TV & Radio Appearances - June 1996

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Love Lines Radio Show
June 27, 1996

    Tori appeared on Love Lines, the radio sex/relationship talk show, on June 27th after she taped the Tonight Show. She stayed about an hour and actually did a little counseling, though not much.

    Tori fan Scott Christiansen did an incredibly nice thing and transcribed the radio show for us. So you can read the entire conversation!

Tonight Show With Jay Leno
June 27, 1996


    Tori appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Thursday night, June 27th, and played Hey Jupiter on the harmonium organ. She was the final guest as usual and we heard her only speak one sentence, "So you're going to do my hand every night...", in response to Leno's joke about the fact that Tori had scribbled lyrics on her hand for memory. The performance was intense, and for some reason I really took note of her strong facial expressions during this very poignant song. The organ really seemed to add depth and sadness to the lyric (though I still prefer the piano version).

    Look at more photos from the show.

MTV Unplugged
June 25, 1996

    On June 25, 1996, after what seemed like an eternity, MTV aired the edited version of the the Tori unplugged performance she gave during her April 11th taping in New York City. It was worth the wait! This was recorded during the very first week of Tori's North American tour. Those of you who followed my website back then know how incredibly busy Tori was that week, making several trips back and forth from New York to Florida.

    Since April, I have had a list of what she performed at the taping as well as a review of the taping from a fan who saw it. Now we all got to see at least part of the concert. MTV showed half the songs that Tori performed. They aired this unplugged performance on other dates as well, including June 30, 1996 and November 24, 1996. It was also shown on MTV: Europe at least 3 times, the first time on August 3, 1996.

    Read all about the MTV Unplugged show and view photos!

VH-1 Crossroads
June 19, 1996 and other dates

Radio Station 105.7 The Point, St. Louis
June 12, 1996

The Today Show
June 9, 1996

    Tori WAS finally shown on the Today Show Sunday morning, June 9th! I stopped checking the show though because everytime it was announced somewhere that she would be on she was not :( Anyway, I have heard that she played a short version of Putting The Damage On.

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