Atlanta, GA
October 2, 2001

Updated November 12, 2001

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Tori performed in Atlanta, GA on October 2, 2001 at the Fox Theatre during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour.

Set List

Thanks to Richard Handal for calling me with the set list.

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Past The Mission
Upside Down
Take To The Sky
I Don't Like Mondays
Beauty Queen
This Old Man/Crucify
Me and a Gun
Over The Rainbow

1st Encore:
Enjoy The Silence
Baker Baker

2nd Encore:
Beulah Land
Playboy Mommy


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From Richard Handal

October 3, 2001 - Richard called me after the Atlanta show and told me about it. The show started at 9:12PM and ended at 10:54PM, for a total of 1 hour and 42 minutes. Tori followed the written/official set list almost exactly, except that she did not have This Old Man listed on the official set list. Richard said there seems to have been a conscious decision on this tour to close the set after Me and a Gun with a song of healing or optimism. It's wonderful to be able to spend the evening with her.

From Paul Powell

Added October 3, 2001 - I think Richard is right and I've noticed that and one other detail that I think is worth taking note of.

Precious Things

Has yet to appear... and I won't be surprised if it does not for some time or at ALL....

My gut feeling is she very focused on the right experience for the over all show & tour and while Precious Things is a wonderful song.. its also one that folks get a little bit too jazzed up over...

Hope that make sense...

Also... I'd like to hear more reports on the Meet and Greets? I posted a few comments on the forum and to register to do it! But I spoke to Joel at the NYC Record signing and he was making a comment that they will continue as long as folks behave..

From Alisha Parker

Added October 3, 2001 - The show was amazing. If I had to describe it in one word it would be rich. The piano and her voice blended so perfectly and everything was accentuated.

She played Beulah Land!!! She said before that "This is for you all." I knew it was going to be Beulah Land then. (I had been predicting for *months* that she would play it.) The other highlight was (as I am sure you know) "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" :)

I was in tears.

"Past the Mission" was gorgeous. The switching from the rhodes to the piano was really great (sorry to be getting generic word-wise.) but the bridge made the song. She improved everything tonight. There was a lengthy one between "This Old Man" and "Crucify" and lots of improv throughout "Crucify".

"Me and A Gun" of course had me in tears.

The lighting was awesome.

Oh the lights during "Bonnie and Clyde" did not bother me so we are okay as far as that goes. (THAT was an amazing performance in itself.)

From Bobby Flournoy

Added Oct 14, 2001 - I just thought I'd add my two cents worth. I have seen her so many time, but I have to say that in this show, she SOUNDED better than she ever has. It was great getting to hear an awesome version of Beulah Land and Landslide. It was also fantastic to have her back at the Fox instead of at Chastain, which has never been suited to her style of performance.

From Kurt Summers

Added Oct 14, 2001 - I've been to five Tori concerts. This one is definitely near the top of my list. I am surprised at how many songs she is "pulling out of her hat" during this tour. That was the amazing part about the show last night.

She opened with "'97 Bonnie & Clyde" was a good opener, especially when the curtain dropped at the end of the song and Tori walked out on stage.

The highlights of my experience during the show were:

"Take To The Sky" - just an upbeat song that got me tapping my feet and singing along. Slapping the side of the piano like a drum, she added a beat to the song, making it seem like she wasn't up there alone on stage.

"Lust" - I was hoping to hear more from "To Venus and Back" ...but this was the only song from that album she performed. I was surprised she chose this song, however, she sounded wonderful...the lighting and mood for it were perfect.

"Rattlesnakes" - I think this song is one of her best off the new album. She really showed her talent, playing with both arms stretched out to her left and right on two different keyboards, and singing at the same time.

"Crucify" - It was nice to hear the first song from her first solo album. She seemed almost possessed during this song. She got the audience cheering when she started repeatedly yelling a added lyric "Gonna make a change" very fast. I felt happy but exhausted when she was done singing that song.

She talked to the audience once or twice. The first time she talked about Atlanta being a great town, taking her kid to the zoo, and how it's not humid up here like in Florida. She said it's good weather for making love since you don't get as sweaty and sticky...made some comments about cat people and dog dog people would hate it in Florida because dogs like to lick you and get you more messy and wet.

She got frustrated with the lighting in the venue, The Fabulous Fox (there was a fire before or after - can't remember - her show there a few years ago). She asked one of the ushers to please close a curtain in the back of the theater where light was coming in from the entrance. The usher acted like he could not do anything about it. She made some comment like, "I love the FOX...but geez, ever since that fire... Oh well, I guess they don't understand" *shrugged off the lighting problem and continued with her next song* Soon enough, the curtains in the back were pulled, fixing the problem. :)

She made a comment at the end of the show, something like, "If you get bored and need something to do, I am on tour 'til December if you wanna come see me."

Overall, good show...her set lists have been so random you will be surprised by what she pulls out of her hat, but I promise you will like it. :)

From Garrett aka tornado

Added Oct 14, 2001 - First off, I want to say that everyone I met was very nice.

Evan aka AOLHater73 came up to me like 2 seconds after I got the meet and greet to say he knew me from my picture "on the Dent". LOL *blush*

I met LittleMerman and he was a sweetie and a half! Heck, I kept running into him like every 5 minutes! LOL *waves at da Merman*

I saw toriMODE cause he had his iDENTification on but, I didn't say anything to him because I didn't want to seem weird. LOL

I probably saw a lot of you but, well I guess I didn't know who ya were.

The meet and greet was a bit of a mess. I was there pretty early and there were maybe 50 people when I got there. So, I'm thinking, "I'll get to meet her right?"

WRONG!! LOL I got my poster passed up for Tori to sign but, just about the time it was handed up Joel said, "Pass everything back, Tori has to go in now."

So, she was holding my poster (I SAW HER WITH IT IN HER HAND!!!) and she had to hand it back. I must say that Joel is not one of my favourite people now. I know he's just doing his job and stuff but DAMMIT!! LOL There ended up being about 150-200 people I guess (I'm bad with numbers) and considering what a tight space we were in and how little time she had to sign stuff, everyone was pretty cool.

We couldn't see very well. She had on flats! :( So, Joel held her up above the crowd for about 2 seconds for all of us to see. She flashed us that devilish grin and waved at everyone. That made not getting her to sign anything not seem so bad.

I guess the only thing I can add to the set lists and other info posted by other folks at this point was a "Tori Moment" that happened during the show.

She basically went off at an usher! I laughed my ass off! LOL

She said:

Hey! Man in the back in the tie! Yes, you! *points* HI! *waves* Is there a curtain there on that entrance? Could you close that? Could ya close that curtain? Is that your job? Could you just close it cause it's letting light in. Joel! Get on the radio and get someone on top of that!!! Maybe I should go close it! Ya know, I'm dressed to close curtains. *does this little move showing off her red satin dress that did look a little like the colour of a red velvet movie house curtain* Ya know, I love the Fox but ever since they had that fire, I think they're slipping!

I cried a lot during the show and I thought it was one of the most amazingly beautiful performances that she has ever done. She looked amazing, sounded amazing and even her outfit was amazing. She looked like she had just come back from some ultra-glam Paris shop with an amazing red dress in tow.

All in all the most beautiful I have ever seen her.

I got to meet David Ryan-Harris the lead singer of Brand New Immortals who was Tori's spur of the moment opening act at in the lobby.

I went out during "I Hate Mondays," to use the restroom because I don't really like that song and there he was just standing there. We had a nice conversation that lasted all of "I Don't Like Mondays and part of "Beauty Queen/Horses."

We talked about music and I told him I had their new album, "Tragic Show," (cause I have friends who let me dig through all the promo stuff they get from their radio station jobs LOL)

He told me I was very cool and did not seem like, "The typical Tori Freak(err..Fan)" and to come see him when they played again in Atlanta.

He said WITHOUT me asking, "You're so cool, if I wasn't in such a hurry to get home to get this call from my girlfriend (she's on tour with her band apparently) I would take you back to meet Tori because you seem really cool!" LOL

He was an excptional opening act. His voice and guitar playing were both amazing and he played my favourite song from BNI's album, "IF I Had a Dime."

I actually made the entire theatre laugh during his set. Right before he played his last song he said, "I wonder what I should play now," and I yelled at the top of my lungs, "TORIIIIII!!!!" Everyone laughed and he shot back, "I'm not even gonna go there." LOL

His last song was his coolest because played a song with a very groovy improv of The Beatles, "Get Back." (One of my Faves!)

All in all, the best Tori concert I've been to yet!

P.S. All you Atlanta peeps need to head over to my club on Yahoo for Alanta folks called: The Atlanta Amos Project

I'd love to get some sort of thing going for the next concert so we could all hang out and meet! I hope we get some sort of thing going were we get together every month or so to have dinner together or something.

Face it, if there were enough of us and we got orgaized enough, when Tori comes back to Atlanta I'm sure we could get Spivak to let her come to an event we threw like a "thank you" from all of her Atlanta fans! :)

From Juliette

Added Oct 14, 2001 - The show was awesome! The Fox Theatre was the perfect place to house such a voice and such a talent! Tori completely radiated! She wore a beautiful, long, red dress and joked with the crowd a little about the Atlanta weather being conducive to her sex life! She was true to the setlist and the emotion which with she sang her encores was captivating. I didn't think I could love Tori more, but she made me!

From julie (Posted to Precious Things Mailing List)

Added Oct 14, 2001 - I'm thinking Tori's performances must not be very consistent on this tour. I saw the Atlanta show from first row balcony, just a hair right of center. The view was great and I thought it would turn out to be a fabulous show....but it wasn't. "Flat performance" about sums up my thoughts on it. And it wasn't just me...people with me who had seen her previously agreed that it was not one of her more captivating performances. One person I went with had been to all the shows thus far, and he said that so far he thought she had been the most "on" in Tampa [even taking into account that he had front row seats for the fabulous Orlando setlist], and that Atlanta was the worst of the bunch.

I thought at Atlanta she seemed a bit....bland....based on the times I've seen her before. It lacked energy and that spark of passion and abandonment to the music that I think is one of the things that really sets her apart from other if instead of "channeling" the music that night she was performing by rote. I dunno. I was not moved, tingled, or anything else. I'd have preferred a setlist like Charlotte....and I hear she was "on" that night. So I was a bit disappointed in my concert experience this tour.

From Chris Blaise

Added Oct 14, 2001 - Wow, that was my 1st Tori Solo show and only my second ever, the 1st being the Atlanta show in '99 with A.M. on the 5 1/2 weeks thing.

This was so different and so personal that i don't even know how to explain it. Other than it was one of the most BEAUTIFUL things i have ever seen in my life. i'm kicking myself now over and over for not having got more tickets. i knew it would be great but this was way more then i expected.

i wrote down the set list but you already seem to have it there. i didn't see any tapers but i hope there were some there!!

i know this sounds impossible but i was in the front row on the balcony and i swear that Tori and i made eye contact and i got the biggest smile on my face that i think i have ever had and then almost immediately she smiled a large smile and then we broke eye contact. it may have never have really happened but it will always have happened in my eyes. Tori is such and incredible performer. and when she was getting the attention of one of the door men to close the curtain to the lobby, i almost died laughing. she just knows how to work a crowd.

i have to agree with the others that the the lighting and stage set- up itself was fantastic.

I never realized that i could be more in love with Tori but now i am.

From Rachel D

Added Oct 14, 2001 - The show was amazing! People have already given great reviews, so I just want to add that before the show I got to hear her play Landslide during the soundcheck. I was outside of the Fox, but I could hear her very clearly. I also wanted to say that I noticed she had stuff written all over her left hand (which I assume was her set list). This was my first Tori show, and I was not disappointed at all! It was amazing and unforgettable!

From Starr Arnold

Added Oct 14, 2001 - Hey there. I was at the Tori show in Atlanta last night. It was AMAZING. I have seen Tori at least a dozen times and this was the *best* show. Perhaps what made it so stellar was the richness of her voice and the sound in general. The piano sounded so vibrant and alive as her voice was rich and perfect. I was amazed at the number of covers other than the ones on SLG. "Upside Down" was AWESOME. She happened to play all of my favorite songs, "Take to the Sky", "Upside Down", and "Playboy Mommy". Unreal! Another funny moment that hasn't been mentioned is when in the middle of the show she stopped in between songs and had one of the ushers close a curtain that was opened in the back of the theater. She was like "Yeah you with the tie... hi" She told a cute tale about loving Atlanta weather because you don't have to "shoosh" as much. It was a reference to always kind of needing to freshen up and primp in Florida because of the heat.. in Atlanta it is just balmy perfection.

From christy.13 (Posted to

Added Oct 15, 2001 - Tori at the Fabulous Fox Theatre (Atlanta)
by christy13 - Oct 5 01

The Bottom Line Tori always puts on a good show.

So, my best friend missleigh was getting tickets for free from a local radio station (99X) to see Tori Amos at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta. We did not, however, know what the seats would be like. I hate to leave stuff up to someone else (the radio station, not Leigh), so I bought my own pair of tickets. After getting Leigh's tickets and deciding that hers were better (not by much - hers were row BB right center orchestra and mine were row U, far left) and selling mine on eBay, we were off to the concert. (Note: We saw her husband, Mark Hawley, having a cigarette outside while waiting in line. Bonus.)

I'd never been to the Fox, which I think was a church at one time. Someone told me that when I saw it, I'd never believe someone once wanted to tear it down. He was right. It is a beautiful building, and just right for a Tori Amos concert.

The stage was set with a background and foreground panels made of what looked like parachute material. Different colors and effects were projected onto them during the show. Sometimes solid colors, color blends, cloud or tree branch effects were used. A few times the lights were shone into the audience, thus temporary blinding some of us. There was a table to the right with three or four pictures of the characters from her new album, Strange Little Girls.

This was my first time seeing Tori in an enclosed building, and I must say the sound was superb. It was the best sounding show I've ever been to. I could not see her too well from row BB, but I did see lots of stomping, writhing, and hair tossing. She had on a red satin pajama type thing (looks like a pair of my pajamas) with straight hair.

The crowd was generally well behaved, though there were a few a s s holes screaming at inopportune times. I think it depended on where you sat, because others complained of nonstop talkers. We were lucky in that respect.

I was very impressed with the set list she chose (listed below). She played at least one song from each of her six albums, and many b-sides. She only played a song each from To Venus and Back and from the choirgirl hotel, but that may be because of the abundance electronic or "plugged" songs on those. It was just her, a Bosendorfer piano, a Wurlitzer, and a Fender Rhodes keyboard.

She seemed to play on and on with little talk in between songs. I was wondering if she was a robot toward the end. Her voice, however, was perfect. She did tell a couple of stories - one about taking her daughter, Natashya (Tash) to the Zoo Atlanta, and one about how "perfect" Atlanta weather is. (She should have been here a month ago when we were baking.) At one point, she waved a guy down at the exit in the aisle near us and asked him to close a curtain. Apparently the light coming in was distracting her. She said, "The guy in the tie. Hi!!!"

Set List/Notes
'97 Bonnie & Clyde (Strange Little Girls) - She did this from backstage, very dramatic. A picture of the character for this song was displayed in front of a black shredded curtain, which drops at last dramatic surge of music. Excellent. I got chills.

Past The Mission (Boys for Pele)

Upside Down (B-side)

Take To The Sky (B-side) - I was so glad to hear this live, as I never have before. She banged her left hand on the piano for percussion during most of it, with which the audience clapped along.

China (Under the Pink)

I Don't Like Mondays (SLG)

Beauty Queen/Horses (BFP) - I was also thrilled to hear this. Fabulous.

Leather (Little Earthquakes) - She really seems to have fun with this one, as does the audience.

Lust (To Venus and Back)

Rattlesnakes (SLG)

This Old Man/Crucify (LE) - This Old Man intro/improv. This was a more drawn out version, which almost sounded like Rattlesnakes to me.

Marianne (BFP)

Me and a Gun (LE) - Breathtaking, as usual. The crowd was pretty well behaved. This is a cappella, for those who don't know. At a show in '98, she actually had to tell someone to shut up.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (B-side) - This was a great follow up to Me and a Gun.

1st Encore:
Enjoy The Silence (SLG) - I like the live version much better than the album version.

Baker Baker (UTP)

2nd Encore:
Beulah Land (B-side) - Before this she said, "This song is for you guys."

Playboy Mommy (from the choirgirl hotel)

Landslide (B-side) - This was a total surprise, and a great ending.

As usual, this show was something I'll always remember. To quote her, "'s a theatre piece I want to put on." She certainly took us on a journey. During her radio interview the morning before the show, she mentioned that original material is in the works. I'll be along for that trip, too.

From Alisha Parker

Added November 12, 2001 - We ended up getting to the Fox about an hour before the opening act (David Ryan Harris of the Atlanta-based trio the Brand New Immortals) came on. We stood outside in a long line for about 15 minutes until they opened doors and after that things moved along quite nicely. They were using black lights to check for counterfiet tickets and metal detector wands and pat-downs. (I escaped the latter two since I was wearing a black dress and carrying a sweater--no purse.) Sp, security was moderate--much more loose that I'd expected. Our seats were right orchestra, row N; we were alot closer than I would have thought and could see facial expressions and all.

The opening act was great (much better than Rufus, many would agree) and for the most part people were respectful towards him. He played 5 songs and seemed really excited to be opening for Tori which was really nice to see. I had never been in the Fox before despite living here my entire life and I was quite mesmerized by the wispy "clouds" and "stars" that occupied the ceiling. I was impressed by the lavish and elaborate design of the theatre and actually almost got lost in the restroom.

Between the opening act and Tori we used the cellphone to call my dad and let him know we had arrived alright. I was quite excited and kept asking my friend for the time every two minutes. (Which got annoying fast but that's okay all things considered.) Shortly before the lights went down we found my dear friend J'ason (who runs the Toriphoria website and the "Yes, Said" fanzine.) and we chatted for a few minutes. I commented on the cute lion he had attached to his shoulder. He was seated about 3 rows ahead and a little to the right of us.

Throughout the show I was very impressed with the lighting. By far the best of the tours I have attended. Tori was wearing red, although from where I was and with the lighting I would have swore it was fuschia. One thing that I feel a need to address is the fact that I am astounded by both her piano playing and singing--much more so than on previous tours. I'm thinking that it is due to little Tash. Everything is so much richer and potent. I must also say that having seen Tori on the two previous tours, I really prefer Tori with just the piano where she can be clearly heard and not drowned out.

"'97 Bonnie and Clyde" was basically Tori singing (live) accompanied by a backing track offstage. There was a black tattered curtain with holes punched in it hanging up, along with a banner of "Bonnie's Mother". I think Tori got a little ahead of herself in some parts of the song and had to slow down in order to be on time. The curtain drop at the end was very effective,

as it fell with a clatter, and 2.500 people gasped in surprise.

She started on the bass end of the piano playing a rolling, haunting piano solo that ran right into "Past the Mission". I really enjoyed this song--probably one of my most favorite on the tour. She played the same haunting solo on the piano before the verses and played the chorus on the rhodes. There was a lengthy improv with words before the "Hey, they found a body" line, which I found to be very beautiful. At the end there were these two blue lights that panned outward over the crowd.

Next was "Upside Down" with Tori awash in blue light as she played out the rolling intro.

She really belted out "When you gonna stand on your own?" stomping her right foot at that line.

"Take to the Sky" is usually not one of my favorite songs but she really got into it tonight.

She did the standard slapping the Bosey as she played the verses and also sang the entire original bridge which was absent from previous tours.

This was where she first spoke and mentioned taking Tash to the zoo the day before and how perfect the Atlanta weather is compared to Florida.

"China" was really softly and evenly played with the bridge becoming very intricate piano-wise. It's one of my Mom's favorites so she was happy to hear it.

"I Don't Like Mondays" was played on the Rhodes. Pretty much like the version on the album except for the end. The last time she says "down" on the album she plays a chord on the rhodes but in Atlanta when she sang the final "down" she whispered it with no playing. It sounded eerie.

I really loved the crazy zebra-like lighting they had going for "Beauty Queen/Horses". I believe she put the mind-blowing piano solo in "Horses" after the "maybe I'll find me a sailor, a tailor" line--one verse behind its usual placement.

I hated the way everyone started clapping and singing along around me during "Leather". I pay to hear Tori, not my fellow concertgoers. In Atlanta, that pretty much ruined the song for me.

She had a bit of reverb going on during "Lust"and sang the "remember, remember" background vocals. The ending was very rich and bassy, it really rolled.

I will never listen to the album version of "Rattlesnakes" again after hearing it live. She has changed the melody and played it on both the Bosey and rhodes, which adds this fifth deminsion to it that the version on the album does not have. I adore the end where she does the "heyyyyy" and slowly backs away from the microphone and her voice fades out. Wonderful effect. (My mom commented how she likes the way she pronounces "rattlesnakes" live.)

"This Old Man/Crucify" was otherworldy. It seemed so haunting. She sang the first verse of "This Old Man" ("This old man, he played one. He played knick-knack on my thumb, hey with a knick knack paddywhack. Said, give your dog a bone, this old man, came roll-ing home.") and sang it in a different octave than the original. It sent chills down my spine. "Crucify" was phenomenal. There was a lengthy improv before (mentioning "chains" and "Scarlet"), in-between the verses, and at the end. I thought she was going to give herself whiplash at the end when she went a little wild. One little improv-ed lyric she threw in stuck in my head immediately after it came out of her mouth: "Never goin' back. It may try and draw me in and flip me back." She had this wierd little accent when she sang "back" and I loved it. "Crucify" came with much conviction that night.

"Marianne" was one of my most favorite songs. Very rich and almost mournful. She sang and played the "I, I, I, I..." part really softly and it was magical.

"Me And A Gun" was heartbreaking. Words cannot do this song justice. I had a hard time keeping it together by this point so I tried to focus on the lighting: It really added to the overall effect. There was one bright white light angled up towards the right balcony and if you looked at it a certain way, call me crazy if you want, but I just thought it represented sunlight. Hope.

"Over the Rainbow" was a debut so far for the tour. I had the privledge of seeing Tori perform this two nights later in Charlotte, NC and there was no comparing this to Charlotte. For some reason I think Tori was more into it two nights later. I did have tears in my eyes by the end. I am glad I brought Kleenex.

During the encores people began to get a little rowdy and noisy. Thankfully it wasn't too bad where we were sitting.

"Enjoy the Silence" is another one of the songs that I will probably never listen to on the album again. This song really comes alive live (no pun intended). It's less flat and on the chorus she occasionally raised her voice an octave or so which absolutely soared.

It might have been here where she said something to the effect of, "I'm playing somewhere on this planet until Christmas so if you want, come follow me" which elicited cheers from the audience.

"Baker Baker" was the second time I began to lose it. When she sang, "I know you're late for your next parade" it was played and sung more forcibly than any other line. Many people said she forgot a line near the end ("guess it was his turn this time") and she spoke it. I was under the impression that she spoke it on purpose. I did not notice a mistake at all. She kind of whispered it, which made it all the more poignant in my opinion.

The second encore of this show is one of the best encores I've ever been fortunate enough to experience. Each song seemed to be more emotional than its predecessor.

"Beulah Land" I actually predicted months before the show that she would play this and had a running bet with my mom, and I won. Being a southern girl "Beulah Land" has always been one closest to my heart and when she came back out for the second encore and said, "This is for you guys" I knew that she was going to play it. The bass came in real heavy at the "got some candy" part and she changed "somewhere you're gonna get something" to "somewhere you're gonna find something" and she really belted that out. It seemed to me like she really poured herself into this song.

"Playboy Mommy" was on the Whurly and when she reached the line "all the way to Birmingham I got a few friends" the crowd went nuts and she grinned from ear to ear. I had always wanted to hear this live and I was elated to finally do so. The song has a real Southern feel to it so I thought maybe she'd make an appearance that night.

"Landslide" was another debut so far for the tour and was the perfect show closer in my opinion. Lots of white and yellow lights during this and heavy bass on the final "down".

Near the end of the show she spoke and said something like, "Okay, I have a question. Can somebody close that curtain back there, please? Hi. (she waves at an usher) You with the tie, can you please close that curtain?" The guy just stood there and she dispatched Joel to take care of it. She made a few comments about how she should go stand back there since she was dressed the same color as the curtain and made a joke about the fire that was at the Fox a few years back.

After the house lights came up we chatted with J'as for a few more minutes until the ushers practically pushed us out the front doors. It was okay though. I was on cloud nine. My first show of the tour greatly exceeded my expectations, although I enjoyed Nashville and Charlotte a bit more.

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