"Tori Amos - The Singles" Songbook

Updated August 12, 1999

Alex Pearlman, April Copley and David informed me about a new songbook called "Tori Amos - The Singles". The songbook has sheet music for 17 of her singles through "Raspberry Swirl". The cover is white and has several rows of different single covers in the middle. The inside artwork is more of the same, plus lyrics, but the title page has a new photo that looks like it was taken during the sessions for the Spark "postcards". (Other reports say that the songbook has NO new photos, so I am uncertain on that point.) It is published by Amsco, which also produced all of her other folios. The following singles have sheet music in the songbook:

Caught A Lite Sneeze
Cornflake Girl
Hey Jupiter
In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
Jackie's Strength
Me And A Gun
Past The Mission
Pretty Good Year
Professional Widow
Raspberry Swirl
Silent All These Years

Here are more details about this item from Nadyne Mielke:

The reports of a new Tori sheet music book are true. The book is called The Singles, and has the sheet music to all 17 of Tori's released singles: Caught a Lite Sneeze, China, Cornflake Girl, Crucify, God, Hey Jupiter, In the Springtime of His Voodoo, Jackie's Strength, Me and a Gun, Past the Mission, Pretty Good Year, Professional Widow, Raspberry Swirl, Silent All These Years, Spark, Talula, Winter.

There are a couple of new pictures inside. They look like they were taken around the same time as the postcards in the UK Spark ltd ed single.

All of this sheet music is available elsewhere. If you have the other books of sheet music, I can't see any reason to purchase this. The two new pictures inside aren't, IMHO, worth the $24.95 cover price. Given the choice between this book and _Anthology_, I'd pick _Anthology_ hands down: you at least get some bee-sides in _Anthology_ (although not all of the singles).

The cover features 12 single covers, 3 across, 4 down. Where the single had different covers (UK vs US, ltd ed vs non ltd ed, etc), I noted which one:

row 1: Cornflake Girl (UK non ltd-ed), China, Crucify (US)
row 2: Hey Jupiter, Past the Mission (UK)*, PGY (UK ltd ed)
row 3: Professional Widow, Talula (US)*, Winter (US "ltd ed")
row 4: SATY (US 1997), God (UK), Voodoo

On those with *s, I could be wrong on which cover it was. I really don't remember if the PtM cover was the regular or ltd ed.

I did a quick check of various book and sheet music websites (such as www.amazon.com and www.sheetmusicplus.com), and none of them have it listed yet. My local Tower had a couple of copies. The cover price is US$24.95.

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