5 1/2 Weeks Tour
Milwaukee, WI
September 15, 1999

Updated November 10, 1999

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Tori performed in Milwaukee, WI on September 15, 1999 at the Marcus Amphitheater during the Tori & Alanis Morissette 5 1/2 Weeks Tour.

Set List

Past The Mission
Professional Widow
Tear In Your Hand
Angie (solo)
Winter (solo)
Riot Poof
Black-Dove (January)

Precious Things


From Mikewhy

September 15, 1999 - I enjoyed the energy of this show and the fact that the weather in Milwaukee this evening was rather chilly. (I am fond of cold weather!)

She did a little improv before Past The Mission which included the lyrics, "and she's with me..."

After Past The Mission she said something like, "Hey everybody, how's it going? I love coming to Milwaukee. Even though I am a wine lover, I do smell that beer. That makes my crew happy and that keeps me happy."

Professional Widow was next, complete with the recorded male voice at the beginning that says something like, "Time to return to a classic, the best classic in the history of recorded music," or something like that. I have since learned that this male voice that is played each time Tori does Professional Widow live is none other than Liberace! Tori also ends the song very intensely after saying, "a hard cock."

This venue did a really good job of showing the action on the big screen monitors that were on each side of the stage. (Most of these outdoor venues have big screens on each side of the stage, or outside in front of the lawn, or in both places.) They would show her fingers on the keyboard, something I did not see too often at other venues.

Before secret time she greeted the people on the lawn and then said, "Some of you may remember this. I used to make out to this song. I feel like playing it." She then did Angie. I think the official set list said something else, so she really must have gotten inspired to play this cover during the show.

This was the first time I ever heard Riot Poof and I really loved it. There was a lot of energy and vocal vamping on this song, and it was very upbeat. I can't wait to hear it on the new album! At first no one knew what song it was, but we found out after finding someone with a written set list after the show.

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From jezebel36:

Ok I just got home from the concert and It was sooooo coool. It was my first Tori Concert and I luved it. I don't have the full set list but here's what I know (not in order)

Past the Mission
professional widow
Tear in your hand
january girl(black dove)
precious things

I had no problems with the people or anything. I thought it was pretty neat, and everyone stood almost the whole time. Is this normal? I stayed for alanis but I wish I hadn't. She seems so strange and stuff after Tori. Tori was so pretty with a black and grey and white flowery dress and really spikey high heels.

She said she like Milwaukee because she could smell the beer. hmmm Oh and before angie she said she felt like playing it because she used to make out to it.

Then she said hi to all the people in the grass seats, but I found out later that no one was allowed up there because there were not enough people.
I felt bad because it seemed like a lot of people were cheering louder for alanis. I really like Alanis's cds, but seeing her made me forget some of Tori and now I'm sad.

anyway adios

Have a seat while I,
take to the sky

From Dark:
hihi This is _Dark from #tori (undernet.org). Earlier today (well, yesterday) (well, the 15th heh) I got back from Cincy / Riverbend! What a wonderful show Having Tori (or
anyone) play during twilight and near the woods is great. During her version of Hey Jupiter (solo) I think - but i'm not sure she changed the lyrics from "she's lifting up her dress" to something else. My friend I was with said he thought that she didn't. I could have sworn she said something like, "there's nothing up my dress" which is cool and provocative and different and totally Tori. Anyway I just thought I would share. take care!
* Geoff

From Modern:

Okay-- Setlist (I think)
Past the Mission
Professional Widow
Secret time:
Tear in your hand
January Girl(black dove)
Juarez? I'm not sure.
Precious Things (encore)
I think that about it-- Now, onto my thoughts...

This show sucked. Tori was great, but the people were HORRIBLE! Everyone was talking throughout Tori's set (which was quite short BTW). I found it incredibly distracting-- I couldn't even concentrate during Secretime. There were some nice Tori people around me, but it didn't seem to help. Everyone was drinking beer, eating hamburgers and ice cream, and chatting it up.

I guess this show embodied all my fears for what the Plugged tour would be like. At least there, everyone was there to see Tori. At this show, at least half the people were frankly disinterested in Tori, and thus they made noise. If anyone out there has any connection to Tori, tell her to drop the commercialism of the MP3.COM/BEST BUY tour, and return to the intimacy that we found in the Tori-only shows. I will never go to a show where she shares the bill again.

However, Tori played well. It was nice to hear Sugar. I wish she could have done a decent encore. Professional Widow really loses something without the harpsichord, but at least I got to hear Tori sing some of my favorite lyrics in person.

Hopefully Tori will come 'round Wisconsin again (please Madison!) before she rests. This time, hopefully she'll be alone. That is, alone with the band. Or alone with Caton-- Dew Drop inn was damn good.

From elasia:

k, i myself cannnot remember the entire setlist, i'm exhausted lol, but here goes not in order cuz i can't remmeber where suede and riot poof went.
pro. widow
tear in your hand
riot poof( it did rock, wow!)
black dove
precious things (encore)
k, that's only 12, and i believe i'm missing one, cuz i thought she always does 13.OH YEAH! she did bliss!

someone with a brain, can you put em in order?

From Mairie:

Here's what I remember, in non-order:
Past the Mission
says something about liking Milwaukee cause of beer even though she's hungover, and that the boys really like it. Then she introduces them. Bliss
Professional Widow
Tear in Your Hand
Angie *solo*
Winter *solo*
black dove (january)
I don't remember where it was, but she did a song that I didn't recognize AT all. I think it was a cover, but I don't know.. Anyone? email me if you know what it was.

encore: precious things

It was a pretty good concert, but I don't like the venue. I had decent seats, but the way the 1st level of sections is set up, you can't see the stage very well if there are people in front of you. Sitting would have been FINE with me, but everyone stood the whole time. A very tall man 2 rows ahead of me swayed widely the whole time, so I couldn't see next to him. It just sorta sucked. The guy behind me was a jerkoff. He seemed to be somewhat of a Tori fan, but also he was an asshole. Talking during secret time. Saying stuff about how Tori's hot, followed by a loud sharp whistle. And when Angie started, he said a whole bunch of times to several different people "it's an old Stones' tune." Generally annoying. Plus our row was full of lots of disinterested Alanis fans who kept leaving and coming back and leaving and coming back, which was just tedious.

Tori looked absolutely stunning in a black velvetty looking dress. It was beautiful. She didn't appear to have any makeup on and looked sorta tired, but may have been caused by her previously mentioned hangover.

She was also on a Chicago radio station called the Mix (101.9) today for "Total Bliss with Tori Amos." She played for like 20 people at an undisclosed location. I was not one of them, and I didn't hear the radio program because I had a class I HAD to go to.. But the gal I traveled to Milwaukee had heard it and said she played Cooling, Frog on my Toe, Purple People and something else. I was hoping PP would show up at the concert, but no, oh well.

I had the chance to meet Richard Handal and Mikewhy before the show. :] Second time meeting Mike, really excellent guy. And Richard is just so full of information, I'm afraid he'll burst. :] Both guys are big sweeties. Tomorrow is Mike's last show, so he'll be coming back, but don't rush him to update the Dent. He needs a rest!!! :P

Also, I saw Joel wandering around the concessions before the show too, and had the chance to give him some things from me and my friend for Tori. If you don't have the chance to pass anything to her at a meet n greet or something, Joel is good for passing things on to her. He's a big sweetie too. :]

Which reminds me of some assholes during the show tonight. At some point during God, Joel walks out on the lefthand side of the stage and kneels down to say something to somebody down in the very front, and then walks back to his hiding place behind tons of guitars. Then some guy a few rows ahead of me (I was in the 10th row) yells something derogatory that could not be discerned (at least not by me) and holds his middle finger up for a good 30 seconds towards Joel. Joel hadn't been speaking to him, in fact, hadn't even been near him really, so I don't know what the guys problem was. But it looked like Joel saw the guy and rolled his eyes. After the concert the guy and his friend were talking about beating the shit out of him. I don't know what their problem is, but I SO wanted Joel to come down and kick his ass. Oh well. :P

I didn't stay for Alanis because I had a long drive to take my friend home and then take myself another couple hours home. So, I don't know how her show went, but from what I've heard it is basically the same each night, so it's probably like it was at Chicago.

Also, I just wanted to address one more thing before I crawl to bed: I heard a LOT of people saying the the Milwaukee show was sold out. Not even close. They didn't fill up the seats, and the lawn area wasn't even opened. They had the third tier of seating open, but that wasn't all that full.. And they were selling tickets when I got there.

Okay, enough. Hi-ho.

From jackie b55:

i just wanna say that tori kicks ass
but of course we all knew that
the highlight of my day lol i mean of my life was meeting tori for the first time
wow...she's real..wow...
and i also met some really nice people there thats what i really love about tori shows, is how people will just come up to you and talk
its wonderful

i cant remember the setlist either i was just revelling in being the closest i've ever been at a concert and just figured someone else would have written it down :p

From Reeyon:

Quite the show. I must absolutely say. Nice to meet and chat with MikeWhy and others who I bumped in to (Jenna and those other people from UWM who I never got their names, and Kim at MIAD). Strange day. meet and greet. Seemed really short. Didn't get close at all. And I know this is really selfish of me, and easy for me to say....but I think it sucks that the people who Tori is on a first name basis with are ALWAYS in the front, and after they get her to sign something, they don't move. Some of us couldn't get there at 11am, ya know? I walked away dejectedly empty handed. I'm over it.

In other news, the show rocked. Here's the setlist, IN ORDER!

Past The Mission
(band intro's)
Professional Widow
Tear In Your Hand
Angie (cuz she used to make out to it, and she just felt like playing it)
Riot Poof
Black Dove (January)
The Waitress
E: Precious Things

Thought it was weird that an Alanis shirt for sale said something like, "You feel precious". A word that I would associate with Tori.....whatever. Quick rundown.....

God, splendid. Great way to open the show. She wore this lovely dress....don't know how to describe it, I'm not fashionably oriented. But she looked great!

Sugar - Very nice. Don't know if I like the live or single version better. Good though.

Mission - I've been waiting so long! Very happy to hear it!

Professional Widow -- I loved the middle part (rest of our show is.....) sounded great live!

Bliss -- I like the offbeatness of it. This was only the second time I had heard it.... great song.

Tear In Your Hand -- People were talking really loudly behind me, especially during the quiet part. Great to hear live though.

Angie -- I hate the Stones. I do. But I've pretty much convinced myself that this is Tori's song, and the Stones covered it. She does it so beautifully....I swear, I was just levitating in the audience.

Winter -- continuing to levitate. A lot of the people I had talked to during the day had said how they really really really wanted to hear winter. So be it. =]

Suede -- Liked it a lot. Very dark it seemed.

Riot -- Loved it. I really liked all the new songs she played. makes September 21st seem even longer away than it really is....

Black Dove -- Favorite song off of Choirgirl (tied with northern lad). Great to hear.

Waitress -- The last two times I had heard it with the band, I didn't really like it very much, but I liked it tonite a lot better. hmmmmm

Precious - Great song. I just wish that she didn't end EVERY show like that. Like as soon as Waitress starts, I put down my setlist cuz I knew what was left. As for the song itself, splendid as usual.

One more gripe (and don't get me wrong...i didn't have a miserable time here....I LOVED IT!!!! even though a lot of this may seem a little negative). Singing during the songs. I normally don't have a problem with it. But Winter was a duet between Tori and this dude about four rows in back of me. He was almost a tenor.....couldn't hit the high notes. He was belting it out, and well, let's just say he was a little flat. Took away from the beautiful song. If he had sang it an octave down, it may have been much better easier to swallow.....it was pretty bad....

It was kinda funny how the first question anybody asked anybody was "You here for Tori or Alanis?"

She likes Milwaukee cuz beer is in the air. That's the best reason to like Milwaukee I can think of.

We stood up the whole time. that was the first non-general admission show that happened at....And it wasn't just me, it was everybody in the general vicinity, which was cool!

All negativity aside, Tori's fans are the greatest. I swear, complete strangers, but not, ya know? I talked to some great people tonite! Alas, I may never see most of them again, but their company was wonderful.

Didn't care for the ampitheater very much. But I'm spoiled at home in DC with places like Wolf Trap and merriweather.

The show seemed to go by so fast...maybe it's just cuz it ended around 9:30 rather than 11. I dunno.

That Riot song! I'm tellin ya..... it rocked my casbah. Totally.

Didn't stay for Alanis. She makes me wanna hork. It's horrible to say, but just by looking at people you can probably tell with a decent success rate who each person came to see. Middle aged with kids? Alanis. Lots of them. Sat in front of them. Pretty talky. No real assholes in my area though, so that was cool. It saddens me to hear those horror stories...

I'm done now. =] goodnight.

From papajiggy:

Wow. This show was the strangest thing I have ever been to. I was hoping it would turn out a lot better than the chicago show, which I am still bitter about I was so happy that I made it to the meet and greet. I was with my exgirlfriend/now very close friend Angie, and it happened to be her birthday. She asked tori to sing happy b-day, and she did along with the first couple of rows at least. Tori asked her for her name, before the "Happy b-day to (insert name here) and she said Angie, to which Tori got a weird look on her face. Tori singed Angie's Winter single and my Silent all these years single (which she didn't play, but today wasnt for me) and we preceded to go to the back so other people could get through. There are so many nice milwaukee people there but a few people at the meet and greet who just didnt want to share tori and thats not very cool. Oh well, what can you do?
Our seats where amazing (Sec 3 Row D Seats 1+2) they ended up being the first row in the section and the only 2 seats in the row, at least connected seats. the show started out with tori playing the same three songs she started the Chicago show with. But besides that the show rocked. Angie and Winter (The b-day grrl angie was going nuts during that time) were amazing. Bliss wasnt as good as before but whatever that new song was, it was amazingly good. If anyone booted this one, let me know.
I really dont want to do this but I feel it is my need. Yes tori did a similiar set as the one at Chicago but Alanis did the exact same set(minus one) in the same order, i think and with the same setup line for the songs and the same behavior. Thats just lame. I like her music and wanted to hear Im not the doctor, which is an excellent song, but soon realized that wasnt going to happen so as soon as Ironic came on we left.
Im really tired now and still have to go to class in a few hours so sleep is good.
If anyone wants to email me here it is:

From ChoirgirlEarthquake:

I got to meet tori briefly. She is personable - I really wanted to meet Mikewhy but I did not get a chance to. Tori signed my first LE cd which was AWESOME and she told me she liked my sunglasses which were tortise shell like hers - I smiled and blabbered trying to think of what to say - incredible goddess that she is.

I had rude people standing behind me so I asked them to be quiet finally when suede started bc I was not going to miss it for anything. They were nice apologized an ddid - but many and I do mean MANY other people would not shut up and were downright rude. They just kept talking and spilling beer everywhere. One girl next to me would not stop singing and btw - singing is rude - if you come to see an artist and in the center of winter Tori sings softly and you hear tori and this girl - it really takes away from the song. I was agitated. So I switched with my friend since he was singing to and they got along just fine - but he sings quiter and I shamed him to.

All in all I was impressed with Sugar.

More later all - gotta sleep cause I am on my way to the cities in the morning. SPecial thanks to RAinn girl and toripiano for being awesome - and Annie though she will never see this.

From BlkDove:
I can see why Mikewhy likes Suede so much...We got up to the 2nd row on the left side. So all through Suede we hade much eye contact! Tori had one leg up on the bench most of the time. This song is SOOO sexy! Wow, so that song was Riot Poof! I thought maybe Glory of the '80's...can't wait til Tues. for the album.

I was teary eyed about half-way through Winter-this song is powerful.


From Concerned Fan:

I just want to pass along some of my observations of the show. First off, I thought the performance was very good. Tori and Alanis rocked the house.
Second, I am a Tori and Alanis fan and I have been so for quite some time.

I have been to many concerts (and about a dozen Tori shows) and I keep seeing more and more Tori fans being rude to one another.

Here are some general rules of conduct for going to a concert. Please keep in mind that I am passing them along out of concern and not out of disrespect:

(1) Everyone is there to have fun. Please don't get a bug up your butt and think that people are there to make you happy. A negative vibe can impact lots of people at a show. Along the same line, please don't go out of your way and tick someone off. There is a time and a place for everything, please think accordingly.

(2) I appreicate the freedoms that we have living in America, but please be considerate of people if/when you smoke. I don't like having smoke blown in my direction. If this means you have to leave your seat during the show and you can't wait, then it's a matter of choice. If you can blow the smoke up in the air. Most people will not have a problem with that. Just try to be aware that some people have medical problems (or just don't like smoke).

(3) People who have paid lots of money to have seats close to the front don't appreciate you blocking their view. Security guards are there for a reason. They are not there for you to take all your frustrations out on. I witnessed some VERY rude people (during Tori's set) being down right nasty with a security guard last evening and I was very disapointed. If you don't have a ticket to be standing up close to the front, then maybe you should respect those that do.

(4) Tori is a human being. When she is up on stage she is working. I get real bothered when people think that she is their best friend. Please don't tear across a large group of people pushing them out of your way just because you see one of her security people or a member of the band. Big deal if they call you by your first name. Chances are they are probably more annoyed or freaked by you than anything.

(5) Don't be afraid to smile or casually chat with a person or two sitting next to you: PLEASE MINIMIZE THE AMOUNT OF CHATTER THAT GOES ON WHEN A PERFORMER IS ON THE STAGE. I met some very interesting people at the show last evening and gained a new perspective on some interesting topics.

For me, following these simple rules can make concert life much easier. Remember, we are brought together out of a common idea (to see a performer)...let's make it an enjoyable visit.

From Iris:

Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, so I know everyone wants to know about mental yoga. More on that later.
I liked Lotusland.
On to Tori.
Past the Mission
Professional Widow
Tear in Your Hand

Riot Poof
Black-Dove (January)
The Waitress

Precious Things

GOD-They started off with Tori singing "God sometimes you just don't come through..." a capella from backstage, then the band came out, and then Tori came out in this beautiful brown long velvety dress. Very cool! For the first few songs we were in the middle right behind the sound booth where I could see the written setlist- more on that later also. They werent our real seats, during tear we moved to those. Which were good anyway.

SUGAR-This is one of my favorites and the lighting was insanely awesome! Tori kept looking to everyone on the right and gave us these really cute looks! A high point.

Tori then introduced the band and talked about her love for Milwaukee and beer!

PAST THE MISSION- She began with the "she's gone..." intro and then went into Mission which really rocked! This isn't one of my favorites, but I really enjoyed it.

PROFESSIONAL WIDOW- One of the three best songs of the night! They had this thing with this guy saying "Now I'd like to return to the classics" as an intro. Jon was really having fun on this! I loved it! I think it was during this one that she rubbed her middle finger on the side of the bose!

BLISS- Cool as always.

TEAR IN YOUR HAND- Tori had a lot of fun on this one. Very cool.

Secret Time:
ANGIE- My favorite of the night. She said she remembers making out to this and she felt like playing it. I don't think I blinked once during this!
BTW- Tori changes the set list again: She was supposed to play "Here. In My Head" instead of "Angie." I like Angie better- it's my favorite Tori cover!

WINTER- Absolutely gorgeous.

SUEDE- Very cool! Loved it!

RIOT POOF- Third best song of the evening! The band was really having fun!

BLACK-DOVE (JANUARY)- Beautiful! I was so happy to hear it! Definitely beats out the album version!


Then Tori got up, waved, and she and the band walked off together- really nice.

PRECIOUS THINGS- Collectively, I'd say the favorite of the crowd. I was really excited to hear it!

OK- so, I did manage to give *a little mental yoga* to someone- but if someone could tell me who it was! It was a guy in the sound booth, he looks a bit like Keanu Reeves and he's got a whiteish streak in his hair- well he was the one I gave it to, so I hope Tori has it now!

And thanks to everyone who participated- I couldn't have done it without you!
Lots of Love, Iris

PS- In the line I met this girl- it was her birthday and she said Tori had sung to her! Just saying hi

From Purple Boy:

Wow! What a show! Tori was looking her best and seemed to be in a playful mood. I nearly died when Tori played Prof. Widow- it was great! Her set went by so fast, and I had to deal with a few inconsiderate people, but besides that, everything went excellent. I got to meet Mikewhy right after the show, which was awesome! He is such a cool guy! Mike, don't worry about updating the Dent when you are out on the road! Have fun! We all understand.

I met some very nice Tori fans- Hi to all of you out there (I was the tall guy with the beige/black outfit. I might have been that "tall swaying guy" who was mentioned on this posting site, but I'm not sure...:-)

I was hanging out with some folks near the bus/truck loading area and I caught a glimpse of Tori right as she was getting on her bus-she waved back to us and smiled! We also briefly met Steve Caton-he is very nice!

Overall it was an unforgetable night!!!

From Magpies:

I was at the meet and greet as well
and was disappointed with the results
but i guess it takes connections to get up there cause I always see the same group of people up at the front.
Its no wonder Tori knows them by name
I sometimes wonder if she would be interested in meeting new people.. but I guess you could be the first one there and still end up not seeing her..
There were some very nice people there though I didin't really get to meet to many of them but they all seemed like alot of fun
The show was incredible..
There were some rude people..(they're everywhere sadly) but it was so great to hear Angie
Riot Poof, Black Dove and Suede WOW

I was hoping to hear Glory of the 80's
But I guess she hasin't been playing that one lately It kicked hard in Ft.Lauderdale though
she looked so happy singing it

I noticed that Alanis's set hadin't changed much..and this was from the ft.lauderdale show...
but I think she's alot of fun to watch
and I don't understand why people are so eager to diss her

Well I'm off
take care

From Autumn *~:

(set list not in order and possibly not complete) God
Past the Mission (w/improvised intro)
Professional Widow
New song (Riot Proof?)
Black Dove (January)
Tear in your hand
The Waitress
Precious Things

First of all, the meet and greet was pretty good. I got gypped because I was in the way back, but I was just glad that Tori came out to see us. She had us all sing happy birthday to someone who was in the front, and after she made her rounds along the front row, she leaned over and said hi to us people on the right hand side. She was such a sweetheart, and I like the fact that this meet & greet wasn't right after she had gotten off the bus, when one is more likely to be tired, made her happier to see everyone. Also, right before Tori showed up at the m&g, we could hear Alanis doing her soundcheck and she sounded SO funny- like an injured animal (I don't mean to insult her, it was just her vocal exercises were pretty hilarious).
And the show. One word: intense. This was such an intense Tori show, and there were times during it that I don't know why I didn't take off flying, I was so excited! First of all, I did like the venue. And I loved the fact that they were using the tv screens, because it gave everyone a chance to see Tori's face (and antics) well. The first song, God, simply put, rocked. Tori appeared from behind the backdrop in a long black dress and heels. She began her performance by sort of dancing with her piano, and then proceeded to rock the house. All the songs were amazing, but my personal highlights were Past the Mission (with an improvisized intro), Waitress (Wow!!! It was totally amazing). And the absolute best part for me was Winter. It meant so much to me that she played it and I'll never forget the feeling of hearing her play it live for the first time.
The new songs were awesome, too- Bliss had the same kind of slinky feel that it does on the CD, only it had a sort of hyper feel live. Suede was stunning, and Riot Proof (if that's what the other new song was) was brilliant- Matt was wailing on his drums like a madman. I can't remember what song it was, but before one of the numbers they played this sort of intro that seemed like it was from a really old record or something- can someone help me out with the details here? Tori didn't speak to the audience much, other than to say that she enjoys coming to Milwaukee because they can smell the beer (though she's a wine girl) and it makes her crew happy. (For anyone who's never been there, you can smell the breweries throughout the whole place like crazy) She also commented on how she used to make out to 'Angie' when she was younger.
The thing that struck me seeing this particular Tori performance was how the band was one- they react to each other's playing and seem to go in one direction yet also are all on their own track. They have such good communication with each other-I don't know if a band has ever had that like Tori and her boys do.
The only complaint I have with this show was that it wasn't long enough
And Tori's not adding any solo dates in my neck of the woods, so I guess I'm out of luck for awhile, anyway.

(set list not in order and possibly not complete)

Unsympathetic Character
All I really want
Are you still mad
So Pure
That I would be good
You oughta know
Hand in my pocket
You learn
Your house
Wake Up
Encore (which I missed)

I am a fan of Alanis, but seeing her after Tori was weird. If I were just going to an Alanis concert, I would probably have enjoyed her performance even more than I did, but anyone going on directly after Tori has a hard time living up to her for obvious reasons. Also, seeing Alanis kind of made my memory of Tori weaken. At any rate, Alanis is something of an interesting and captivating performer. The way she uses her body on stage is strange- she acts like a snake or a caged animal, which sometimes made me uncomfortable watching her. One thing I can say is that girl's got a LOT of hair! Yikes! It's especially obvious when she swings it around like she did during the first song.
I don't know what this says about her, but the most impressive thing she did was when she repeatedley spun around (for at least a minute) and then stumbled back to the microphone, dizzy. I guess I just like it when anyone looks like they're having that much unabashed fun. The other highlight for me of her performance was the song "That I would be good", which she played the flute for. Hearing "You oughta know" was cool, too.
I was pissed while she was playing, though, because so many people in the audience were singing along that they seemed sometimes to almost drown her voice out.
I really enjoyed both performances and wish I could go to more than one show
--Who was their opening act?

From Beautyqueen19:

Hi everyone.
Milwaukee was my third time seeing tori. I drove from Missouri to see her and I had been looking forward to seeing her again but I was really disappointed in the concert. Before everyone start freaking out...it wasn't because Tori didn't perform well, she always kicks ass. It was the surroundings. I had decent seats. Tori was facing me, I was on the far right and I was surrounded by Alanis fans and they were all at least 10 years older then me. That wasn't the worst of it. During "secret time" out of nowhere these two bitches come and sit behind me and start running their mouths, I'm getting pissed but I control my anger and just turn around and ask them nicely to please be quiet but they just gave me a dirty ass look and resumed talking. The only thing that kept me sane I think was when Tori was singing Waitress...Because all I could think was "but I believe in peace, Bitch" If it weren't for Tori playing waitress at that time I probably would have totally went off on those dumb bitches. Anyway, I was particulary excited about seeing Professional Widow Live for the first time. Also I like Alanis a lot, but I thought the "spinning" was silly. I enjoyed both performers but I wish Alanis would have performed first so I could have Tori as the last impression as I left.
Thanks for reading, I hope everyone had fun, see ya,
Toriphile Lindsay

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