Oberhausen, Germany
December 3, 2001

Updated January 7, 2002

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Tori performed in Oberhausen, Germany on December 3, 2001 at the Arena during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour.

Set List

Thanks to Christoph Viethen, as well as Matt Page, Erik (with a 'K'), and Eric (with a 'C'), for being the first people to email me with the set list.

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Precious Things
Not The Red Baron
Sweet Dreams
Space Dog
Cruel (on the Wurly)
Doughnut Song
Me and a Gun

1st Encore:
1000 Oceans

2nd Encore:
Past The Mission
Cloud On My Tongue


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From Matt Page, Erik (with a 'K'), and Eric (with a 'C')

Added December 3, 2001 - Tori performed an excellent set tonight. For two nights in a row, she amazes us in Germany. We were all VERY surprised to hear Cruel (on the wurly, no less) and she also sang one bar from Amazing Grace during the end. [Note from Mikewhy: This is the first time on the Strange Little Tour when Tori has performed "Cruel".] She made a comment about Germans being very sensible and perhaps some fans should move to the USA because we need more of that about now. The sound was quite lovely tonight despite the venue being somewhat large. This makes two large venues (Amsterdam as well) which end up having great sound. It will be great to see what Tori might do when she returns to Germany next week.

From Marije & Kirsten

Added December 3, 2001 - Hi Everybody!

Tori wore a dark brown catsuit (same as usual) with lots of glitters and a more glittering sexy red bra. (Well, Marije thinks it was black, are coming to prove I am right!!!). She had the fishpants on and very high black heels.

She started the show very late (21.20) people were getting very excited and anxious.

We were very suprised by Juarez as second song. She emphasized the line "No Angel Came" and repeated it many times. Tori was slapping on the strings in stead of touching the keys. Very special.

After Rattlesnakes (less powerfull than Amsterdam) she talked a bit about how nice it is to be here in Europe, because people here are so 'civilized' (These are Tori's words!!!!;o ). "We need some of you in America".

She nipped from a cup of tea. We thought she felt a bit ill maybe (also because she was starting so late and in the beginning she sounded a bit raspy).

Then she played the audience favorite...Precious Things with the famous Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl + scratching her nails over her legs part. Sounded really powerfull and raw.

The duo Not The Red Baron and Daniel are so beautiful together. Daniel gave us chills.

After Concertina (nice suprise for me!) she played Sweet Dreams!! This one felt like swinging along with tori. During the "9 months pregnant" part she pointed to het belly and made a preggy gesture (OK, I know she isn't pregnant, but it looked cute anyway).

Space Dog had a very long intro that could be a cover, existing (New?) song or improvisation. It said something with the words: girls, bombs, love & peace. Does anyone know what I am talking about??? Space Dog was wonderful and Tori's voice sounded a lot more clear now.

Etienne!!! Just.....Wow.....

After the words "Maybe I'm a Witch, Lost in Time" everybody started clapping their hands and were really happy to hear this girl. Tori has learned some European words: she sang "Hexen" (with a naughty smile) which means 'witches' in German and Dutch!!!

Whurly Story again! About Woodstock and fixing her up on the inside. And then: a wonderful amazing version of Cruel came out of this! The first lines were unrecognizable. It was a lot slower and just so different. I need an mp3 of this version!!!!

Doughnut Hole: " You can say it's maybe it's over" repeating (different from original)

Me & A Gun: .....

Time: absolutely f*cking amazing and definetely better than the album version!!! Her voice was most clear on this one and she was really into it. Everytime she sang "It's Time..." a special light effect came up and everyone started clapping because it was just so beautiful. Talking about timing!

The encores:

China; a girl we didn't hear for a while! It was a suprise and sounded good live. Didn't change from the original version. People rushed the stage at this time.

1000 Oceans: we were standing in front of the stage now and had an even better view of Tori. During 1000 Oceans I even felt like she was looking at us. Oooops, I think she saw my tears. This song does so much more when you hear it live.

Past The Mission and Honey: again new suprises this evening! we expected songs like Cooling or Winter now, but Tori kept up tempo this time. We saw Tori playing past The Mission on both piano and keyboard from so close. Magic Happens!!!!

Cloud On My Tongue: this one got the attention it deserved. Tori doesn't play this one that much and it's very beautiful. I appreciate this song a lot more after hearing it live here.

After the show we went for the Meet and Greet. Again she let us wait for more than an hour. It was very cold and she came out at 00.30 we were tired and cold. A lot of people were disappointed. Only a very very small part of the group could talk to Tori and take pictures. She didn't sign a lot of stuff either. The barricades were put up in a very bad and unfair way. Just like in Amsterdam (and everywhere?) But Marije and me shot our last picture and got autographs!!! She even recognised us from the Amsterdam Meet and Greet after seeing Marijes picture of this meeting.

Guess this was it? Well, all together we had a great time and we enjoyed every part of the show. Even the Meet and Greet was worth waiting for, After All.

From Christine Abraham

Added December 3, 2001 - The venue itself wasn't exactly "made" for a Tori concert. I should have been warned as it is called "Arena", but I didn't think that some people would take it too literally and behave like they were at a sporting event - going in and out, getting drinks, crisps etc.

Anyway, the show was definitely another highlight. Tori spoke to the audience after "Rattlesnakes" and her words were something like "It's good to be in sane Germany. We're leaving tomorrow but thanks god we're coming back [Thank god indeed]. You are so civilized here, you should come and visit us in the States, we could use that."

After introducing the whurly she played a wonderful version of "Cruel", it was the last song I would have expected to hear on it. She (slightly) changed the lyrics to "your vine twists around my need" (instead of "my vine twists around your need"; told you it was a slight change :-)). Talking about lyrical changes: During "Sweet Dreams" she replaced "We're run by a constipated man" with "We're running from a constipated man".

During the Meet & Greet afterwards, someone asked how Tash was doing, and Tori replied that she was doing much better after suffering from a bad cold.

From cherryblonde~Alexandra

Added December 3, 2001 - The Oberhausen concert was so awesome! The best show I've been to so far and I wonder if Berlin can get any better... Daniel and Etienne were a total surprise and the light effects were gorgeous, too.

Cruel on the wurly was fantastic but the whole atmosphere was tense, lots of haunting songs and a beautiful Tori once more.

Brilliant - that sums it up best!

From Marije Pama

Added December 4, 2001 - Last night setlist was abolutely amazing.....but you already heard everything about that, we sent you the list at 3 at night! hihi....I am tired now.....but.. I'll discribe the m&G for youa bit....First: Etienne, Daniel, Past the mission...CRUEL, juarez.....just everything...waow! Although I thought Tori might be a bit sick, 'cause she was nipping from this hot cup of tea, and she came on stage very (very) late! She souded also a bit raspy.....and she didnt' smile much....wel...maybe this is just me...but I noticed it.

At the M&G she let us wait for a VERY long time again...and we almost went home, when Steve came out...Dont you think they put the barricades up in a very stupid way?! I showed Steve my (enlarged) picture of Tori and me in Amsterdam, and he said he recognized me......then when TOri came to us, Joel took my pic so he could give it to Tori...she was till busy with somebody else, but then she had a look at the picture she was holding in her hands, and she looked surprised, and put her head up, like 'searching' for the one who gave it to her. Then she saw me, and she waved very enthousiastic, like '!" (not that she recognised me, but I think she liked the pic, and rememberd amsterdam. (I'll sent it to you as sooon as possible!) She asked how to spell my name, and I laughed and stumbled, because in Amsterdam she wrote my name she asked 'Oh , its for somebody else`? Then I said NOOoooo, and I spelled my name again, and this time she did it righT! (jippie) I gave her a card as well, uhm, actually to Joel, 'cause I know she'll give it to him anyway.. I told her (in the card) about amsterdam, and the fanbook we gave her, and if she is doing well, and that she really has to look after herself. I asked her at the M&G if she was feeling well, and she just said yes...yes, *smile*..

but I dont feel it was very true....sorry...her smile was like..yeah, i say I am fine, but but actually I have a headache or something!

I had this girl standing next to me, who was very excited (ok, we all were), and asked tori if she could "touch her hand.."....Tori did...And then she asked Tori if she ever 'sings with her fans..' or something..And Tori reacted very seriously, that it was a very ' interesting question'. Then the girl wanted to know what to do then..and if tori would sing a song if she writes it....etc...I thought it were not very serious questions...cause you just SAW Tori thinking.."uuhmm...oookeeee''.... But she tried to answer as sweetly as she can, and after a while Joel just came in between to 'free Tori' from her...and Tori said..well, i don't even know what I am doing TOMORROW! *smile*. 'just contact the managment'. And Joel looked iriitated and said...'this is way to difficult'....then she said goodbye..and when she looked at me I said ;"Tori, you've been great tonight', and she just placed her hands on her heart, like 'thank you', and gave me the sweetest smile....aaawww. I just could melt ....right there...(if it wasnt that f*cking cold!)

Anyway, then she went away again.....I loved it that she reacted so sweet at the picture from A'dam. She really looked surprised and laughed! She is so adorable.

This was my story for now...maybe it's not that interesting.....Oh i just rememberd someone asked her about Tash, and Tori said she was doing well, after having a big cold..(In amsterdam she told me she was a bit 'snotty'..)

From Michael "Dreamweaver"

Added December 5, 2001 - Oberhausen had the nice encounter of Etienne and I was very glad to hear Past the Mission again. And although the "Arena" in Oberhausen was a very big venue the Sound was surprisingly good. Can€t wait to see her in Berlin again...

[Michael also sent me a scan of Tori's official set list. She followed it exactly for this show.]

From the German newspaper WAZ

Added December 5, 2001 - Christine Abraham sent me a press review of the Oberhausen show which was printed in the December 5, 2001 edition of the German newspaper WAZ. She also translated the German article into English for us. Keep in mind that translating is an error-prone process that could sometimes alter the meaning of some of the sentences. Christine also sent a scan of a photo of Tori that appeared with the review, and you can see that below.

Strange Little Girl
Words are weapons: Tori Amos shoots with live ammunition in Oberhausen

By Britta Heidemann

WAZ Oberhausen. Tori Amos has gathered some strange little girls. She fills 2000 spectators in Oberhausen's Arena with enthusiasm.

For the concept album "Strange Little Girls", Tori Amos extracted fictions, male phantasies from songs by the Beatles, Neil Young, Depeche Mode and rapper Eminem - from songs talking about how men see women. Something you perhaps would not have wanted to know. Eminem's shocker "'97 Bonnie & Clyde" is the concert's opener - a man kills his wife and sends her to the bottom of the sea. Tori sings it "in secret", from backstage, clearly and softly. Intensely.

She can only be seen as a poster, a blonde with a chocolate cake in her hands. She had twelve such portaits made for the booklet, and at least since "Boys for Pele" her booklets get a closer look: There she nurses a pig (and sings about failed relationships and those relationships that are going to fail). In the meantime she's got her own baby. "All I ever wanted is here in my arms", is what Depeche Mode's song ("Enjoy the Silence") says on the new album, and: "Words are meaningless and unforgettable."

Unforgettable, because words are weapons ("Men are aware of that", she stated in an interview). Unforgettable, and incomprehensible in large parts during the evening. You have to hate her or love her for her, let's say, way. How she winds between her piano and her keyboard in her one-woman show: she expands the "i", far beyond the borders of the point where it becomes annoying. She howls. Hisses. Swigs air. Creaks like a wood baulk and all in all makes noises which cannot be called human. Composes sentences with these noises that don't make sense. That is dark and bizarre. You should hate her for that.

And yet you have to love her, because she dares to be extreme. Because she sings about violence of others and her own: "I can be cruel, I don't know why." Because all of sudden there are these melodious moments when her voice fills the room. Because she seriously praises the Woodstock-career of one of her pianos and says goodbye with a movement which strongly reminds you of yoga. Because she comes out for two encores. And happily shakes her fans hands. After making the photographers wait for two hours in the afternoon.

She isn't arfraid of any clichee. And demonstrates a hysterical humour in her sunniest moments: "It's good to be in sane Germany when the world goes crazy." Then she plays "Not the Red Baron" from '96, the song about a plane crash: Don't let it be Charlie Brown's dog, please, not anyone I know.

Original German Text:

Seltsames kleines Mädchen
Worte sind Waffen: Tori Amos schießt scharf in Oberhausen

Von Britta Heidemann

WAZ Oberhausen. Seltsame kleine Mädchen sind das, die Tori Amos da um sich versammelt hat: "Strange Little Girls". In der Oberhausener Arena begeisterte sie 2000 Zuschauer.

Fiktionen, Männerfantasien hat Tori Amos für das Konzeptalbum "Strange Little Girls" aus Songs von den Beatles über Neil Young bis zu Depeche Mode oder Rapper Eminem herausgekitzelt - aus Stücken, die Geschichten über Frauen erzählen, die verraten, wie Männer Frauen sehen. Was man so vielleicht gar nicht wissen wollte. Eminems Schocker "'97 Bonnie & Clyde" eröffnet das Konzert - ein Mann bringt seine Frau um und versenkt sie im See. Tori singt es im Verborgenen, klar und zart. Gewaltig.

Sie ist nur als Poster zu sehen, eine Blondine mit Schokotorte in der Hand. Zwölf solcher Porträts hat sie machen lassen für das CD-Booklet, und spätestens seit "Boys for Pele" werden ihre Booklets genauer angeschaut: Da nährt sie ein Schwein an der nackten Brust (und singt über gescheiterte und noch zu scheiternde Beziehungen). Inzwischen hat sie ein Baby. "All I ever wanted is here in my arms", heißt es mit Depeche Mode ("Enjoy the Silence") auf dem neuen Album, und: "Words are meaningless, and unforgettable."

Unvergesslich, denn Worte sind Waffen ("Männer wissen das", sagte sie in einem Interview). Unvergesslich, und in weiten Teilen des Abends unverständlich. Man muss sie hassen oder lieben für diese - sagen wir, Art. Wie sie sich in ihrer One-Woman-Show zwischen Flügel und Keyboard windet: Sie zieht das I in die Länge, weit hinaus über die Grenze zum Nervtötenden. Sie jault. Faucht. Schlürft Luft. Knarrt holzbalkenartig und macht alles in allem Laute, die nicht mehr menschlich zu nennen sind. Macht Sätze mit diesen Lauten, die keinen Sinn ergeben. Dunkel ist das und bizarr. Mann sollte sie hassen dafür.

Und muss sie doch lieben, weil sie es wagt, ein Extrem zu sein. Weil sie von Gewalt singt, fremder und eigener: "I can be cruel, I don't know why." Weil es dann plötzlich diese melodiösen Momente gibt, in der ihre Stimme den Raum füllt. Weil sie ernsthaft die Woodstock-Karriere eines ihrer Tastentiere lobt und sich mit einer Bewegung verabschiedet, die stark an Yoga erinnert. Weil sie zwei Zugaben gibt. Und den Fans selig die Hände schüttelt. Nachdem sie die Fotografen am Nachmittag zwei Stunden warten ließ.

Sie fürchtet kein Klischee. Und beweist in ihren sonnigsten Augenblicken hysterischen Humor: "It's good to be in sane Germany when the world goes crazy" - gut, im gesunden Deutschland zu sein, wenn die Welt verrückt wird. Dann gibt sie "Not the Red Baron" von '96, den Song zum Flugzeugcrash: Lass es nicht Charlie Browns Hund sein, bitte, nicht jemanden, den ich kenne.

The reviews below were taken from the concert reviews section of The Dent Forum and added here on January 7, 2002

Review by cherryblonde

At least the people in Hamburg stayed calm in the front, it was different in Oberhausen. I pity those sitting in the front rows, paying tons of money for their seats and then... seeing nada. The people didn't take care but I had really good seats and was able to witness the whole intense show.

This show was even better than the ones in Bonn and Hamburg, although the location wasn't the best (this hall was not cozy at all) Tori made it an intimate experience.

Daniel and Etienne showed up and Cruel on the wurly is so different. I also loved Honey and Space Dog... some crazy guy behind me didn't stop clapping during Time. I mean, applause is alright of course but clapping ALL through the song?

Anyway, amazing show.

Cruel was awesome. So different. Almost tender at times.

Space Dog was sweet, the usual intro, right, those underlying lyrics. I love them!

And Daniel and Etienne showed up. I still have the Daniel lyrics in my head and it was even better because I had an old Elton John fan sitting beside me who now loves Tori.

The whole set list was haunting and Precious Things was incredible. She scratched the piano during singing "every nice giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...rl".

And Doughnut Song... I didn't expect that one. I love BFP. I still wish for Here. In My Head and some other songs but I will see her in Berlin as well so... last chance.


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