Washington, D.C.
October 7, 2001

Updated January 7, 2002

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Tori performed in Washington, D.C. on October 7, 2001 at D.A.R. Constitution Hall during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour. This was the second of the two shows in D.C.

Set List

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Past the Mission
Sweet Dreams
Upside Down
Beauty Queen
Northern Lad
This Old Man
Raining Blood
I Don't Like Mondays
Me and a Gun

1st Encore:
Silent All These Years
Thank Heaven For Little Boys/Merman

2nd Encore:
1000 Oceans
Over the Rainbow


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From Mikewhy

October 9, 2001 - Before the show, my girlfriend Amanda (Novinha) and I took an all day walking tour of Washington D.C. We saw the White House, the Washington Monument, the Capitol building, Lincoln Memorial, and many of the museums along the National Mall. We were especially impressed with the Smithsonian Piano exhibition, the African-Art museum, and the dinosaur bones at the Natural History museum. It was during our tour that we heard that the U.S. had begun to attack Afghanistan. There was no real sign around the city that something unusual was taking place, but it felt really odd to be in D.C. at this time. Some of the stuff I saw here was very inspirational. However, I could not help but wish that the U.S. could always meet the ideals that I saw around this fascinating city. (This was my first ever visit to D.C.)

Then we saw the show. This was my 6th show of the StrangeLittleTour, and I would rate this as my second favorite concert so far. (Orlando remains #1 for me by a small margin.) We were thrilled to hear Josephine, which was a true surprise. Upside Down, Northern Lad, and Raining Blood were also very impressive.

However, the most remarkable part of the show for me were the encores. Silent All These Years was outstanding tonight. It is easy for some to dismiss this song since it is one of the more common ones, but it seemed extra special tonight. I felt myself being swept along with the emotion, which indicated that the rest of the encore songs would be really special. Tori then prefaced Merman with Thank Heaven For Little Boys, a short bit which seems to be her version of the old standard Thank Heaven For Little Girls. It sounded so beautiful and was followed by Merman, which is always affecting.

Tori began the second encore with 1000 Oceans, and then surprised us all with Honey. Tori just seemed really into these songs and performed with more intensity that usual. She ended the show with the most achingly beautiful version of Over The Rainbow. She seemed to be tearing up during the song, and her facial expressions were priceless. I had to fight hard to stop from crying during the song. While I am usually touched by her shows, this song was extra special. Tori's performance of Over The Rainbow has been so far my favorite moment of the entire tour. For some reason, her show tonight also seemed really appropriate to me in light of recent events across the world. I am not sure why.

It was great to see Tori in D.C., where she has plenty of friends and relatives. The city certainly seemed to inspire her this weekend.

From Amanda (Novinha)

October 9, 2001 - Here are some comments Amanda gave to Toriphile Josh after the show for posting on the Dent Concert Reviews Forum:

- After Past the Mission, Tori said the baby is teething. Then she again (as in Orlando) said that men are good at changing diapers and she sees no need to deprive them of doing it.

- After Horses, she played something on the piano and then stopped and said "Fuck it, I can't see what's on the floor." Meaning she couldn't read the setlist. Then she saw the setlist and said that she was going to try to remember how to play the next song, but that she didn't think she had played it this tour... then into Josephine.

-This Old Man - four verses again, screaming out the fourth verse

-Raining Blood - very, very intense

-Talula - similar to Orlando. When she got to the "1 plus 1" line that she fucked up in Orlando, she gave a big grin and repeated the line, but she got it right this time.

- Silent All These Years - same changes to the bridge as in Orlando

- Honey was very beautiful: a very long "tight" on "you always like your babies tight"

- Mikewhy's favorite moment of the tour so far was the very emotional Over the Rainbow tonight. This show is so far Mike's and Amanda's second favorite after Orlando.

- The show ran 1 hour 45 minutes.

From Erinita (Posted to the Precious Things mailing list)

Added Oct 14, 2001 - Sorry folks, I'm in a bit of a rush, so I can't go into too much detail. I took notes during the show, here's what I've got.Tori's parents were giving out hugs and kisses and signing programs in the Orchestra before Tori's set.

Set List:
'97 Bonnie & Clyde (started off with the usual offstage singing, lights going around the audience, picture of the song's girl hanging in front of the stage.)

Siren (a fantastic rendition, played solely on the Bosey)

Past the Mission

A little chatter to the audience, "Haven't seen some of you in a long time." "The baby's teething." "Husband's are good at changing diapers. And you know, gals, when husbands are good at something, you just can't take that away from them."

Sweet Dreams

Upside Down

Beauty Queen/Horses

Josephine (Started in on the piano, then stopped with the following. "Ok, fuck it. I can't read my words that are on the floor." Picks up the lyrics and places them in front of her on the Bosey. "Cheat sheet.", she says. "You know I can't remember anything." "I don't think I've ever done this before." (I'm thinking she meant Josephine.)

Northern Lad

This Old Man

Raining Blood

Talula on the Wurlitzer starting off with an "I don't want to lose her now." intro. Forgot some words and smile, had to pause at the "said one plus one.." part, and repeated it again. With much more ad-libbing on Talula to follow. Pretty damn good.Hang around on the blood part quite a bit. "Somebody tell me who this father is." Sung, "Wrapped in my papoose" line three times.

I Don't Like Mondays with beautiful purple and pink background lights. Me and a Gun, thank goodness, no cell phones rang. No one yelled out and inappropriate adoring remarks. I watched the parents my from vantage point, although it was dark, it looked as if Dr. Amos didn't move a muscle during the entire performace. He had an aisle seat towards the center rear of the orchestra and was leaning to the right the see around the person in front of him.

As I was looking at Tori through my binoculars during MaaG, she seemed to be looking right at me, in the deadpan, trance-like way that only she can do. Her eyes seemed black and beady, almost demonic. When the Jesus line came she leaned back a bit and he face was better illuminated by the light. A beautiful Tori again. More than several people left after she performed MaaG. Was it a catharsis they were waiting for? An unfulfilling expectant tearjerker? After MaaG, Tori exited the stage after knelling and touching hands with fans along the front row.

1st Encore:
Silent All These Years

Merman with a nice little "Thank Heaven for Little Boys" intro. I couldn't help but think of Matthew Shephard, and oddly enough, Rufus. (Who I enjoyed quite well, bought the cd, and had him sign it. Dude is very skinny. He mentioned hanging out at some DC gay strip clubs on O Street. Some amusing onstage banter.)

2nd Encore:
Started in on 1000 Oceans, a collective "We love you Tori" from one part of the audience, surprisingly the only one I heard all night. She responded with her usual cutesy grabby hand wave from the forehead with sly grin. I think this was the only time she played the Bosey & the keyboard and the same exact time during the show.

Honey (loved it! a nice surprise.)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow

From Gruagach7

Added Oct 14, 2001 - When I was walking into Constitution Hall to see Tori for the second time did I expect her to top what she had done the previous night? Of course not. Was I wrong? You bet.

Again, like I mentioned in my last review, Rufus Wainwright is one hell of a musician. Even after the concert was over I had Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk stuck in my head. It is truly a pleasure to watch him as an opening act. Not once while he was performing did I wish for him to go away, like I do with most of the people who open for Tori (anybody remember The Unbelievable Truth?). His music is inspiring and I loved seeing him perform. He's pretty funny too. Talked about how he went to O Street and his experience in Washington's gay strip clubs. He also made some off-handed comments that were worth a chuckle. I look forward to seeing him open for Tori in Philly.

97' Bonnie and Clyde was pretty much the same as it had been the night before. Very aggressive and strong. Again, *every single noise* that comes out of Tori's mouth can be heard and this strengthens the strong incredibly. This may be kind of morbid but it is the way you'd expect someone to sound after being attacked and thrown into a truck. Muted, angry, sad and hopeless - it is incredible how well she plays the character of the beaten wife. I don't understand why she has opened and will probably continue to open every show with this song but nonetheless it is quite an experience.

Tori strutted on stage after the black, shredded curtain fell. She looked *gorgeous*!! She had on puffed out black pants with slits on the side and, what looked like, a black jacket with sparkles on the cuffs of the jacket and side of the pants. She was emanating beauty. She looked really good last night. For the first show she wore the same thing in this wild, neon green color and, well, ew. It's amazing what a color change can do.

Cheers and voluminous applause kept going as Tori began Siren. I was so excited!! Siren solo - whoo hoo!! I had wanted to hear this so badly and then it's the second song she plays! I have been so, so, so lucky this weekend with hearing the songs I have wanted to. I thought Siren solo would be sucky as much as I wanted to see it but out of all the versions of Siren I've heard my favorite is by far is what I heard last night. The piano was fast, the tempo was furious and Tori's singing was flawless. She had the pedal going for the verses but for the chorus (Never was once for a prissy girl...) she let the pedal go and it was all her and no sustain to back up the melody of the song. It fit so perfectly! Her hands were working overtime for that chorus but everything seemed to come together. I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to witness what I was looking at.

There was the same feeling of being rushed like the previous night and I wasn't at all surprised when Tori zoomed right in playing some sort of piano improv and then began Past the Mission. Again, another song I had wanted to see! I enjoy Past the Mission solo and there were some new elements that she added. First, the piano improv she played before the first verse of the song was added before *every* verse. The improv was deep and low and very fitting, really intense. Also, for the chorus she went to the Kurtz (again, I don't know if that is what it is called?) and it sounded perfect. Before the "they found a body" lines she sang a lot of improv. I couldn't make everything out but it went something like, "She knows, yes she does. She's been waiting a thousand years. Don't you think it is time? Don't you think?"

As soon as she finished Past the Mission she asked us how we were doing and, naturally, we happily roared back at her. She then said something like: "Haven't seen you guys in a while. It's nice to be back here. Anyways, baby is teething. And you know, I found that husbands are very handy people to have around, great at changing diapers. So I figured why take that away from them?"

She then began Winter. I am not a huge fan of Winter but I can't tell you how wonderful it was. The lights were absolutely beautiful, the bluest blue igniting the whole stage.

Sweet Dreams popped up next. I was euphoric! The stage went bright with neon reds and loud oranges exploding. Tori seemed really into the song and she held "fire" for an extra long time. At one point she practically screamed it and repeated "ire" (yes, "ire" - the second syllable - giving the word an elongated echo effect) over and over and over ago. Intense!!

Near the end of Sweet Dreams I thought how cool it would be if she were to play Upside Down next and what do you know - she did!! I couldn't believe that she was playing almost everything I had wanted to hear. And the previous day was also nothing but a string of songs that I had wished to hear. What was going on? Why was I being so fortunate? Anyways, Upside Down was gorgeous (like Tori!). There isn't really much to type about it but it was just wonderful. The lights were, again, on most of the stage an aqua blue, while on Tori spun yellow blocks of light.

I almost expected her to play Take to the Sky next as the last three songs (Winter, Sweet Dreams, and Upside Down) were all on the Winter single but, instead, she rolled into Beauty Queen/Horses. I have never had the opportunity to see either of these songs solo and I had always wanted to so I was in heaven with her first "heeeeeeeeee!" Beauty Queen was especially loud and she dragged out many words longer than expected. However, she didn't seem to be to into playing Horses. I felt it was hurried and not much effort was put into it. It was great to listen to, don't get me wrong, but I had the feeling she was just playing it to play it. But what do I know? The lights with this were out there. Sort of like multi-colored neon stained glass that showered both on the audience and on the white shadow boxes she has on stage.

It was at this point that she began playing a low hum on the Bosendorfer and the lights on the stage, a really low, deep blue light (blue, purple and red seem to be the featured stage light colors) covered Tori giving off an eerie feeling. I was expecting a dark song. Out of the blue (literally!), she just stopped playing and said, "Okay, fuck it! I can not see," meaning her setlist on the floor. The crowd went nuts and starting screaming, encouraging Tori. It was funny, because this happened the night before also. After she picked up her setlist, and was looking at it, she giggled out: "Cheat Sheet!" Then said something to the effect of, "Well, I am going to try to do this song but I don't think I've done this yet." And the last thing I expected was Josephine but that is what it was!! I was so happy!! My best friend is named Josephine and everytime I hear that song I think of her so the whole time Tori played I had this image of Joei in my mind, especially at the end..."Not tonight...not tonight...not tonight, Josephine..." A personal and sentimental moment for me. The song itself was short but what a surprise! It didn't sound like it does on "To Venus and Back." There were many higher notes played and the melody of the lyrics were sung just *a little* differently. The lights were nice; spinning purple on two of the four white shadow boxes with the back of the stage a sort of white-blue. Dazzling!!

Without a pause, she zoomed right into Northern Lad, not a song I am really fond of but, for some reason, probably because it was live, I was able to dive right into it. It also helped I have a person I relate the song too, which made it easier to connect with. There isn't much to say about it. It was simple, quick and fantastic.

She played This Old Man again and it was similar to the previous nights performance in the sense that she screamed the whole fourth verse -- and I mean *screamed*. Saturday night she growled the word "ten" but last night she growled the word "man." Unlike Saturday night where she started off the song with free range, the first two verses last night were monotone. Exactly the same melody and tone of voice. The third is where she made the transition from the calm first two verses and the wild last verse. She didn't get up and wiggle around like she did Saturday, either. If I had to pick a song to be played twice between the two shows this would have been one of the songs I would have picked. Again, I was very lucky. :-)

I remember the next song was Raining Blood but I can't remember much about it. This is one of if not my least favorite off of the new album so it didn't do anything for me.

For the only time in the night she walked over to her "wurly" and began Talula with a interesting improv that went something like: "I don't want to lose her, no I don't want to lose her, not after all these years, not after what we have now, I don't want to lose her, I don't want to lose her..." Also, she had a very minor mess-up when she sang: "he said one plus one equals two," then quickly sang it over as: "*she* said one plus one equals two." Talula on the wurly wasn't spectacular but it is cool to see how Tori reinvents her songs and I admire the way she suited her songs for the solo tour. In my opinion when Tori plays the wurly (which is basically a type of organ, or at least it sounds like one) the song she is singing depends heavily on her vocals and Tori definitely delivered while singing Talula. She did not drag out "Jamaica" like she has done in the past. She said the actual word two or three times over. In addition to that change, just like in Siren when she let go of the pedal for the "Never was one for a prissy girl..." chorus, she did the same thing for the "I've got big bird on the fishing line..." verse and it was great! Her hands were flying all over the place but she never missed a beat or messed up a word. It amazes me how focused she can be while singing and also playing a difficult arrangement but I guess that is Tori for you.

Walking back over to where her Kurtz and Bosendorfer are, she situated herself at the Kurtz and went right into I Don't Like Mondays. It was the only song the entire evening that sounded, for the most part, like on the album. This is another song I can't remember very well. The lights were whitish-blue again and the volume of the Kurtz (which also sound similar to an organ) seemed to be higher during this song.

There isn't much else I can write about Me and a Gun that I didn't write in my review for Saturday night's show. The only slight difference was that there was not total silence when Tori began. Quite a few people clapped and there was much more picture taking going on *during* the song, which I thought was totally ignorant. One note: I had my binoculars with me and the facial expressions she makes during that song, well, I can understand why people where taking pictures even though I don't agree they should have been doing it. Her eyes seemed to be rolled up in her head, she almost looked like a zombie. It was frightening. Her one hand was simply lying across her lap and hanging limp as if in defeat. I don't know how she sings that every night but the effect it has is overwhelming. How anybody could not be affected while watching her sing that song is beyond me...

After Me and a Gun I was hoping for Somewhere Over the Rainbow, another song I had desperately wanted to hear. Instead she began Time, a poignant and appropriate song to play in Washington. Again, it was the blue lights, a little darker and deeper than with the other songs. Her voice was impeccable; it couldn't have been anymore clear or heartfelt.

It took her a little while to come out for the first encore. For a moment I was scared she wasn't going to be coming back out but, of course, I was wrong. She immediately sat down and played the opening notes for Silent All These Years. The crowd went psychotic!! The volume of the cheer for that song was, literally, deafening! I understand because I, too, love that song very, very much and can't say I wasn't a little misty eyes as she played. The bridge was dramatically different. She usually sings very high but she didn't raise her voice until the "one more causality" line. Instead of saying, "Will I still be waiting for somebody else to understand?" she sang, "how long until I understand?" Also, instead of "and the orange clouds" she simply said "clouds." The lights during the bridge were also different than the rest of the song. Through the song they were reds and oranges but during the bridge they were orange and green, earthy colors. Magnificent!!

After Silent All These Years drew to a close, she tapped a few higher notes on the piano and I automatically recognized the song as Merman. I was stunned!! I started clapping and then she stopped and I felt like an idiot because I thought I had been wrong about the song. Instead, she sang, "Thank heaven for little boys..." and the amount of beauty and feeling that went into that intro was incomprehendable. I was crying my eyes out (again!). Most of the intro was just her voice. She only added piano in at certain parts. She ended with, "they grow up in the most unusual ways..." and she drew out "unusual" and started tapped the beginning keys for Merman. That intro gave Merman ten times the power it usually has for me. "Who could ever say you are not wonderful?" combined with "They grow up in the most unusual ways..." it just couldn't have gone together any better. The lyrics for the two songs fit each other so perfectly. I am genuinely shocked she has never done this intro for Merman before. It was so overwhelmingly breath taking. You have no clue how badly I wanted to see this live and, yet again, my wish was granted only to have it topped with a once in a lifetime intro. I must have been a really good boy this year. Finishing Merman, she left the stage.

The second encore began with Tori coming back on stage to the screams and hollers of a totally satisfied and awed crowd. Loud and loving it! She walked over to the Kurtz and began playing 1,000 Oceans. This and Raining Blood were my least favorite of the night. She played a portion of 1,000 Oceans on both the Kurtz and the Bosendorfer but it didn't add very much. After seeing these two shows, I am not fond of the Kurtz. It is just too low and I can't really hear what she is playing. The only song I liked hearing on the Kurtz was I Don't Like Mondays.

The last thing I expected, especially to follow a song like 1,000 Oceans, was for Tori to turn to her Bosendorfer and begin the notes to Honey! This is my second favorite Tori song under Baker, Baker. I could not believe I was hearing this!! I have wanted to hear this song solo for the longest time and, viola!!, here it was and it was amazing!! A great growl when she belted out "tight." Tori seemed very much into playing this song. She spat it out like she meant every word and you could hear the vengeance in her voice. The lights were very cool for this. Red-violet circles and curves surrounding the shadow boxes on the stage.

And, what do you know, the last song of the night was the song I had wanted to hear from the beginning - Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I don't know why she was playing almost everything I had wanted her too or why I was so fortunate to be there for this amazing concert. I didn't know anything but how incredibly grateful I was. Obviously, Somewhere Over the Rainbow was extremely sad but it oozed with hope. And she sang the "and the dreams that you dare do dream really do come true" lines twice!! Everytime I have heard this song on a bootleg or on the Hey Jupiter EP or wherever she has only sung that line once. That line makes the whole song worth listening to for me. I was bawling my eyes out by the time she ended and I knew, was totally positive, there was no way I was going to get a better concert in Philly or Wallingford. That doesn't bother me a bit. These concerts, this experience, was so unbelievable I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

From The Journal (A newspaper in West Virginia)

Added Oct 15, 2001 - Joey DiGuglielmo wrote a review of the second Washington D.C. show for the West Virginia newspaper The Journal. (I m not sure which edition of the paper the review appeared in.)

Singer/songwriter/pianist Tori Amos surprises with subdued set

Weekender Staff Writer

MARTINSBURG - Give Tori Amos her trademark Bosendorfer piano and watch her take off. That's all she needs. A Fender Rhodes and a Wurlitzer add to the proceedings, but this was a one-woman show.

Her current "StrangeLittleGirls Tour" is the first time in several years that Amos has performed alone on stage, providing all her own instrumental accompaniment. Her second Washington concert at the DAR Constitution Hall Oct. 7 (**1/2 out of four), proved again that the simple union of Amos and a keyboard is enough to furnish popular music with one of its most powerfully mesmerizing sounds.

Sardonic pixie Rufus Wainwright got the evening off to an impressive start. His almost-self-conscious stage presence and hysterically world-weary between-song banter proved a canny contrast to his beautifully written and executed chamber pop.

Moving back and forth from keyboards to guitar, Wainwright soared through a remarkable nine songs in just over 30 minutes. With his strong, but slightly off-kilter voice, Wainwright gave an eloquent, left-of-center beauty to minor hits like "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" and "Poses," the title track from his new album.

Just as entertaining though, were his musings on the Washington-area gay stripclubs and death ("There's so much more to life than death," he quipped profoundly at one point.) And when one audience member complimented him on his shoes, he deadpanned, "They're old and filthy and they stink."

Another standout from his set was a performance of "Compliante De La Butte," his contribution from the "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack, on which he convincingly delivered the French lyrics with a fragile tenderness.

Amos' set opened oddly, but arrestingly, as her recording of Eminem's "'97 Bonnie and Clyde" played. It was lifted ver betum from her interesting, but pretentious new covers album, "Strange Little Girls." The only thing on the stage was a shredded black curtain and an eerily illuminated photo of Amos in character as the dead wife who narrates the song in her version.

It seemed odd that Amos would play a recording instead of actually performing the song, but when she did appear, after the dramatic demise of the curtain, she was greeted with a spontaneous standing ovation.

Dressed resplendently and looking ravishing in a sparkly, black suit with her long red hair hanging poker-straight halfway down her back, Amos looked both radiant and demure as she sat down and started the churning, minor-keyed "Siren."

Though not one of her most well-known songs, it turned out to be quintessential Amos as it found her straddling the piano bench in her trademark style (she pedals, curiously, and slightly obscenely, with her left foot).

Seeing how Amos would present this new album was interesting, as it's an unorthodox collection of covers all written and previously recorded by male artists like Neil Young, Lou Reed and John Lennon. In the album's packaging, Amos dons a different "look," (i.e. with various wigs and makeups) for each song.

Would she show up as various characters? Would she explain how the idea for the album came about? Would she talk about why she covered the songs she did? Would she address the war that was breaking out in Afghanistan while the concert was occuring? Would she mention the terrorist attacks as she has done in the MTV spots that have been running?

The answer to all these questions? No. Only three of the songs from "Strange Little Girls" were performed (though, with "'97 Bonnie and Clyde," four were represented). Despite such a new approach to, not only making an album but to making a covers album, Amos offered nary a word by way of explanation.

And despite the fact that the president had announced U.S. attacks only hours before the concert, and the fact that the venue was mere miles from the Pentagon, Amos stuck, almost totally, to the music. It seemed odd. Inappropriate, even.

There was one fleeting, indirect mention of her daughter and husband, and a little schtick about not being able to read lyrics she had taped to the floor, but for the rest of the show, Amos stuck with the music, much of which was achingly intense, soul-shaking, transfixing - and a little too much of the same thing.

Amos' canon is dotted with playful, whimsical, sometimes up-tempo songs like "Crucify," "Cornflake Girl," "Professional Widow" and "Raspberry Swirl," none of which were represented. Even the fairly lively "Talula," which was played, was delivered in a near-comatose manner, muted as she accompanied herself on a Wurlitzer. It practically drained the life's blood right out of the song, though she did come sassily to life on the zany bridge.

There was one show-stopping anomoly with the stark and raw "Me and a Gun," but the rest of the show was comprised almost exclusively of ballads. Of course, there's a lot of variation under that umbrella, from the silly, but strangely beautiful, reading of "This Old Man" (as in, "he played one/he played knicknack..."), a cover of Slayer's apocalyptic "Raining Blood" to the new life she manages to breathe into "Over The Rainbow."

But the whole show just felt too calm. Too nice. Too beautiful. Too gentle. That reservation did, admittedly, make the rare, vigorous moments resonate with a power they may have lacked in a more raucous show, but I could have used a little more variation.

Part of that may have been dictated by the instrumentation. "Raspberry Swirl," for instance, would probably have sounded ludicrous sans percussion (it's a house-flavored club workout on "From The Choirgirl Hotel"), but too much of this concert was mired in a sticky-sweet tar pit of balladry.

Variety notwithstanding, Amos sounded great. Her voice rang out with a hall-quaking clarity that was more grandiose and arresting than it sounds on her recordings. All the quirky vocal flourishes Amos incorporates were utilized this night from the full-throttle wail, to the scratchy, hanging-in-the-balance passing tones, to the warbling vocal rubato to the deep throaty growl to the gasping-for-air breathlessness. Her idiosyncratic delivery, so deliciously eccentric, is, perhaps, the most original, innovative singing style going on in popular music today.

Though her singing could hardly be called inhibited, live, Amos sounds even less restrained than she does on record. She takes a greater liberty with the material, stretching lines and phrases apart, making up new words, ad-libbing, leaving things out: it makes for a thrilling, who-knows-what-she'll-do-next concert experience.

The wildly unpredictible set list added to that, from out-of-nowhere b-sides like "Sweet Dreams" and "Upside Down," to early singles like "Winter" and "Past the Mission," to more recent album tracks like "Josephine" and "Northern Lad." Amos is reportedly varying the set list radically from night to night on this tour, which she has the liberty to do without the constraints of a band.

And Amos playfully reimagined the intros to several numbers by coyly unleashing the songs with identification-effacing new openings.

The whole thing sounded wondrous. I have never in my life heard such rich, full sounds come from a piano as came from Amos' Bosendorfer. Naturally, it was amplified, but the sound was amazing. Deep oceans of power came forth from the lower end while the crystalline upper half had a prism perfection to it that glistened like a gem in direct sunlight.

Adding drama were Amos' playing techniques. Mid-song on several tracks she rapidly flipped around on her piano bench and played one section of a song on the Fender Rhodes, then moved back to finish it on the piano. On "1,000 Oceans," she even played both simultaneously (the keyboards were facing each other).

Even with the sometimes dry pairing and pacing of the evening, it was not without its moments, several of which were exquisitely beautiful.

-Journal music critic Joey DiGuglielmo can be reached at 263-8931, ext. 136 or

The reviews below were taken from the concert reviews section of The Dent Forum and added here on January 7, 2002

Review by pdjennings

Hello All Your friendly pager-happy toriboy here

Yes oh yes.... tonight was THE night to be in DC.

(not that last night wasn't wonderful... i mean, Daniel!!, come on!! yayay!!)

Josephine followed by Northern Lad KICKED MY ASS.


There were LOTS of rumors about Butterfly flying around.... she'd written it on her hand at the M&G. It would have definately fit tonight.

Siren was IN-FREAKING-CREDILE solo..... OMG... that woman slays me.

It was a straight hair night for Tori, with a really NICE, professional looking pant-suit kinda thing. Dark.... with red stockings. She looked very Wall Street!

Hello to everyone i met.... Tempest, Askre, Luminous, Watercolor, Andromeda, Evvie, Mikewhy & Novinha, ACaseOfYou, & everyone else i forgot to mention.

This might've been my #1 of all the shows i've seen.


Review by jon snow

Great, great show.....

Merman was definitely the high-lite for me... it was so beautiful and emotional, with the "Thank God for Little Boys" intro...

Honey was awesome!! So was Josephine.....

She was in great form tonight - in my opinion better than last night. 1000 Oceans was particularly beautiful. And Siren was great too...

Not much to say, other than another great show!!! And YAY for Merman


Review by dinerdessert

wow. just got home. still on a high.

here's hoping i don't screw up the setlist, but here's my thoughts:

97 bonnie and clyde -- a lot angrier than the album version. my husband thought she sounded like a female tom waits.

siren- what a cool way to start the show! soaring. i immediately notice how *on* her voice sounds.

past the mission -- cool version. love the switching between the rhodes and the piano.

winter...just beautiful. an old favorite i never tire of.

sweet dreams -- yay! the first 'rock out' of the show. fun, sassy...just great.

upside down -- the winter triumvirate! how fun. and just lovely.

beauty queen/horses -- this was maybe one of my faves of the show. just really powerful and gorgeous. she kept doing something under the piano with some pedal -- maybe a piano player knows what?

here's where she started playing something and said 'fuck it, i can't see the floor' and picked up her setlist. hehe. and then played josephine!!! my fave off tvab. poignant and beautiful.
and into northern lad. oh, just kill me now. again, so beautiful.

this old man -- wow. who knew a children's song could sound this powerful and angry? unsettling, but in a good way. and speaking of unsettling,

raining blood -- i had a feeling she would do this tonight. chilling.

talula -- on the wurlitzer. so fun. so lovely. she screwed up the 'she said one + one is two' again...funny.

i don't like mondays -- the rhodes sounds even more reverb-y in concert. glad to hear this one.

me and a gun -- someone was wondering why it is that she is singing this again, but listening to it, it made perfect sense. this whole album is about the female perspective, and the way the world treats and views and a gun fits right in with the new girls. it was heartwrenching tonight and leading into time, just put me in tears.

1st encore -- tori makes us feel better . silent all these years is quite tender, i thought. i liked the change in the middle -- sang the whole 'years go by' part down the octave and a bit shuffled.

started playing the intro to merman, then into (how fun!) thank heaven for little boys. that went into merman. this was happy, loving tori. just...uplifting.

2nd encore -- 1000 oceans...sigh. played this one hand on the rhodes, one on piano (how?!?!), making a very rich and lovely sound.

honey -- one of my faves! brought me back. really nice.

and finally,
somewhere over the rainbow.

really, words fail me. one of the most memorable, healing and wonderful things i've seen tori do. someone earlier in the show had asked for 'imagine' and i thought, oh that'd be perfect today...but i was wrong...THIS was perfect.

just a great, great show. i have to say, there was definitely an air of melancholy, but really, the show is all just felt...healing.

sigh. ok, there you have it, probably my longest post i'll ever post. thanks, fab toriphiles around me!


Review by phi

Wow, perfect, just perfect. I couldn't have wished for a more perfect setlist tonight. Last night felt like an incredible show, but then somehow she topped it tonight! Every song I always wished she played in the past and she never got to, I saw tonight. Honey, Upside Down,
Josephine, Past the Mission, Siren, Northern Lad. Beautiful. I love this woman! ahhh....ok. I wish I bought a few more tickets for different shows now


Review by whenwedied

she played honey.
my life is complete.


Review by Lacy and Chris (LacyMB)

Holy Fucking Shit!!!!!!

We (LacyMB and icecrmassin) thought last night was great with daniel and all, but tonight was like the best concert there ever was.

I mean there was very little that could have improved on this concert. With 'winter' and 'northern lad' and honey' aahhhhoohhhhh!!!!!!!

Lacy is still in shock from hearing winter, I about died when she broke out HOLY CRAP...josephine and merman. This was just intense.

The new 'past the mission' and 'talula' were utterly insane, as was last night's 'crucify.' And of course, 'over the rainbow' was beautiful, only playing daniel with tonight's list could have made it more complete.

Here's to everyone getting to experience concerts anywhere near this level.


Review by AddisonBeauvais

Below is a summary of meeting Tori backstage after the show, but first some comments that can never be said enough.

1.I didn't come to the show to hear anyone sing but Tori. Unless it's evident that everyone is singing along, thus making it a "sing-along," your singing is not acceptable (unless it is so quiet that I cannot hear it.)

2.If you are the only one standing, that means you're blocking views. Sit down.

3.I had the most HORRIBLE time with the "assistant house manager" of DAR Constitution Hall. Imagine if you will: I was given a free ticket and backstage pass (for reasons which I will not discuss.) I get there, pick up my bass, put it on, usher through to my seat, sit in my seat. Everything is okay. Because I have a "guest" pass on security and ushers are treating me very well, allowing me to walk around freely and talk to friends in other sections. When I get back to my seat, however, there is someone else in it.

So I, being the kind and naive person I am, say to him "Im sorry, I think there was a mix up, I believe youre in my seat. May we compare ticket stubs?" and I fork mine over to him, and he's holding both and says "Well one of these is for last night's show and the other is for tonight, I'm fairly sure you have the wrong one, sorry." and hands the "last-night" stub back to me. I'm thinking, oh-mother-fucker, this was probably his stub and no I have no way to prove it.

But then I also notice the girl sitting next to him in the seat that should coordinate with the ticket I had for that seat which I sold earlier in the day to a Dent Forum person. And *THEN* I think, "Oh Sweet Mother Theresa. What if all four of my tickets were for last night and NONE of the people who bought them or myself noticed and they all come to kill me."

Well I go to the lobby and call the home number of the girl who bought the other two, and to my relie the girl who bought them is safely at the concert with no qualms, according to her roomate. So I ask to talk to the house manager. What a piece of shit. I explained to him the circumstance. I'm standing there in a "backstage guest" sticker-pass on my shirt for Sunday; CLEARLY I was meant to attend Sunday's show and there was a mix-up with the tickets and could he please help me? "What do you want me to do? I cant help you. Go sort it out with te gentlement and get back to me."

Words can't really express his tone, posture or attitude but it was of the aura of treating me like a criminal. Anyhow, I eventually ran into the guy who I sold the ticket to next to me and it turns out his was for yesterday as well. I gave him his $ back immediately of course, and he had bought a new ticket that was - Ba,Da,DA! - front row, Orchestra.

Because you see kids, these are the tickets they often hold til the last minute when they are "sold out."

So I go out and tell the house manager what I've deduced - that I saw "Sunday" on two of the tickets and assumed the other two were for Sunday as well. So he says "So you did not have a ticket for tonight's show?" and I say "That's correct." And he says, I swear to God, "Sir, I'm going to need for you to exit the theater immediately."

Let me reiterate that I am standing before him wearing a backstage pass sticker that you can ONLY get from the "will call" box office if your name is on a list and you show valid photo ID. Anyway, I left, and I went to the box office and explained and they re-checked for my name and provided me with a replacement ticket for - Ba-da-DA! - Second Row, Orchestra. :P

I ended up missing the second half of Rufus' set which made me sad. But Tori's show was spectacular. So to Mr. "assistant house manager" at DARCH - you're a poop.

4. Please dont buy tickets from scalpers. Just quit it. Please. Respect yourselves enough to not let yourself be taken advantage of. I dont think youre thinking about what these people are doing. They are INTENTIONALLY buying tickets to this show so that YOU cannot get them. Then when you need them, they are charging you more than the ticket is worth. Many of you are reading this going "Duh, they're SCALPERS," but there were plenty of kids at DC shelling out $75 for scalper tickets to a show that had tickets available inside. At the time when I got my replacement ticket from the Will-Call booth there were still sixty tickets available for sale. RESPECT YOURSELF.

Ok. I'm jumping off of my soapbox. Here is a repost (I put it on the Tori main Forum) of my conversation witH Tori backstage. Hugs all! AB

So I was fortunate enough to recieve a backstage pass tonight in DC for Tori's show.
(No, I will not reveal my source.)

The group of people who had them were escorted to a downstairs lounge where Tori
arrived a half an hour or so later. I was literally the last person she talked to. I have
met her several times before at meet and greets but this was much more intimate.
There were no barracades, just Joel and Steve and eventually just Joel and he was
very casual, chatty and friendly. A great guy - for those of you who call him mean,
remember that he's got a job to do.

Tori came to me and, as she did in 1998 (the last time I saw her,) had a look of "I
know I know you but Im not sure how" on her face. I reminded her of who I was and
she immediately hugged me. I told her I knew she wanted to go to sleep so I would
make it fast.

First I had her sign something for a friend, then I gave her an article about a charity
show I did for RAINN. Then I gave her printed out lyrics to a song she did on a radio
show years ago. The song is called "Om La Boombleigh"

This is roughly how the exchange went:

ME: "So Tori, I'd like you to sign this for me, but this is the thing: This is my favourite
song you've ever done but you only did it once on radio show and I don't know that I
have the lyrics correct. (She is looking them over.) I typed these as a close
approximation and if you could go through them and correct them that would be so
great." (I admit I stole the idea from someone who did the same thing with "Beulah
Land." But I LOVE "Om La Boombleigh.")

Tori: Um...(looks at me sympathetically) Yeah...Joel, come here! (Joel comes over and
is looking over the lyrics too.)

Joel and Tori together: (reading my lyrics) ...don't know where that bus ride is taking
me, or Johnny, or (escalating in smiles and laughter) Mr. P!! (Begin laughing

Joel: Oh, that was at that radio show in (EDIT: I'm sorry, I can't for the life of me
remember what he said.)

Me: Yeah, I've sort of made up my own meaning because there's a gay bar in DC
called "Mr. P's" where all the old gay men hang out.

Tori: Joel is a BIG Mr. P fan, aren't you Joel. We all love Mr. P.

Me: Yeah, so, is he like the Phantom of the Opera? I don't get to know who he is until
he swoops down upon me?

Tori: No, no, no, you KNOW who he is! (Looks at Joel)

Joel and Tori: Mr. Puppethead!!!!!

Tori: Yeah, yeah these lyrics are good. I'm gonna go with your lyrics. Because I just
made this stuff up as I went along. You know? Sometimes you just go with it and
those songs I just made them up.

Me: Oh. Well Jeepers. I'm going to stick with my gay old men at the bar

Tori: (cracking up) See, you didn't REALLY want my version of what it meant.

Me: No, no, I did. Now I have two perspectives, yours and mine, and I like mine

Tori: (cracking up more) Ah, ah. (EDIT: Not really sure how to express how the "Ah,
ah." came out of her. It was like ah "yeah, sure" sound.)

Me: So can you sign this for me? I'm going to put it on my desk so I'll always know.

Tori: Sure, sure. (Signs "To Addison, (smiley face - heart - smiley face,) Love Tori. P.S.
Say hi to the OLD men at the gay bar.

Then we took a photo and that was that!
I will scan the signed thingy for you all tommorrow but it's 1AM and it would wake up
my housemates.


Review by luminous

Today was beautiful.

I went to the meet and greet...after standing packed like sardines for well over two hours, Tori emerged from her bus. She made her way down to where I was, and I held out the book I got her with the letter I wrote her inside it. She grabbed it, and looked at it and started to open it as if she was going to sign it. I said, "No, that's for you to keep."..and I just expected her to give it to Joel or Steve or someone else, but instead, she searched me out (I was four people deep) and looked intently into my eyes, and said "Thank you, I really appreciate this." I then passed up my LE booklet and she signed my name and hers on it. Tori is an amazing woman who cares so much about her fans. I am so amazed that she actually thanked me for what I had given her.

The rest of the day was great, and spent with Jesse, Melanie, Melissa, Sandy, Erin, and a bunch of others. I also met PDJennings, Tempestinateacup, Watercolor stain, Daisy Petals, Mike and Amanda, and so many others. The Forums community just clicked together today. It was wonderful.

The show itself was beyond anything I could have ever imagined or thought up, and I won't even bother trying to describe how I felt during all of it.


Review by ACaseOfYou

OK I am home from what some would call a trip to heaven. I know you've all already known the setlist for QUITE some time now, but I'll humor myself and post it for you all again....

'97 Bonnie and Clyde (Recorded, NOT live... but very intense and great):Black curtain with '97 B&C Character on it falls:
Siren (SOOOOOOO AMAZING..she stuck her tongue out a few times in between some notes)
Past the Mission (Need I comment...OMG)
Winter (Does it get any better? I think NOT my friend)
Sweet Dreams (Oh yes...about if it gets better.. I was very wrong, it does!! ' FUNNY HOW THEY ALL HAVE MY FACE')
Upside Down :::Melts:::
Beauty Queen/Horses (at a loss for words, at this point I have a smile from new york to russia I SWEAR)
~ Tori starts a chord to a song, says she 'fucked up and can't read the lyrics on the floor, let's try THIS one out, I've been wanting to do this for a long time now' Josephine (we lucked out tonight for those of us who were there to experience this LIVE)
Northern Lad (she was making me WAY happy tonight with her setlist. 'You don't show much these day's... it get's so FUCKING (strong emphasis on FUCKING) cold')
This Old Man/Raining Blood
Talula (not the way I like to hear it done, but great for what it was)
I Don't Like Monday's (:::THUMP::: someone get a defribulator to row d for this gentleman) hehe
Me and a Gun (very intense, for us as well as Tori...I saw a tear or 2 and heard a few deep breaths being taken.. I LOVE YOU TORI)
Time (WOW WOW WOW, Tori was still a bit emotional from M&AG)

Tori comes and shakes a few hands...goes off stage...

Encore 1:

Silent All These Years (up until this point, the show had been so amazing I didn't even realize this song hadn't come up yet, I was very mad at myself for letting that escape my attention)
Thank Heaven For Little Boy's (SOOO CUTE) ::eading into:::
Merman (My heart melts)

Another front stage appearance by our Siren....exit...

Encore 2:

1000 Oceans ( I ALMOST cried 1000 oceans, but I refrained because everything would have been WAY too blurred and I woulda been mad at myself)
Honey (*GASP* where did SHE come from, what a pleasant surprise...Tori always seems to keep us on our toes, doesn't she!?!)
Somewhere, Over The Rainbow (What a beautiful ending to a GORGEOUS performance)


Let me just add how BEAUTIFUL she was tonight.. allthough she is ALWAYS beautiful...HELLO she IS Tori. Tonight.. OMG... She had on a Black "business suit" (?) type outfit, with a little FLARE at the bottom.. cute little number, open top with the exception of one button to keep certain things private!!! Bell-Bottom TYPE pant legs, with the exception that the OUTTER part of the oant leg was split up to mid-calf, the inside part had pretty glitter/sequins. Nice cute skimpy flats, probably felt like slippers to her. I wish I had a camera, but after reading about how "TIGHT" security was on last ngihts reviews, I figured.. 'why bother'. But OH were you guys wrong... security was very laid back and even let us go up to the stage the 2 times Tori approcahed it, I was very happy, allthough I didn't get to touch her hands...but.. I still have Philly to do so... OK, if you have read this entire thing..thank you. I pretty much gave you play by play of what happened and all that, so if you weren't THERE in person.. I hope you feel like you were there by reading this post... goodnight all and...



Review by ashre

All I have to say is that Siren was FUCKING AMAZING! I couldn't beleive how powerful that song is solo. I think it was the highlight of the show. I went to both DC shows, and this setlist was just incredible. Sicnce everything else has been talked about I won't go on again.


Review by Binka+Bonka+Chair

she played Honey!!! That and Sister Janet are my two absolute favs... She played Siren, which is another yummy song... ahhh... the whole set list was incredible, and i've never sat closer than this: 12th row center!
btw, not that it matters, but someone mentioned she was wearing flats. She wasn't, they were heels, and man, I kept thinking, "of all the years I played piano, I could never wear heels! If there was possibly a way to be more impressed with her than before... " I loved how she stretched out the word 'fire' in "Sweet Dreams", with the lighting looking like fire behind her. oh, it was SUCH a good show. Everyone around me behaved nicely, no singing, no cell phones. Although during the line in "Upside Down", "I dreamed...I loved a black boy..." someone in the back/ floor level started whooping, which was entirely stupid. I'm glad the shouting held to a minimum during the show!

Was it just me, or did her face look a bit gaunt? Other than that, she looked beautiful as always. She was so cute when she couldn't read her set list, and when she messed up a line in Talula...

Oh, it was SUCH a good show!


Review by Tori822

Ok - I am going to reveiw this show. The first time I reviewed a show on this board, I got itty-bitty flames for not writing about the show and how things sounded. It was my first show and I was so excited I only wrote what I could was all a daze. Anyway - I got to meet a few people (hola Andromeda & Tempest...)and the Dent's mini-celebrities of Mike and Amanada. Anyway - here goes nothing...

Rufus Wainwright
Ummm, not my thing. In my opinion, his music was elementary at best and repetitive at its worst. His voice was strong which I liked but it also reminded me of Barry Manilow. (in a good way) My over ridding thought on this guy is that he must be an absolute blast to hang out with.

Tori's Show
97 Bonnie and Clyde -
Well goddamn. I didn't think song could get any creepier or sad. They had this ripped up black curtain with spotlights shining through it and a pic of the '97 character. The lighting was excellent and fit the song very well. Someone else said that the whole thing was recorded. I got the impression that it was Tori doing the speaking and the strings/bg vocals/etc. were recorded. At the end there was this big dramatic curtain drop and three men ran off with it. < Enter Tori > Applause, me crying as always because I am always flabbergasted that I am allowed to be in the same room as her.

Ok, every show that I go to I am convinced that at least 4 songs will be Pretty Good Year. This was song number one. I was pleasantly suprised with this one. Powerful and melodic is the best way to describe it. It was a good warm up and set the tone really well.

Past the Mission -- Happy to hear it. Have no real details because my memory isn't that good.

Winter -- Ummm - yeah. Crying again. Just left my dad's house yesterday morning. Made me think of him and then my ex-bf. I haven't ever heard it live before. I couldn't stop looking at Tori. She reminds me of a pixie elf. Got to get rid of the shoulder pads on that outfit though. The spike heels were an excellent touch.

Sweet Dreams -- Yeah! Happy song, particularily fitting with the whole "Our leader is a consitpated man..." Made me wonder what GW was doing and the fact that he often does look constipated.

Upside Down -- Crying again. 'I'm ok, when everything is not ok'

Beauty Queen/Horses
Eh, I like these two and all but I really liked them 'plugged in' a bit more.

Holy shit! I was thinking about how cool it would be if she played Josephine because that is my favorite from Venus. *sigh* she read my mind. Then I got to thinking how she often references something French in her songs....much more so since she moved to england. Odd. Has she never ever played that before? It was pretty much the same as the album - slightly extended.

Northern Lad
Holy shit encore un fois! My second favorite fom FCGH! Playboy Mommy is my favorite. It was also about the same as the album version...a few small changes. This also made me think about my ex-bf. (the bastard) But then I thought about my new bf because he plays guitar. Happy thoughts.

This Old Man
How freaking weird is that song? My kids won't be allowed to listen to that.

Raining Blood - Not a big fan, only listened to the first couple of lines on the album anyway. Sounded basically the same as the album to me.

Talula - Whoo hoo! My favorite part is when she says she can this very, "I am a badass don't fuck with me' tone. She used that wurlitzer thing. LOVE the sound of it. It was very neat.

I Don't Like Mondays -- one of my SLG favorites. I still don't hear the 'voice' on it though. But I never got into the concept anyway.

Me and a Gun - Chilling. The song has always bothered me (in a good way) and I don't listen to it very often. And when I looked at Tori, I wondered if she had sung it so many times that it was a routine for her. But then there was this gal on the other side of the aisle from me about 3 rows up. Long black hair, thin, had flowers. The poor thing absolutely lost it....and I am sure with good reason. And I was watching her and thinking about whatever awful thing happened to her....and I started to cry. And if that gal is reading this, I know that Tori noticed you and later on in the concert she looked at you w/some knowing glance. I just hoped you caught it. Anyway, I don't know how Tori can sing that song and not burst out crying when she looks out on the audience. It would drive me to the brink.

Time -- Good ending - would have preferred 'New Age' though. But that's just a personal preference.

Silent All These Years -- ok, I am sure some of you were like, *sigh* "THIS song?? it's the radio song'. I was so excited because I had never heard it live. It was excellent.

Thank Heaven For Little Boys/Merman -- Did anyone else notice how she glanced over at Mark (I assume, I couldn't see the guy behind the sound board) at the beginning of this song? I felt like I was intruding on a personal moment between husband and wife. It was a precious moment.

1000 Oceans -- Good, album-esque

Honey --Hot diggity DOG! could this get any better??? Maybe she'll do a third encore!

Over the Rainbow -- This is another one I have always wanted to hear live. I never realized how depressing it was until I heard it on the Jupiter single. She did an excellent job, her voice was still strong, playing still perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better show.

Then I had to go home.

The only thing that I wasn't thrilled about were the merchandise prices and the tour book as a calendar. Barf. She needs to fire her marketing person.


Review by Melanie (PurpleMonkey)

So this was my 3rd and final show for this tour, so it was kind of sad and good at the same time. I particularly enjoyed Past the Mission, Sweet Dreams, Upside Down, Beauty Queen/Horses, Josephine, Raining Blood, Talula, and Honey.

It is so cool how she bangs and goes wild on the Bose during Past the Mission right after doing the chorus on the Rhodes. That ROCKS!

OMG Sweet Dreams was such a treat.

Raining Blood is one of my favorites off of SLG, too.

I like the way she did Talula on the Wurlitzer.

I feel so completely satisfied and well-nourished from these shows. I wonder if she will play Yes, Anastasia or Not the Red Baron for the future shows. If so, yeah I'll be a little sad I didn't get to hear or see Tori do them, but really I have been so super spoiled the last 3 shows. No one can beat front row Flying Dutchman! I felt a little calmer with the dent people for this show versus the 1st DC show. I was still nervous as all, but I'm really glad Jesse and I got tickets for the 2nd show so we could get to know you all a little better! It was so much fun and we wish we lived closer to some of you. Wow! What a wonderful weekend. I will remember these experiences for a long time. Thank you so much Berry for getting my LE tape signed!


Review by i_am_the_merman

I went to see Tori at the second DC show. It was my eleventh time seeing her and most it is tied with being my favorite performance so far. I have never heard such emotional, and heartbreaking versions of her songs even Me and A Gun that can sometimes long and drawn out. I think at started crying at Winter and didn't stop until...Oh wait I never did! I'm not one to cry at concerts or anything but there was something in the air that night that just had that feeling to it. I soon found out I was not the only one so I didn't feel like a complete tool. I have never heard such a fantastic set list in one show. Upside Down, Josephine, Northern Lad, Talula, and Time were at a peak. I wish I had a copy of them live. Over the Rainbow was the closer and I have to say I don't always care for that one but tonight for some reason it connected with me in such a way I can't explain. I think even Tori almost cried as well.

The songs all seemed to be different from their originals and had a very alive, intimate, and very emotional feel.

Siren - never heard it before live - beautiful long singing on "know know too well, know she breaks my siren"

Past the Mission - improvised near the ending with random sayings as usual I wish they were on the album

Winter - extremely poignant - more than usual

Sweet Dreams - Hello - Blast from the Past - couldn't believe it

Upside Down - it was great with loud outburst on "when you stand on your own"

Beauty Queen - always creates a chill
Horses - as usual

Josephine - made me cry immediately I don't know why

Northern Lad - more tissues please

This Old Man - different with 4th verse loud and powerful

Raining Blood - been dying to hear this one - no bass painting obviously - piano was less sepulchral and more sad and heartbreaking

Talula - Oh my God - on the Wurlitzer ( I think) - Tori kept repeating "Don't want to lose you" and "what you want is in the blood" over and over, a very special version

I Don"t Like Mondays - don't normally like it but now I feel I completely understand it

Me and A Gun - very sad drawn out with more emotion
with less shock value

Time - absolutely gorgeous, soft beautiful, very personal

Silent All These Years - way better than usual with a different bridge at the end

Merman - of course one of my favorites - lost it on that one - not to be reproduced- I'm sure

1000 oceans - Somehow I know this was going to be next - I just knew- Good to the last drop - on keyboard

Honey - haven't heard it a long time - calm and gentle with an outburst on always like your babies tight

Over the Rainbow - see above

She absolutely looked amazing as well, hair brushed back with a suit with large flare pants. It was very dramatic. She definitely had a presence about her.


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