Tori In USA Weekend
December 22, 1996

Added December 23, 1996

Sent to me by Nesh.

This appeared in the "WHO'S NEWS" by Lorrie Lynch ("the people that will make news in 1997")

(someone writes in:) Tori Amos stands apart in a world of female alternative Rockers. I loved Under the Pink, the album that won her a 1994 Grammy Nomination. What's next for Amos? (A Pic from the EW article is shown)

(response:) It's time to start on a new album, her first on a new label that Atlantic Records has spun off for her. Amos, 32, a minister's daughter and former child prodigy who studied classical piano, expects to have a long career. That should be no problem. A quick survey of the rock-music scene makes clear that women will be continue to be heard in the new year. Artists such as Liz Phair, Jewel, Fiona Apple, Ani DiFranco, and Joan Osborne inspire devotion in fans drawn to their post modern feminist sensibility.

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