn:

The show was pretty good, except for the parts where Tori was fighting for her place on stage because of the sound (the drums were too loud at one point so we witnessed a little stage hand hop across the stage to fix the mics).
It's hard to say what was the best part of the show.... iiiee was probably one of them, in my humble opinion. Icicle ruled. Some of the newer songs from To Venus were a little mushy soundwise.

The set was pretty nifty -- she had these lava lamps in all different colors located in strategic spots around the stage: a yellow one by her Bosendorfer, a red one by the drums, a white one on top of one of the speakers on stage... There were several shimmery scrims set out artfully, as well. These were incorporated into the lighting aspect of the show, with trippy water-bubble/kalaidescope(sp) designs floureceing across them from time to time.

An amusing quote from the show: Tori stops about three songs into the set and says, "I have only one thing to say: If you haven't eaten it, smoked it or licked it....well... You just suck." It was pretty funny.

From Syren:

Just wondering..Tori said Happy Birthday to Ben. Ben, are you on here? Anybody know who Ben is? Lucky guy.. :-) Syren


Wow oh my god this show was so much better then last year in starplex the most energy filled most exciting event i have ever in my life been too she played GOD first hand at the beginning of it she stayed back stage and came out riviting and ready to play she played some of her songs without the band which were very heart filled and gorgeous to listen to.
She teased the audience a little leaving a couple of times and then coming back but the most memorable thing was her beconong me to come on the stage with her she stared straight at me!! i was in the pit all the way in front right in front of her. the best thing also was when she would put ther lip gloss on after ever show , AND SHE EVEN CAME OUT FUCKING HER PIANO!!!! it was so wounderous and the cuteness of her eating her soup!! I LOVE TORI AMOS!!! And even a friend and i stayed a while and talked to joel a little bit and waved good bye to her and joel when they left to go huston. well i'm going to the austin show i 'll post some more reports on that!!!!!! TORI IS!! THE MUSICAL BUTTERFLY!!

From bodhisattva:

I met Ben.
His name is Ben Manthey, a really tall guy, probably about 15. After the show was over I'd gone around to the back of the amphitheater where the meet and greets usually are. Ben's mom had tried to get a message backstage that it was her son's birthday, and there he was, overwhemled, incredulous. He had teared up when Tori had said "Happy Birthday, Ben" during the show because he couldn't believe that she would actually do such a thing. I assured him that yes, she did mean him. She really did, and I'm sure that she was just too tired to do another M & G but would have loved to see him that night if she'd been up to it. So Ben, if you see this here, I was the one who asked for your last name.

From Ted B:

I made my third show of the tour by driving from Kansas City. Thanks to all of the fans around me in the pit! You all made this a wonderful night. Tori seemed in a more playful mood than the Milwaukee and Minneapolis sets.
Funniest part of the night for me was when Tori sang "and I'm getting older, too" during Landslide, and some guy yelled out "we can't tell, Tori". She smiled and mugged for him, then redid the verse!

For those wondering about merchandise, it was identical to the stuff on sale during the 5.5 weeks tour.

For me, the set list was great because she didnt have that much overlap with previous shows. If only she had done Doughnut Song, it would have been perfect. Sigh ...

From Jaedon:

Well, first of all, I think Space Dog is really being underestimated here.. I thought that performance was FANTASTIC! And the way she had the screens and lights set up to move with the beat.. wow.. I still get the picture in my head. Anyone else notice that when the lights went through the lava lamps on the stage that it shot images of craters on the walls, so it looked like Venus... or was that just me with my bad eyesight and overactive imagination?

From brandon:

K this post is laaate but i just now had a chance to get online. This was my 3rd Tori show and it was better than the other two i've seen put together.
Tori seemed so HAPPY!
I don't know if anyone's said anything about this.. but during Sugar she whipped her head back once and actually hit it on the keyboard mic..and then she did this cute Doh Look over her shoulder.. Also, at the beginning of Space Dog it looked like Tori sat down ready to start the first verse before the others..so she stood back up to bang the high keys again and laughed and said "whoops!" ..and then after the first verse/chorus when the next one started..she stopped playing and just sat grinning at Caton.. Caton looked back at her and gave her a "what the heck are you doing?" smile
And yes, the mock piano humping at the beginning of the show was hilarious... Tori also said something like "ooh we are SO glad to be here.. i mean being with alanis was great, she's lovely, but now we don't have to cut down for her fans..so... tonight we're just playing for YOU" ... something along those lines... ahh the energy was so awesome.
OH and. If umm I dunno if this is right but.. DrewKT(??).. the girl in the nifty cowboy hat.. reads this, please tell Jennifer that Brandon from Oklahoma says hi

From Kevin H:

This was my first Tori concert and agree with the previous posts ... incredible show!! The sound system was a little disappointing. The band overpowered Tori, especially at the beginning, and it sounded distorted. I was around 6 rows back from the pit on the aisle, so maybe that was too close to get good sound. The lava lamps were a nice touch. At 41 I'm probably one of the few people there that was around when they were first popular 30 years ago (sigh).
Someone here mentioned getting tinnitus. Try using those foam rubber ear plugs. They just block out just enough volume to prevent hearing damage and you can still hear the music OK. You can always take them out during your favorite songs. Lost hearing never comes back and that ringing from tinnitus never goes away. (End of speech).

Kevin H

From cwb:

Just want to put in my 2 cents about the Dallas show. AWESOME!!! It was my first Tori show, and I certainly did not walk away disappointed. My seats were just to the left of the mixing station as you face the stage (a seat selection tip for those of you that go to Starplex for concerts: these are good seats). I was really excited that she played all the cool stuff she did. "Father Lucifer" was especially good. I love the new funked up arrangement that she puts into the song. I also loved "Jackie's Strength" and "Landslide". I wish she had done more from LE, but what she did do ("Precious Things" and "Tear In Your Hand") was great. I admit that I still don't have the new album (shame on me!), but I like what I've heard of it. However, I was surprised that she didn't do "Bliss" or "1000 Oceans" in Dallas, considering that these are the singles right now. But anyway, I'm very glad I went to the show, and I can't wait till she comes back again. Tori puts on a show well worth seeing.

From Tori_Live:

cwb, one thing you can count on with Tori is that she's _NOT_ going to play all hits, and the fact that a song is the current single means next to nothing. If you look at the shows she did in Dallas/Houston/Austin last year, she played Jackies Strength once (that was the current single) and Spark once.
It may just be me, but I increasingly find it's the tracks that I'm not particularly fond of on the album that I like best live.

Or at the very least the songs that I don't listen to that much.

For example, Professional Widow was never a favorite of mine, nor was Blood Roses, but they're great live songs. I loved Horses, and wasn't all that sure about her completely redoing the song on the last tour...and frankly, I didn't recognize the song when she played it until half way through it....Loved it.

I basically approach each show as an adventure. You never know what's around the corner (except for the first/last song of the main set and the first encore).

Let's faceit, there was a greater change between the Houston and Dallas shows last week than most bands have from tour to tour.

Gotta love it

From HopeEEE:

The Dallas show was spectacular. You could tell that tori was really glad to be on her solo leg of the tour. She was very vibrant and the music was great. I was glad to here some songs that I really didn't expect. My only qualm was that there was no meet and greet after the show. I drove into Dallas that day, so I couldn't go to the one usually in the afternoon. So, I was looking forward to seeing her that night. The staff at Starplex was kinda mean about us waiting for her, actually. Does anyone know if she actually came out? Because if she did, then that man was a big fat meanie liar! But, despite the perturbing staff, I was thrilled to see her live again.

From IIIeeHoney:

WOW! this was a great show.......We got lost and stuck in Dallas Traffic and I thought we would never make it! But we did, and we got there about 30 min before Tori Went on.....
This was only my second show-my first one being last year at the FTCGH tour.....
I was really really surprised and glad that she played PAST THE MISSION, SUGAR, FATHER LUCIFER, ICICLE,

The thing I love most about Tori is you never know what she is gonna play or do or say next.

ICICLE brought tears to my eyes, and so did JACKIES STRENGTH.

I really wish she would have played Cornflake girl and Caught a Lite Sneeze......maybe next time....


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