Interesting comments about Tori's 1992 tour t-shirt and the dates played during the Little Earthquakes Tour

Updated August 24, 2000

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My first Tori concert was in Louisville, KY at the Phoenix Hill Tavern on July 30, 1992. (You can read some about my experience at this show here.) This was the only show I saw during Tori's 1992 Little Earthquakes tour. The only item I remember them selling at the show was a World Tour t-shirt that had images from the Little Earthquakes album and the lyrics on the front, and TORI AMOS WORLD TOUR on the back along with a photo of Tori in the LE box and a portion of her 1992 tour schedule printed around the box. I purchased the shirt after the 1992 concert and I have kept it ever since

Only recently have I looked at the tour schedule printed on the shirt. It only contained a portion of the tour on it, from March 21, 1992 until July 24, 1992. (It did not include my Louisville date on it, but it does says after July 24, "All those places in the states... especially those that make good onion rings.") I compared the dates that were listed on my shirt with the dates listed in Tori's "All These Years" authorized biography, and I noticed interesting differences, which you will find detailed below. My feeling is that the biography is likely the more correct source, but if anyone has any proof that the t-shirt is correct or the biography wrong, please email me and let me know.

Look toward the bottom of this page for the latest emails people have sent me about all this! We now know the shirt was altered as the tour went on and there are some photos of a later version of the shirt below.

Dates on the 92 tour shirt but not listed in the biography

March 21, 1992 - Dublin, Ireland
March 22, 1992 - Belfast, Ireland
April 1, 1992 - Southampton, UK (taken off later versions of the shirt)
May 29, 1992 - Seoul, Korea! (interesting!)

Dates listed in the biography but not on the shirt

April 23, 1992 - Detroit, Michigan
June 14, 1992 - Rotterdam, Holland

Listed On Both Shirt and Biography But Different

The tour shirt says that Tori played in Glasgow, UK on April 7, 1992 while the biography says this show took place on February 13, 1992.

The tour shirt says that Tori played in Edinburgh, Scotland on April 8, 1992 while the biography says this show took place on April 7, 1992. The bio does not list a date for April 8, 1992.

The tour shirt says that Tori was doing shows in Sydney, Australia on May 25 and 26, 1992 while the bio only lists May 25 for the Sydney show.

The tour shirt says that Tori played Nuerberg, Germany on June 6, 1992 while the biography says she played Hockenheim, Germany on that day.

Additional comments from readers

Garry Trinh writes:

    Maybe all the dates were printed on the shirts a long time before the the actual date of the concert. So some dates that maybe Tori was due to play, (listed on the shirt) might not have gone ahead, or the dates were changed. I also suspect that Tour dates on the shirt would have been adjusted / corrected along the way.

    Garry includes the photos you see below of his 1992 t-shirt, which is a later version of the shirt than what I have. In addition to having many more dates listed on the back of the shirt, this later version does not have the April 1 Southampton, UK date that my shirt does.

Click the above photo to see it larger

Jonnyb writes:

    I am pretty sure the Belfast concert was performed @ the Arts Theatre on Botanic Avenue.

    Don't think it was Tori's 1st Belfast gig though, I heard she opened for Marc Cohn (Walking in Memphis) @ the Grand Opera House, Belfast a few months earlier. Apparently someone heckled her as she walked on stage which she dealt with in her usual style!!!

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