Munich, Germany
December 11, 2001

Updated January 7, 2002

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Tori performed in Munich, Germany on December 11, 2001 at Circus-Krone during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour.

Set List

Thanks to Shiri Herbet, Matt Page & Yaron Leza for being the first to email me the set list.

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Little Amsterdam
In The Springtime of His Voodoo
Purple People
Beauty Queen
Sweet Dreams
Past The Mission
Me & a Gun
Pretty Good Year

1st Encore:
Mr. Zebra
Tear In Your Hand

2nd Encore:
Cool On Your Island
Space Dog


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From Shiri Herbet, Matt Page & Yaron Leza

Added December 11, 2001 - The original setlist is identical to what Tori played.

Tori sounded wonderful tonight, she commented that she never played a circus before (then she showed her bra) and told this story about being kissed by a giraffe named Juma. She joked about being totally "in love with her husband" however if she were a giraffe she might run off with Juma, then she went into Leather. During her story at the wurly she couldn't figure out how long since Woodstock then arrived at the # 38, then said how strange is that? She dedicated Merman to all the wonderful men in her crew. The other interesting thing from tonight was during the last song of first encore she said to the security guy just relax, you're the sweetest security guy in the world, we can give you champagne, I will give you a kiss, just calm down. Basically she said let the fans stay, its okay. Very sweet of her and the crowd absolutely loved it then she continued with the rest of Tear In Your Hand. After the show she did her final German meet & greet INDOORS (which was VERY nice of Steve and Joel to set up for us) and spent a large amount of time with the fans saying goodbye. All in all this was a wonderful conclusion to the German part of the tour, onto Basel...

From Silvia Klement

Added December 12, 2001 - Dear Mike,

Tuesday, December 11th, was the first day when it really snowed here in Vienna/Austria. My sister Karin and I drove from Vienna to Munich and the wheather conditions were really bad. We also got stuck in a traffic jam for 2 hours and were happy to arrive in Munich in time (after a 7 hours ride ...).

Anyway, when we arrived at the venue at 6.00 p.m. Tori just finished her sound check. Another Toriphile told me that she did "Mr. Zebra" twice and "In The Springtime Of His Voodoo". Since we didn't expect a Meet & Greet due to the wheather, we decided to grab a bite to eat and to return later to the venue at Circus Krone.

When we arrived at 7.30 p.m. there was already a long queue lining up to get in.

Ben Christophers opened at 8.00 p.m. as supporting act and left the stage at 8.35.

At 9.14 Tori opened the show with "'97 Bonnie & Clyde". You couldn't see her - just heard her voice - the curtain was still up and the SLG character for this song (printed on a large cloth) was hanging on the curtain. Then the curtain dropped and Tori walked on stage. She welcomed the crowd with "Hi everybody, how is it going!" and then played "Little Amsterdam" and "Lust". ğAfter that she said that it would be the first time for her to play in a circus and that it has been an interesting day for her at Circus Krone. She loves her husband but she can't stop thinking of giraffe called "Juma" who kissed her on the cheek. And that she might run off with Juma if she were a giraffe ...

The she played "Leather", "In The Springtime Of His Voodoo", "Purple People" (this was really beautiful), "Beauty Queen", "Horses", "Winter", "Sweet Dreams", "Past The Mission", "Honey", "Cruel" (she did that on the wurly. Very interestingly arranged. "This wurly was at Woodstock. At the real Woodstock ... it's now ... hmm .. 38 years old ... this is the original painting (American Flag) ... I know this is in fashion nowadays, but it's the orginal painting ....").

Then she sang "Me And A Gun" and she closed at 10.35 p.m. with "Pretty Good Year". She left the stage shortly and came back for the first encore: "Mr. Zebra". Then she made a comment that she dedicades the next song to her crew, that she has the most wonderful men in her crew and that this song would be for them. She subtly "blew a kiss" (more like an eye-twinkle) to her husband who was one of the sound engineers and went into "Merman" (she interrrupted and told a security guy off / I haven't seen what went on. She said something like: "I'm sure your are the nicest security guy in the world, but they won't bite me. I will give him a kiss later and have a glass of champagne ... and continued with the song) and finished the first encore with "Tear In Your Hand".

Again she left the stage to immediately come back for the 2nd encore with a comment like "Now come the girls ...", but started with "Cool On Your Island", then played "Space Dog" and finally ended the show with "a girl" called "Rattlesnakes" at 11.05.

Total running time: 9.14 - 11.05 = 1 hour 51 minutes

Personal impressions:

She only played two songs from the Strange Little Girl Album which I found surprising. It was the first show I attended personally and I was very, very curious to experience Tori live. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed. Her singing was beautiful!!!, but I missed the Piano intros on the Boesy. Most surprisingly, it seemed that there was no communication between Tori and the audience. I mean she doesn't like "voyeurism" but that's how I (and also my sister) experienced the show. Before she left the stage, she only did a few handshakes and left. Maybe at this point of the tour she is already tired ...

I also go to her show in Vienna, so it will be interesting how the energy/communication between Tori and Toriphiles will be there.

Yesterday, we had to drive back to Vienna straight after the show. We couldn't wait for a Meet and Greet so I don't know what happend. But in Vienna I will definately give it a go ....

I forgot to mention Tori's outfit: She wore the same dress (red suit, black bra - by the way: she showed it while she told the story of the giraffe..., black high heel shoes) like she did at Jay Leno ...

Silvia Klement
Vienna, December 12th 2001

From Christine Abraham

Added December 12, 2001 - I don't agree that there wasn't any communication between Tori and the audience. The atmosphere was great and I really liked the venue (much better than the congress centers, arenas etc. she played before).

The sound wasn't too good in my opinion, but then again can it get any better than Frankfurt - soundwise? :-)

There was a neat moment when Tori came on stage. The guys weren't quick enough to remove the curtain that fell down after B&C because some microphone "holder" thingy (don't know the word :-)) got in the way. So Tori watched the guys fiddling with the curtain, trying to clear the stage for her and gave them 2 thumbs up when they finally suceeded.

Really enjoyed Tori's last show in Germany. During the Meet and Greet she said that she would probably tour Europe again next fall. That's what I call good news!!

From Nigel Devereux

Added December 14, 2001 - I must agree with Christine about the atmosphere but then I was in the first row right side and wenn she was playing the bosey she was looking directly at me (well yes and the others ofcourse ;-)) so it was quite intense. The incident with the mike at the beginning was really quite amusing since the stageguys had fiddled about with the mike moving it here and there right up to the last minute.

then when it got hung up they just kept on pulling till the whole thing was basicly ripped apart. But Tori didn't seem to mind much. One problem at the beginning was the long break between Ben Christophers (no comment, my mum always said "if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all") and 97bc the people were getting really restless (see other reviews )

having read the reviews I was pretty sure she'd be out about 21:15, I can't really understand why they don't just let the people know when the show's going to go on, then everybody could go for a drink or something.

But now to the show: Tori was really talkative for a Munich show telling us stories and ofcourse we all loved it when she told the security guy to shut up and stand still.

Oh, need I mention that Tori sang beautifully and intensely :-) It was quite astounding to see that she had kept to the setlist. But maybe that was because she was already inspired by the circus setting when she set it up. O.K. she didn't play saty (still one of my favorites) but for that we got past the mission. whose complaining? Before she left the stage she touched loads of the fans standing close to the stage and really grabbed hold of the girl in front of me (Tori grabbed her not the other way round) and it seemed like she was going to pull her up onto the stage, needless to say that girl was totaly happy and, well, disolved into tears.

Well then it was over and a small group collected waiting for the M&G. Since the temperature was below 0 they did this inside. Clever idea really, but since the roadies were getting everything out of the hall and the doors were open it was still pretty cold, and they had penned in to a space about 4 metres wide so imagine this setting:

about 30-50 fans squashed in to this pen. Front row of about 8 fans. O.K. they were mostly the ones that travel along with the show and they probably deserve to be rewarded for such dedication, hey even Matt didn't make it right to the front alwyas asuming Matt was the guy who asked Tori how Tash was. But what I had forgotten was the security guys "policy of non movement" which basicly means the front row gets to see Tori the rest get to see the back of the front rows heads (unless you're over 2 metres tall like one lucky guy ). Instead of happily moving off when one has had ones hand squeezed and something signed you have to stay in place (steve or joel tell you so I remember from last time). O.K. thats somewhat cool but also you know that behind you are a group of just as toriloving fans like you who would also like to have a glimpse of Tori and a CD cover signed or something. Even the security guards at the back tried to make some of the lucky frontrow people move off but were then told that Tori wanted this setup. So here the back row fans get somewhat uppity and generally p..d off shouting for the front row people to move on which ofcourse destroys the happy vibes drasticly, unnecessary really if the security guys had thought along a bit and made a sort of rotation system or a slightly bigger penn. It is absolutely wonderfull that Tori even does the M&G thingy but aren't the security people used to it by now? It isn't as if Tori fans are deatheaters (just had to get a harry potter reference in here somehow it being such a magical evening apart from the M&G). There must be a better way is all I'm saying and maybe Tori would like to meet a few of the other people in the towns and citys she travels through.

(well, and may be not, what do I know)

The reviews below were taken from the concert reviews section of The Dent Forum and added here on January 7, 2002

Review by Damon

Just got back from the munich show. Sorry, no complete set list from me, just a few comments...

Tori was great as ever. The show took me in many ways back to the good old times... many of the earlier tracks. She seemed to be in a good mood, and her voice was brilliant again.

She talked about the giraffe she had met at the circus (the show was in a circus arena), and that she liked her a lot, with that long neck and hair. No need to worry for her husband, though, she added.

Later, during the encore, after people had rushed to the stage, there was a nervous security guy running around. Tori noticed him and told him, right in the middle of a song, to relax and not to move anymore.

In pretty good year, she sang once more America, how beautiful she is... And she played cruel on that old instrument from Woodstock.

She did play cool on your island, however just a few people cheered so I guess many didn't know this one.

There were only two tracks from SLG, 97BC for the start, and she ended with Rattlesnakes.

Me and a gun was very intense, and at some points during the show she seemed to sing herself into that state of trance that makes her so unique.

I've been inspired by Tori for 10 years now, and she still touches my soul.


Review by steffie (Bosendorfer)

the show was indescribable...tori seemed to have fun playing in a circus...she seemed very willing to play tonight...and was in a good mood.

about the m&g: i dunno, it sucked...we were told EVERYbody would get the chance to get an autograph and maybe a pic...well, none of the guys in first row moevd away after they got theirs...oki, somebody said tori or her bodyguards or whoever wanted it this way but i think it sucked...there were only about 30-40 people everybody could have got his/her things signed...whatever...



Review by ButterflyInNets

WOW! What a night!

I wanted to post something yesterday right after the show but my account didn't work until now.

So here are some impressions which are perhaps less intense and less enthusiastic than yesterday. Anyway...

I was really happy to get some of my favourite and most beloved songs like Pretty Good Year, Lust, Cruel (it sounded just RIGHT in that slow and calm motion on the wurly) and Purple People all together in the same "crowd". I thought I would be waiting in vain for Rattlesnakes but then it came up at the end as a perfect final for me.

Tori didn't speak to the audience as much as I expected but the girls beside, in front and behind me did this job very well. It disturbed a main part of the songs (to me) and the good and loving mood I was into. They were smoking, drinking, eating and chattering most of the time. Cruel.

Winter was special to me. It's not so rare and I know that she played it a lot during the tour but yesterday we finally got the first REAL snow (with very big and soft flakes) this time, the city and everything around looked like magic. To hear the first lines of the song in this context warmed my heart.


Review by ravi (atmoR)

sorry, for writing a lot, kinda took it seriously:

after the 98 Plugged tour I said that next time I'm gonna get money together and go to all at least german shows. Sadly when the time has come it seemed impossible to do and now it will be only 2 - Munich and Vienna.

I took a lot of preparation time for Munich concert since I wanted to give Tori some presents and it turned into 3 month recording my songs and a bit less designing the package - lots of fun for sure and great motivation not to space out in front of the afterwork TV. So on the 11th of december wich happened to be also Osho's, my spiritual master, birthday I went to Circus Krone, the venue, at 14.00 and was glad to find Lee and Obi from South Africa already sitting there. It turned out into a great day of little chats with very nice EWF in waiting for unlikely pre-show meet&greet and listening to Tori's soundcheck.

At 19.00 they let us in. The place being a circus had quite unusual feeling, thanx to you know who it didn't smell with horse, in fact . We went to our 3-d row seats. The whole set-up of chairs had a very homey feeling, stage looked compact, everything was into a very pomising condition. In the front row one could see red haired Mike and bunch of "veterans" discussing something. A guy called Andre, who had a bad seat was next to us hoping that noone will come the empty seats in the second row - and noone came, lucky for him.

At 20.00 lights fade out and Ben Cristopher modestly came out. His set-up looked small with Fender Ultimate chorus amp, Epiphone semi-acoustic, Larivie ac. and couple of fancy machines that looked like AKAI sample operating devices. He gave a very nice show. I mean, it does remind you of Radiohead, but who cares since the songs are beautifull and peformance is honest and secure. He got good response from the crowd. I thought that he could play a little more than half an hour.

In the break some people got nervous and started to clap trying to kick Tori out of her wardrobe onto the stage. I don't know what people think. Are they hurry somewhere or what? It seems strange to me to be that impatient knowing that she WILL come out, but whatever...

At last around 21.15 the lights fade out again and as many new already concert version of Bonnie&Clide came with I'd say live Tori vocals over album's backing version.
As the song ended the ripped curtain fell down and I saw Tori coming down that circus stairs with Joel's help. She came forward to greet us and then went into Little Amsterdam.
I didn't try to document the set list even in my memory trying to recieve as much of Tori live as I can so I cannot give detailed commentary on each of the songs.

Special for me was Cruel in a wonderfull rhodes version on that Tori's new friend from Woodstock and Cool on Your Island in one of the encores.

In the first half of the concert it seemed to me that Tori was holding back a bit with her voice, taking care probubly that in this cold she'll do the rest of the tour all right.

When she came for the last encore someone shouted "baker baker!", she said "it's possible" and than "the girls are coming". the last one was "rattlesnakes" and lights did propellers turning on the Tori's face. She seemed bathing in that light and singing...

When it was over I went out and joined the group of EWF waiting for m&g. After 20 or so minutes security guys started to bring the metal barriers inside and it gave us idea that the meeting will take place inside - something that didn't happen before. Considering minus 2 or 5 degrees we were all happy, of course. Only there was too many people and when it was time to get in there was a little rush and very few could have a contact with Tori.

Strangely I was the first to talk to her! What a luck! I could give my gifts into her hands explaning what that is. She signed "little earthquakes" for me. I had a strong feeling of being not able to comprehend what's going on with Tori looking and talking to me... Few minutes and she moved on. It was very-very sweet and human. I am so thankfull to her for met&greet thing.

Steve asked us not to move and some people found it unfair that they had no chance to get closer, but what to do... never enough time, they had to move on to the next city and all.
After Tori said goodbye and was gone a group of EWF couldn't let go of each other talking and collecting each others eMail addresses. For some it was the last concert on tour and they were saying goodbye too. I had a warm feeling inside to be with other Toriphiles at last.

I drove through the snowy Munich on my bycicle replaying the whole day in my head. At home i had a little Baileys treat and went to sleep thinking that I have to get off work on Thursday to prepare for Fridays concert in Vienna, feeling extremely lucky to be able to see Tori twice this year.

Ah, by the way, in the meet&greet she said "see you next fall" giving us idea that we'll have another Tori european tour already in 2002.


Review by sonrisa

hey EWF!

i have been enjoying last night's gig sooo much that i can't stop thinking about it!

warmest regards to ravi, lee and her husband and michi! guys, it was a pleasure to meet you all! don't hesitate to email me, so i can send u my pics. *g*

i'm looking so much forward to the concert in vienna (together with toriphile maria)...

nothing else to write - i'm still out of words *gladly sighing*

hope 2 cu and tori soon again!


Review by steffie (Bosendorfer)

from all the shows i saw (hamburg, frankfurt, munich , vienna) THIS was the BEST...
she just seemed to enjoy herself so much...


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