5 1/2 Weeks Tour
Cincinnati, OH
September 14, 1999

Updated November 10, 1999

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Tori performed in Cincinnati, OH on September 14, 1999 at the Riverbend Music Center during the Tori & Alanis Morissette 5 1/2 Weeks Tour.

Set List

Little Amsterdam
Cornflake Girl
Little Earthquakes
Upside Down (solo)
Hey Jupiter (solo)
Space Dog

Precious Things


From Mikewhy

September 15, 1999 - This was a really fun and thrilling show. I had to endure several people in the audience who were talking during Tori's set, especially during secret time. It seems like every show now has some people who feel the need to have a conversation during the show. If you tell them to be quiet, they get defiant and keep on talking. One woman even called us rude for asking her to be quiet!

But the show was really great. After Little Amsterdam Tori said she was happy to be there and that she never played there before. She also said she and Alanis were amazed at how fast the tour was going and thanked us for being part of it.

During Cruel, Tori was so expressive on stage. Sometimes she crossed her arms in front of her and at other times had her back to us and was running her hand down her backside. Pretty amazing.

Before Upside Down she told us that she had never played this song on the tour yet and that it was inspired in part by Cincinnati. She also said hello to the people on the lawn and that she always ended up there. She added that the making out is better on the lawn. She also said that another good thing is that she looks like a size 6 from the lawn!

During Juarez she gave the finger during the line, "The indian is told the cowboy is his friend."

There was more interaction with the band than usual and Tori's parents were in the audience. Some people say that Tori always does a great show when her parents are in the audience, and it was certainly the case today!

I stayed for Alanis again tonight and she was good. While her set list does not change as frequently as Tori's, I still find her interesting most of the time I see her. She looked very pretty with her hair down and wearing a very nice blouse/shirt. Here is her set list for that evening:

Sympathetic Character
All I Really Want
Hand In My Pocket
Are You Still Mad?

Princess Familiar - Before she performed this one she said it was a song that was going to be on the last album but was not. It was a really good, upbeat song and I enjoyed it.

That I Would Be Good
You Learn
Your House
So Pure
Your Ought To Know

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From sparkboy:

Little Amsterdam
Cornflake Girl
Little Earthquakes
Upside Down (solo)
Hey Jupiter (solo)
Space Dog
The Waitress
Precious Things

Meet and greet was pretty cool... and the highlight of the evening was the presence of Tori's parents. I met them, hugged them, thanked them, kissed Mrs. Amos' hand... wow.
Met Tori for the first time, squeezed her hand really too hard and she said "Josh! Need the hand!"

Professional Widow
Little Amsterdam
Glory of the 80s

After reading more reviews, I've determined the song in question was Riot Poof.


From blue_girl:

I really couldn't enjoy the show. These were some of the best seats I have had in all the Tori concerts of my life, and it was terrible! Tori was...well...I can't even tell you how she was. It was pretty bad. I can't believe that there are people in the world that exist in such a fashion.

Was it just me, or did she sing, "He's in my Precious Things" during the last part of the wash me clean part? I couldn't tell.

Unfortunately, this was my last show this tour, but I enjoyed everything else.

Thanks Luc, Elizabeth and Sarah...you made my day!

From alamotalula:

Okay, here's a rundown of the Cincy show. Meet and greet: ridiculous. The security at Riverbend (my least favorite venue in my hometown) were a bunch of assholes. They treated us like complete idiots. Comments like "You all look like a bunch of grapes standing here" and "This isn't rocket science, folks" and "Are you guys deaf?" were just uncalled for. Actually, it was only one security guard who thought he was a bad-ass and thought he'd be cool in front of the other security guards by treating us really shitty. These guys had no clue about how Tori's meet and greets work. One actually thought that they were going to take us in two by two to meet Tori. WHATEVER!! Anyways, it was just as ridiculous as all the other ones are if you don't get up front. I probably should have stood outside the barricade and took pictures, but it was my last show and it was my hometown, so I thought I'd try. I had a blast at Perkins afterwards with everyone and hi to Christian who used to work at The Body Shop (my employer). It was great to talk to you!
The Show: FABULOUS!!!! I had third row pit, which turned into front row, right up against the barricade. The vibe was very good because I blocked out everything behind me. All I could have in my world at that moment was what was happening on-stage. Oh, and hi to Rachael, the girl I stood next to. You're such a sweetie! Email me if you see this!

God: Great as usual. I know some folks are sick of hearing this one, but I'm not. I do miss the "You dropped the Bible on me" part, though. I was grooving pretty hard on this one and I caught Steve's eye. He was laughing at me. So silly!
Little Amsterdam: YAY!! I hadn't heard this one Plugged yet, well, at least not at a show I was at. It's sooo amazing. I can completely lose myself in this one.
Cornflake Girl: I'm kind of tired of this one, but I expected it since she didn't play it in Chicago or Detroit. The new intro is pretty cool, though. I just would have rather heard something else. Bliss: I do really like this one live. Jon really rocks out on this one. Cruel: This is such an amazing song live. Tori was really into it tonight. I don't get sick of this one live because it's just so damned fun.
Little Earthquakes: Really intense. I think I got some serious eye contact here. She was probably looking at the camera they had set up for the lawn screens, but I'm going to think she was looking at me. Upside Down: Really cute that she played it in Cincy, since she never has before. She said that it was cheesy that she was going to play it, but we would get it. She also said it was kind of inspired by this place. I started thinking of songs that had "river" and "bend" for some odd reason. Ha, wouldn't Girl or Liquid Diamonds have been funny? I had asked for Dutchman at the M&G, but it looks like that one isn't back from vacay yet. The set list said she was supposed to play Mary here. I know it was for some girl who had asked for it because it was her birthday.
Hey Juptiter: As beautiful as it is, I'm tired of hearing it. I would have liked to have seen her play something she hasn't done yet, like the aforementioned Mary.
Concertina: LOVE IT! This one is so great. I can't wait to hear it on the album!
Juarez: Another favorite. So far, this might turn out to be my favorite from Venus.
Space Dog: I've never heard this at a show I've been to before, so it was a treat. Space Dog isn't one of my favorites, but it was so fabulous tonight. Lots of band interaction. They were cracking me up! The Waitress: Same as usual. More great band hijinx. At the beginning when she was drinking her honey and ginger, she took the spoon and licked it very sensuously. That was pretty interesting. At one point she was practically sitting on the ground.
Precious Things: Same as usual. I really wish she'd pick another encore. As she was leaving, she reached down to touch some folks and she almost fell on her ass. Then she almost fell going off the stage. Too cute! For the fashion watch: She wore the same shirt from Good Morning America in mint green, dark blue jeans and these gorgeous flowered heels (possibly Manolos). She had this weird fuzzy thing in her hair, too. The show was lots of fun and I'm really sad it was my last. I'll miss everyone. And if she plays Dutchman or Voodoo at any show on the rest of this tour, I'll be really pissed!

From SugarGoddess:

I was at the Cincy meet and greet today and it sucked horribly. They made us all stand in a line, practically called us idiots and kept saying "we don't have to do this, folks." The rocket science comment pissed me off as well. That one security guard someone spoke about (that thought he was a bad ass) is on my boyfriend's hit list. *laughs* Anyways. I was hoping to meet Tori, of course I didn't even see her as I'm practically a midget and couldn't see over the heads of the seven people who were so lucky enough to see her. I hated it; it made me cry as I was so hoping to FINALLY meet her. I've only been an avid fan since '94... I felt I was ripped off and Riverbend is going to be getting a stern letter from MOI about the poor treatment us tori-philes recieved from the wanna be security team. *rolling my eyes*

Atleast I finally got to see her. Through the fence as she was saying hello to the little girl that was there. Very cute.

The show was the best I've ever been too. Maybe because I heard Little Amsterdam, Upside Down and Hey Jupiter. Wow. I was on the lawn though.. with binoculars and some beer, so I was quite happy to just BE there.

Alanis was good too.. I just don't like how it seems to be 'her tour' with Tori seemingly there as a distraction for the main event. Whatever. I left before Alanis was done, like usual.. Tori will always be MY main attraction.

I know the set list has already been posted, so I won't bother. But yeah, loved the show, one of the two best of the five I've been to.

I'm sure I saw a lot of you guys there, but since I'm new here and to the meet and greets, you all don't know me from adam. *laughs* Maybe that will change.

Take care everyone.

From Roy13:

Just got back from the show in Cincy. Tori's set went well considering all the rumors I've heard about Alanis fans being disrespectful during her set. I was sitting towards the back of the place and noticed mostly positive reactions, even from those there just to see Alanis (people scrambling to their seats during the first few songs was kinda annoying though).
This was my 4th Tori show and probably my least favorite. Probably because of the bad seats and short set. The setlist to the best of my memory was:
Little Amsterdam
Cornflake Girl
Little Earthquakes
(a big shock, one of my favs! thanx Tori) Upside Down (solo)
Hey Jupiter (solo)
Space Dog
The Waitress
Precious Things
(only one song for an encore?!)
Tori also didn't get to speak much between songs, a part of the show I always look forward to. I did get a kick out of her saying "hi" to the people on the lawn and saying how that was better because you can make out.
My friend and I had planned for months to try to finally get to meet her after the show, but didn't attempt it after reading the statement about meet and greets on this site. We had a 2 hour trip to the show and had classes, so we couldn't get to the afternoon M&G either. Hopefully one day...

From i8itall:

Listening to a radio station this morning one of the callers gave their review saying Alanis was "okay" but that "Tori rocked." It's nice to think that what we EWF believe to be true is perhaps rubbing off on people.
I did stay for most of Alanis. She gave a good show too, but for me it's such an odd juxtaposition to Tori. And really, when she was running around the stage playing the harmonica, you have to admit she looked a little like Cousin It with all that long hair. That's not a slam, just a humorous musing.

And I wasn't the oldest one there. I saw more than one set of grandparents enjoying the show.

From k78@gateway.net:

The show was great. But security and the crowd seemed to be extremely rude. People were talking constantly. I felt bad for Tori's parent as they were nearly attacked at the show by eager persons wanting autographs. I heard many people asking "who are they?" and then they went & got their autographs. When I spoke with Tori's mom outside of the venue, she told me this was her 4th or 5th time seeing Tori on this tour, and it was their final show. Her parents are such sweet people. Tori commented on the lawn seats once again. Saying the lawn was best for making-out. She also said that from there people would think she was "in a size 6" !! Her outfit looked very similar to the one from her GMA appearance.

From Brandon M:

Well this was much better than Columbus.I would just like to say that security was a joke at the actual concert.I was able to walk past the entrance gate with no patting down!I wish I would have brought my camera and recorder.There would have been absolutely no problem getting it in thats for sure.I think you could have brought a refrigerator and they wouldnt have noticed.
I was also very pleased on how small the actual seating was.My seats turned out to be about 30 feet from Tori in the center.I dont see how anyone could see from the lawn there though,too much steel beams in the way.I did hear one of the songs I was hoping to hear, Little Earthquakes!!Yummy!!-Brandon M

From eeeor:

i won't say much about the actual performance, since both the set list and the fact that tori was brilliant has already been stated. one thing i would like to elaborate on, however, is how completely incredible 'cruel' was. tori knows how to sex things up in the best ways possible. before the show my friends and i also talked to Dr. and Mrs. Amos for quite a while. Dr. Amos said 'to venus and back' is incredible, and that he thinks '1000 oceans' is the best song tori has ever done. when my friend jerry agreed, Dr. Amos said, "Oh, you've heard it already?" jerry told them it was out on single and he had bought it, and Mrs. Amos said "Really? What's the b-side?" Jerry said 'baker, baker', and Dr. Amos said, "No, 'Winter' is the b-side". so Jerry had to explain the difference between singles and maxi-singles, because Dr. Amos didn't realize there were two releases. it was so cute.

i had heard Mrs. Amos also say that she loved '1000 oceans', and i told her that i agreed it was a wonderful song. she told us all of tori's songs have more than one meaning, and that we should sit down with the lyrics of the song and read along while we really listen to it, and when we do to remember that momma amos said to.

it was surreal.

alanis was really loud, and so were her fans, but it was a wonderful show for me, as far as tori's set went...

From DeeIsMe:

Great show, of course. I really wanted to hear Crucify, and I figured since I heard her soundcheck it that she would, but she didn't. Sparkboy, I saw you, a lot at the meets and greets. I remember you hehe. I think I even stood beside you for a little while when the security gaurds were being bitchasses about moving back from the fence. I am going to whine and moan around now. I've been to five shows, last night being my fifth. I've gone to four out of the five's meets and greets and not once have I met Tori. I've been close b/f and just having that sort of contact, of seeing her that close, is enough to make me happy. Well, yesterday I got close, I would have been really close, but seeing as how all the people in the front were 7 feet tall, I couldn't see her. I'd catch a glimpse of blue hat here, a corner of a smiling mouth there, but no full view. And the tall people kept moving in the direction that she was with their bodies! Every time there was a gap and we could see, they'd bridge it! I'm 5'2 and I tried standing on gate lock sticking about three inches out of the ground and it still didn't help. The security made it out like we would all get through to say hello, but of course not, it's never like that. And to the people who were complaining about "selfish people who wouldn't get to the back of the line," get over it. We were there a lot earlier than you, so deal. I left to get food and came back, there were a ton of people there. They weren't there when I arrived, so I got in front of them. I didn't literally walk up and jump in front, but when people were herding us like cattle, I didn't walk to the very back. Not a big deal, first come, first serve. Call me a bitch, but I've been nice in those situations and it gets you nothing but shit. Also Tori's mom and dad were there, and they were so cute! I wanted to say hello, but I'm too shy. Hey Jupiter was the big highlight for me, along with LE and Concertina. I love that song. **************

From FieryMyst:

WARNING: LONG WINDED SPEECH< LECTURED AT TIMES!!!! Ok this was my 3rd Tori Concert and 3rd in just a year, 2 on the other tour and one on this one. It was my first meet and greet and i was very disappointed, not in the security but in the fans. I have read other reviews and agree with most of them in that there is a group of pushy fans that ruin it for all. I say "Grow Up!!!"

I arrived at around 1:30, there were about 10 people there, we were told to line up against the fence. We all did that. Then about an hour later, here come a group of a about 15 people bitching about how we weren't supposed to be here til 3, how they had been there since 10 am. Too damn bad. One guy even tried to act like security and tell us to move over to the other area. These people have been to other m & g's and know that security moves them, i have read the reviews. You should have kept checking, from your location, you saw people arriving, did you think we were all heading to the fence for nothing!!! It is called a line for a reason, if you get out you lose your spot, i am a teacher and even 3 year olds know the rule. Maybe with some manners we would have been nicer. Then when you all grouped up front and talked about how it was your right to be there and security jumped your ass you moved us back, well yes we were pissed, we had done what was asked. Then again you grouped up there again, so this time we weren't moving. Thanks to Danica(i think) who decided it wasn't worth it and went to sit with Mike. I did feel this site sucked for the m & g because only about 5 people could fit up there and it should have been done better but i do feel it was ruined by you all. Even had not had to work and had come at 10 i wouldn't have been up to meet her because i have manners. I would never have pushed my way up there or gotten in front of others, no matter past experiences....I am just a nice person. One girl came 300 m iles just to get her CD signed and have a wonderful experience, she was really young too and you all made her whole experience suck (sorry for that shameless)! Re-evaluate people and look at yourselves.

Ok enough bitching at the "true fans", now for security, they did ok controling everyone but the comments were uncalled for!!! And they teased us by saying that we would all get to meet her by walking in a line past her. Nope, was huge squished crowd thing, and when a girl complained, Joel said " Ok next time i will let you run and everyone get trampled." He was pissed. I did meet some nice people, didn't really get any names but hello and thanks to Pat, Kim and the two girls in leopard print who passed up my cd cover to be signed and the red-headed guy and the girl with the digital camera.

Tori had on (from what i could see) a blue hat, with a white swirly on it, and black shirt. At the one point someone shouted out that there was this guy in a wheel chair who had been shoved to the back from the front when gathering and they opened the door and let him see her.....didn't see it happen but did hear it happening. Thought that was so nice of her. At the end she came to the fence and said hi to a little girl about 4 or so. The little girl ran to the fence and Tori said "hi, honey, i saw your picture the other night and i'm glad you are feeling better. Come up here and touch me right here." She wiggled her finger through the fence. It was so cute.

The most awesome part was when the sea of people parted for a brief moment and she looked right at me and said "hi baby" Oh my god, it was the best moment. I got all teary. Overall the Tori experience was awesome but the rest sucked.

Now to the concert, I did notice it was an Alanis concert but once there noticed more tori fans then Alanis. We had seats in row 100 off to the side a little and it was awesome. Lotusland opened and they were pretty good for being given about 4 ft of stage. Then tori came on and ROCKED the house down!!!!! She was awesome and the sound was great. Tori was so frisky tonite and couldn't stay on her bench, she was wiggling her ass all over the place and being so sexual. You can tell she had a night off in between!! I too saw her parents but thought they needed to be left alone, they were mobbed!!! It was cool to see them though!!!

One highlight during her songs i noticed was during "Upside Down".....she really put an emphasis on "I'm ok, when everything is not......ok"...it kind of spoke that she understood those who weren't "ok" and to let them know that it really was ok and would be ok. Really cool.

My complaint during the concert had nothing to do with the fans, didn't have any rude alanis fans near me, didn't notice any at all. But the people who worked for mp3.com were right in front of me, they arrived late and there were 6, three couples.....one set talked, the other sat down, and the third made out the whole friggin time.....I mean come on......I was hoping she would play "Hotel" and it would give them a hint. But these people worked for the sponsers of the concert, you would think they would be better. Oh well

Alanis- well i like her music but thought she sounded exactly like she does on the radio and her videos.....not ad lib or anything. She was had to watch in several songs....too much spazing and the song where she spun for 5 min.....man!!! And i did notice the resemblance to cousin IT. She was good but hard to watch after the magic of Tori. And the scenes playing behind her sucked, what the hell was that about? Geez.

If you read this whole thing, congrats...If you are pissed, sorry but I know many would agree with me. It is about Tori, not her fans. Sorry I didn't meet you Mike, heard you were down there but I didn't make it down there. By the way, who was driving the minivan in the VIP parking lot that said Cornflake girl and was totally decorated?

Ok, i am outta here! Hope all enjoy the rest of the tour!!!

From RHPSshock:

Oh, wow. This was my third, and last (for now) Tori concert. I went to Columbus and Indy as well. I was not too happy with the meet and greet, but I got to meet some really cool people and Tori did get my letter. I didn't like the way I was treated by security, and I want to know what happened to that whole "single file line" thing. I know it wasn't our fault, the security gaurd was telling us to bunch up. I just don't understand.
Due to some very unfortunate circumstances, I lost my front row tickets to a lawn seat. I was VERY disapointed that the "Skyline Chilivison" screens were not on. Since I work at a Skyline, I am going to bitch endlessly to my boss, even though it isn't his fault....Anyways. This did end up being my fave of the three because of two words: Little Earthquakes. I had asked her to play it in my letter. I'm not sure she ACTUALY played it for me, but I most certainly will pretend. Besides, it was incredible, and I bawled my eyes out. I almost passed out, and had to hold on to my friend's arm so hard I almost passed out. A group of snobbish looking girls talked loudly next to me the whole time, but after a few I could block them out pretty well. And it bothered me when the girls next to me only screamed when she said "baby what have you been smokin'?"
On a side note: if anybody has a good copy of this show, please let me know. I have to hear Little Earthquakes again. Thanks so much in advance. I still feel like I have an adreniline rush, 2 days later. -Angelina

From AgentOrange:

its the friday after the cincinatti show , and not 1 day has gone by that i havent thought about the show.. it was my 2nd show, and definately the most memorable... i loved how before the show started, the lights went on and all you could hear was toris voice.."god sometimes you just dont come through..." everyone started screaming...then she walked out... i immediately picked up my camera to take a picture, but my hands were shaking so much, i couldnt hold the camera straight to see anything out of it.. i had 4th row pit seats which was incredible....especially because right as everyone jumped up at the beginning, my best friend and fellow tori obsessed fan, josh, ran up the the gate that separated you from the camera guys right at the stage...
the concert was unbelieveable....but the security guys were major jackasses..
ALAMOTALULA - i think i might have seen you and also talked to you up there.. i had on a black collard shirt and a black and silver long skirt.. blonde hair... are you the girl who got the setlist ? if so my friend josh and i were the ones who asked you how you got it..

FIERYMIST - I was hoping someone would see our van !!!! two days before the concert, josh and i decided we would go all out for tori and her fans and decorate the van... we were so psyched about it.. we really wished tori would see it .. we wanted it to mean somthing to her... we had all kinds of streamers on the van but they blew off about 1 hour down the road to cincinatti...
im so glad you noticed the van and asked about it !!!

please write me

From Kristian:

My adventure started when my girlfriend called me at work one day and said "Would you like to see Tori Amos in concert?" She new the answer of course, and I had no idea that the concert was on our anniversary, which made the day even more cherishing. I had to work that day of course, and the concert started at 8:00 p.m. I was able to leave work at 5:30, but even that didn't give me enough time. We stopped at McDonald's by the way, it should not be considered a "fast food restaurant" any longer, thus we made it to Riverbend by 7:30 exactly. Her first performance was God, and it was heavenly, pardon the attempted pun, but she is the Goddess. Her concert was the second concert in my life that I've been to(the first being Duran Duran), and it was great. Unfortunitely, I think I'm obsessed with her now. Anyway, I am upset because the sound wasn't all that great, and she didn't perform IIEEE or Liquid Diamonds, my two fav's from 'Hotel. But she did end it with a Precious Things, which satisfied me to the fullest. The only thing else that was unfortunate was the lawn seats, I could just make out her red hair. But the lighting was good, so I witnessed her playing the piano, which is the best in the world, to my knowledge that is. Thanks for giving me the privelege of putting my experience on the net Mike.

From rubberrobe:

I was at the riverbend show, my 3rd time seeing Tori. I don't know what you guys mean by the sound being bad. I was about 15 rows back and she sounded wonderful!! Her parents were in the audience, about 10 rows back. Maybe that tamed her performance slightly...but her voice was as incredible as ever! She looked great too. I practically watched her whole performance thru binoculars. The new songs sounded fabulous...can't wait for the new disc.

From Paula:

I went to the sept. 14 show, it was my first tori concert and i was incredibly pleased. although i do agree with a lot of people that the riverbend amphitheater was too big and a lot of ambiance was lost because of it. On a whole i think the show was awesome, i was in the sixth row on the far left side and i was so thrilled to see her right there! anyway, i was a little pissed because she didn't play caught a lite sneeze, but she played the waitress, so its all good. i also think she seemed a little timid during her performance. i heard her parents were there so maybey that's why. but it was an excellent show and i'll never forget it.

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