The War Zone Screening, Reception And Fundraiser For RAINN

Updated December 7, 2000

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The War Zone
The War Zone

On December 7, 1999, Tim Roth partnered with RAINN to launch the U.S. opening of his directorial debut, The War Zone. A screening of the movie at the Beekman Theatre and a reception at The Lava Lounge were held on that day in New York City. People could purchase tickets to the event for $250 each, and all proceeds went to RAINN. Tori initially was to host the screening and the reception with Tim Roth, but she only appeared briefly before the movie started and gave a small speech before having to leave. Below you can read part of a press release on this RAINN promotion which tells you more about the movie, and I include at the bottom a few comments from people who were at the screening/reception.

"The War Zone" was released in the U.S. on home video on Tuesday, July 18, 2000. While Tori is not part of the movie, she did help support it in conjunction with RAINN, and it is a powerful and vital film. Please try to see it if unless you feel it would be too traumatic or triggering for you. Look toward the bottom of this page for more details about the film itself. Thanks to Meg for posting this on the Dent forum.

Click here to see photos of Tori from the premiere.

Here is another photo from the premiere.

Here is yet another photo from the premiere.

Press Release

From Sundance to Cannes to RAINN

Based on the novel by Alexander Stuart, the film is set in the English countryside, with a seemingly happy middle-class family. The story centers around the struggle of the teenage son who learns about the incestuous relationship between his father and sister. Having uncovered the terrible secret, his outrage is met with silence and denial.

Roth has taken on the difficult issue of incest to substantial critical acclaim. Following screenings at Cannes, Sundance and the Toronto Film Festival, many reviewers termed it a likely Oscar nominee.

In the New York Times, Janet Maslin called it "A film of haunting power." In the Chicago Sun Times, Roger Ebert declared, "Of all the films I saw at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival, the best was The War Zone." And in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, reviewer Steve Harvey wrote, "The War Zone may be a masterpiece. It's a strong early candidate for the year's best film. Probably no movie in recent memory has handled (incest) to such devastating, nonexploitative ends."

"We are pleased and honored that Tim Roth is partnering with RAINN to raise funds for the hotline and to raise awareness of incest," said Debbie Andrews, executive director of RAINN. "This is a great opportunity to publicize RAINN's services for victims and lessen the stigma surrounding incest."

"Our enthusiasm about working with RAINN is abundant," said Jeff Lipsky of Lot 47 Films, distributors of The War Zone. "It's all too uncommon for a work of fiction, such as The War Zone, to have such a searing and potentially positive effect on so many people whose lives have been scorched. It's our hope that the success of this benefit premiere may become the conduit to reach out to so many others who might be affected similarly," Lipsky added.

A Few Comments From People Who Attended The Screening/Reception

From Lesley (CosmicCreeper)

Just want to let you know the benefit was absolutely stunning. Tori didn't stay for the film or after party (She was there before the film for photos and to make a short 'speech') but a few of us did get to speak with her and she looked beautiful if a little tired. The movie was chilling--everyone involved did an excellent job and at the after party there were, among the guests, Steve Buschemi (sp?) Harvey Keitel, Willam Defoe, Lilli Taylor, Steve Madden--etc.etc.....

From curehp

Here are some thoughts from someone who was there. My sister was nice enough to get me a ticket As a movie premier/reception it was very cool. Lot's of interesting and nice people , such as Steve Buscemi(one of my favorite actors) , Willem Dafoe, Harvey Kietel, etc. andTim Burton and the cast of The Warzone who were all very nice, especially the guy who played the dad in the movie and the 2 younger girls in the film.

As a Tori event though it sucked! Tori only spoke for a couple of minutes before the movie at the theater and took off right away, and although R.A.I.N.N. had promised that she would be at the reception she did not show up). I'm positive because I even spoke to a guy from RAINN at the reception who said he was sorry but she wasn't going to make it.

Overall it was a very cool evening. The film is excellent, very powerful. I highly recomend it. And the cast members at the reception and Tim Roth were very cool. But again , as a tori event it sucked.

I'm happy with the whole event, but I just wish they had not advertised it they way they did, promising(they did promise in an email they sent us when we asked) that tori would be at the reception , when in fact she was only at the theater and for only about 10 minutes. I think I would have enjoyed it much more if I knew that ahead of time.


Yeah, that was pretty much it, i was there too. I thought it was awesome. THe movie was fantastic! Unfortunaltely for me I was late to the I was stepping out of my cab in front of the theatre, Tori was stepping into her limo. I was really dissapointed that i missd the speech. From what I understand it was pretty much just like "thank you all for comming, and enjoy the film" I watched the movie....(which may i add had some amazing acting) and went to the Lava Lounge where my fake I.D. came in quite handy. I was really bummed about Tori not being there....I heard that she wasn't feeling well, so she had left early. A girl that got the tickets as a promotin from her job (MGM) told me that Tori WAS at the reception, but left before the movie got out due to her illness. Oh well, let's all hope Tori is feeling better. I would like to see the pics from the show CureHp if you could send them along or even post them up....hey, mabye you got some pics of me and my girls in the background.....PS>>>When the movie opens, I recomend that everyone sees it...but make sure you have a strong has a few moments...I truely enjoyed myself though.

From William Fuentes

The movie was very tense, with no conclusion for the over all picture. I mean there is no real ending to incestual abuse, only a beginning, for a perilous journey of self again. A Quoet by Tori Amos. It went something like:

"Things like this should not define us. These kind of Wounds should be part of our wisdom and this pain is just part of a tapestry of what we are"

Some of the people who were at the Movie premier and the party were .......................
The cast of "WAR ZONE".
Ray Winstone - Dad
Lara Belmont - Jessie.
Then at the party
Harvey Kitell
Lilly Taylor

It was a fabulous time all night long. I have a ton of pictures with the main characters of "WAR ZONE" We got a long very well.

For More Info On The War Zone...

For more information on The War Zone, go to the Official War Zone Web Site which includes several sections, including one that has information on any showings of this movie in your area They also have a guide to emotional and support material and a section about the RAINN screening in December 1999 including photos with Tori in them. This is a movie about incest and while it is hard to watch, it is also very well made and powerful. Read review by Roger Ebert, who gave the film 4 stars.

You might also want to check out this interview with Tim Roth, a page at and the Internet Movie Database.

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