Manchester, U.K.
December 6, 2001

Updated February 12, 2002

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Tori performed in Manchester, U.K. on December 6, 2001 at the Manchester Apollo during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour.

Set List

Thanks to Kathrine von Ahnen for being the first person to email me the set list.

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Real Men
Silent All These Years
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Cool on Your Island
Northern Lad
Here. In My Head
Sweet Dreams
Raining Blood
Me & A Gun

1st Encore:
Tear In Your Hand

2nd Encore:
Doughnut Song
1000 Oceans


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From Kathrine von Ahnen

Added December 6, 2001 - Finally I am home again! It took almost 1 hour and a half, as well as a hefty cab fee, but at last I can deliver the goods:

Tori was fantastic. This was my first show ever, although I have been a fan for years and years. Tonight was a dream come true for me and I can hardly wait until the London show tomorrow. Here is the setlist, followed by my comments.

The show started at 9:10, in the usual fashion, with Bonnie and Clyde behind the curtains.

'97 Bonnie and Clyde
Real Men
Silent All These Years
Caught a lite Sneeze
Cool on Your Island (Keyboard)
Northern Lad
Here.In my Head
Sweet Dreams
Raining Blood
Concertina (Bose and Keyboard)
Cruel (Whirly)
Me & A Gun

1st encore:
Tear In Your Hand

2nd encore:
Rattlesnakes(Keyboard and Bose)
Doughnut Song
1000 Oceans

The show ended at 11:00

As I said, the show was fantasic. There was a really mellow atmosphere all the way throught the show, and songs such Cruel and Caught A Lite Sneeze which are usually so flambouyant and hectic were toned down to fit the mood. Tori's voice was powerful and clear, and the acoustics in the small theatre were amazing. After Silent All These Years she picked up a mug and started drinking what must have been tea or maybe soup. She engaged in some friendly banter with the audience at this point. She mentioned the show in Glasgow and said that the ghost of her dead grandmother was there and it was 'quite intense'. She also talked about her outfit (She was wearing a pink top with embroidery down the front and puffed sleeves, with wide white pants that were slit to the knee. Her shoes were these sexy little black stilleto sandals) in reference to her grandmother, who was very religious. At one point when she was talking some girl in the audience yelled out "Here. In my Head!" and tori laughed and asked if we wanted to hear that one, and that she would consider it. She also talked about how all the 'girls' were backstage trying on different outfits and we would have to see which ones would come. I love the way she personifies her songs! Then someone else shouted a title I didn't catch and Tori said: "Do I look like a Jukebox?" The whole theater laughed at that. Later on when she did play Here. In My Head, she told the guys in the sound booth that she was making the change: "lets give this girl her song", played a few notes and then said "You realize I've fucked it all up for them...".Unfortunately she didn't say anyhting else all night...

Cruel sounded very different since it was played on the Whirly thing, and also because she made some alterations to it, such as starting by singing 'Here (or 'hey') repeatedly and then 'I don't know why' as an intro.

She added a few lines to Doughnut song (or I may just not have picked them out from the harmony on the cd) which were towards the end: "Come in Houston, come in now, don't let yourself down".

When she left the stage after the main part of the show, a number of people rushed the stage, I myself tried to get closer to her, but a lot of us were told to go back to our seats by the security personel, so we did. I hope that I might be able to get close tomorrow.

After the show many of us went to wait at the side door by the busses. Unfortunately my Taxi came before she came out and I had to leave. I hope I will get a chance to see her and maybe even speak to her at the meet and greet in London!

Well, I hope veryone else enjoyed it as much as I did. These two days of Tori-worship are costing me a bundle - but it is worth every penny!

From Mark and Richard

Added December 7, 2001 - Our evening

went for supper with my boyfriend before the show, which was fucking lovely - creamy fish pie and rocket-mmmmmmmmm , he had bacon wrapped garlic chicken - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Had a few drinks and then walked up to the apollo. It was packed, tried to get some merchandise but couldn't be arsed, as it was basically a push area, please all concert organisers make people get into orderly queues to purchase merchandise, it would be a lot easier.Got a very cool one today with the coke logo slightly altered to read ENJOY COCK

Went to the loo and hten we found our seats, really cool ones, ideal place loads of leg room, in the front row on the second half of seats and being 6'5" there was added luxury tonight in being able to stretch out - heaven

the set-list tonight was absolutely amazing

comments as followed

97 Bonnie and Clyde - i went with my boyfriend and his first comment was "it's not gonna be like this all nite is it. Quite good live but not the best choice for a set opener, liked the suspense of being kept waiting til we saw her though

Real Men - after screaming myself hoarse at seeing Tori, she played this faultlessly. All the Strange Little Girls stuff sounds so much chunkier and better live. The voice was excellent

Silent all these years - classic, changed the Years go by section, repeating the lyrics twice e.g. years go by, years go by. Quite cool really

Caught a lite sneeze - never heard this one played all the way through live. It was played on the piano very fast, one song i was really not expecting tonight and this was it but it reminded me of how much i loved it

Cool on your island - i knew that Tori had been doing Etienne and before we saw the show i said that if she played this i could die very happy as its my fav Y kant tori read song. The intro had me virtually creaming my pants, this was slowed down but absolutely fucking perfect, the scream at the start was me, it really was too much

Northern Lad - love this, the way she sang the chorus was brilliant, she looked really into this my head - played for someone who shouted for this. Again something else i didn't expect but the whole set was full of surprises. Just the sound of the Bose and Tori filled the whole place

Sweet dreams - aaaargh, really really chunky and funky, before each chorus she was singing "come along now" instead of going straight into the chorus. The voice was brill, did a pregnant belly sign at the line "when your daughter comes home 9 months pregnant"

Raining blood - Had to go to the loo at this point, this was very strong and the vocals were perfect, by the way in the loo there was loads of people smoking pot.

Concertina - the first "to venus and back" track, first one i 've heard live it was really good, played the keyboard and piano at the same time i love it when she does that

Leather - classic, crowd really roared when it started

Cruel - she got up and i thought no she cant be going so soon but silly me she was just moving to the whirly and she did cruel. i prefer this version, extra lyrics added, can this pleasure never end

Mother - i died at this instant and just drank every note and word in, this along with Cool on your Island was my fav moment. I wouldn't even say it was what i wanted to hear but boy it was at that moment. Totally tori moment , very intense and beautiful

Me and a gun - now just a word , when we came in thru the doors we were asked by the bouncers to switch off our mobile phones. Can whoever didn't and let theirs go off in the middle of this PLEASE FUCK OFF AND DIE PAINFULLY NOW. Very intense this, she was virtually hunched over at points and was v.emotional

Time - Excellent live, piano was bang on, the vocals were bang on,

NOw the encore when Tori came on loads of people started moving to the front - fair enough but at least have the politeness to sit down and not get in everyone elses way - thanks, and if you have a seat at the back, preferably stay there.

Tear in your hand - the 7th earthquake era tune. Really good and when everyone actually sat down, quite family like

Cooling - this had me crying.Faultless. my other fav bit of the show

Rattlesnakes - my fav strange little girls song, cool cool cool. Played on them both again. Was playing the verses on the keyboard and switching to the piano for the chorus

Doughnut Song - another fav, really good, extended the you can tell me it's over over section. Just good to hear another Pele song , it's been far too long.

1000 Oceans - i knew that this was the last song and it was heartbreaking to hear it live. The voice was amazing, the night had ended and i really didn't want to go home.

so then we upped and left, i would say this was my fav tori concert my 5th, and my gorgeous boyfriend said he really enjoyed it and that she was the best singer he had seen live - a big compliment coming off a cheesy pop fan - i just wish i was going to London tonight

From Steve

Added December 7, 2001 - Just got in from the Manchester show, Ill do a review on the Dent later, just to let you know if you are interested that Tori'a official set list was to include Space Dog instead of Here.In My Head. The setlists were given out and while I didnt get one I scanned through it over someone's shoulder:) Everything else was as scheduled. Someone near me yelled for Here In My Head during Tori's story and that was the one she responded to saying "Would you like to hear that?" . They then set the lights up for Space Dog a few songs later and she said she would give the girl what she wanted and played Here instead.

From Greg Jamieson

Added December 8, 2001 - Here's my little story of the Manchester Concert...

Well started off trying to find the place, it wasn't the easiest of places as I'm from Newcastle up North. Finally got there at 8.30ish, missed the support act so I can't comment on that.

The curtain opened at approx 21.07 when Bonnie and Clyde started (I'm not a great fan of this one), Tori then came on and into another SLG track Real Men (I love this song, so I was pleased), I hadn't seen the set list and was hoping for at least one of the following. Talula, God, Spring Haze, Rattlesnakes or Donut Song. Following on from that was Silent all these Years, one of the classics in my view. Following that was Caught a lite Sneeze, I was frantically programming the set list into my mobile so I could e-mail it to you, but I was beaten to it my Katherine, I'm glad she did as my phone fucked up.

I always laugh when Tori tells a story, she always swears and has a fondness of the 'fuck word' I hoped she would speak a little more than she did, but hey we weren't there for the talking.

I call myself a fan, but have never got round to hearing Cool on Your Island, I really liked it, and it kinda made my night.

I love Northern Lad simply because of the fact that I'm from the North, (Kinda stupid but you know)

Here.In my Head is another one of those songs I never hear much of, again a new favourite of mine. Again she used the F word, when she upset the play list.

Sweet Dreams, I've always loved this one, Tori simulated a pregnancy bump during the line 'When your daughter comes home nine months pregnant'

Raining Blood, not a big fan of this, so I won't comment.

Concertina (Bose and Keyboard), love it, the Venus era, sounds just as good without the band.

Leather another Little Earthquakes track, put me in the mood to listen to Mother (as it's next on the album), so was pleasantly surprised to hear it later.

Cruel (Whirly) what a treat, it sounded excellent on the Whurly thing, I wish she'd played more songs on it.

Mother, I think Tori misses the Little earthquakes era, so plays them when she can.

Me & A Gun, deeply moving, except for the mobile phone (You know who you are!)

Time, brought back memories of Sept 11th and the time she played it on Letterman, when he had a tear in his eyes.

1st encore:

Tear In Your Hand, another Little Earthquake track.

Cooling, couldn't quite remember what this was when she first started playing it, then got to the chorus and thought duh!, Cooling.. how could I forget.

2nd encore:

Rattlesnakes(Keyboard and Bose), the first of my wish list items, sounded even better live.

Doughnut Song, I thought I'd died, the second item from my wish list, I absolutely LOVE this song, it brings me to tears when I hear it, Tori has added a new bit (about Houston) I think, I've heard this version before with the extra bit in, so have come to the conclusion that it's now a permanent lyric change.

1000 Oceans, unfortunately I wasn't on for a hat-trick, with my personal favourites list, but I like this in any case.

The show ended at 11:05, My overall thoughts were wow, and amazement that Under the Pink was completely un-represented during this concert. I think Space Dog was scheduled but didn't quite make it out. I'm now in Post concert depression, because I know it's gonna be a while. I hate the thought of being in the same room as someone you've always wanted to meet, and not having the chance to. On the good side, the programme doubles as a calendar (very thoughtful) so I'll have my memories throughout 2002.

From the Manchester Evening News

Added December 18, 2001 - Rachael Chrisp alerted me to this press review of the Manchester show, which appeared in the December 7, 2001 edition of the Machester Evening News in the U.K. You can read this review at or below.


Tori Amos - Apollo, Manchster

American singer-songwriter Tori Amos has always been a challenging and demanding listen - and last night's sell-out show was no exception.

She first arrived on the scene in 1991 with Little Earthquakes, a captivating collection of songs which deal with subjects such as rape and prostitution.

Her swooping vocal style seemed a little at odds with her material. Her infrequent live appearences were suitably intense affairs, but over five albums, she drew a large and loyal following.

Last night was more love-in than concert - at the end, fans were kneeling rather than standing.

If her aim was to make the audience feel they were in her front room watching her, she succeeded.

She performed songs from her album Stange Little Girl (sic) - a series of oddball covers of songs by men.

Accompanied by just a grand piano, all stops of her career were visited. The highlights were the hypnotic Caught a Lite Sneeze and Tom Waits' Time.

As with all the covers, all its original characteristics had been excised.

Her own stamp was indelibly marked on it, just as it had been left on a thoroughly entranced audience.

- by Mike Barnett

The reviews below were taken from the concert reviews section of The Dent Forum and added here on January 7, 2002

Review by planet_beth

First of all - what was with the lighting guy... was he on work experience or something..
hmmm -
oh my god what a wonderful concert - tonight coupled with glasgow last night - i have just about heard most of my faves - soo wonderful - thankyou tori!!!

ok b&c -- as ever

real men - really nice - she played along really nicely and was as would expect - no real surprises

i think she spoke a bit here - and this is when the request was made for a few songs (including here in my head which she played later and said it was for the girl who asked for it) - and she spoke about how mark wants to make tash wear an ARSENAL jersey and she was like 'yeah - whatever!! this sounds like a dare!' or something like that - and then people interupted with requests and she screamed 'im not a fucking juke box!!' and everyone laughed and clapped (i cant remember if she said fucking' or not but she might has well!)

CALS - probably one of the best that i have heard ever - and i have heard sOOOO many! it was a moment where you just lose yourself - you all k now what i mean!

cool on your island - from the reaction from the crowd not many people sounded like they knew this one and i think some were a bit stumped - but it was soo lovely and quiet and soo nice - she went a bit menal in the middle...

northern lad - did it go in this order??? soo nice!

sweet dreams - this is where the lighting guy really just put himself to shame!! these stupid little blobs of white light going up and down and looking really strange and out of place - i totally lost concentration in an otherwise really well performed and funny song!

R/blood - very monotone and serious

concertina - the set was seeming like it was never going to end here!! yeahhy! sooo nice - a bit of a soft spot for this song!

now here is where she was sposed to play spacedog -= but something spooked her i think... hmmm - and boring but sweet leather came instead - sometimes i think leather is a bit of a spotlight hog!!

mother - soooo nice!!!!



i am tired - i will let all the other reviews finish this off - but again we stormed the stage - not really stormed - a bit more like crept and then sat down on our knees... very sweet ewf behaviour!

a few snotty people got really pissed off and threw balls of paper at peoples backs and inthe middle of cooling tori says soothingly - its ok dont worrry - as if trying to calm the angry ones! woops!


Review by AOANLA

Well, this was my first ever Tori concert... and I'm incredibly glad that I went.
I'm not sure if I agree with planet_beth re: lighting guy... give the man/woman/small furry thing from alpha centauri a break!

As far as Tori goes:

'97 Bonnie and Clyde - good as ever, not too sure about the throbbing light on the picture (of bonnie's mother)...but I said I wasn't going to criticise the lighting...

Real men - this was indeed lovely and played pretty much as album.

Then there was indeed the speaky bit - I felt a bit sorry for Tori being shouted over by requests, but we all know she can stand up for herself vs heckling...

Caught a Lite Sneeze - oh my gosh! This was fantastically good. Was there a lyrics change in the middle of this? I'm sure that some of the chorus changed meaning slightly...

Cool on Your Island - beth summed the overall reaction up well.

Northern Lad - 'Twas great.

Sweet Dreams - another one I'm not sure many people recognised... but it went down well enough.

Raining Blood - I actually forgot Tori had played this until I read the set-list. Hmm.

Concertina - was fantastic (its one of my favorite songs from TVAB, so I'm bound to say that!)

Leather - despite planet_beth and her "boring sweet" comment , I enjoyed leather muchly. Still, I was in "Tori Concert Virgin mode" so ...

Cruel - again, was there a slight lyric change here? Or do my ears just not work? (Probably the latter). One of my fav. songs from Choirgirl (and on the train back, I overheard someone talking to their boyfriend about the concert, and not knowing where Cruel was from.. so I made sure they knew and would never forget again ) The new solo style was fascinating, and made the song seem new again. A highlight for me.

Mother - I never listened to this much on the album (actually, its one of those songs that you always reach when you are out of the room or concentrating on something else for me) but it seemed much more ... powerful live. ('Course all of the songs seemed more powerful live...but you know what I mean).

Me and a Gun - of course, total silence from the audience for this... and a rivetting performance as you might expect. Spoiled slightly by a fusillade of flash photographs... the largest number in any part of the act, which is slightly rude of people IMHO.

Time - my favourite strange little girl... performed album fresh


Tear in Your Hand was fantastic... and apposite for both myself and my friend who was with me, so we appreciated that very much indeed. (Tori chooses her set-list just to please me don'tcha know )

Cooling was also great (but at the time I write this, my memory is already blurring)

Encore 2:

Rattlesnakes - album fresh.

Doughnut Song - was lovely.

1000 Oceans - was beautiful. I almost shed a tear (but then I had to run and catch a train, so...)

All in all a fantastic concert - I'm really glad I finally did it.
All that remains is to see if London is as good


Review by Shakedown 1979


The concert was totally amazing. It was my first ever Tori gig and it was breathtaking. I have to say that my favourite moments were Northern Lad and 1000 Oceans. Her voice was so beautiful. Superlative-defying.

I really hope I get to see her again!!
I must say that I liked the way the curtain fell at the end of B&C - illuminating the piano and keyboard. Spine-tingling.

The only slightly irritating thing was that my train was cancelled and I had to catch a 2-hour bus back to Sheffield. Grrr.

What a night. I won't forget that in a long time. I took my girlfriend along and she totally adored it as well.


Review by Carolyn (cheesegirl)

two guys sat next to me were talking the whole way through the show and kept gettin up in the middle of songs.

i was gettin so pissed off but it just topped it all when in the middle of me and a gun all i could here was them saying things like 'ah, i'd give her some!'. i nearly turned round and punched them! they were the worst part of the show but all in all it was fantastic!

i cant believe she replaced space dog and pandora's aquarium because they were the two songs that i wanted her to play most


Review by xdementiax

I'm finally back.

The show began with Ben CHristianson(?) who was really good and sort of Art and Garfunkel(ish). His acoustic cut out, it was funny and he seemed sweet.

After what seemed AGES the lights finally went down again and 97Bonnie and Clyde started, behind the curtain. This was my first ever Tori concert so I was impatient with the curtain thing but it finally crashed down at the end of the song and Tori came onstage.

She was wearing (incase anyone cares, and it was really nice) A pink>? top with puffed sleeves at the top and lots of sparkly things and flowers sewn on, she had white trousers with very thin colouredy stripes down with big slits at the sides, really subtle bck fishnets and black heels. =)

She did a little bow thing where she went down on her knees and covered her head hehe

Then, she sat at the piano and banged the keys and everyone shutup. Real men started and everyone cheered. It was just as good as the album version but better because of the impact Tori makes live, and the acoustics in the theatre were really great last night.She kept pointing at someone backstage mid song.

Silent all These Years - I prefer the album version of this but it was still good.

Then she took her big white mug and I think she had soup in it because she had a spoon, and said God this town feels good. Everyone laughed and she was talking about her Grandmother visiting the Scottish concert. She said she wore her ankle chain because she knows people in Manchester like chains,and that she likes the glam. Then she talked about learning about baby soccer swag lol and that her husband wants Natashya to have an arsenal kit. She asked, what if the baby doesn't like arsenal, and he was like, she will. And she said, will she now?? That sounds like a challenge... lol Then I think it was then a girl up the front shouted a request and she said, what? and the girl repeated it and that was followed by a few other people screaming requests, I think one was Marianne but oh well. She said, do I look like a Jukebox??? And everyone laughed and she said she would put them all here (pointing to her chest) and see what came because the girls were all backstage changing and stuff so...

Caught A Lite Sneeze - THIS was probably the highlight of my night (apart from my head) The part where she sings 'Couldn't stand it ALL' was fucking amazing. thankyou thankyou thankyou Also it was my first time to hear it played on the piano.

Cool On Your Island - Was this played at the whurly at the keyboard? I can't remember anymore. Everyone was happy with this being played too, but I think the men beside had not heard any YKTR stuff so they weren't bothered.

Northern Lad - All night when playing the bose she was pointing at someone backstage, was that a soundman or who?.

Then she played - Here. In my Head - (agh) she joked that she had fucked them all up now after playnig a few notes and then played the song.. This was just as good as it is any other time I've ever heard it. I love love love this song, whoever requested it is really lucky and cheeky.

Sweet Dreams - I think this song was lost on alot of people because they'd never heard it and not many (if any) laughed when she was being funny. She did little actions for 9 months pregnant and put the microphone between her fingers for 'zipper between their teeth' and she drawled out 'we're run by a c o n st i p a t e d m a n' and looked out at the crowd. She aded 'You know I love them' or something before Sweeeet Dreeams

Raining Blood - This, like the last 3 songs was played on the piano and was really serious and didn't seem to fit after sweet dreams.

Concertina - Played on the piano and keyboard at the same time. I'm not especially fond of this song but I like it, it was mellower than the album version, as were the rest of the songs, they all seemed really relaxed and laid back.

Leather - I think she started this with Heeyy...which she did with a couple of songs..The little piano solo in the middle she got into alot and it picked up from there.

Cruel - This was played on the whurly. It was really really melloww. She started by singing ''I don't know why, I don't know why'' a few times. I really love this song and i liked this version heaps too.

Mother - The man beside me was reaaally pleased when this came on and so were some others. It was soo incredible this song, I think she added a tiny thing from winter in, like the little bom bom bom before she sings ''I run off where the drifts get deeper''

Me and a Gun - People did take photographs during this and someones phone went off but it was silenced quickly. She had a very bright white light on her so it was hard to see her very clearly during this song. Everyone was silent, and afterwards there were sniffles.

Time - This is such a beautiful song...

Then she left and people ran up to shake her hand but she shook some and ran off.

Then I gathered my stuff and on the encore we ran into the aisle and kneeled down as Tear In Your Hand started. This was kind of moving and we tried not to block anyones way but...then people ran up to the stage...and we followed, I'm sorry if someone couldn't see because of my fat head but it was really great up there, I don't think anyone could believe we'd gotten away with it. Noone tried to get onstage as far as I can see. When we were walking up there were people already there and she looked a bit spooked and stopped in one of the songs and said..''It's ookay, it's all okay'' lol

She looked down at us alot when she was singing then and it's really incredible to see her up that close because you can really see the expression in her songs. They sounded heaps better when we were up there, maybe because we could actually see her properly, maybe because she was nervous lol . Cooling was beautiful as usual..

Rattlesnakes she played on the keyboard and piano, Doughnut song was ARGH soo good. She didn't sing any extra lyrics, you just cant here ''But come in Heuston'' on the cd I think. Anyways, then she played 1000 Oceans on the keyboard (and piano I think?) We were on the side she faced when playing the piano so we never got to shake her hand because she only shook a few peoples hands at the front to our left, her right then ran off lol

Afterwards, some of us waited outside for her to come out, we weren't going to but we saw them put barriers up so we went just incase. Then , we did something STUPID we stood for 2 hours, in the freeezing cold incase she came out, and the security guards were acting like she would...and she did but we weren't close to the door and she only came out talked to people near the door and on her path to the bus I think then hopped on and drove off.. aaww. We shouldn't have stayed but once you've stood half an hour and your ears are frozen and your feet you keep thinking I can't leave now and have her come just after we've left after we've stood here that long.

We were kept amused anyways by some drunk guy who claimed to have played the Apollo 5 times and sang a bit for us and picked random people to say shite too. The security guards had fun with him I think. He was mean to some boy with really long hair and a long jacket and cowboy boots and I think he got pissed off and went in a huff. There was also a car parked in the way of the buses belonging to a promoter or something and none claimed it for and hour or more so the Security Guards were trying to set off the alarm and were asking us to break into it lol. And some bimbo was flurting...or more...with the security guard to try get in or something but he told her to fuck off and so she ran to another one. I hope she didn't get in. blah.


Review by chrisyate

Ben Christophers was the support! pretty cool. chilled.

I'm a Slayer fan, and didn't recognize Raining Blood. oh well.

What was wrong with the LX?? I found them very atmospheric and beautiful!! There was only one or two moments when they were distracting - the thing with patterns changing and refocusing was too pretty!! but I thought whoever did them was damn good. Nyaaah!

Tori was fantastic though. my first gig, and.. yeah. great!


Review by Steve_NTL


Ill post a proper review later but I just wanted to add on the post show meet & greet comments

I didnt expect Tori to come out to see us at all, but the problem was that the security guards led us to believe she would and set up barricades. She then only visited the first barricade. Its obvious thats all she intended to do. now dont get me wrong, I am not disappointed I didnt meet her because I didnt expect to at all and I have no problem with Tori just hovering for a few people and going. I dont expect her to stand around in the rain after doing a long show.

But what was wrong was that after we had been waiting an hour, I overheard one of the security guards saying to someone that we werent even going to get a picture from where we were, let alone meet her. Why couldnt they just tell us that, they knew full well but played us all for fools.

I would have happily have just gone home if they had been honest, but masses of people waited for her, because they originally said she would be coming out, and they put barricades up, moving them FOUR times to decide where she would be going to and meaning everyone had to keep going forward,back,forward- when they knew she wouldnt be coming that way anyway.

Whinge over, it was a FANTASTIC show and I will be giving a glowing review, but I was just disappointed with the way the security guards organsised the supposed M&G.


Review by jas

just gotta agree with all the people who posted about the manchester gig, it was fantastic!. I was really pleased at all the older songs being played, Cool on Your Island was a bit of a shock to me, most of the people round me didnt recognise it tho!. The biggest shock of the night for me was when tori played Sweet Dreams (it`s one of my fave songs!), if she`d have played Happy Phantom or Flying Dutchman I`d would have been able to die happy!


Review by MsCrow

hi everyone

it was so good to see tori again, the apollo seems to have a happy vibe about it because both times, yesterday and '97 had such good atmospheres, the accoustics are so good. my friend and i went, he's not a huge tori fan, mostly got the bug from me and my awful absent minded singing but he was excellent company and sat up very straight and gawked when tori straddled the stool lol. we walked in halfway through ben christopher's set and i was impressed, so much so i bought his album today, definately worth a gander at if you liked him live.

we had better seats than i thought, we were row H, in the middle of the row in the circle so i had a really good view and binoculars, y'know, to get a better view

it felt very intimate and the songs she played and how she played them really complemented it, apart from the odd annoying camera flash moment.

the stand out tracks to me were

'97 Bonnie & Clyde - so menacing, i am not a huge fan of SLG to be honest (ok you can throw stones at me now) but i was chilled by her rendition of it and felt very uncomfortable.

Silent All These Years - burst into tears when she started this, its so good to hear it live, i think she played it last time in a similar lilting way, its one of the tracks i go back to on lp again and again.

Cool on Your Island - i know from reading the dent she's been doing YKTR stuff but i was still suprised and felt all warm and fuzzy when she played it.

Northern Lad - what can i say? such a wonderful moment

Cruel - i almost mistook this for Juarez but wasnt disappointed when i realised it was cruel, played on the whirly thingy it was so totally different, this was the wonderful difference of seeing her unplugged, it's like you can imagine her writing these, sat on her own.

Me & A Gun - was stuck to my seat, enraptured when she did this

Doughnut Song -

1000 Oceans - i know some ppl dont like this song, that its too cliche but it was such a wonderful closing song, 'sail you home' - its like she was waving goodbye

like last time it was just amazing to see her, i was annoyed because she had cancelled the pre show meet and greets and i'd missed the one 4 years ago as i'd had to work and couldnt get the time away, i guessed it was going to be heaving so unlike some ppl on the circle i didnt make a run for it during the first encore (WHY DO THEY DO THAT????), still, tore out of the apollo after the show, dragging martin behind me and after MUCH confusion about where the barriers were supposed to go ( it was shockingly disorganised and at one point quite dangerous they way they were shifting the metal about) i found myself near the front and eeked past a couple of ppl saying 'scuse me, scuse me, i'm little, please let me through' (i'm 5'1 so ppl tend to tread on me, thanks so much to the big bloke with glasses that let me stand in front of him), i managed to get to the barrier, and we waited

2 hours

in the freezing manchester drizzle, she didnt come out till 1am by which time i had rain dripping off my nose and i'd run out of cigarettes but the atmosphere was good and everyone was really friendly, so yeah, she finally came out and i was 4th in line, she was saying hello and signing things for ppl (i'd been keeping the tickets dry in my bra lol) and she gets to me and starts to chat, says hello, i think i said something like, *racks brain* 'thanks so much for coming to manchester again, i saw you plugged and you were wonderful and you were amazing again today' and she was sweet, as i started to say it she took my blue dripping wet hands in hers and just looked at me the whole time, and said thank you, what a lady hey? she said something else but i was floating off happy and there were camera flashes all over the place, so yeah, got the tickets dedicated, one to me and one to martin who had patiently waited at the back the whole two hours, a gentleman.

what a night, got home about 2am and i think i'm developing a cold, no suprise. hehe, tori held my hands, hehehe. there was a sweet guy stood behind me who was taking photo's and had a booklet signed, if you're reading this (you were sheltering behind my vevlet coat and you got to the front when the blanket girl left too early) i would love it if you could email me the photo's and adlibs, i can't believe i actually met her after all this time so it would be so nice to see the pics.


Review by Vanilla_Siren

Thursday was such a great show Tori gets better and better each time it'd appear =D

Everything has been said more or less about the setlist but the highlights for me where:

Caught a lite sneeze, again the Buildings tumbling down, was slowed down almost as if a reference to the Trade Towers. So powerful too.

Northern Lad, the intro to this, was remiscient of Only Women Bleed, to me it sounded like she was going to play, but changed her mind at the last minute.

Raining Blood was so beautiful and slow. It was breathtaking to hear it live.

Cruel was fucking gorgeous, I love this version so much. Its so much slower and sadder. Exquisite in every way.

Doughnut Song was so beautiful, I personally prefer it with the band, this version is sweet.

Such a fantastic night all round


Review by Hyperboy

i've not got much to add. i thought the london show was much better. something seemed missing in machester, like there was no connection between tori and the audience.

the support act was surprisingly good, and i got to meet him in london!

hi to all the cool people i met, and thanks to those that made it possible for me to be there.


Review by rachswirl

The concert was fantastic and what more was after the concert. I spent an hour and a half with the rest of them waiting for tori to come out. She did and I managed to get to meet her.
I stood by her and she signed my CD for me and told me that my letter would be read, She also told me to take it easy and smiled beautifully into my face.

Wowed over at the moment still and treasure my CD forever. She is a beautifull women and Ive been a fan for 11 years . This was my first time meeting her and my fourth concert.


I esp enjoyed it when she looked into my eyes when singing 1000 Oceans.. awww wow


From Fabien Desse

Added February 12, 2002 - The following morning I caught the train to MANCHESTER. I checked in and then went to meet these two Ears with Feet I had met in London, in August, Kath and Gareth. We had stayed in touch on the Internet and it was so good to see them again. We were all so excited! We met other Ears with Feet they knew and got ready for the show. My seat was on the second row! Tori started with Bonnie and C as usual and then played Real Men. It was beautiful, it was powerful. I was so thankful to hear Mother. I could not believe my luck when she started to play Cool on your Island, Northern Lad, and I was soooo happy to hear Caught a Lite Sneeze that I love so much and had never heard on a tour! You know she played Here. In my Head. It was a request. I saw the stage set-list and she was supposed to play Space Dog instead!! Glad this girl made a request... And during the encore she was also supposed to play Pandora's Aquarium. Manchester was great, but despite all this, Glasgow is still my number one... Tori was cool on that night too, but she was not as beautifully dressed as on the previous night, and... well... I would go again for sure, but Glasgow was some kind of magical, supernatural intense experience. In Manchester Tori said that she was in Scotland the night before and that the ghost of the grandmother had been there too, so it had been intense. The Glasgow Herald used that word, "supernatural" to describe the show... But, hey, I enjoyed it all, each and every minute in every and each of these cities... I loved the Strange Little Tour!! I think Tori's voice is so different now, more powerful, with so many new or improved shades... Anyway, it's time to stop here...

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