5 1/2 Weeks Tour
Detroit, MI
September 12, 1999

Updated November 10, 1999

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Tori performed in Detroit/Clarkston, MI on September 12, 1999 at the Pine Knob Music Theatre during the Tori & Alanis Morissette 5 1/2 Weeks Tour.

Set List

Past The Mission
Tear In Your Hand
Silent All These Years (solo)
Winter (solo)
Professional Widow
Father Lucifer

Precious Things


From Mikewhy

September 15, 1999 - The Detroit show was very enjoyable, however some people in front of us who were chatting during secret time made that part of the show most unenjoyable for me. Otherwise it was a good night.

After Juarez, Tori told us that she never got in the pavilion at these venues when she would go to outdoor concerts. She was always on the lawn making out. She also had trouble with her microphone not staying up and said something like, "Maybe you will be more sympathetic girls."

During Past The Mission she made a mistake and said "I fucked up" in the middle of the song.

Before she played Winter, Tori said "This is for a friend who is pretty fucked up. Wherever she is, I hopes she hears it." Some people complain when Tori does this song, saying they would prefer to hear a more obscure ballad. But I found it to be as touching tonight as when I first heard it.

The Waitress was performed a little differently tonight. It had a different beginning and it was a few seconds before I realized what it was!

Nothing really stood out tonight but it was a really solid show.

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From SylvyrMoon:

Just got back from what I found to be a generally blah show. I'm totally zonked so I'll keep this brief, but here's the setlist:

Past the Mission
Tear in Your Hand

Silent All THese Years (definite high point for me)
Professional Widow
Father Lucifer
Precious Things

I'm gonna go sleep now.


From Nyra:

Okay... I'm all adrenalized... or however you spell it. The highlight of my evening, by far is that I finally got to meet Mikewhy. *Hi Mike, It was nice to finally meet you* He is a truly nice person. We spoke for... oh around 8 or 10 minutes before Tori started. He commented on my laminate (Where the HECK were all your laminates people???) And we chit chatted about a few of the emails I've sent to him and stuff he's posted on the Dent for me. He is awesome... and that accent ROCKS!

You saw the set list above. I only stayed for 3 of Alanis' songs. She moves around the stage a lot. I wanted to scream... STAND STILL! She's a pretty dynamic performer though... and much smaller than I expected!

Tori... Ah Tori... Where should I begin. Her set was GREAT! I was loving it... Then this guy behind us told us to sit down cuz he couldn't see... We proceeded to tell him to look around (there was about 75% of the crowd standing) and told him to shut up. He did for a bit... Then he put my buddy Mike (Not Mike-Mike) in a HEADLOCK! UNREAL! Can you say UNREAL???!!! That set my husband off, and he screamed at him and asked him why he put his hands on our friend... when the guy (Who was about 45 or 50 I estimated) poked my hubby in the chest... That was it... Jake (the husband) Threw his beer in the guys face... Well then the guy shoved Jake, So jake pushed him really hard and he fell back 3 rows... UNREAL. I was freaking out... so I went with the guy and his 25 year old wife up to the ticket lady... I talked to him... I explained that he was ruining my night and that Tori was my favorite artist in the world.... He kept saying... "I payed $27,000 for season tickets and I want to sit"... I told him I don't even make $27,000 a year and that $40 bucks is a big deal for me, and I'd appreciate it if he would chill out... (I also mentioned that if he paid so much for season tickets, he should have gotten better seats! We were WAY over on the right and about 30 rows back!)... I proceeded to tell him that the guy he put his hands on was a minor.. (He's not, but it worked) and that we could sue him. He finally left with his barbie doll wife. THE NERVE.

Thanks, I needed to get that off my chest!

Tori was Awesome... Totally energetic... I liked this show better than Toronto on Tuesday... The set list was Awesome... I don't think she even played anything from Choirgirl... I'll have to look later... I'm definately glad I went to this show... I was getting very frusturated with all the crowd problems and stuff with this joint tour thingy... but her performance tonite made up for it... But what was up with that orange light that they kept shining to the right side of the audience? It was blinding!

Anyhow. I look forward to reading your reviews. I'd love to know if the audience gave anyone else any problems.

I was looking for you Jerry... Mike said you were way over on the other side of the venue. I missed out!

From DreamQueen:

This was without a doubt the best day of my life. The meet and greet was fantastic--Tori was adorable, someone asked her what shoes she was wearing and she gave Joel a look like "who are these freaks?" but then she took off her shoe and waved it in the air! and then Jon Evans and Caton rode by on bikes! Jon Evans is very very sexy! Hi to all the people i met at the gas station, smushed up next to at the meet and greet, or met at the picnic! thanks everyone who brought stuff---that was so much fun, and you are all so nice. It was nice to meet you tekdeth!!! The show was great---The new crucify is fantastic--tear in your hand was beautiful. and bliss was amazing--its meant to be sung live! caton was drinking white wine tonight. and tori wore sort of a flowered toga--there is no other way to describe it, but she looked adorable! wow-what a great night!

From Prince of Darkness:

generally blah show? no no no...
here's the "play by play"

got there at 12 - security turned us away - went back - sent away - etc. finally came to stay at 2:30 or thereabouts -- got to the barricades like an f'ing

got there at 12 - security turned us away - went back - sent away - etc. finally came to stay at 2:30 or thereabouts -- got to the barricades like an f'ing bat out of hell and managed to get to the front - yeah it was my first time so i felt really good about now. she signed my UTP booklet and told me that i looked super cute with my glittery face. well, i did!! she took her sweet time for the meet and greet and was super well dressed. HOT!!! i asked her to play bells for her and she wrote it on her hand (didn't play it - oh well, maybe some other time) i have to commend all the super nice EWF who were, for the most part, calm and collected during the who M&G. hi to all my friends i met.

oh yeah, while we were waiting for tori (who arived at 4 sharp), we had a sing along to Mr. Zebra and Take To The Sky. we are silly!!

so the picnic before the show was great - thank you everyone who attended and brought food - you are beautiful people, tori is right - Michigan EWF are different creatures!!!

yeah so after the picnic we checked out soundcheck -- sounded like maybe she played suede, and i definately heard concertina and sugar, my two faves right now!!!

God: very neat loop in the backrground, i think she has really improved upon this song... a great opener in my book!!

Crucify: "what... what the hell is thi... OH MY GOD" = my general response. i love the new version, it is so cool - at first i was scared about the whole "my piano is marrying a computer thing - but tori always knows how to shape her sound in an original yet traditionally toriesque way. bravo on this new rendition!

Juarez: oh my god - sinister - dark - angry - intense. beautiful. i am so excited for the new album, and hopefully the solo tour to back it up! "no angels came" -- haunting.

Past the Mission: AHHHHHHHHHHH holy shit!!! definately the belle of the ball, i mean i love this song. a lot. a lot a lot. funny when she totally fucked up in the middle.

Bliss: A perfectly written song, perfect live - meant to be played live. Just great.

Tear In Your Hand: One of my best friend's faves - could've done without myself, but she was happy, so i was too.

SATY: A classic.

Winter: Ok it was so beautiful - her voice soared over the most passionate performance of this song i've ever experienced. I was in tears the entire song. A definate highlight.

Sugar: Rock the fuck on bitch!!!

Pro. Widow: Absolutely great. Love the ending.

Father Lucifer: I really love the 6/8 Steve McQueen Bridge. Beautiful.

Waitress: 10:13 long. Hang ten, honey. No prob.

Precious Things: Loud, dynamic, essential, and neato. A great ending to a great night.

Yeah and then alanis.

From spectrum:

alright well let's see my day was good and bad. i knew we had to be there for like 7:30, right on. well we were late. it was supposed to be a 45 minute drive and we would have been there, right on time, had it not been for all the crazy traffic. oh my. so as i'm like running into pine knob, i hear past the mission. i was almost in tears.
walking to our seats, we hear Bliss. man, was i getting pissed. then i'm standing where my seats are (Row D, by the way. awesome, awesome seats) and i hear Tear in your Hand. the one song, i had to hear. i was so flushed from rushing that i couldn't completly enjoy it to the fullest, but i heard it. i was soooooo happy! well at least i only missed three songs, it could've been way worse, i guess.
the rest of the show was amazing. my first tori show. i went with my friend who likes tori but isn't really into her. he was so impressed by how utterly amazing she is, that he promised me that the next time she's in Detroit that he will go with me and that, that day will be all about Tori!!!! that made me feel better about missing some of her show.
Alanis was alright. there was a kid behind me who i thought was going to die. he was crying, no sorry, balling when she came on. tears all down his face. and he was like moaning and groaning. it's hard to explain. all he wanted was to give alanis some big bear, or something. security wouldn't let him. some girl got him a guitar pick from alanis's stage. that was the nicest thing i've ever seen anyone do for a stranger. that girl is totally awesome in my book. if you're reading this i give you a round of applause.
we left close to the end. i wished the kid luck in his pursuit of giving alanis the bear.
so the show was awesome. tori rocks.i still can't really grasp the whole thing, really.
she played tear in your hand and saty. two songs that pretty much define the past few months of my life.oh and winter was dedicated to a friend of hers "who is pretty fucked up at the moment" oh yeah some security guard told me that tori was "psychotic" (his word, not mine) about not letting security go up to her fans if they were smoking or whatever, while she was playing. that was cool. too bad we were told to put our camera away, got a few shots though. and i'm rambling. so i'm off.
hope everyone had a good time

From X-Phile:

This was the worst concert experience I have ever had, all around. It started off with moderately high hopes of getting to meet Tori for the first time and being able to say "hi" or possibly get something signed, only to be completely shattered by venue security and people who had gotten there later than we did. We got to Pine Knob a little after 10 a.m., and to my astonishment NO ONE else was even there, except these two other nice fellows we dubbed "herb guys." Well, we were the only ones there for quite a while, over an hour I would say, until other people started showing up. At that time security decided to show us what nazis they could truly be, and told us we had to go. Nothing on this planet could sway them. I understood the new rules about the M&G's, and not being able to get there before 2. But I still felt that if I got there earlier than everyone else, that would greatly increase our chances of getting to meet Tori (as this had worked in the past at previous venues during this tour). I had done research before making the decision to actually try this, so I had good reason to think it could work. I was soon to find the error of my thinking. Not only did we have to leave, but the security nazi actually lied and told us to come back at 2:30 because he claimed no one would be getting in before then, and let people through before that. So basically by the time we got to the barricades, the closest we could get to the front was 6 layers back. I cannot even explain how heart wrenching this was for me, how much we had sacrificed and went through, just to be completely screwed over in this situation. That, and the people who got there later than we did, the ones that we actually told were the M&G was to be held, were right there in front. I did manage to confront the security guy because he claimed he was "trying to help us out" and I pointed out the fact that he had lied to us and therefore we got screwed over, just as I knew we would. Apparently this is when I aquired an "attitude" in his words and therefore since I was going to be "that way" he wasn't going to do anything for us. Gee, that was a surprise. Anyway, if things could not possibly be any worse, my car actually blew a tire on I-75 and my boyfriend was forced to pull over, call a wrecker and put a donut on. B ut we are still not to the best part yet. During the show, my friends, whom I had met up with later on were involved in a riot (see Nyra's post above) and this completely ruined their experience as well as adding to the deterioration of mine. Basically, I came to the realization that I will never again even try to attend a M&G. Though there were a few, positive highlights during the monsterous day, the defeating blow was how twisted and unfair the situation became, and how no one cared about anything but themselves. We were all there because we love and respect Tori, yet the M&G became a selfish ambition, one where people were determined to get to the front, regardless of how long anyone else had waited, or the fact that they had already met Tori previously. I will never again allow myself to be dragged down to the level of being treated like a caged animal by venue security or someone not worthy enuff to talk to Tori because I refused to push my way up to the front and ruin it for everyone else. Those of you that were up there, I'm glad you had the chance since I didn't. I have no hard feelings towards you, I probably would have done the same thing. But I hope in the future, perhaps those of you that have had the pleasure of meeting Tori on numerous occassions, feel gracious enuff to let someone else have a chance.

From spacedogjoyce:

OK so this was most likely the best Tori show I've ever seen in my life. Yeah we had to put up with some shit from the security guards at Pine Knob (I agree they are Nazis) but all in all WOW what a great day. Made it to the M&G and was fortunate enough to have her sign my clear vinyl copy of BFP! WOW it was amazing. The concert was wonderful we were row G, I couldn't believe how good the seats were. I think I got a couple good shots of her, during Crucify and Juarez. It was an amazing show and kinda unique cuz i didn't expect her to completely avoid Choirgirl but that in no way made the night any less than fantastic. SUGAR was a standout in my book, she was possessed. Father Lucifer and Professional Widow rocked too. I was hoping to hear Suede but hey what can ya do? Winter was great I almost cried, it was actually very very emotional. Sorry no real evil alanis fan stories here. I'd like to say hello to all the EWF's i met today though, you were all so nice and friendly, I was so happy. You all were great. The picnic was a great group of people, no one there felt like a stranger. See y'all around, next time around..... Matt

P.S. Staying to see Alanis was so disappointing. She is definitely not the level of musician Tori is, and most likely, HA NEVER, will she be. You can't be respected deeply if you keep snapping your fingers and making sign language and in general fidgiting like a crack fiend on stage, and then spin in circles. But hey she plays the flute! OOOH!

From Xav:

Hi all :-) Thanks for coming to my home town. :-) I missed the Meet and Greet, but I knew I would...it's ok, she talked to me once before this tour, and I'm happy with that :-)

I was late to the show, waiting for friends to arrive. :-( We found spots somewhat to the right, on the bar for the lawn. I hope our standing and dancing didn't ruin anyone's night behind us, but judging from the intense pot smell (how can someone smoke down at a tori show??) I doubt we did.

I brought two friends who like tori, but haven't seen her much and had completely forgotten her presence on stage... so I'm happy to have re-introduced people to the lovely, soulful woman. I wish everyone could express themselves like she can. *blush* Tori does neato things to my insides.

The show itself was, for me... sort of mediocre. It was wonderful, but I just saw her in cleveland, front row center. I enjoyed myself and had an awesome time dancing with friends, but it's hard to feel the same energy when you're so far away. :-\ Other people tell me it was the best show of their lives (as usual *grin*), so I assume it was more me than her.

I left around when Alanis came on, and unfortunately didn't meet any new toriphiles.... until later! At Denny's in Berkley, I met 4 toriphiles who were wearing their shirts, and we babbled on for awhile, twas great! :-) :-) *waves* I also told them about the Dent, so perhaps you'll see some new faces.

Love you guys, I'm going to miss seeing you all, as this was my last 5.5 show... :-(

I'm going to miss Tori, too. *sad look*

- wild-haired one

From Rikki2881:

I had an awesome day!!! Got to the M&G late because of traffic(about 3:00) met up with Squee and friendsand got in line on the left hand side of the barricades. Tori came out and she looked cute as hell. When she got to the left side of the front we could see Joel. We asked him if he was going to bring her by us and he truthfully told us "no" Squee had a manilla envelope with some stuff in it for Tori and Joel said for her to hand it up. Then when he was getting ready to take her back I finally told him I wanted to have my hand bill from 96 signed. he said hand it up quick! And with that my hand bill was the last thing Tori signed. I was a very happy person. So then we left to eat and waste some time. Now to the show. I had the time of my life. I never thought we would get the set list that we got. During Sugar at the end you could hear her say " Till they find you out....your just a little pussy." Laughed!!! I danced and sang through thr whole concert. I was surrounded by Tori fans and we were all singing and dancing. It was great.At the end when Tori does her bow with the guys you could see Catons mouth saying to Tori "Amazing!!Amazing!!!" I think we blew them away to. So in all i had a great concert.
We stayed for Alanis and I must say I think Alanis fans take pride in the way she trips out on stage the we take pride in Tori"s drool. After You oughtta know we left. But something we were trying to figure out. To the right of the stage in the back of the pit there were these three people just standing during Alanis. They had there right hands up with there thumbs towrd there face and pinkie and ring finger pointing out and other two fingers straight up. Through her whole show they just stood there like that? Anybody know?

From grrrl:

Here's my stori, we didn't get to Pine Knob until about 6:45, because of traffic, and i couldn't find the potluck picnic so we just stood in line and listened to soundcheck.
The seats were waaay over to the left, so all i could see was the back of Tori's orange gauzy dress, but the screens helped. The crowd was different than the usual Tori crowd. I would have to say it was more of an Alanis crowd. I didn't have any problems with anyone. But i did enjoy the smell of fine herbs wafting through the venue.

She did the usual gestures, crotch grab during grrrrl, middle finger down the piano for "so you can make me cum.." She fucked up a part and smiled and said, "These things happen you know," and started over.

I liked the setlist, but wanted to hear Cruel. *****
My first time seeing her. She was beautiful and performed well. Personally, I like the way she dances, it reminds me of a Native American tribal dance. I love the spinning around thing too! I don't know all of the songs she played except for So Pure and You Oughta Know, we left right after this one cause my bf had to work early in the morn.
If anyone booted this show, please email me!

From JeffV:

Stood around for 1 1/2 hours waiting for the meet & greet to start. Fortunately, Tori fans are a talkative, outgoing bunch. The big silver tour bus went by and Mr. Puppethead popped out of a window, which energized the crowd. I was too far away to get anything signed or say hi to Tori, but I got a lot of good pictures of her (I think - we'll have to see when they get developed). I thought Tori seemed a bit edgy and distracted, though. Maybe it was just me. The picnic organized by Prince of Darkness was a complete success (you rocked my world). There was a load of good food - Greek salad, pasta salad, brownies, cookies, chips, etc. I just wish there had been more people on hand to eat it all.

Sitting behind me were some of the rudest fucking people I have ever had to be next to during a concert in my entire life. They talked non-stop through Tori's entire set, and pretty much ruined Secretime for me. I asked them quite nicely to be quiet, and they said, "no - why don't you stick your fingers in your ear." I could have killed them for that, and it would have been justifiable homicide, but I believe in peace, bitch. I did my best to tune them out.

I thought "Bliss" sounded perfect, probably the best song of the show. I also liked the bossa nova version of "Father Lucifer." It was nice to hear "Professional Widow," but it just didn't quite work for me.

As for Alanis - I'm not really a fan, but I decided to give her a shot. Whatever the first song she played was pretty good, as was "You Learn." I wasn't really won over, though. Was she actually playing that guitar, or did she just strap it on for show?

Tori never ceases to amaze me live. Even though she didn't do anything off of CGH or "Conflake Girl" (the closest thing she has to a hit song) I didn't really miss it. Every show of hers is different, every one special. Since she doesn't have any big hit songs, she can sing whatever she wants and get away with it. Alanis wouldn't make it out of there alive if she didn't sing "You Oughta Know."

I love the way Tori continues to reinvent songs like "Crucify," "God," "Father Lucifer," etc. She doesn't play it safe, doesn't rest on her laurels. Whenever she's in town, then I will be there.

From Sara:

The concert was great! This was my first Tori concert (ever) and was really looking forward to it.
She looked really awesome. It was exciting to see how "into it" she got. It seems like after doing so many concerts, you'd have one that you were just like, "Screw it, I'm tired and bored and it's gonna show." I was hoping it wasn't this one!

But the real reason I wrote is to say that I heard (can't remember where) that she wasn't going to preform much (if anything) from CGH this tour because 1) She is 'sneak previewing' her new album (and the ensuing solo tour to promote it) and 2)The last tour she did was to promote CGH and she didn't want to revisit/emphasize it again on this 'special' tour.

Good luck and safe travels to those who are going to the remaining dates!

From ThinkEric:

Hi folks, just wanted to give my feedback on the show in Detroit, with a few editorial comments along the way....

The show itself- Seemed like it was "Little Earthquakes" night, lots of old-school stuff with her new feel. A little disappointed that we didn't hear a lot of new material, but hey, the album's just around the corner. One of the more hilarious moments was right before Tori went to sing (I forget which song), the microphone, for lack of a better term, "went limp". Naturally, Tori said "A lot of you girls can sympathize." Good for a giggle....

As far as the show being "blah" as was mentioned earlier, I can understand where she was coming from, but hey, it's Tori, so how bad could it be? And along with everyone else, I too was going "What the F***?" with those dudes and their hand gestures for Alanis, and that bawling 16-year-old. Wow, that dude was clearly in love with Alanis; I was sitting just a few feet away, and that guys was just dying. Poor kid needs a healthy injection of self-esteem....

Meet & Greet - My beefs with the meet & greet will be a lot different than everyone else's. And my feelings aren't just reserved for Detroit M&G, but Tori meet and greets in general. OK everybody, I understand the desire to see Tori; I understand the desire to get a photo; and I understand the desire to talk to her/get an autograph. I've done all three, and yes, it is a big thrill. BUT since I've done it already, it isn't fair to those who haven't for me to compete for Tori's attention once again.

I feel pretty secure in the fact that 70% of the people who got Tori's autograph/talked to Tori already have done so; they know the drill on when to show up, how to get in the best position, how to talk to Joel, etc. Folks, it ain't right. If you've had the thrill, let others have that feeling instead of making it Tori Kombat.

As for those who were griping about security, etc., take a step back. Put yourself in their position; some Tori fans are indeed polite and out-going, but there are also quite a large number that are rude, obnoxious, and very clique-ish (many Dent readers, in fact). I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. If security tells a few people to move back, etc., they aren't being "pricks" or "assholes".... they are doing their jobs. Folks, it isn't your right to see Tori just because you have every bootleg ever recorded, or because you know which bodyguard is Joel, or because you've done it before. That doesn't make you "real" Tori fans; it makes you look very bad in the eyes of the world.

I mentioned this to a die-hard last year during the tour, and she replied, "She's glad to see us, we're her friends, she's proud of us." Funny, I would think that Tori would be most proud of the die-hards that went out into the world and made something of themselves, made their own mark on the world, as Tori herself did; not the die-hards that keep coming back again and again, and clearly display the emptiness in their own lives. Look at MikeWhy; the man has built a killer web site and left his mark on thousands of Tori fans - you don't see him knocking everyone over trying to get Tori to sign something at a meet & greet; in fact, I think I saw him casually standing in the back, talking with a few other people. Here's a man who has got it figured out.

Maybe the reason why Tori looks kind of grouchy at meet & greets is because it's always the same people at these things, always with such extreme reactions. And after observing the actions of a lot of the meet & greet crowd, I don't really blame her. Just my $.02. Send all hate mail to thinkeric1@yahoo.com.


From SpaceMan Spiff:

Amen on the comments regarding the M&G's. People, if you've met her, is it really necessary to meet her again?
Anyway, to the show.

~~~God -- Not a fave on the album, but she puts this girls Sunday best on when she sings it live. Wonderful.

~~~Crucify -- It was good to hear this, I've been listening to it a lot lately. I like the new sound with the technoish beats and loops, sounds groovy. Although I enjoyed the version at the Van Andel last December better.

~~~Juarez -- I heard this in Chicago the night before and was not too impressed with it, but for some reason tonight it just hit a nerve. I love this song and the meaning behind it just makes it all the better. You can see just how into it she is when she sings it live too.

~~~Past The Mission -- Heard this in Chicago too. I love it, but was hoping to hear something different tonight. It's always good fun though. Besides, it made my friend Sophia happy because she's a die hard NIN fan. Plus it was funny to see Tori fuck up during the song.

~~~Bliss -- Such a wondeful song to hear live. It was MADE to be performed live. Powerful.

~~~Tear In Your Hand -- I was suprised, yet delighted to hear this. It has always been a meangingful favorite to me. She looked so happy singing this too. Very touching.

~~~Silent All These Years -- Heard it twice before but I can never get enough of this song. It's simple and beautiful. This got some of the loudest cheers and screams of the night.

~~~Winter -- Well, I was a little disapointed to hear SATY in a way because I knew since we had already heard a song from LE for secret time, that we would probably not hear another one. And I so badly wanted to hear Winter. But HOLY SHIT...she told this story about her fucked up friend or something and went into it. I was just mezmerized by it while she was singing. I had told so many people that I would pay $35 just to hear her play this one song, and FINALLY, after 5 shows, she played it. Thank you Tori...it meant a lot.

~~~Sugar -- Love it, absolute crowd pleaser.

~~~Professional Widow -- Again, a crowd pleaser. She enjoys singing this, you can tell. But what is that voice that comes on right before it?

~~~Father Lucifer -- I did not like this. It sounded like a bad dance remake. My only complaint of the night.

~~~the Waitress -- Probably the longest and most intense that I'VE ever seen it. Went nuts and started screaming, just what we love to see and hear.

~~~Precious Things -- Nothing to really say about it is ther? It's a classic.

OK, so I stayed for Alanis and was very impressed by her stage presence. She's an exceptional performer. And I also saw that ONE guy going nuts over her...it was kind of funny.

It was a magical night though for me. It truly was. There was this blind girl next to me during the show with her mother, she obviously could not see, but was taking in the music just as all the rest of us were. It was truly heart warming to watch her smile when SATY came on.

Then there was this little 11 year old girl on the other side of me who was clearly there to see Alanis, but was really getting into Tori too. During Alanis's set she was singing and dancing, throwing her hands in the air like she just didn't care! It was so cute to see a kid be touched by Alanis the way we are by Tori.

The only negetive aspect of the night is when I was waiting in line to get a $20 soda after Tori's set and this girl was asking why she was behind the piano the whole time when she never even played it...yea...she DID say this. I just said sometimes the band is too loud, and she looked at me and told me she didn't care anyway because she sucked and that Alanis blows her away. Sooo...I told her to go fuck herself because from the looks of it, she wasn't going to find anyone else who would have wanted to do it.

Ahem...wonderful night.

From Katchoo:

Warning: I love to ramble on, esp. about Tori so this is kind of long "Wow"... that's all I could think of after the concert. This was my first Tori concert (my mom wouldn't let me go to the last one) and I had such a blast. I don't really know anyone from here, and I didn't really meet anyone, which is too bad because the picnic you guys are talking about sounded like fun. Maybe next concert I can meet some ppl (hopefully Tori will tour next summer *fingers crossed*). Well, as this was my first Tori concert (I'm 18 and have only been listening to Tori since ftch came out, and I thank the fact that Spark was played a ton on the radio otherwise I would have never gotten into her!!), this was also my first concert since like '94 when I went with my dad to see Yes. Sooo unfortunatly I didn't try for the M&G, though meeting Tori or just seeing her that close would be a dream come true, I wasn't sure what time or where to be for one. Oh well, next time hopefully.
Anyways I had lawn seats (a small bummer for me, but I wasn't home the day tickets went on sale), and we got there around 5. We got in a line at the West plaza and they finally let us in around 6:30. So my friend Melissa and I ran and ran up the hill and ran for a good spot. We got a front and center seat behind the sidewalk, yay! We listened to Lotusland, they were pretty good. After Tori's show we saw the mp3.come booth and thought "what the heck" and bought their cd (it was like 8 bucks).
Well anyways we were just sitting there waiting on my green sleeping bag for Tori to start when the band came on stage, and I kept looking and looking and saying "where's Tori?". Then I finally hear her sing "God sometimes you just don't come through" and everyone started screaming and ran for the rail! I was a bit surprised and stood up also so I could see, when I hear "do you need a woman to look after you?" and Tori came out and I started crying, can't help that Well no one ever left that rail, and so Melissa and I had awesome spots (as awesome as ya can get on the hill at the rail singing and dancing to the songs we know so well. I was really surprised that everyone stood for the concert, but then again I haven't been to one in ages. *God - I was way too excited and emotional to really "hear" this one, but it was beautiful and really emotional for me.

*Crucify - Didn't recognize it at first, but when I did I was really excited. I love hearing how different the old songs sound with the band.

*Juarez - I hadn't heard this yet, nor did I know what song this was, we just assumed it was from TVAB. A good song though.

*Past The Mission - She played this one really good, loved the mic joke (it was before this song, wasn't it?) and the "fuck up" part.

*Bliss - Yay! At least I had heard this one so I recognized it right away. I agree with everyone who said this one is great live!

*Tear In Your Hand - The is the favorite song of a friend who was going to go with us, but went to the ren. fair instead. All I can say to her is - HA :P This was a nice one, definatly a surprise.

*Silent All These Years - Wow, this was definalty a crowd pleaser. I like the way she sings it live, drawing the words out and making it slower.

*Winter - Beautiful song. By this point I was just in awe and amazement of what a wonderful preformer she is. She is so good live, which can't be said about alot of bands.

*Sugar - I had heard this faintly while waiting in line and was so excited. When she started it I was so surprised, this is one of my favorite b-sides! I was alittle disappointed when she subsituted "just" for "he" - "bring me sugar" and "just bring me sugar" sounded very odd to me.

*Professional Widow - Awesome, she really went all out on this one.

*Father Lucifer - Didn't recognize this one until she began to sing...I liked how it sounded so different, though around the middle of the song she did something totaly new (to me, anyways), and it a nice surprise. Though I would have rather had her play iieee or Take to the Sky instead of it.

*Waitress - Waitress and Professional Widow in one show mixed with alot of the LE songs, very odd I love how she drew this song out, especially at the end.

*Precious Things - As someone said before "what can you say, it's a classic?"

Tori was beautiful and her voice was awesome. It was a shame that she had to share the time with Alanis, because I would have loved to see/hear more from her. Also alot of people tell me how she tells stories and talks before most of her songs, and I'm assuming because of the limit on time this is why she didn't say much - though I could be wrong on that also. We didn't stay for Alanis, so I guess I should stop rambling now. I loved the show, and only wish someone would have introduced me to her a long time ago so I would have had a chance to see the concerts previous to this. Well anyways, if anyone could tell me where the M&G was (I'm curious) or if anyone taped the show please e-mail me at shadow2@ameritech.net
Thanks a bunch!!

From Becca:

I had mixed feelings about the meet and greet, but any bad feelings I had were directed towards venue security, not other fans. This was the fourth one I've attended, and I have yet to meet Tori or get anything signed, and that remains true after yesterday. Like many others, I arrived a few hours early with my sister and her friend, and we were told by venue security that we had to leave until 2:30. At that point I pretty much knew I wouldn't be meeting her that day. I just had a feeling. We came back at about 2:10, and pulled into the line up of cars that was waiting outside the gate. It was really frustrating to be sitting there, stuck in that line, while people were running past the car. I knew for sure that I wasn't to meet her at that point. I told my sister and her friend to get out and run, because it would be better for them to get a good spot than for none of us to. They wouldn't leave me, though. We finally got to a parking space and ran to the barricades,ending up 4 or five rows back on the right side. When she came out, she spent a few minutes talking to the people directly against the barricade on that side. I enjoyed watching her talk to people and react to their gifts,she was choosing what to take/sign. Steve was yelling at people for passing things up. I had a letter for her and I wanted her to sign my Winter single, so I held them out (I'm really short, so I was kind of holding them over my head- I was very squished :-) ). She didn't take them, but when she moved down the line a bit the girls right in front of me took them and tried to pass them up for me. They got my letter up to her, but didn't get the single signed. They were really sweet and very apologetic (It wasn't their fault-they tried for me :-) . I notice a lot of people saying that it's always the same people in the front, they don't help new people out, etc.. But these girls really tried to help me because they knew I'd never gotten anything signed. This is my feeling- if I had met Tori before and some sort of relationship with her, I would want to see her again too, so I don't blame people who are in front more than once. I hope eventually that I will get to meet her- at each meet and greet I go to, I get closer, and I'm hoping one day I'll make my way to the front. Yes, there's always dissapointment, and it's not always a very pleasant experience, but I'm determined, and I'll keep going to them until I meet her, keep getting squished and contorted into weird positions :-), and keep meeting really nice new people.
Hmm. I'm almost out of energy and time to write, and I haven't talked about the show yet. It was my 4th one, my first and probably only one this tour. Because my computer was in the shop when the tickets went onsale online, I had really bad seats- row QQ pretty far over on the right side. During the opening act, I heard people behind me saying how Tori was obviously opening for Alanis, because Alanis is the bigger act, blah blah blah. Yeah, suck it :-P. When the lights went down for Tori, a bunch of us ran down the stairs to the front- and were promptly sent back up by Pine Knob security. The people next to me went back down a few minutes later, and didn't come back, so hopefully they found better spots :-). We went back down and grabbed some better seats, but a security woman came around checking tickets. At that point, I realized I was mentally missing the show- I was hardly paying attention I was so frazzled. So I decided to stay in my bad seat and at least try to enjoy myself. The people around me were obviously Alanis fans, they were very unresponsive to Tori. I could see everyone down near the stage dancing, and I missed being around people who were into the show. I felt like I was watching the show from outside, as if I was there, but not really. The big screens helped though, I could see some of her facial expressions, etc.. I was really happy to hear Tear- I'd never heard it live and love it with the band! I was a little dissappointed with Silent for secret time- I don't care for it live all that much and I've heard it live before. But Winter was absolutely gorgeous. And I was very very happy with Sugar, Widow, and Lucifer all in a row. Waitress rocked the fuck out.However, I was ready to beat some ass because of all the people who were arriving late/getting up and leaving, etc.. I was right near an aisle, and I swear it didn't remain clear for more than two minutes at a time. It was really distracting, and added to my feeling of being detatched from the show. I kept thinking that Tori's not doing after show meet and greets out of courtesy to Alanis- it would be nice if Alanis's fans could return the courtesy by allowing Tori fans to enjoy her show. Oh well. People will be people, some are nice and some aren't.

I'm posting from school and I have class in ten minutes, so I must end :-).

~Becca (indigo104@aol.com)

From Rude_Little_Bald_Girl:

Okay, first of all, I want to give a shout out to the shell station posse, especially prince of darkness and the hot fudge condom. We got to the parking lot at 12:30, and got kicked out. So we went to the shell station blah blah.

At about 2:00 everyone migrated to this little driveway, gated thing, and then we formed a line in the turn lane. For the record, they didn't start letting cars in until 2:31 by my clock, not 2 or 1:30 like some people are saying.

Anyhow, at the shell station, I become inspired. I draw a tear in my hand. To make a long story short, I meet Tori, I say "Thank you so much, you've helped me more than you will ever know" and she says "Well, that's what friends are for, you know." and I hold out my hand, and turn the palm up so she can see the tear, and she says "Okay".

She played it.

I am one with the gods.

Anyhow, the security people aren't nazis, they are just doing their job.

From lamia:

ok! so i'm a bit late on this but have read most of the posts and will try not to be redundant!!!
M&G omg!! it was fate or just pure dumb luck. we were planning on getting there around 1:30pm, but we ended up finding the venue about 2. we wanted to find a bathroom so we cruised right by. no luck, so we got back there about 2:10. I saw the girl w/redish blonde hair that i met in columbus (i know you are out there somewhere email me!) and her blond boyfriend/friend standing there so i was excited to get to say hello but just as we parked a tourbus whizzed by and everyone started running for their cars. we ended up being 3rd car in line (like i said, dumb luck!) and sitting in the middle of the road for 20 minutes until X-Phile, you might want to note that, they really didn't let us go into the parking lot until 2:30. they let us going in a little ways, just to get us out of the road, but no one even got to drive to where they let us park until 2:30.

not to be a big meanie but i got to talk to tori my first time and probably my only time. i requested marianne and she seemed confident that she'd do it in cincy. everyone at the M&G was so nice (ryan is a total cutie) so much nicer than the people in birmingham last year (no offense).

as for the show..better than columbus, good setlist although i would've traded tear in my hand for cloud on my tongue and could do without waitress & precious things always being last. i loved how during winter i could swear she said "wipe my KNIFE" instead of nose. but i could be wrong.

only one thing to say I HATE PEOPLE. I love Ewfs but it was just in-f***in-sane. there were 6 or 7 preteen girls behind us on the lawn and throughout the concert they got louder and louder. finally durring prof widow they were cackling really loudly and screeching about some "guy at my school that is sleeping with this skanky b***h and why doesn't he have better taste and she is such a skank..." and i couldn't stand it anymore.

i am so not that kind of person but i turned around and i said "i don't care if you don't have enough respect for tori fans to not talk through the whole concert. but i really think you can keep down all the screaming and laughing because SOME of us are here to hear tori." and then i huffed back. of course being the raised-right southern gal i am i wanted to appologize for being bitchy but i was like no way. they screamed really loud a couple times during songs but i ignored it. by that time tori was doing waitress and i just kept saying to myself "i believe in peace bitch, i believe in peace bitch..."

never again will i get lawn seats to tori. never never never.

not even 12 year old alanis fans could spoil the great day though!!! father lucifer rocked, it all rocked, i'm so sad that cincy is tomorrow night. my last show. I'm hoping for marianne..please if anyone meet&greets, and feels generous ask her to do marianne for stacey??

*hugs and love*

pigtails & all

ps-rereading posts and honestly guys, i feel really bad i know the girl next to me has met tori before several times because tori knew her, but yes i admit at my only meet and greet before this tori did sign my winter single (i was in 4th or 5th row and got lucky passing up) and i never ever have talked to tori before. so don't be too hard on us front people. we're not evil. just lucky

a new "thing" that I or a lot of people do not know about. I shouldn't be making fun of others because I am not a true Tori fan YET, but some things are just plan old ridculous.
Well, I love Tori and I love the people who watched out for me at the concert, I owe them big time, God, they are best cause I don't know anyone else that could have gotten me front row to a Tori concert and not ditch me because I not cool enough. LOL. *Linda*

From Pitipur:

Ok, well, I already posted a HUGE review to RMTA, so I just want to say a few things about the meet and greet. We got there at about 2 30 or 2 45, and we were kinda in the back, but were on the right railing, where I got a LOT of nice pictures. I just was wondering if any of the people I was kinda chatting with posted here at all. First, there were these three guys I think, one of them had the God remixes single insert, and I looked at it...and then there was a guy and two girls, and he had the vinyl of I think the professional widow mixes, and then there were these three girls, and one of them was telling us that if we are good and calm in the back, sometimes Tori would come back there. That gave me a lot of hope!!..I was just happy that she stood so long at the right side of the barricades so I could take pictures...That was cool....and anyone at the picnic, I was the guy with the sky blue shirt that said "fort campbell eagles" or whatever it said..it was like a gym shirt or something...Anyway, I was just wondering if any of you people were out there and who you were. AND, if you didnt talk to me, you may have heard me. I was the guy who was singing all the Letter People songs, and I was singing the ultra ToriAlanis remix song "cosmic tear in your hand in my pocket and the other hand in my fathers glove"... If you were any of those people, or just saw me, email me!

From witchzburning:

My only advise for the future Tori shows....never party too much backstage and have to drive 6 hours to another venue right after! ITS NOT FUN!!!
Thanks to the buses for keeping me on the road...thanks to hapyfantm for finding me on 69 and thank the damn Mariot Fairfield in Detroit for giving us a bed, a chase, a floor, a pillow and a shower!!

Detroit's venue was so beautiful, its a shame that security really sucked all the energy outta it.... Tori et all were awesome as always!

From icanbcruel:

-k- this is only the sixth show I have been to and the first on this tour. I had front row seats and was practically breathing down the lead singer's throat of the opening act.
After that, Tori came on, duh. I won't go song by song, but I will give highlights.
~~~Past the Mission~~~was really suprised to hear it, but was pleased. ~~secretime~~I lost it--I was hysterically crying and didn't stop for the rest of the show...sorry fellow front rowers! ~~Professional Widow~~might be the best version of that I have ever heard!
~~Bliss~~most definately meant to be live!

after her set, the stage crew tossed Tori's water and the girl next to me got it, then gave it to me. So I have her water, which is kinda silly, but it is a good suvenior.

as for the meet and greet, I agree with those who say people who have met her should move back. I haven't met her and I still backed off because it got so hot and it wasn't all that important to me, I realized. I didn't DIE because I didn't meet her or have anything signed and I decided not to let it ruin my experience. I was so emotinally drained after the show. I have never had so many feelings in a seventy five minute period of time. Dancing, crying, jubilation! Wow Tori!

My question:How can anyone stay for Alanis after all of that? I found it impossible, and I like Alanis. There is no way I could possibly mesh the two!

Hugs and please be nice to one another! We are here because of a common bond!


From Glimi:

******Warning....ranting and raving ahead*** Hi to you all. I'll be brief, my g/f is still upset at me because I "made her sit through that crappy Tori" as she likes to say. Oh, well, her loss....

What is it about the crowd at Tori concerts? This is only the 2nd time I've been to her shows (the other beeing Plugged '98, where i had won tix off the radio...thanks 96.3...how nice to give us nose-bleed seats) . This time I had row F on the right....perfect to swoon after such a goddess...

Anyways...about the crowd...

Everyone (cept for the darn alanis fans who kept talking to the right of me) was enthralled during Tori, I have a feeling that Tori's fans bought all the close seats... I could have sworn that even the Knob itself was singing along with SATY. But why do I get so many evil looks when I was walking around during intermission? Granted I WAS wearing my Metallica hockey jersey, but is that so strange? I swore I could have heard someone mutter something to the effect of "doesn't deserve the privledge of hearing Tori" coming from behind me at one point. Oh well..there's always some jerk who comes out to ruin the day...

THe concert was excelent!! After the combonation of SATY and Winter, I was ready to burst out in tears....had she followed it up with Jupiter I would have been gone....

I've seen Alanis b4 right after Pill came out. Wasn't impressed then, even less so this time round. We left after the 4th song...we couldn't stop laughing at her. Were we the only ones who noticed that her playing the guitar consisted of her strumming the same note over and over again....and a flute....rofl...yeah right!

Just have to say hi to the ewf who we were talking to in line for tee shirts during Lotusland near the west gate....I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I do. And to the couple who also were in line for tickets...I saw you leave after Tori...good judgement.... *chuckle*

God I hope she comes back soon...every day is too long....

freyia.battlegroundz.com 9000

From Datura22:

ok so this was my first tori show ever. I had tickets to 2 of the plugged 98 shows and i got screwed over both times before. so i was so excited for this one. Allright so me and my friends Kelly and Pit went at like 2pm and when we got there, there was allready a bunch of toriphiles there. We got in line along with our 50 lbs of bread and salad we had brought for the picnic and hung out. Everyone was really cool and we had a great time. I brought Tori a little plastic frog name "Jethro" and i was hoping to give it to her. When tori finally came, she drove by us in the bus and put mr. puppethead out the window to wave at us. It was so funny. So when she finally came over to us, she walked over to the end of the barrier so she could see the end of the crowd. I told her i had brought her a frog named Jethro to put on her toe and she said "is that a hint?" i said "no i just want you to have this....on your toe. can you tape it on?" and she said "well it won't stay on for too long so I'll tape it to mr puppethead's toe." I was so excited!!! im gonna go crazy if i see a pic of him with Jethro on his toe. If anyone sees a pic of it will you send it to me? thanks. ok so then after tori left, we had to leave and come back at 5 to get the parking thing together. so we did and then we had our big picnic hosted by PrinceofDarkness (i think thats how you spell his name) It was a great success and we had way too much food. When we attempted to clean up we heard Sugar playing! So we screamed "Tori's soundcheck!!!" and ran over to the fence and plastered ourselves to it. We listened to the end and then we heard nothing so we decided to clean up. We get about 30 yards and Concertina starts!!! we dash back to the gate (meanwhile back at the ranch, all the people waiting to get in think we are psychopaths) this went on for anouth 20 minutes in which we heard parts on Suede and Juarez also. So then we finally get to our seats. Me and Kelly's seats were all the way in the back in the right hand corner against the wall right? so we're like
shit" i cant see anything. Then all of a sudden we hear "God sometimes you just don't come through" and stand up and run all the way down to row "R" in the center and start dancing. heres the set list (not in order)
GOD- it was awesome. It was like on the plugged tour but no "You dropped the bible on me" part.
CRUCIFY- I love the heavy base in this song now. I heard it on the Good Morning America thing and recognized it right away. BLISS- This song was made to be played live. JUAREZ- this was the first time i ever heard this song. It was really dark. I loved it.
PAST THE MISSION- i loved it! it was such a surprise PROFESSIONAL WIDOW- This is my favorite song. i was so glad she played it. i wanted to hear it so bad. It was so good. SUGAR- it's so beatiful live isnt it?
TEAR IN YOUR HAND- i love this song. After all "Neil" Laura's bear is named after it.
secret time
SILENT ALL THESE YEARS- breathtaking. half the crowd cried. WINTER- I couldnt believe she played it. It was so beautiful. The other half of the crowd cried. including me.
FATHER LUCIFER- it was so cool. it went into the remix version at the end. it was very impressive.
WAITRESS- was awesome as usual. i love it.

PRECIOUS THINGS- just the best.

Alanis was awesome too. I really liked her. I danced my ass off during her show.

well yeah
im taking this opportunity to say "hi" to the awesome people i met yesterday like Laura, Ryan, and Natalie. you guys are awesome.

"over salibury hill, through the solar field"

From Ashley:

Ok, so this was my last of 7 shows this tour. Out of the seven it ranks 6 in order of favorites. I don't know if it was because Chicago the night before was so amazing or what, but this show seemed to be missing something. The people up front seemed totally bored with the show. Well, except for the people behind me who thought the whole show was a big sing along. Anyway...
I got to the venue at around, oh i don't know whent i got there, but it was during the mad dash to the barracades. This was BY FAR the worst meet and greet i have witnessed. You guys, you're not supposed to get out of your cars and RUN, you're supposed to wait for steve to tell you when to go to the barracades. You're very lucky he didn't get pissed and make you leave. Anyway though, i wasn't even going to try to talk to tori since i've met her before and try not to stand in front and take a space away from someone who hasn't met her (unlike some people....should i name names? no, well, let's just say a certain red haired boy who is in the front of every meet and greet and every show and always looks like he's having a shitty time). So i spent the meet and greet sleeping on the sidewalk. I enjoyed my nap very much. Then after the meet and greet the lovely security yelled at us to leave and at this point i was hating Detroit or whatever suburb of detroit i was in. Ok on to the show. Where I was, the audience was totally dead. Which is sad, since i was in the very front.
I'll just mention the highlights of the show for me: Sugar I NEVER get tired of hearing this song even though she plays it at most every show. I swear it gets better every time. The "oh my god" part kills me every time.
Juarez Probably this or Concertina are my favorites off of Venus that i have heard so far, and Juarez is another that gets better every time. The "no angel came....no angel came for my little girl, no angel came for my little one, no angel came for my little girl" part is fairly new i think?
Father Lucifer I LOVE this version of this song. The best I've ever heard. I love the "oh lucy girl, oh girl..." Silent All These YearsWouldn't it be neat if every one really was Silent during this song? Anyway, I went into the show wanting to hear either Concertina (even though i'd heard it in Indy), Sister Janet, Pretty Good Year or Silent. I didn't think any of them would come, so imagine my shock. This was actually the first time out of 14 times i've seen her that i had heard this song.
Waitress I envy those going to more shows, because this song is getting better every night. It's actually CHANGING. Anyway, though i don't think this was the best show EVER or anything, it was definitely good.

From KatWoman:

This was my second Tori concert, and by far my worst concert experience ever.
I understand that although my commrades
and I arrived at the venue at least 9 HOURS before the show began, fate and some rude people wouldn't let us get a good view of Tori. Hell, we didn't get a single look at Tori. But I don't fault them. I can't fault the people who were nice to our faces, but as soon as there was a chance to be in Tori's presence turned their backs and showed who they really are. But again, I can't fault them. If you don't live your life with yourself as the goal, you'll miss out on numerous things. These people aren't my problem.

If you haven't read X-Phile's or Nyra's posts on the 1st thread for the Detroit show, allow me to fill you in (X-Phile and Nyra are two of the five other friends that accompanied me to the show). During the second or third song of Tori's set, this disgusting excuse for a human being (who had been rude and downright insulting) that was sitting behind us had the audacity to put one of my friends in a headlock. This pathetic individual's complaint was that we were standing. Well honey, so was everybody else. If we sat, his view would've been blocked by the people in front os US. Needless to say, the stresses of the day came to a head at that point and I proceeded to bawl my eyes out for the rest of the show. Nothing could salvage this concert. There were points I was even reconsidering my own musical endeavors, but soon realized that this deplorable person with more testicular fortitude than mental accumen didn't have the right to take away the one thing that keeps me alive. I was under the impression that life got better after high school. HA!

Regardless of the horrors, there were some highlights. I did get to meet MikeWhy, which was very kewl. Not to mention meeting/spending the day with the not-so-merry band of freaks I consider my friends. (You so ROCK!!)

Attending another M&G is out of the question, but I don't want to completely turn my back on Tori. Not everyone is as friggin out of his mind as the frick who ruined my night. To all of the people who aren't him, I thank you.

From soza:

sorry this is so late but i've been kind of busy. anyway a radio station, 89X, was doing this secret private show for only 40 people and i was blessed enough to win (almost passed out when the dj told me). i don't want to rammble to much so here's how it went,i woke up late of course then rushed to pick up my friend chrissy then speed down to where it was (downtown detroit, thank you) and then we got to wait about an hour and a half. they finally lead us up the stairs and into a kind of small studio. tori came in, looked great, and i can't really remember alot of what she said but there was a lot of talking becuase there were a lot of techincal things going wrong. she actully stopped in the middle of "never seen blue" becuase of it. she played solo with her little baby bosey. we got to meet her afterwards, i was so in shock i couldn't say a word. we got a picture taken with her and signed it. she also signed our cd's we brought even though they told us she couldn't (so sweet). the show later that night at pine knob was great even though we were way off to the left and up high.
purple people (christmas in space)
never seen blue (about 1/2, i guess)
1,000 oceans
sister janet

past the mission
tear in your hand
silent all these years (solo)
winter (solo)
professional widow
father lucifer
ENCORE: precious things

one of the greatest days of my life

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