5 1/2 Weeks Tour
Irvine/Los Angeles, CA
September 25, 1999

Updated September 22, 2000

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Tori performed in Irvine/Los Angeles, CA on September 25, 1999 at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater during the Tori & Alanis Morissette 5 1/2 Weeks Tour.

Set List

Father Lucifer
Past The Mission
Smells Like Teen Spirit (solo)
1000 Oceans (solo)
Little Earthquakes
Riot Poof
Professional Widow

Precious Things


From Vox Online

Added to The Dent September 22, 2000 - I found a review of this concert at the Vox Online web site almost a year after this concert took place. The reviewer erroneously lists the day of this concert as October 21, but otherwise it is an interesting review of both Alanis and Tori's show, and includes many great photos from the performances of both artists. Check out the review at the Vox Online web site. Thanks to Brandon for telling me about this review.

From Melissa

Added April 25, 2000 - Once again I was broke and couldn't get a ticket until a week or two after they went on sale, so I got another nosebleed seat (Terrace 11, Row HHH Seat 49). By myself, just like at the Pond in Anaheim, CA a year before.

This time, there was traffic on the way there... I was an hour to an hour and a half late. ARRRGGG! I HEARD her play Past The Mission and Bliss. I got to sit down just as she was playing Smells Like Teen Spirit, which was worth the hell of missing Father Lucifer, Sugar and Crucify (I've always wanted to hear those songs live!) and worth the $42.00 I spent on the ticket. I was pleased with 1000 Oceans, Professional Widow and the cool version of The Waitress. I like when she sang, "I'm gonna go where she goes" it was awesome.
I think it was too bad that I wasn't familiar enough with the album to know and appreciate Riot Poof, because now I love that song! A couple of months after the show, when I had money I bought the Moistening shirt "On the bomb" I was a little disappointed that night because I was late and when I got there I felt that something was wrong with Tori - it seemed like she was just going through the motions and not really putting into what I know she could. I couldn't help compare this show to the show at The Pond a year ago. Maybe she was having personal problems that night. She seemed very distracted. She still played and sang perfectly with as much creativity as ever, but, not all of the emotion was there.

I know this is a Tori site, but I have to comment on Alanis. She blew me away! I love her so much more now that I've seen her perform, she has incredible stage presence. She got me really excited and turned my night to an exceptional experience. Alanis also played all the songs I really wanted her to. She did Uninvited, (my favorite from her) Are you still mad, Baba and a few others I can't quite remember. All I know is if It wasn't for Alanis, I maybe, would have been really upset.

Perhaps I wasn't as fulfilled with Tori's performance as much as I could have been because I was late. Maybe if I was there to hear Sugar and Father Lucifer I would have been an extra happy camper.

I still love Tori Amos (Hawley) as much as I ever did, if not more! And I can't wait until she tours again. Next time I am going to at least 4 shows and I'm going to buy tour books and merchandise there - even if they charge you an arm and a leg!

From Richard Handal

September 27, 1999 - Richard called me on the phone from L.A. Tori played under a gorgeous full moon from 8:00PM until 9:17. After Lucifer, Tori said that she had never been there before but used to drive by here on her way to a club gig on the beach. She then said, "If you live in LA, it's better to be at the bottom of the food chain, because you're not such a dick."

Richard got chills at the end of 1000 Oceans. At the beginning Tori said while doing the introductory chording, "I don't do this song much, it just wants to come right now."

Little Earthquakes was elegaic.

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From *ShadySuede*:

OH! Darn! I thought I was going to be the first one to run home and get the set list up!!! This night was my only show with Tori on this tour. I scrimped to get Orch tickets and am glad that I did but probably won't again!!! Ticketmonster and scalpers are evil. THE SHOW--

There was no opening band and most folks were not seated when Tori came on with God because we were all in line to get shirts, necklaces, programs and the like. Tori came on around 8pm and was wearing a pink (or peach?) easily seen through blouse and navy blue slacks. I would also like to include that she did not seem tired!!!

When she began the little improv for Father Lucifer she did this little "horns" dance and also used her hands to depict a full belly --was she trying to tell us something??? Something as in pregnancy??? I haven't read all of the other concert review posts, so I don't know if she's been doing this frequently or not . . .

I wore my laminate but didn't see any others except for those worn by my sister and friends. And, I only saw three people wearing wings. An all time low for me because I saw several at the Greek last year!

Before she began playing 1000 Oceans she was going to play something else but said "that it wasn't going to happen" --does anyone have an idea as to what it was??? Riot Poof was cool. I felt sort of validated because I bought the "moistening" shirt . . .

I didn't stay for Alanis because my contact lens were making my eyes tired and I don't know most of her songs anyway . . .

All in all a good show. Just really expensive!!!

From acmuir:

Tori is poetry in motion! I've seen her a few other times (though never enough), and I was pleased by a setlist of songs I have, for the most part, not seen live before. Little Earthquakes was incredible! Tori's desire for the heavy, for the painful side - evident in everything, from her qualm with "the christian boys" to musical inspiration - is so eloquently put in this song... she sang it live with such power, such a wide vocal range... very appropriate. Every song was really powerful! The opening to crucify did sound like song for eric... very pretty. She was really animated tonight, dancing whenever she could! And, I think she even impressed some alanis fans with her cover of smells like teen spirit! She really let loose on it... held some intense notes! And 1000 oceans, oh wow!
One response to the last posting: there was an opening band at about 7pm - sci-fi lullaby.

It was a great show! I still like tori's solo time the best, as well as the moments when her upper vocal range takes over for a beautiful melody, but the electronic sounds are growing on me, as has the more gutteral vocal range which has become more and more prevalent. Tori can really ROCK!
(and sorry, but alanis is no where near her level).

Ashley Muir

From upsidedown boy:

While standing outside the venue I was able to hear a bit of the sound check. It appeared that she did "Concertina" as one of the warm ups yet failed to perform it once in front of the crowd Here is the set list:
Father Lucifer- cute dance during intro
Crucify- did not care for this version too much Bliss- excellent
Past The Mission- a pleasant surprise!!!! very nice Secret Time
SLTS- she seems to be on a Cobain kick,.. she gave us this in Bakersfield as well.

1000 Oceans- she stated before the song that she rarely does this ( as I was secretly praying for upside down, but oh well)

Riot Poof
Prof Widow

Ok i just need to state or vent a little before bed. I drove an hour and a half home and am quite tiured but feel the need to verbalize my experience. I think I have a large bullseye on my forehead that says "bother me while I am listening to Tori". Each year I have been plagued by sitting next to an annoying and/or drunk individual who is obviously not there to enjoy an evening of music, but rather engage in a loud debate with their friends as to their happenings at work, family, or love life. This happened during the Plugged '98, sneak preview, dew drop inn, and under the pink tours!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well this concert was no exception. I was seated next to a barbie doll who had WAY TOO MUCH to drink. She was talking to her friends for the first two songs until the people in back of me asked her to be quiet. When she persisted to talk I leaned over and gave my "look of death" and asked them politely to be quiet for I cant hear Tori. This actually was during secret time and I had lost all patience. The girl then decided she was my best friend and was asking me multiple questions. This process began at the intro for LE when I screamed due to my excitemement. She asked me what song it was , and when I told her, she jumped up and stated , "oh i know this one" and began to do a spasm dance to LE as our section stared at her. Then during Prof. Widow she asked me what song it was, and when i told her she then wanted to know what album. I replied BFP.. and she stated that I must have the name wrong for she never heard of that album!!!!!!! When she asked me about my EWF shirt, I simply turned to her and said, you know I would be willing to talk after the show but not during the set, I am really here to see Tori not socialize". My cherry on the sundae was when she tried to dance with me during Precious Things. I did not stay for Alanis, since I had no interest in her , but as I was leaving some girls told the girl that she should have stayed in the parking lot with her six pack until alanis came on. Overall the show was good. I am looking forward to the second LA show tomorrow! Good night all!

From Undadapink:

I just got back from the concert.
In my opinion, Tori was phenomenal. She did not seem tired at all. She did seem a bit rushed, however, and didn't talk much to the crowed. I did love when she said: "I don't give a fuck who's out there but it's best to be on the bottom of the food chain if you live in LA, because you're not such a dick!" Tori, I couldn't agree more.

She was also very lively tonight. Dancing and swaying. I loved the little dance before "Father Lucifer." She did pantomime having a full belly but then she crossed each index finger like making a cross and then gave a two thumbs up. Hmmmm.

I really lucked out because I was in a box with all Tori fans. All in all, it seemed to be a great Tori crowd. One major gripe that I have is that I bought my tickets from a broker and paid through the nose for the seats that came with back stage club passes. When we showed them, however, the security guard told me (and everyone else who had them) that they were not honoring them for the two shows because the artists reserved the back stage area for their guests only. Needless to say, several people who all paid very high prices were very angery.

I never thought I do it, but I did. I stayed for about three of Alanis' songs but it just confirmed the fact that I don't like her. She seemed to be nervous and fidgety and didn't quite know what to do with her hands. Also, the spinning and running was a bit much. Oh well. At least I gave it a shot.

From spunkie:

this was my first tori show....and meet & greet. the meet & greet was sorta disappointing for me, because i was stuck in the middle of a huge throng of people, most of whom were taller than me. no way was i going to get to meet tori or have her sign my venus cover....or even get more than a quick glimpse of her face through the masses. i had an ok view of tori as she walked back to her limo. she waved and was wearing a scarf...i don't remember what color. :P my friend/roommate says she was wearing a black shirt. i dunno. i was just in awe that i was in the same vicinity as her, that i could SEE her. if only for a few seconds! tomorrow we're going to try again....and this time i'll wear sunblock. and then the show....
tori was wonderful. we knew that she was going to start with 'god'....that was rad.
..sugar!!! i was SO happy that she played sugar next!!! it's definitely my favorite song on the venus live disc.....and one of my favorite tori songs in general.... i love the live version with the band. it is so powerful. i think i hit my friend when i heard the opening piano bars....or maybe that was smells like teen spirit, i don't remember. :P yeah, i was really glad she played that too. and father lucifer. and i couldn't help but bob around during past the mission. most of the ppl on the lawn seemed pretty still and subdued. well other than the people i assume were alanis fans, chattering away during tori's set. grr... so, yeah. the version of crucify was really cool, really different, it kicked ass.
i could have done without 1000 oceans. it's not one of my favorites on venus. i would have LOVED to hear concertina!!! maybe i'll hear it tomorrow....
ohh riot poof was fuckin rad....i wanted to dance but the grass sloped a lot and i feared falling :P it was wonderful tho. professional widow was another highlight for me. come to think of it, i must have hit my friend like five times :P hey i wonder if tori ever plays the merry widow version??
she is such a neato person, i love her mannerisms, the way she talks, dances. the LA comment was rad.
she was wonderful. but i was waiting for her to really belt it out during pro widow....but it seemed like she never got really loud, which i was hoping for.
anyway, precious things was a rad encore. we didn't stay for alanis, because we kinda wanted to end the nite on a tori note. we'll prolly do the same tomorrow. needless to say i'm not an alanis fan.
...tomorrow i have good seats, so i'm stoked. i'm going to wear pink faerie wings. yay!

thanks for reading

From speed racer:

so...there's nothing more i can really add to this thread..but tonight's show was AMAZING
the sky was beautiful...tori kept dancing and grinding and fidgeting...she was very lively....

before father lucifer..i think she danced for about 2 or 3 mintues...she would put her hand above her head and make a triangle or diamond-like shape with her hands then move it down to her belly....

1000 oceans brought the house down IMHO
you could hear a pin drop....i think a couple people sufffered from lack of oxygen...

i can't wait till sunday's show

From mattrix:

Fear of big venues. Very justified. The show in Irvine was a very big venue. Much diferent from the show that I had gone to in Bakersfield. The meet and greet was nicer than at Bakersfield because it was a more open area.

The show however was something quite different. I was very irate for the first half of the concert. Some people were talking and would not shut up during the Tori part of the show. That had completely detracted a lot of things.

However, that aside Tori was great. She seemed to be more in a storytelling mood as she talked about how she used to drive past the Irvine Ampitheatre on her way to the clubs to play.

The accoustics were very different as I was close but off to the side so I was missing the whole piano and vocals a slight bit.

I will be going tomorrow and hopefully have a better experience. The people in Los Angeles were rather rude and I was disappointed with the fact that people were not as nice as they were at the Bakersfield show.

From daniellleee:

hey kids. i don't have too much to add...except when she started to play 1,000 oceans (which was amazing) and said 'i can't play this tonight' or whatever...i swear to god the intro was hey jupiter, but she just couldn't make him come out & play....
am i crazy? am i just hearing things? was it just wishful thinking?

anyway i had a great time despite the dumb, loud pot-smoking hee-hawish girls behind us. i wish i had the $$ to see her again tonight.

From Vespera:

My Lawn Experience
I am not going to post any setlists or anything for the obvious reason of avoiding redundancy- but I am going to disagree with the people who thought that the show was AMAZING. Don't get me wrong, it's TORI, so of course it is going to be awesome, but it was fefinately not her peak of energy for me. But then again, maybe it was just me and the fact that I was on the lawn. This was my fifth show in LA and I'd say that it was not the worst, but not the best. Like 4th place, honorable mention. I must tell you guys about my "buddies" near us on thelovely lawn. In front of us were two people, one who was very friendly, but TOO talkative during Tori. She was not familiar with her music and she kept telling us how much more fun she had the previous night seeing Quiet Riot. I found that very amusing. No offense to them. Hewr friend was about 35, we dubbed her "The Young One". She was dressed like a 12 year old, and she was really silly in such an obvious way that she was trying to be a teenager again. When the naked orgy hippies by us started dancing, she'd dance. When they'd stop, she'd stop. The dumb things you notice while having your Tori view obstructed. The hippies were another story. Loud, a disgusting and downright vulgar one! They were about 14-19 in age, the most obnoxious one danced directly in front of everyone who was sitting down, which I find VERY rude. I have NOTHING against dancing, but I think that if you want to dance and the majority of the crowd is not dancing, have some consideration! Go to an area in t he back where you have room and will not accidentally hit or kick people-- or block their view and enjoyment. The girls kept removing their shirts and showing their breasts to everyone on the lawn behind them ,ad then they would turn around as if they were showing Tori. Nice. Their male compainon made a point of urinating in a cup and pouring it over the front-fence in hopes of getting a seat-holder. very nice. Sorry for going on about these peopl, but they were unbeilevable. The major dancer was wearing a little off-white lace tank top and no bra. She was quite obvious and it was really offensive. I guess I am a prude, but I really think that is disgraceful to everybody. Those people kept yelling "We HATE Tori!!" and alternating with "We Love Tori!" At first, I assumed that they were Alanis fans, but, actually, they knew every Tori Song, and were singing along quite loudly, and quite accurately. So they were annoying. I am not used to the lawn and it DEFINATELY takes away from the experience and enjoyment. And I didn't even save that much money!!
Oh and I stayed for a little of Alanis and I thought that she was kind of charming, even though I am not a fan. I loved her backdrop, a big celtic tree (?) with a video screen behind it-- really cool.

From Apollo:

The show was amazing, I actually had good seats. The people around me were nice and quiet I have nothing to complain about. The Meet and Greet was a little disappointing but at least i got to see her walking to her limo.
God (Great, what more can be said?)
Sugar (One-two-punch, so strong, I wanted to hear Sugar, thank you Tori)

Father Lucifer(Reworked and sounding much better IMHO)

Crucify (The improv wassuper and the song was better than in GMA)

Bliss (Beautiful, I love this song)

Past The Mission (One of my faves, perfect)

Smells Like Teen Spirit (Correct me if I'm wrong but she did an improv here and it was much better than the other one, it was acapella too. SLTS was a wonderful surprise.)

1000 Oceans (Her voice was so clear, the song was beautiful, I disagree with those that call it cheesy, it's a love song!)

Little Earthquakes (WOW)

Riot Poof (Much better than the album version, that's saying a lot because I love the album version, I want to hear this again)

Professional Widow (Her voice was so strong, thank god I heard this one)

Waitress (I like it, really like it.)

Precious Things (Powerful closer, i left happy)

Also i noticed that while Tori was playing the moon was indeed there and quite full. When Tori left and Alanis was soon to come the moon disappeared, the haze covered it. It as my cue to leave. Another thing, when i was leaving I saw at least 20 limos outside, I heard from people outside that Paul Reiser (sp?), a girl from "The Practice," and a "blonde chick" from Ally McBeal were there. Did anyone see any celebrities there? Anyway, overall it was amazing show, Tori is is is...wow.

From gina c.:

i really hate seeing shows in LA...even though i live here. there are so many industry people here that it's near impossible to get really good seats. as someone mentioned earlier, there was a string of limos outside. the people who arrived in them probably didn't have to wait in the mile-long snake-like line to get in. Irvine Meadows is HUGE. when my friend found out it was there, he backed out at the last minute and i had to go alone. i had lousy seats in the balcony. the sound was very low there, and because i could hardly hear the music & especially tori's voice, i had difficulty getting into the show.

too many drugged-out teenagers really ruined the show for me. the girls behind me were completely out of it and screamed at the most inappropriate moments when they weren't singing along. one of them made a crass noise and i couldn't tell whether she'd burped or vomited.

the experience was bad enough to make me skip tonight's final show


From steelestar:

Definitely sounded like the intro to Jupiter during secret time - however, I was at the barricade in front of the stage during the show, and when a stagehand gave the cute blonde next to me the set list after Tori was done, it indicated that she had originally planned to play Cooling and Cloud on My Tongue.
Definitely helps to be up close when she plays these vast arenas: she looked, sounded and played magnificent (at least to me). And more playful than has been typical of other shows on this tour (at least the ones I've seen).

Quick note on Alanis: played a shorter set than Tori (barely an hour). I had never stayed to see her before. Really different stage presence. Not once did she ever try to make eye contact with the audience directly in front of the stage (except when she handed out 3 pieces of fruit before the encore) - it became kind of un-nerving. She seemed sweet and genuine but but appeared to lack any kind of connection with the crowd.

Can't wait for round #2 tonight.

From Lottelita:

Well, this was my first Tori show and I really enjoyed it. I went on a road trip from San Diego with a carful of friends and we all had lawn seats - lame, but what can you do when you're young and poor? However, my experience made me decide that the next time she's in SoCal, I will pay out the ass to get orchestra-level seats. So anyways. Honestly, and it pains me to say this, I wasn't blown away. Since I couldn't really SEE her, I was left with HEARING her live, and a lot of the stuff she played sounded just like the Live CD in Venus - esp. Precious Things, which was gorgeous and had me misty, but the CD did the same thing to me. I actually found my mind wandering from time to time; maybe it was the pot smoke that was oh-so-thick in the lawn area.

Of course, I had a great time. Her lights, while perhaps a tad overdone, were extremely cool. I liked the way she "tarted up" some of the old stuff EXCEPT FOR "the waitress" which was wayyyy too long and a bit tedious towards the end - anyone else have an opinion on that? I don't know how to interpret her little dance with the belly, but if as some have said she was crossing her fingers, maybe she's trying to tell us that she and hubby are TRYING for a baby, and are not necessarily pregnant yet.

I enjoyed Alanis more than I was expecting to. Her set was pretty neat although she had totally random video playing on a huge screen behind her. We were cracking jokes through the whole set and suggested that she show video of Tori LOL. We stayed for most of Alanis and left as she started the encore.

I'd just like to say to anyone who was at the show, especially those in preferred parking - WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? LOL. The Parking and exiting situation was CRAZY after the concert. Irvine meadows only has one point of exit and so thousands of cars had to merge into one stupid lane. So here's my harrowing story: we were in general parking, basically gridlocked like no tomorrow. However, I guess the parking guys weren't letting preferred parking out AT ALL and they were getting super pissed, honking like crazy. Finally, one of those limos, perhaps bearing a celebrity, decided to drive right over those tall orange cone-things and CUT US OFF WITH NO WARNING. we almost hit them! i told my buddy behind the wheel to go ahead and hit em cause he was already driving a fairly beat-up hoopty and we could get some serious whiplash settlements if he did LOL but he didn't go for it. I would love to hear what anyone has to say about the parking situation after we got out - we were scared that a riot was going to start. And if the girl I flipped off reads this - I'm sorry! :-)

All in all, it was a fun trip and I'll make it again. Although food was ludicrously expensive, i funded it by selling my own little illicit t-shirts which were pretty cute, if you ask me, and sold well at ten bucks a pop instead of the TWENTY-SEVEN BUCKS they wanted for tori shirts. LAME. if anyone's interested in my shirts, email me at lottelita@hotmail.com - they have tori quotes on them and i can custom desgin em. Okay, enough plugging. THE SHOW WAS AWESOME and i can't wait to go to another!!!

From Charleswhatever:

I got to the meet and greet and thought I wouldn't get to see Tori. There was a throng of people already waiting but there was no particular organiztion. The security people kind of baricaded us in and we all stood in the shade for about an hour until we were forced into the sun by the anxious crowd. Despaite the fact that the meet and greet was scheduled for 2:00, she didn't arive until closer to 4:00. Tori looked beautiful as always, stepped out of her limo and catered to only one section of the crowd. One girl was asking Tori to sign for her friend who was in the hospital with cancer receiving chemotherapy to which Tori replied "Wa wa wa waa wa" which was remincient of the Peanuts cartoons. Everyone gasped in shock and it was sort of in poor taste but it sounded like a line of bull shit to me too. One girl in the front got injured and the security was all "See people! That's why you don't push!" It got pretty ugly but I was a tall guy and I helped some people get stuff signed and took some really great photos which I could send when I get them developed. Despite my efforts to be nice and help everybody out, I was pushed out of the way by some security guy, and a whole gang of Tenny boppers filled in. I couldn't get an autograph for my "parking buddy" (You know who you are!) They passed water around so people wouldn't dehydrate but everyone would drop it on the person in front of them. Tori hugged some girl in front for like 3 minutes and that was pretty emotional although I have no idea why. I feel a lot of true Tori fans got screwed by a bunch of wannabes who just wanted to get something signed for the hell of it.
The concert was great. It was my 3rd Tori concert, but I thought she was more electrifying last summer in San Diego. I had to get my tickets in May but I got decent seats in Orchestra 3. Sci fi Lullabye was ok, but their stage prescence seemed pretty lame. They didn't have much room to move but I don't think they would have jumped around of anything anyway. They had no audience either. No one started filling the seats until they heard the opening sounds of "God" which rocked by the way. Tori was very animated, rubbing agianst her Bosendorfer and and making a vagina shape with her hands. She was a lot more talkative than usual and had a few stories to tell. She silenced the whole amphitheater with her emotional rendition of 1,000 oceans and everone went wild when she played a modified version of Professional Widow. She encored with Precious Things.

Alanis came out after about a half hour and sang her more famous songs. She was extremely soulful and made me dizzy when she started spinnning in place for like a minute and a half. She finished with a toned down version of you outta know and encored with her thank you song.

On a personal note why do people want to bitch when people are standing up in front of them? Its a concert were supposed to have fun. If you are on your ass, and expect everyone to accomodate you then maybe you have no place at the concert!

From angeldanny:

Ok, I don't know where to start. I think here: I was so excited about the concert. I got ready on Friday for everything, reserved a room in Garden Grove, and I wanted to be at the M&G and I knew it was going to be around 4:30PM, so I left the hotel at 3:15PM, I got lost in Santa Ana, I got at Irvine Meadows at 5:43PM where I stood in line until they let us in. I was pissed because I knew that the M&G was over. So, I met two nice EWF's (hey girls, I forgot your names, but I'm sure you remember me ) Hello!!!) We were talking and talking. We got inside and the first thing I did was buy me a shirt and a Tour Book. At 8:00PM lights off --- and we hard a voice: "God, sometimes you just don't come through..." Tori came out (she was wearing a white blouse and black tight pants) and started to sing:
1. God (beautiful Version, you go Tori)
2. Sugar
3. Father Lucifer (I heard it in another way) 4. Crucify (slow but nice)
5. Bliss (before she sang something weird) 6. Past the Mission (BEAUTIFUL VERSION)

Smells like Teen Spirit (never heard it before, but it was beautiful, it made me cry)
1,000 Oceans (beautiful song, that gave me the chills) band came back to stage

7. Little Earthquakes
8. Riot Poof
9. Professional Widow
10. The waitress (beautiful version that made me kinda dance and cry)


Well, this was my very first Tori concert and I hope not the last one. but I do hope that next time I have a car so I wont' get lost and struggle a lot again. )

Alanis wasn't bad at all, at least she did some songs that I really like. I just wished that people weren't smoking marijuana during her show. I was getting dizzy, and during Tori, people was just going up and down the stairs, as if they don't know how to stay sit for a while. I hated that. I just wasn't able to concentrate when people kept telling me "excuse me", 2 seconds free, then "excuse me" again. Gosh, I WAS TIRED OF IT!!!.

Well, I don't wanna write too much, It was beautiful concert. And I hope whoever reads this, if they want, they can email me and become EWF pen pals. It would be nice.


From frogboy:

well...where to start, meet and greet? why not. well i got there early enough, but i decided to wait in the shade instead of by the barricade. i have met Tori before, and besides, the meet and greets aren't what they use to be. i think i might skip them in the future. nonetheless, i still, somehow, got close to Tori when she came. i had been unable to in Phoenix or Vegas, but tonight was my last night to ask her to play my fav song of hers, "Putting the Damage On." i wrote her a note on a Tori postcard and she took it from me, read my note, signed it, and gave it back to me. Tori has played PTDO for me at every tour, both times in San Diego on the Dew Drop tour and on the Plugged. however, she didn't play it tonight. i wasn't that surprised though. she seems to be playing the same songs.
the show, well i felt that Tori lacked the energy she had in Vegas. i was stoked to hear "Father Lucifer" and "Past The Mission," though i don't really care for the new Lucifer version. i know why she sang it, but i was dissappointed to hear "Teen spirit" again. i loved 1000 Oceans though.
Tori actually talked to us a little bit tonight. she made some comments about living in L.A....the ironic thing is that we were in Irvine, not L.A. Irvine is not even in L.A. county. over all i enjoyed Tori as i always do. these shows do not compare with the two tours before when i've seen her, mainly because i see a different Tori now.

i adored the crowd there, a 200% improvement from Vegas. nearly everyone stayed for Alanis. here is her setlist:

despite the reports of other Toriphiles, Alanis rocked the place tonight. i sat next to these two guys who came to see Tori, but also stayed for Alanis. they sat there watching while the rest of us were up screaming. i caught them a few times dancing a little, but for some reason some Toriphiles feel they will betray Tori if they admit to liking Alanis' set. i ran into these two other guys in the parking lot after the show, and they told me, "We would rather watch Tori pet her dog then listen to Alanis." i then asked them why they had stayed for Alanis' set. they looked at each other and had no comment. i walked to my truck with a smirk on my face.

a final comment on both. Alanis has brought me so much joy these last three shows that i have went to. she is so different then when i saw her on the Jagged Little Pill tour. she is relaxed more, she talks to us more than Tori does, and her voice is always strong. i look forward to seeing her again in the future, and receiving her future work. her movie will be out soon...

well Tori has been my healer for years now, and her music always worked its way inside of me. however, i have very strong opinions of the new album, and the attitude and direction Tori has taken. i see her as being a willing player in commercializing her music and image, something she has never done before. i don't know, i will always be a fan, i know that, but she just doesn't move me like she use to.

i don't know...

From BlooDgirL:

~Meet And Greet~
I was so overjoyed that i was gonna see tori again. I was really anxious about the meet and greet. Since i've never been to one,i decided to give it a try. Maybe hopefully to see tori or at least to talk to her. I'm not sure i want to try a meet and greet again. I didn't set my hope so high in meeting her,i just hoped to get a picture. I didn't get a picture and tried the hardest to get to the front. Since my height doesn't help while the others are as tall as trees. The girl that everyone was reffering to really pissed me off! It seemed she just wanted something signed and her so called story was bullshit. No wonder tori went blah,blah,blah. It irrated me that this girl had nothing of tori to be signed. This girl had a little blue piece of shit of paper. where was her cd covers,posters, or books like everyone one else had?????,but this girl didn't have any of these items!!! She had a little blue piece paper for tori to sign! Wtf? It wasn't fair for the others who had actual stuff for tori to sign. I was hoping for her to sign my LE cd or 1,000 oceans cover. I can't believe when i saw what she gave to tori to sign! I think tori smelled her bullshit story. I think tori shouldn't of signed that scrap of paper. Oh well!!
She did not resemble a true ewf and just wanted the signature for the hell of it! We'll i got bummed after that,but i still looked forward to the concert later on.
Lucky Meganatrix who got to meet and chat with tori!! God~ So excited to hear the acapella version! It was awesome just to hear her off stage and wait until she appeared!

Sugar~This one is one of my favorites. I was glad i got to hear this one.

FatherLucifer~ The Lucy part gives it a different feel to it!

Crucify~ Despite others who don't like the new version, i really do!

Bliss~ This song is perfect to play live!

Past the mission~ Love this song very much! Wasn't expecting to hear this one! I was just waiting for Trent to walk on stage! I know,i'm dreaming! heehee

TeenSpirit~So glad tori hasn't lost this one! It was so beautiful and her voice was breathtaking! I was getting watery eyes during this one!

1,000 Oceans~This one was so beautiful and very emotional.

LE~Wonderful as always!

RiotPoof~This one was great live! Hey what happened to the on the bomb part?!

ProWidow~Got my wish with this one! Lots of attitude!

Waitress~(WOW) What else can i say about this one!?!

PreciousT~Good song to close the show!

Overall the vibe around me was fantastic! There was no screaming "You suck tori" or any chitchating during her set! The same goes for Alanis set as well. The only thing i hate is people blocking my view of tori! I'm sorry you paid for your seat,so sit your ass in it! The majority of people were getting irrated by the girls blocking their view as well! As eveyone is talking about those tori gestures with her stomach! I thought she was telling lawn people to be careful or someone's gonna get pregnant! I don't think she was reffering to herself.

I'm not a hardcore Alanis fan,but she did really good! How does she spin like that?!? I was getting dizzy just watching her! The show was great, i just wished tori would've done more venus songs. I was praying for suede! Oh well the concert was a great experience for me!



From Back2Venus:

I must say that for me, too, this show was disappointing. I drove nearly six hours south to see Tori from half a mile away. Not only was I in the shit section (lawn--this is way different than my Tori experience last year in Sacramento, in the SIXTH ROW!!! It kicked ass!), but the venue did not even use a video screen, so it was extremely hard to see anything Tori did... or to see her at all. Tori was great in the songs she sang, but she didn't really sing the ones that are deeply meaningful for me. Although I'm really glad I was able to hear "Riot Poof" and "Teen Spirit," I'm kinda upset now that I read in a post above that she was supposed to sing "Cooling" and "Cloud On My Tongue." Those are two of my favorite Tori songs, and I would have died to hear those!!! Dammit. Also, I was very disappointed in the crowd. Very little appreciation for Tori... which was most obvious when Alanis came on and all of a sudden EVERYONE started screaming their lungs out. It really felt like Tori was the opening, warm-up band, and I don't like that feeling. I know there are enough people to fill a venue to see just Tori, so why the hell do we have to waste our time with Alanis??! Sure, she's allright, but she sounds just the same as she does on the radio or on your CD. I'm sorry if it totally seems like I was bitching. But I had wanted to stay till 4pm Sunday to at least go to the meet and greet for the last show and see Tori, but my friends protested it so much that I finally just drove home mad. And for the thing about someone breaking into Tori's hotel room and vandalizing the mirror, I really really hope no one would intentionally mean to hurt her. I saw a young girl at the show with her mother who had a bouquet of flowers and a message scrawled on a pink poster, and they made her leave the poster outside the gates. That would have pissed me off if it was me. For all of you who thought the show was the best, I am very very happy for you! Next time I'll get better tickets.
p.s. -- I asked one of the Trojan girls how much they were getting paid, and she told me $14 an hour. $14 an hour to hand out condoms at a Tori concert! I want that job!

Allison *the sweetest cherry in an apple pie*

From Selene Ceres:

ok, well i'm not going to start with my sob story about meeting tori but if you want details on the meet and greet its in the main forum under "Am i not meant to meet tori "
it just burns me up that teeny boppers got shit signed when i just wanted to give her something! argh!
some people were rude and you really have to sympathize with tori she's only human and i'd get pissy as well and i'm really nice most of the time.
well the concert in itself was alright considering i was so far away. I had a horrible time because of the environment there. people laughing in the middle of tori's singing or at her cutie dances. most everyone showing up in the MIDDLE of her time on stage. and the condoms floating around!!! what are we 12? tee hee look at the funny condom...um no not funny. they were blockingmy view and couldn't hear properly from the giggling. i mean am i the only one who noticed this? or am i just being horrid the last couple of days? Tori and her music are very important to me and it upsets me when people lack respect like that ***Tori was not an opening act and Father lucifer is not the time to go get beer bloody ejits!
ok i'm done
the two solos, teen spirit and 1000 oceans took me by surprise and lifted my spirits
and by the time she sang riot proof i was dancing around (in my seat so as to avoid getting smacked) so tori makes it all ok

From lisa071573:

ok just a short review since there are already so many posted... I didn't go to the m&g cause I needed to sleep from my midnight drive through the desert...but I heard the horror stories...

my sister and I had separate seats since she decided after I had already got my ticket that she was going to go...so she was way up in the seats near the lawn and I was down near the front. I got my ticket from Ticketmaster which was an amazingly good seat (2 rows behind the pit) but I hate all of these hidden rows...row B is not the second row, but the 7th. yuk. But I was able to move up a bit and was behind one person up at the stage, right in front of Caton (who winked at me when I waved to him on stage ) anyway - I love the new Lucifer/Lucy girl version...I never got to hear Lucifer live last year so I was happy for that one...and I got Crucify too (with a nice improv) which I was happy for since I missed it in Bakersfield. I loved Riot and Prof Widow - so much fun!

megantrix - I still didn't get any setlists I don't think I saw you at vegas or Irvine....is that what the improv before teen spirit was about? I had kinda wondered if she was flipping the crowd off or not...I'll have to hear that one again

I stayed for Alanis for the first time and she was better than I expected, but still not my cup of tea. You Oughta Know rocked, however, and I got a peach from her so that was neat. I did have a very very hard time hearing her voice and everything she said - her set seemed very loud...

This show was better than the second L.A. show...not many drunks up front and talking was at a minimum.


From Purple people:

I was very disapointed with the way things were going in the beginning of the evening. The line stretched all the way down the hill and back around again when we arrived. My boyfriend borrowed his friend's preferred parking pass from his friend...and we were denied, being able to use It! We were supposed to be able to park right inside the venue...but it didn't happen to work out that way. But they did let us go all the way up the hill to the gate where they let everyone in...we parked. Then we had to go ALL THE WAY DOWN the hill to get in line. Ok, ok...then we got in...and I had my first run in with a drunk Alanis bimbo. She was in line for the bathroom, and was trying to give a pretty Korean girl a compliment by asking her if she was holding a picture of herself. It actually was a Tori Program. (THAT was annoying!) Then the next bothersome thing happened, they were all out of those "To Venus" shirts...I wanted one so bad! But I bought other favorite "moistening" baby-T.
Our seats were excellent...We were in Orchestra H seating. As ShadySuede above mentioned, it was pretty empty when we first got there, and people were still standing around. I thought it was a Teaser when I heard Tori's voice come over the speakers from backstage...I hadn't known that the opening band had already played! As soon as we sat down she came out! It was so surreal.
No one came to sit in front of me for a long time...I had a really good view of what was going on up there. I had originally thought that her hand motions before Father Lucifer were regarding the rumors of pregnancy too...she made the round handed gesture of baby and then she crossed her hands and shook her head no. But it's interesting .. it makes sense what that message above said...about her signing to that couple making out! I truely enjoyed her set...especially her rendition of "Teen Spirit"...
When she mentioned that she was going to play a song that she usually didn't...it sounded like the beginning of "Hey Jupiter", then she said "NO, not this time"...and went into 1000 oceans.

Tori was a dream...and Alanis wasn't half bad either in my opinion, just a different artist with a different style. Who'd want them to be the same! There's only ONE Tori!!

p.s. Tori's blouse was a see through white and beige...(not pink!) :-) I couldn't see her shoes very well, but she was also wearing a dark indigo pair of jeans...and her hair seemed shorter (shoulder length).

From lisa071573:

hey again...I just waned to respond to what someone said about 1000 Oceans...the beginning of that song sounds similar to Jupiter (I thought too that it was going to be Jupiter) but she repeated the same key and notes and went into Oceans...I think they just sound similar. Also, someone yelled out Caught a Lite Sneeze and that was what she was responding to when she said "it's not gonna happen tonight honey" And I listened to the impro before Teen Spirit and there is a bit about "that man last night I flipped him off"...

go tori!

oh and someone said above that one of the stage guys gave the setlist to a cute blonde...see, it is a conspiracy against the ugly girls!! ugh

From mr-zebra:

hmm, the irvine show...I had a good time, tori was great, a lot better than the concord show. She seemed to have more energy in LA. I had pretty good seats... .orch 1, I got really annoyed with stupid alanis fans. Check this out..during secret time, this freaking jerkoff behind me tapped me on the shoulder and told me to sit down...i told him as soon as he gets everyone in front of me to sit down, that i still would be standing. He wasn't happy...like I care, he was LA trash anyway. Then, if you can believe it, we had these jocks next to us giving us dirty looks the entire time tori was on, and when alanis was on, they were jumping around like complete idiots...i had to leave. all in all, though it was a pretty great show...wish tori was playing some of her solo tour in Cali...thinking of going to portland...dammit I love that woman

From God:

Tori was full of feisty energy for this show, she was beautiful. The whole performance was exceptionally good, maybe the best of the last six. The pantomime before Father Lucifer was exceptionally wonderful. Father Lucifer itself wasn't quite as great as I had expected it to be, but still was superb. Crucify was much better with the intro this night than I've ever heard it.
She did a short acapella bit about the drunk at the Vegas show, addressed to Dorothy (Dor), because she had asked about it at the m&g. *Dor's face will turn red now*

It was cute...and very cool.

Smells Like Teen Spirit was EXTREMELY good as was ALL of the rest of the show.

The acoustics here were also surprisingly good, especially so for an outdoor venue. This is, I think, because it's a very steep and high natural bowl shape - well, not really a bowl, but close. It also doesn't have a covered pavilion area to distort and bounce the sound around. This made for very good sound in most of the place.

Now for the negative observations, and they all have to do with the audience and/or security. Security may have been somewhat tighter because of the hotel mirror incident mentioned previously or for some other reason and this MIGHT be why the house was still only half-full when Tori came on stage - which was a half hour or so after the start time stated on the tickets. This was the first thing which annoyed me at the concert because I assumed at the time that the generally lazy, arrogant, and disrespectful nature of the good burghers of L.A. were to blame. (I lived there 7 years and know whereof I speak - don't give me any crap on this - and Orange County IS L.A.; the culture is the same no matter what some people may believe.)

The second thing that was interesting about the audience was the generally disrespectful response toward Tori's performance. Like all of the other venues I attended, there were more Alanis fans at the show than were there for Tori. At all the other venues, the Alanis fans were, FOR THE MOST PART (with many obnoxious exceptions), respectful even if they weren't really getting into Tori's set. Here, most of them were busy talking, batting balloons around, smoking weed, telling jokes, or complaining about Tori - not all, but MOST. This, however, is to be expected of L.A. audiences which are to be ranked only behind Las Vegas as the worst audiences in the country. (Well, after all, where do most of the obnoxious drunks in Vegas come from?)

What I found amazing, though, was the response of people in different sections of the amphitheatre. In the first 15 rows or so the response was typically wild and enthusiastic, but further back than that the response was exactly the reverse of what it is in other places. This place has a pit plus orchestra section which must be 50 rows deep. In other cities, this is where you would expect to get the best response. Here, from about row 15 back, most people just simply sat on their hands through the whole set, or applauded VERY politely and only occasionally. The loge and terrace areas further back is where all the wild cheering and applause emanated from. This made sitting in the rear of the orchestra section a VERY surreal experience. My feeling about this is t hat since brokers had NEARLY ALL of the tickets for this area and were selling them for $200-$250 dollars each, there were, for the most part, people in these seats who had no idea who they were going to see this night.

At any rate, sitting in this section just deepened my appreciation for the monumental failure of L.A. culture in general. When everyone can be a star, YOU should be a star, and consequently no matter what kind of ignorant low-life you choose to be, you have an excuse to exhibit the arrogance of stupidity - as long as you have a little money to throw around.

Get a clue L.A.-trash (as though that could EVER happen), it's not the money, it's not what you can buy, it's all about how you live your life and the heart and intelligence you exhibit.

(This is not directed at ALL people in L.A., obviously, just most of them.)

So, although the performance was amazingly great, I left with a bad feeling about this night and wished I had skipped L.A. entirely and gone directly to some Tori-only concerts where the audience distractions weren't so overwhelming.

From FriendCaleb:

I'll be brief. I loved what Tori sounded like-from what I could hear of her. People were loud and constantly moving and the sound at the Pavillion is notoriously bad. But I'm not miffed or anything surprisingly. I guess I just regard this as a mini-concert. A bit short but very satisfying, like when I've seen her at Christmas shows. In any event, I had a good time. The bonus being that when I went into the restroom I heard Joni Mitchell's "The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines"-random!!!!

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