5 1/2 Weeks Tour
Columbus, OH
September 4, 1999

Updated November 10, 1999

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Tori performed in Columbus, OH on September 4, 1999 at the Polaris Amphitheater during the Tori & Alanis Morissette 5 1/2 Weeks Tour.

Set List

Cornflake Girl
Blood Roses

Merman (solo)
Mother (solo)

Professional Widow
Tear In Your Hand

Precious Things


Check out some gorgeous black and white photos from this show that were taken by Chris Jeans and sent to me by Nicole Richardson.


From Mikewhy

September 7, 1999 - The day at Columbus was so much fun! We arrived for the meet & greet at 2:00PM. I did not see Tori that day but talked to a lot of people. Then we heard Tori doing her soundcheck. We could hear the following:

1,000 Oceans
Tear In Your Hand
Blood Roses
Tear In Your Hand (again)

The show itself was so amazing.

God - Tour comes on stage and strolls playfully to the piano. At one point before she sits down it looks like she is grinding into the piano and almost embracing it. She is smiling and looking very happy!

Juarez - This song is so powerful live. Tori looks cool and intense during it, and uses her low voice a lot. The song has a driving beat. At one point at the end, she is singing really intensely and says, "No angel came or my little girl, no angel came for my little one."

Sugar - The "pussy" version.

Tori greeted us and said that they were recently in Columbus before and that Columbus was one of her favorite shows on the Plugged 98 tour. She also said that when she came to these shows as a teen she was always on the lawn, but she said that he making out is better on the lawn!

Cornflake Girl - Before this song Tori does this really incredible improv where she sings, "Tell your friends they fuck it up everytime. Fair is fair and you are out of my fucking brain."

Bliss - This song is so good live. I love the piano.

Blood Roses - The stage is bathed in red when this starts. Tori does a lot of vocal vamping. She says the line, "You gave him your blood and your warm little diamond" three times. Jon's bass was kicking our booties on this one!

Before secret time Tori said that she was with Alanis and they found it hard to believe how fast the tour is going by.

Merman (solo) - Tori said this was a request. She gave the cutest look when she sung the word "peppermint land." Sadly, I noticed a little too much talking around me during this song.

Mother - I was really surprised by this one, and pleased! It was so beautiful and the song got enthusiastic applause. I noticed that there were cheers from the crowd whenever Tori used the word "dancing" in the song. I did not really understand that. There were also shouts when Tori sang/whispered, "He's going to change my name.."

Suede - Of all the songs I have heard so far from "to venus and back," this dark and moody song is my favorite. There is so much atmosphere here. Tori sings part of it at the keyboard with her leg propped on her piano bench. This song will be a Tori classic.

Professional Widow - It is good to see this song a staple of her shows. She never performed it in its entirety during previous tours. The piano works very well on this song, and it is jamming! At the beginning you hear a recording of a male voice saying something like, "And now we return to this classic," which is a lot of fun. Several times Tori goes, "hee" into the microphone and it is quite cute.

Tear In Your Hand - My friend Danica was in tears the entire time during this one. This was done so well and sounded great. Tori herself was smiling a lot at the end, which was an interesting contrast. She gave the finger at the line, "hanging out with the dream king."

Waitress - Great interaction with Caton on this one. At one point, Tori playfully sticks her tongue out at him.

Precious Things - Powerful and ends the show on a memorable note.

There were at least 9 lava lamps of various colors all over the stage tonight. The number seems to be growing as the tour progresses. They really look cool up there! At the end of the show Tori was thrown some flowers on stage. Tori picked them up and acted like she was going to hike them like a football.

Alanis was really good tonight as well. She seems more energetic than usual and even seems a little warmer with the audience than usual. Here was her set list:

Hand In My Pocket
All I Really Want

Would Not Come - This is my favorite live Alanis song. The way she sings it and the driving beat are wonderful.

Are You Still Mad?
Sympathetic Character
That I Would Be Good
You Learn

These Are The Thoughts - Alanis said this was a new song that did not make it on her latest album. She also said the band and her have only done it 3 times before tonight. The song had potential but did not seem to be finished to me and ended before it could get interesting.

So Pure
You Ought To Know

Thank U

There were a lot of "radio listeners" in the crowd, which is what I call people who only got excited about songs they heard on the radio before. I always find that annoying!

It was a great evening.

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From NewTransistorHero:

Here's the setlist as far as I can remember, but the order might be a little bit off...

1. God
2. Juarez
3. Sugar
4. Cornflake Girl
5. Bliss
6. Blood Roses

7. Merman
8. Mother

9. Suede
10. Professional Widow
11. Tear In Your Hand
12. The Waitress

13. Precious Things

The show was absolutely amazing. I had great seats (section A, row T). Early in the show she mentioned that last year's Columbus show was one of her favorites. She also did a really nifty intro to Cornflake Girl...I don't remember the lyrics exactly, but it was something like "Your friends, sometimes they fuck it up..." Anyway, 'twas my first Tori show, and it was absolutely perfect.

From string_bean_love:

OH MY GOD!! That was the best concert of Toris I have ever heard!!! She was beyond great! Heres the setlist-
Cornflake Girl
Blood Roses
Secret Time:

Professional Widow
Tear In Your Hand

Precious Things

1000 oceans
Tear in Your Hand
part of Merman
Blood Roses
Tear again
and one I couldnt hear

This show ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was full of energy, Tori sounded great! I was completely surronded by VERY rude Alanis fans, the girls in front of me were first time concert goers, and they were talking during Secret Time, boy did they hear it from me! I left 2 songs into Alanis' set, I couldnt stand it! I was at the meet-n-greet, but had no luck meeting Tori, but I did meet a lot of very nice Toriphiles, If I would list all your names, I would be here all night, so HI!!!! to Everyone I met!!! Well thats the shortened version of what happened. It was a GREAT show!!!

From CureGirl:

Well, this was my second Tori concert... Anyway. I started listening to Tori after Choirgirl came out. I understand that before Choirgirl it was just her and the piano with an occasional guitarist. I wish she kept it that way. I don't think the band adds anything; just makes harder to hear her voice and the piano. A lot of the time I couldn't even tell what song it was until Tori started singing. High points tonight: "Mother" Just Tori and the piano, absolutely beautiful.

"Merman" I've heard of "Merman" before, just never heard it, but I liked it.

"God" and "Cornflake Girl" were both good.

"Professional Widow" I usually skip this song and I never thought I'd like it live. I was surprised.

Low points: "The Waitress" Eck. "Blood Roses" Why play it with the band? Why? Why?

Ahem. Anyway, I stayed for Alanis too. I'm not exactly a big fan, but I think she's a better live performer than Tori. I like Tori much more but I'd rather listen to her on CD. (Hey, don't crucify me, it's only my opinion!) Alanis gets bonus points for dedicating "So Pure" to "all the people who think they can't dance."

As far as the Alanis/Tori fan tension, well, I didn't notice any. I was sitting pretty far back, but I thought the people were polite and didn't talk through Tori's set.


From SteveEwf:

I really enjoyed Tori's performance. I loved Corn Flake Girl, Professional Window, Tear In Your Hand, Bliss and Precious Things. I had an excellent seat section b row s, however everyone around me and I mean several rows to the front and back of most of the section had VIP tickets that their company had given them. So they weren't much into Tori and talked through half the set. Then most all of them left (THANK GOD). I did enjoy the M&G, didn't get to really see much of Tori, but met some nice people, and introduced myself to Mike.

I hope I have a few EWF around me to share the moment with at Cleveland

From Tori_er00:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Unbelievable!! I am trying to remember the show and it's just such a blur. i think i'm still in the daze i was in staring at her the whole time! i can't even believe i was there. it was amazing!!!!!!! every song just sounded so perfect and beautiful! i want to go back!!! merman and mother were so beautiful. i was practically in tears. tear in your hand was also georgous. i see it in a whole new perspective now. every song was perfect. she played juarez and suede. that's the 1st time i had heard either of them and they sounded great! hearing them makes me even more anxiuos for the new c.d.! i got two t-shirts(i had to!!), a program, and a keychain. i'm just so happy. i hope everyone else is as happy as i am. i don't know what can make me sad at this point. tori i love you!!!
peace, love, and lots of hugs,

From Jude19:

Okay, in the past I've been really lazy about writing reviews, and even though I'm totally exhausted (physically and emotionally), here it goes. I really wanted to go to the meet and great, but I had a Sat. morning class (yuck) and I couldn't make it from Cleveland to Columbus fast enough. oh well.
I got to Polaris in time to here much of Tori's soundcheck. Lots of Blood Roses, a little Juarez and Suede, something soft I couldn't here really well, Sugar very briefly, and then Tear in your Hand. Very nice to have Tori to listen to while you are waiting in line to be let in! I saw Mikewhy and Danica and lots of other EWF I recognize from other shows, but (as usual) I was too shy to say hello. So I'll do it now! **hugs**
Polaris is a pretty nice place (since it is pretty new after all), and they didn't really search you much. I got in and looked at the merchandise, but didn't buy anything, because 1) waaaay too much $$$$ 2) I'd rather save my pennies and go to more shows

Got to my seats in Section C, row N, which were pretty good. The opening "band" (just two guitars) was so-so. Couldn't sing well at all, but it wasn't horrible. The blond was kinda cute. They only played 4 or 5 songs and said nice things about Tori (also said that Alanis managed to not fall down last night). Then they left and I waited for Tori.

God- Once this started I noticed that most people were rushing the stage (actually just walking to the front)so my friend and I joined the mass movement. I ended up right against the barricade to the far left, and could see Tori beautifully. She is soooo lovely! She wore this peachy/orange blouse that was lovely with some sort of black fuzzy thing (a flower?) on the front). I don't remember the color of the pants. I think God is a wonderful thing to start the show with. The problem is that since it is the first song, and I'm so excited about seeing TORI that I have trouble at first absorbing the music. Does anyone understand this?

Juarez I think I will grow to really love this. She faced the left (Kurzweil side) for much of this one, so I could really see her face (eye contact!!!). I love when she interacts with Jon and makes faces. I don't remember if it was now or after Sugar, but she talked about Columbus and how she really enjoyed her last concert here (me too!!!)

Sugar always a pleasure. absolutely kicks ass.

Cornflake Girl Like the new intro (already posted). However, I still love CfG best w/ just Caton. Can't really complain though. Lots of great piano action

Bliss lovely

Blood Roses hadn't heard the new version before, so this was a real treat. I totally lost it during the "thrown away those graces" part. I kinda miss the harps, but this was still very, very moving.

******Secret Time!!! (okay, i was kinda hoping for Smells Like Teen Spirit since I know she sound checked it recently and still hasn't played it, but i'm not disappointed AT ALL in what she did play)

Merman Wow. sooo beautiful and sad. I thought I heard someone laughing behind me, so I turned around to deck them, but it was actually an EWF totally sobbing. I gave her a hug. (which i actually think startled her, but I thought that seemed the right thing to do) **hug**

MOTHER!!! wow. now it was my turn to start sobbing. undescribible. Suede I think I need to listen to this more when it comes out to appreciate it. But I still enjoyed it. She faced me a lot more, so I enjoyed some eye contact.

PRO WIDOW I did not expect this!!! Wow! One of my favs. Peace, Love, and a Hard Cock!!!

Tear in My Hand Great, but I've heard this a lot in concert, so I couldn't get too too excited.

Waitress Great, but I got enough of this on the last tour. I would have rather heard other songs (PGY perhaps??)

Precious Things I really enjoyed this, because with it being last I felt I could appreciate it more than the last tour. Like I explained with God, the first song to me is always a bit hazy.

Okay, on to Alanis. Must admit I was a bit disappointed. I've never heard her live before, and I like JLP and some of SFIJ, so I was really excited to hear her. While I enjoyed her set, she just doesn't have the stage presence of what I'm used to. But I'm getting ahead of my self. Hand in my pocket My first thought when I saw her was "oh my god she is soooo cute!!!" I didn't know she was so little! She looks like a little girl. I then felt defensive, because I know she has gotten lots of crap, and it doesn't seem right to pick on someone that young. But then there was the no instrument bit. I assumed she would be playing the guitar. (harmonica doesn't count, come on) It was odd to just have her pacing around like a tiger in a zoo with no instrument, wringing her hands. Also noted the no eye contact thing. But at least I got to see her real well (I had moved up to the sixth row or something, left side still). The end was cute when she played the harmonica sort of at the drummer. (my god! she has lots of hotties in her band! sorry sidetracked) All I really Want I really like this song, and it sounded like crap. still no instrument.
"It would not come" (that new song I forget the name of) pretty good Are You Still Mad? I hate this song normally, but it actually sounded pretty good. An acoustic guitar! Yeah! Kept still, had her hands being productive. Very good.
Sympathetic Character this is probably my fav off of SFIJ, and it sounded like crap. She needed the double tracked voice. More tiger on the prowl
I would be good Very nice, played the flute. You Learn fun
"You know how Cathlic girls can be" song I forget the name of this one sounded really good
"These are the thought" or something like that. She introduced this one as a song that almost made in onto SFIJ, but got kicked off becuase the album was already too long. kinda nice.
So Pure I normally hate this one (too poppy) but she dedicated it to people who can't dance (I'm one of those) and she played the guitar again! Frankly, I don't care if she actually plays the damn thing or not, but for some reason she just looks more credible holding onto an instrument. I guess it is just a prejudice of mine You Oughta Know I love this song because it kicks ass, and then she goes and makes it mellow. grrrrr.
Uninvited best Alanis song of the night. The long piano intro was neat, but it got to be a little long. Some girls yelled out "We love you [name of keyboardist]", and an EWF replied behind me "but Tori's better." Tee-hee.
Thank You nice
Ironic she had the audience sing a lot of it, which i think is dumb. I'm glad I got to see Alanis, and I think overall a good time was had by all. However, I'm more and more appreciating how good Tori and Ani Difranco are compared to most other current artists. Ani and Tori spoil me!

From blue_girl:

I missed all that occurred pre-show. No m&g or anything. So, I din't get to meet as many of you lovelies as I wished. However, a short time after I reached my seat who came and happened to have seats right next to us? - who else! Mikewhy and Danica. yayyyyy!!! Highlights for me:

Toward the end of this song, she started an improv - "No angel came for my little girl. no angel came for my little girl. no angel here. No angel came for my little girl, etc." That had my with my jaw hanging open since it was so unexpected.

I absolutely love sugar live since she does the REAL lyrics. Who in the world knows why she ever recoreded it without them??? However, she says my least favorite word EVER - p*ssy. I HATE That word... Oh well. Still love it.

Blood Roses

I requested this song five years ago. I guess what they say about patience being a virtue is really true! I got my request!

The waitress and precious things - as always. Love those girls!

For those of you interested - Tori was wearing a long sleeved shirt with a peach/orange shirt over-top. To me she looked straight out of the eighties with the puffy pirate look. hehehe better than the aprons? I don't know...

Looking forward to tomorrow where I hope to meet more EWFs and go the the m&g, etc.
See you there?

From Mikewhy:

We are in a Motel 6 about to go to Indy. Here is a quick report: I heard the following during soundcheck:

1,000 Oceans
Tear In Your Hand
Merman (part)
Blood Roses
Tear again

The show was one of the best. Tori was in fine form and was really great up there. Likely my second favorite of the tour.

God - Tori strutted playfully to the piano!

Juarez - The best version of this I have heard. Cool and intense. An incredible beat from Matt. Tori was really intense at the end and was singing:

"No angel came for my little girl." It was so ... thought-provoking.

Sugar -

Tori greeted us and said that she was in Columbus not too long ago and that it was one of her favorite shows of the Plugged 98 tour. She greeted fans on the lawn and said that where she always was as a teen and that the making out is better on the lawn.

Cornflake Girl - Tori did an imrpov first I never heard before, singing "Tell your friend they fuck it up everytime. Fair is fair, and you are out of my fucking brain." Amazing!

Blood Roses - wow

Before secret time Tori said she and Alanis could not believe how fast the tour was going .

Merman (solo) - by request. I died.

Mother (solo) - I died again.

Suede - I wanted this one. One of my fave songs from Venus. Damn good and so dark....

Professional Widow
Tear In Your Hand - This was so amazing. Danica was in tears next to me the entire song. However, Tori was smiling at the end!

Waitress - Fun interaction with Caton....Tori stuck her tongue out at him!

Precious Things

The lava lamps have multiplied on stage. There were 9 of them up there all over the place!

At the end Tori got some flowers and acted like she was going to hike them like a football. She was lively and having a ball. So did we!

Here is Alanis' set list:

Hand In My Pocket
All I REally Want
Would Not Come
Are You Still Mad?
Sympathetic Character
That I Would Be Good
You Learn
These are the Thoughts - Alanis said this was a song that did not make her latest album and that the band had only done it 3 times before. So Pure
You Ought To Know

Thank You

Alanis was more lively than usual and a little warmer to the audience than usual. She was really cool that night!

See ya in Indy!

From Paul-Roy:

Hey all,
This is my first time having any interaction with The Dent, so bare with me if I ramble. I had a really good time at this show. I live in MI, and am going to the Sept 12 show, but I woke up Saturday morning and just HAD to see Tori, so I drove to the nearest Ticketmaster and bought a ticket. No one would come with me (None of my friends are as fanatical as I am!), so I drove the five hour drive all by myself. I wasn't worried, because Tori fans are always nice and as soon as I sat down to hear the soundcheck, a group of Tori fans sat next to me and we ended up hanging out for a while. I met a lot of really nice people yesterday.

Anyway, the show. I thought it was very good. I noticed she quickened her words during some songs. It's hard to describe without an example to point out.
Mother was incredible! It is one of my favorites and I was so happy when she played it. There was some improv to the "Somebody leave the light on" verses.
Overall the entire setlist was good. A lot of nice improv in lyrics and the piano.

I'm really surprised at this, but I enjoyed Alanis very much! I'm not really a fan, but she totally delivered live. I don't really like her hits (Ironic, Thank You, etc.), but I loved the songs I didn't know. I'll definitely stay for her for my next three shows.

My only complaint is that as Tori walked off before the encore, some guy behind me screamed, "Good, Get the f**k out of here, I hate your guts". Overall, the show was good.

From JazzyTori:

The Columbus show was REALLY good. I loved Tori's show. The high point was Professional Widow. I haven't heard this version of it, but it RAWKED!!!! We had REALLY good seats (8th row, dead center) and the people around us seemed to be Tori fans, except for these jerks behind us who was quickly quieted. Heehee.
I went to the meet and greet. It was a madhouse, of course. We lined up and then the guards told us not to run, so we didn't. Some people did, and they got up front, and we lost out because we followed directions. Oh well. We met some really cool people in the back. I also wanted to mention that I really enjoyed Alanis. My friend Ashley (go to his page, http://fly.to/waitress to see/post more reviews of all the shows!) and I danced like idiots the entire time. I absolutely adored Alanis's song "Forgiven" live. This song has a loft of personal meaning for me.
Well, now it's time to get to the Indy show! BYE!!!!!! Victoria

From lamia:

My 2nd Tori show! I figured out it had been 1 year, 2 weeks and 3 days since I saw her last
well, we were going to go to the meet & greet, but my g/f sara just told me that her cat that lives with her parents has been missing for a week so we spent the better part of the evening crying. so i thought we'd be complete zombies, better to not even try.

i'd never been to polaris before so i wasn't sure what to expect. the line to get in was so long when we arrived about 6:15pm but moved quickly, i had gotten a little cocky with my tape recorder because security is always so incompetent. i had it in the front zipper part of my backpack, and it got discovered so i had to check it (dammit!!!!) so if anyone has a copy of this show, email me.

i didn't feel quite insync with the setlist, i guess that's because choirgirl is in my car so i've been listening to it the most over the last few weeks. just a few comments:

other than bliss, i had never heard the new stuff, bliss was SO AMAZING and juarez & suede were great too! I was really hoping to hear suede, but i was also hoping to hear glory of the 80s, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed for detroit & cincy.

blood roses-what an amazing version!!!!! i had never heard them play it like this, it sounded like a remix. even though she skipped the belle of new orleans part it was still really really really good!!

merman&mother-wow! this was my first live merman experience (not counting boots..) and it was so amazing. even some of the "tori fans" sitting around me talked though this which pissed me off but i was too enthralled to yell at them. the guy next to me sang along with mother which was a bit distracting but still it was amazing.

profwidow-oh wow that's all i have to say.

i was kind of hoping for something off choirgirl, cruel iiiee or something, but still it was amazing! since people have already commented on her outfit, i'll just add that i believe her pants were black, she had a black sash like thing tied around the bottom of the shirt, and the black flower thing almost looked like a corsage.

i was in the upper pavilion section F row V. if the girl in the beautiful green dress that was standing in line in front of me at the merchandise table is reading this, email me, maybe i'll see you in detroit

that's it for now, i've got lawn in detroit so i hope the lawn's a bit more elevated there, because the lawn really sucked in polaris, i'm glad i spent the extra $$ for seats.

on a last note, the crowd was a little less ewf than usual? was it just me? i've only been to one concert before this one (birmingham last year) but i know the "rules" if you will that a lot of people like to practice like not screaming in the middle of songs, ect. it seemed like a lot of people weren't familiar with that, or chose to ignore it. it surprised me that even people who were singing along with the songs talked through the secret time.

see ya'll in cincy & detroit



From I Palindrome I:

Hello All-
Wanted to say that the show was great! I never expected to hear Mother! I love the new BLOOD ROSES and TEAR is such a classic. MERMAN was a nice surprise as well as PRO WIDOW! I love JUAREZ. SUEDE is sultry. And, did I mention she played MOTHER, MOTHER, and, oh yeah, MOTHER! Yippie! I wonder what she'll do in Indy?

The M&G was nice at first, but I think we need to take a step back and reintroduce the numbers system. There were high points, like sitting in the grass with everyone.....bonding and all. Hi Everyone! But then it seemed like tens of thousands of people showed up and brought truck loads of negative energy with them. But I would like to thank the folks that brought popsicles and milkshakes. That was incredibly nice of you all!!! THANKS!

(I had a funny camera and blue suede shoes)

From sparkboy:

Hey guys... sorry it's taken me so long to post this. I recorded the setlist on my arm, and was going to stop at Kinko's on the way back to post the setlist, but decided just to head home. Then I crashed as soon as I got here, so you already have it and there's no point in me recapping the whole thing... I'll do highlights

Juarez-began on the keyboard... I REALLY liked this one. I'm going to start a thread about something that struck me on the lyrical front... I'm excited about this one...

Sugar was very good... lots of improv... I WANT A BOOTLEG

Cornflake Girl had an intro to the effect of "For those of you who have had to tell your friends they fucked it up every time..." the crowd went wild and I didn't catch much of the rest...

Blood Roses... I was thrilled to hear this one. It was really great, and the lyrics were correct (unlike Ft. Lauderdale =)

Merman... I had spasms.

Mother... my friend Lindsay was unavailable to go at the last minute and she said that if Cooling or Mother was played she would kill her parents... So watch your local news for updates.

Professional Widow... I love mp3s because I was the only one in my section who recognized the soundbite

Precious Things was as always WOW.

She was wearing black slacks and a pink low-cut top with bloused sleeves. I took some pictures and got an email address of a wonderful guy who took more pictures (with an amazing camera) and I can't wait to see how both turn out...

I was disappointed because I didn't see anybody else with a Laminate. As soon as I walked in this guy named Josh looked at it and said "MIKEWHY WAS JUST HERE!" I said "cool, who are you?" "I'm Josh, and I'm touring with Tori." Talk about your ideal jobs.

There were a group of people following the entire tour, and we had two extra tickets, so I passed them along... I regret not getting an address or anything... they were very cool.

I missed soundcheck by ten minutes... grr

End of spastic review.


From Velvetes1:

Well, if I had to describe my feelings on the show in Columbus in one word - it would be: WOW!!
Ok, first of all I went to the meet-n-greet. It was hot, but I didn't really mind. Tori's bus drove by and everyone waved...and I took a pic of the bus. Tori came up about 5 minutes after that. People who were standing near me screamed "we didn't run!" so Tori came and looked towards us and waved...and I took 2-3 pictures. I didn't get an autograph or a pic w/ her, but the gift I brought for her made it's way to her.

I got to the venue at 6:45. I heard "Suede," "Tear," and "Sugar" from the sound check. Then I went inside and bought merchindise (t-shirt, program, key chain, and a necklace [that is for someone else]). I then went to my seat.
WOW! I knew I had good tickets, but they were much closer than I'd imagine. I had a perfect view of Tori and the Bosey. So, being this close, I felt it was my duty to take a few pictures.

The set list has been posted..so I'll just make a few general remarks. I loved the little "God" dance.
It was cool to hear "Juarez" and "Suede." Secret time was amazing!!
"Merman" was so beautiful.
"Mother" - wow!! I mentioned that song in the letter I gave her, so I'm gonna believe she played it for me.

Tori was in top form, and it was cool to get to watch her play the piano solos in "Cornflake Girl" from where I was sitting. I liked the lava lamps and the tea cup Tori had on her Bosey.

I was impressed with Alanis. She was pretty good live. I liked her set decorations also.

So, I'm still in awe of this show and I get to see Tori again in Cleveland in 3 days.
I hope I can calm down a bit before then.


From Amhranai:

Here is my shortened, song-by-song report. I should have my own website up soon, and you can see the full review, as well as several photos from the meet-and-greet, there.
God -- Lovely, of course. I appreciated the vocals from backstage, and how enthusiastic Tori was coming out. The band members all seemed to be having a really good time, too... Caton made some really cute/odd little faces hoisting his guitar around. I missed the "sweet Jesus" improv, though, and it was still too light for the lighting to have much effect. That's small stuff, though, insignificant compared to all the wonderful things that happened that evening.

Juarez -- Before the show, I was very careful not to wish for any songs in particular -- at least not out loud. I didn't want to be too disappointed, and I knew she wasn't going to be able to play everything I wanted to hear. Privately, I was thinking, "Juarez would be great, and Professional Widow, of course, and I really want to see Suede at least once, and wouldn't it be wonderful if she played Mother? Or Sugar?... of course, it'll never happen." When "Juarez" came on, it was a gift. She played the synth standing up, with one foot on the bench, which I had never seen before, and made lots of interesting gestures. I really got a chance to appreciate how intense the eye contact with her audience is; I was in her line of sight, and while I don't really think she was singing to me , it sure as hell felt like it. I felt absolutely nailed to the spot; I could barely breathe.

Sugar -- Not as intense as "Juarez," but still one of my favorite songs of all time, live or in the studio. The lighting was really starting to kick in by this point, which was a major plus. Tori's lighting is such a major part of her show, as far as I'm concerned; as a matter of fact, at my first show I was so fascinated by it that I had trouble paying attention to the songs!

A nice little interlude -- hi, everyone; these are the guys; Columbus was one of our favorite shows; potential for making out on the lawn is good.

Cornflake Girl -- Had a wonderful improv introduction about it being "for everyone who's had to tell your friend 'you fuck it up every time.'" I had been teasing Luci earlier in the day about her being late for everything, including the meet-and-greet and the soundcheck, so we both got a giggle out of it. I also loved the piano solos (are they solos if the band plays along?). Instrumentally, this song is really Tori's chance to show off, and she does it so well.

Bliss -- Is a good song, but wasn't my favorite one of the night. I was only able to really get into it around "four horse engine," and one of the blue spotlights was mounted directly at my eye level and kept sweeping past and blinding me, which wasn't fun. Again... small stuff.

Blood Roses -- The stucture of this song in its new form makes me think of wandering through a maze or an abandoned castle... lots of long, dark passages, like her vocal improv at the beginning or the "can't believe the things that you said," then suddenly it opens into a huge, dazzling room or clearing, like "when chickens get a taste of your meat." It's beautiful, and the "I can take it up, can take it in" at the end was very exciting, and longer than the mp3 version, at least to my ears.

Merman -- All day, Luci kept saying, "all I want is 'Merman.' If she plays 'Merman,' I'll cry... but I'll be happy." Sure enough, "Merman" got played... and Luci cried. Tori really must have psychic powers, because Luci was able to hold it together about halfway through, until she sang something about "let it out," which I suppose could be on the studio version, but I don't hear it. She just burst into sobs... yes, Jude19, we were the girls next to you.

Mother -- I almost cried. I've been afraid to do that, though, since Cleveland, when I cried over "Mary," and got some semi-nasty looks. I actually liked this better than the album version... the end, in particular, was just wonderful.

Suede -- My God!!! I have a very strong feeling that this is going to be my favorite song on "Venus." Live, it was an absolute wonder... the smoke machine going, the lights reflecting off of Tori's face, making her look so mysterious... she played synth standing again, and I just stared and stared at her face. The "hey little sister" part is my favorite piece of the song, but it was all just so mesmerizing...

Pro Widow -- My favorite song off BfP, brilliantly re-interpreted. Fucking fierce, and with that odd piano bridge surrounded with guitar, bass, and drums that made it sound almost country, it had an extremely "The Sound & the Fury" -like, southerny feel. I noticed Jon Evans looking out over the audience, so I smiled and waved at him in an extremely dorky and enthusiastic manner, just to let him know that I thought he was doing a great job. I mean, I was right in front of him, so I focused on him a lot. He sort of laughed and smiled back, which I though was wonderful.

Tear In Your Hand -- A great song, and a wonderful way to signify "the beginning of the end." I loved the performance itself, but I was preoccupied by the fact that Jon Evans just kept making eye contact. It was insanely great. Or maybe just insane. I don't know. I don't CARE!

Waitress -- This is one of the only songs I've seen live more than once, so I had a little bit more basis for comparison. Of course, it's also my favorite song EVER. I'll just skip the detailed analysis and say that I loved it. The length. The arrangement. The volume. The lighting (that blinded me once again). Tori's voice. Tori's piano. The guys. The fact that I saw some of them mouthing the lyrics, indicating extreme into-it-ness.

Precious Things -- Tori sort of stared at Jon for a bit before she started playing... everyone onstage seemed to be in a bit of a goofy mood throughout the entire concert. I don't know if this was longer or shorter than previous versions, but it seemed short to me. Tori's voice remained very smooth throughout, and she reached some impressive notes. I enjoyed it all, but my favorite particular performance of this one was the one on "Sessions," which was a bit more guttural. Still a great song, though, and a great way to leave the stage.

Afterwards, my feet hurt, I couldn't hear, and I was sunburnt and dehydrated, but I was happier than I'd ever been. For a few minutes, anyway. After the experience had had time to wear off, I started to feel sicker and sicker. Waiting in line for the bathroom, things quickly became unbearable, and I threw up as soon as I got into a stall. I was exhibiting some symptoms of serious dehydration, so Luci (who was fighting off allergies of her own) suggested reluctantly that we drive home, skipping both Alanis and the party we had been invited to. Limping out pathetically, we were able to hear "One Hand In My Pocket" and about half of "All I Really Want." We both felt horrible for skipping out, which we swore we wouldn't do, because we both wanted to pay Alanis the respect she deserved. But we will be there in Cleveland and Cincy, and we'll stay then.


From malice:

Hello all!
This was my second Tori concert.I live in Illinois, so it was quite a drive.As expected it was well worth it.I enjoyed hearing Juarez and Blood roses was a pleasant surprise.As usual I was not close enough to Tori. Iwant nothing more than to see her expressions without having to look at that damn screen.I was in section E row Y.Oh well I have tickets to the Cincinatti show that are much better.I hope to see you there.Im sure it will be amazing.It would be nice if Alanis wasnt with,I could listen to Tori for hours, she is trully yummy! -Brandon Martin

From raswirl98:

Hi everyone! I just got back from my weekend in Columbus...it was sooo great *sigh*
It looks like the set lists have already been posted but I need to ramble about some things myself:
God and Juarez were awesome but Sugar is when it really started to kick ass. I loved the intro to Cornflake Girl--someone make an mp3 PLEASE--Bliss rocked...Blood Roses ROCKED SO FUCKING HARD!! Merman and Mother were absolutely gorgeous... Suede and Professional Widow--WOW
Tear In Your Hand--I was just so happy for my best friend who adores that song and was dying to hear it live. The Waitress--some people seemed disappointed but I thought the ending kicked some serious ass...and Precious Things--perfect as always. My only complaint is the two EVIL EVIL people who stood up the whole time except for half of Juarez...I understand why they wanted to stand but everyone in the entire section E was begging them to SIT THE FUCK DOWN! They ruined so many people's experience of Tori. I don't even think they liked Tori--they weren't dancing or anything, they were just blocking my view of Tori so I was stuck watching the TV...if you guys are reading this (which you're probably not) you're lucky I believe in peace bitch....
I have to admit I didn't like the idea of Tori touring with Alanis but I am sooooo glad I stayed. Alanis ROCKED THE FUCK OUT!!!!!! I just wish she would tell stories like Tori instead of just saying Thank You at the end of each song...but oh well it's just different personalities...next time Alanis goes on tour I am there! I don't even like the song You Learn but OHMYGOD she's so fucking good live. I wish I could go to the Cleveland show.... Erin

From JupiTori:

WOW!!! I had such an amazing night last night. I went to meet and greet at about 3 o'clock, it was sooooo hot, I was sweating lik eit was my job, later i found out it was the hottest day of summer so far, anyway, there weren't a lot of people a meet and greet, I was kind of in the back of the crowd, i didn't get to meet Tori but I got a sip of her bottled water, hehe, and I maaged to get my Little Earthquakes booklet, and my Hey Jupiter single singed. The concert was amazing, my two friends and I started out with shitty upper pavilion seats, but right before the show we met the opening band and they gave us bettere seats, 8th row to be exact, and right in the center, the just gave th tickets to us!!!! Anyway, the concert was so incredible, the best yet, I was s obbing like thoe whole time, just lost in some kind of oblivion and the music just took a hold of me, I was so into it. Tori truly did an amazing show last night, I'm looking forward to seeing her in Cuyahoga Falls on the 8th!!!!

From ToriHead:

Hi all. I finally got to hear Widow!!!!!! I asked Tori 4 times on the Pele tour and she told me at the time that it was a very physically grooling song so I never got it. So yummy for Widow. Mother and Merman were also nice tasty treats. bye

From desert_fae:

What a great show! It was my second Tori concert and it was great. I live in Philadelphia and woke up early Saturday morning and said let's go to Columbus. He was hesitant at first (it's 500 miles) but when I asked him to give me one reason why not he couldn't think of one He also really wanted to go because he had never seen Tori. We drove all day, got to Polaris, and went to buy lawn tickets. In front of us was a woman who had been given two lawn tickets for her birthday but wanted ppavillion tickets. She asked if we were getting lawn, we said yes, and she handed us the two tickets and said it's my birthday, happy birthday. She gave them to us!!!! So cool!!! It made me feel like the long drive was worth it and that we had done the right thing. And we did. All I can say is Blood Roses and Mother - wow!! The only thing that I can complain about is all the talking - why would anyone pay for a concert and then talk the whole time? We can talk anytime ... I'm not going to say that it's Alanis vs. Tori fans - I think there is an overall problem with rudeness - oh well. I just tried to imagine that my boyfriend and I were in a little box and that there was no one else around us...

We stayed for most of Alanis (since we had driven so far) I never liked her much but actually like her more after seeing her (though it is so hard to make the transition from Tori to her) My boyfriend and I were discussing how Alanis is a performer while Tori is a true artist and then my boyfriend said - actually, Tori is a magician ...

I wish there were Tori only shows on the Eastern part of the country...


From alamotalula:

Well, so much has already been said about this show, so I'll just do a short review. I arrived at the venue at around 1:30, and walked down to where the M&G was. I didn't see anyone I knew yet (everyone got there late ), so I just kind of stood there, waiting. Once more people I knew started arriving, we sat around bs-ing, trying to decide if we would even bother to try to get inside the barricades. We didn't, so we just sat off to the side and watched. Steve came over and talked to us for a few minutes and was in a good mood. He didn't mind at all that we were just sitting there. Tori came out and saw us sitting there and waved and blew us kisses before talking to the folks and after. It was really cute. Then, we listened to the soundcheck, had some drama when two of our friends had a ticket mix-up, then went into the venue. My seat was awesome (twelfth row, dead center), but I was surrounded by the rudest people I've ever encountered at a concert, ever. I couldn't fully enjoy the show because of this. The set was amazing and Tori was doing some interesting improvs. Waitress and Precious were quite good, even though I've heard them so many times before. I really loved the show, but thought Indy was better. Oh, hi to all the folks I met/hung out with today! I had fun at Steak & Shake and getting lost in the ghetto of Columbus (ha ha). Oh, and we stayed at the Knights Inn, Mikewhy.

From DeeIsMe:

I went to the Columbus show and made it to the Meet and Greets around 1:15. I met up with my friend Joe and his two tour buddies, Jen and Amy. It was sooooo hot and I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and a vest thing over it along with jeans. I was sweating like nobody's business. Well, I ran to the barricades. I mean, someone just started running so I went along with it too. I felt really bad about it though when Steve started yelling so I walked away and went up on the hill to watch from a distance. I talked to some cool EWF up there, I didn't get anybody's names, but if you're reading this and you remember me, then hello! *WAVES* Afterward my friend and I drove to McDonald's and ate. I changed in the bathroom and we went back to Polaris. There the parking guy said we had to turn around so I drove farther into the parking lot planning to do so. I rolled down my window to ask some nearby EWF a question and caught 1,000 Oceans being soundchecked so I parked. There was no way I was going to leave. Since it was so hot I gave an extra drink from McD's to the couple and we chatted a little. They were from Denver, and if you're reading this, sorry that I can't remember your names, but it was nice talking to you! My best bud, who wasn't Tori educated went with me and she got sick so we had to leave. When we came back I had to pay to park. We sat and listened to the rest of soundcheck and then went in. We found our seats in Section E. When Tori came out it was amazing. I love seeing her live. This was my fourth show and it kicked ass. I really prefer Tori on her own, but I'll take what I can get. I was seated next to some rude Alanis fans who felt the need to talk while Tori was playing. Amy, my best friend, really had a good time and thought that Tori "was adorable!" when she came out dancing. There was a guy in the row in front of us who felt the need to dance to every single Tori song. He almost got into a fight with a guy in the row behind us b/c he wouldn't sit down. A security gaurd came and tried to make him move, but he wouldn't. I expected more to come and kick him out, but that didn't happen. Tori played Suede which was excellent, I hadn't liked the mp3 clip of it that I had heard, but now I love it. We stayed during Alanis, and she was ok. Amy thought that Alanis was good but that Tori was much better. I said hell yeah to that one hehe. We left b/f Alanis' encore and went through hell to find our correct exit out of Colombus and had to drive back into it when we found out that the hotel we had planned on staying in had no vacancy. So we got in at the Red Roof Inn and finally made it into an air conditioned room at 1:15. Not a good ending to an excellent night, but still worth it. My dad really wanted to go with me to see Tori, so I talked him into going to the Cincinnati show with me. *********

From tori fan:

This was my first Tori show and it was awesome i love her!! I was really disappointed in the meet and greet!! I was there early and didn't get to meet her but these 3 girls came a few minutes before she came and got to meet her i think they need to go back to the numbering system!! The show rocked i really loved when she played precious things! I am hoping to go to the cinncinatti show with some friends that i went to the last concert with! I love tori though it was soo amazing!

From Etienne_x20x:

Columus was Excellent. Tori played Mother!!!! I have never screammed so loud in my life!!!
M&G was cool. Didn't meet tori, but I met JazzyTori, Ashley, Travis, Jennifer, Dan (I FUCKING LOVE ALANIS MORRISETTE T-shirt guy), and Stu. had dinner with them at NOT Fuddruckers. Ashley invited me and my friends to stay at his place.

But anyway. the show was just sooo much fun. I had a great time. First time hearing Jaurez and Suede. Loved them! Bliss is just sooo much fun live.

Went to Deercreek the next day. What a memorable weekend.


From Pepperminttray:

Hi everyone,
I was at this incredible show and just finished listening to a boot fo the show. I think I missed most of the show first time around because I was in awe and the talking Alanis fans would not shut up. Grrr.

My favorite part was Mother by far. I met a girl who requested it outside Saratoga Springs. I could not be happier so to the girl with the long red hair about five rows back, kudos to your request and thanks, I wasn't sure if it would get played or not because I have been dying to hear that song.

I am so excited the show was amazing, Suede was by far my favorite new track. it kept me dancing and crying.

My question is this, during Juarez she sings a girl's name twice. The first time she sings Ruth then Ruthie girl. Does anyone know who this is? Just curious because I don't think that that part is in the actual song then again maybe it is because the cd isn't out yet.

Happy to meet all of you and happy to have shared such a brilliant show.


From Bill:

Saturday was my second Tori show. I saw her in Cincy last year-I regret not getting a raspberry swril necklace-anywho, I loved the show-but I was kind of let down. Tori didn't play anything from 'choir girl'. I figured maybe she was a little burn out on those songs, I did hit the m/g and got some good shots of her-mostly the backs of peoples heads. But I'm hoping to see her in Cincy on the 14th- Lastly, I'm on the dent pretty much daily and I saw some folks had these dent lamanated things arround their necks what are those and how do I get one?

big scene today. Sure it's not fair that there are thousands of talented

From MS. Zebra:

This was my first Tori show and Tori fucking rocked the place out! I have a bunch to say so forgive me if I get redundant.WE drove five hours from Lexington Ky. We got to the meet and greet at 2:00ish and waited for maybe and hour and a half,I was very anxious because I wrote this letter to Tori I was thinking constantly about what she'd think.But anyway when Tori pulled up in her cool-ass bus I was so excited. I met this cool gurl-String bean love-I was the girl in the Beatles shirt.(hi)When Tori arrived I started crying immediately.I was very emoitional and my friend thought I was a big loser-whatever.THen these three bitches got there two minutes before Tori got there and they got to meet her,get autographs etc- lots of people had been waiting forever and did not have this privilage! GO BACK TO THE NUMBER SYSYTEM!!!! So to those girls- get some manners! So all in all the m&g was great-I saw Tori but I did not get to give her my letter. THe concert rocked beyond belief!It was so awesome when Tori played Merman for all the sweet peas!She played every song I wished she would play (god ,sugar,cfg,blood roses,pro widow,waitress, precious).I was in tears through Precious. I had the time of my life. Now i would like to say that I thought Alanis sucked with passion. I was angry with all the Alanis fans who talked through Tori's set.Have some respect! To whoever said they got lost in the Colombus ghetto-we did too!

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