Brussels, Belgium
December 1, 2001

Updated January 7, 2002

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Tori performed in Brussels, Belgium on December 1, 2001 at Forest National during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour.

Set List

Thanks to Xavi for being the first to email me with the set list! Thanks as well to Mina Stevens and Jill (ploopy) who were the second.

'97 Bonnie and Clyde
Little Amsterdam
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Take To The Sky
Spring Haze
Beauty Queen
Real Men
Me And A Gun
Baker Baker

1st Encore:
Father Lucifer
Hey Jupiter

2nd Encore:
Pretty Good Year
Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Latest reviews are added to the bottom of the page.

Be sure to check the Tori Concert Reviews Forum for reviews as well!

From Xavi from Barcelona

Added December 1, 2001 - Start 9:35, end 11:20. After Little Amsterdam she talks about Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels as "three sexy sisters", Brussels are the middle one. Before Crucify she talks about keyboard and Woostock and a womqn yelled "i was at Woodstock" and tori sings introducing crucify "She was there..."

It was amazing, she changes lyrics in pretty good year and sings: "Pretty she is... Pretty she is to me..." instead of pretty good year.

From Mina Stevens

Added December 1, 2001 - i arrived at forest national around 6:00pm and as the weather was quite bad, i stayed inside the hall for a while...i was talking to other fans when i heard someone play the piano - and guess who it was!tori had just started her rehearsal!a bunch of people (including me) stayed to listen for a few.

about the show now:

it started at 8:30pm with Ben Christopher.He did a pretty good job, though no one seemed to give a damn about him...that was very sad.people should show a little respect or something.anyway.tori began playing at 9:30pm.after CALS (if i can remember correctly, though i'm not sure) she talked to us and said something like: "hi everybody, how is it tonight we're leaving the 3 sisters - i always thought there were these 3 cities, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam...the older one always gets all the attention, the younger one is out of her mind, you know?but the middle one...she's into lots of things"

after performing Rattlesnakes, she introduced us to her 'new friend', the Wurlitzer, and explained his history:"he was at woodstock, the real one" she said, then someone yelled in the crowd and she said "what? you were at woodstock too?that's fucking great!so how are you feeling?you're doing ok?how was it?that was wicked, uh?"

guess that's all for now.if i remember other details i'll post them on the forums.i'm off to bed now ;)

From jill (ploopy)

Added December 1, 2001 - just back from the show -amazing, plus, i got to meet her for the first time- and i thought i'd sent the setlist to you...

She then gives me the set list

a friend of mine (Little Idiot) got parts of the setlist, and we found out that she was supposed to play 'northern lad' instead of 'jupiter' and 'space dog' instead of 'leather'...

From Michel Kempes (aka BIG MIKE)

Added December 1, 2001 - during crucify Tori used a tiny little cute organ (keyboard) originally owned by Country Joe (and the fish) and used on the orginal Woodstock !!!!

during Real man, she lost it for a second (lost the lyrics) a had for a moment the cutiest face i have ever seen :o)

From Christoph Viethen

Added December 1, 2001 - arrived back from Brussels a couple of minutes ago.

So this time around I'll send the setlist from my regular machine, and not from some mobile digital gadget. :-) Tried to send you an e-mail from Brussels, but no idea whether it arrived or not. The user interface on those devices is horrible. Well, but on the other hand, they never crash, compared to the Windows-based crap that is running on this machine right now. Gotta change that ... Now, anyway:

Show started at 21:33 ...

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Little Amsterdam
Caught A Light Sneeze (!)
Take To The Sky
Spring Haze
Bachelorette (!)
Beauty Queen / Horses
Crucify (very special version, played on Wurly!)
Real Men
Me And A Gun
Baker Baker
1st encore:
Father Lucifer
Hey Jupiter
2nd encore:
Pretty Good Year
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (!)

Show closed at around 23:20, I guess.

Was a beautiful show, and I simply love the fact that all sorts of rare songs are showing up these days. I'm wondering what will be next. Would love to see her play "While my guitar gently weeps". Oh well.

From Carine (Mother Lucifer)

Added December 2, 2001 - we arrived at Forest National about 19h30pm! The weather was bad. We found our seat and we were at the 11th row so we were happy.

Ben Christopher begann to sing around 20.30 pm. His music is good and it's not easy for an artist to do the first part in a tour!

So, the show of Tori begann at 21:30. Of Course Bonni and clyde!

The was wearing a kin of pants open on the legs, it's was classic, less beautiful thant the dress that she wore in Paris.

The set list was a gift for me because she played a lot of my favourite songs like sponk haze, cought a lite sneeze, father lucifer (of course) hey jupiter, etc...

The show was more decontracted thant in Paris!! She was just so nice! Yes she made the speech about the three sisters Paris Amsterdam and Brussels, and there was this amazing moment when she talked about the keyboards which came from woodstock. She said it's older than most of you and the woman screamed: I was there! So Tori stopped talked and sayd: mmmh?? she woman repeat: I was there!! Tori said: Oooh you was there! It's fucking great !!! and how it was???

And after that she begann the version of crufify but the lyrics on the beginning was for the woman. She sang: she was there.. she was there.. I was dreaming to be there... but she was there.. and go on with crusify!! It was amazing! I was thinking of this woman and if sha has got the bootleg of the show one day she will be able to say: this words are for me!!!!!!

And yes the beautiful moment in the middle of real men where Tori forgot the lyris!! She just stopped and look everybody with a finger on her mouth and a beautiful smile. It last 2 seconds and then she strated again !! I found that very cute!!!!

I was i Paris and Paris was my first show of Tori so the intensity for me was bigger!! But in Brussels, she was decontracted, and the set list seemed especially for me so...

It was a great show, just like we were with our friend, a friend just beautiful, with a voice from a faeri tale!!!!! And with a bewithced piano!!!!!!

From Thomas GARCON

Added December 2, 2001 - At last I had the luck to see her once again in concert after a break too long. Despite some bad critics in some papers, I think her songs and way of performing have become better, still more mature, very intense, brillant, perfect. She still is growing and becoming better all the time. A gift of god, lucky for us!

From jill verbaendert

Added December 2, 2001 - after a night of tori-related dreams, i'm awake enough to type up a review for brussels finally...

me and my friend arrived in brussels around 2pm... soon we met up with lots of other EWF -amy, stacey, mark, carmen, lucie, everyone *mwah*- waiting and still hoping for a possible m&g. then steve came out and tld us that there wasn't gonna be one, because it was too cold, but that we should come back after the show. we went to grabe a pizza and came back around 7pm... the doors opened a little later, and i got a tour book, a t-shirt (the small black SLG one), and a necklace. we went to look for our seats, and hurray, turned out to be the second row! *swoon*

ben christopher was ok, but not brilliant in my opinion... very similar to radiohead sometimes...

around 21.35 or something the lights went on, and 97B&C began... it was so haunting! the whole show was incredible, i still can't believe i was there, and that i had such good seats! i mean, i could see all the facial expressions she made, all the little moves... some personal highlights for me were 'Little Amsterdam', cause i'd been dying to hear it live... it had such a great feel to it, i loved it! 'Take To The Sky' was the cutest, cause she kept keeping the funniest facial expressions... every time she went into 'and my priest says...' she crossed her legs, and tried to look all sad and innocent. she also kept going 'you can say it one more time... come on now (insert semi-tough look on her face)!' 'Bachelorette' was also awesome, first because i was so surprised to hear it, and second because she just did such and amazing job on it... this one was stuck in my head all night... again, her was was very expressive, especially every time she went 'yeah you can never rush a man' she sort of gave us this eye-rolling, sighing, 'duh' look, if you at all know what i mean. ;) se also messed with the lyrics a bit, going 'so put your mmmh in to my mmmh yeah put your mmmh in to my ooohhaaah....' brilliant. 'Real Men' was great, but what made it sort of a highlight was that she forgot the lyrics in the middle of the song! she was all 'we wonder who the real men are... aaah aaah...' she plays some piano, takes a deep breath, gets an alarming look on her face, stops playing, looks at the crowd, her finger in her mouth, all cute and 'oops'...

we she went away, the crowd went mad! clapping screaming, stomping on the floor... she came back, and suddenly everyone started rushing the stage. she actually seemed to like it, since she was smiling as crazy. 'Father Lucifer' was another favorite of mine, and another one on my wishlist, and it was great. and, yay, she gave all the 'girls who eat pizza and never gain weight' the finger! :D

the whole show was breathtaking, the crowd was great (enthousiastic and excited), tori was precious. thank you tori, thank you brussels...

From Inge Vantournhout

Added December 2, 2001 - I'm still thrilled with Tori's performance of yesterday evening .. have seen Tori before and as most of the reviewers mentioned, this was different. Very emotional is the word that would best fit here, but not vulnerable, a very strong spirit ...

First of all, Tori was absolutely gorgeous in her catsuit and high heels ... have seen her in jeans before, but being dressed up like that gave the show a special dimension. You know, the way she plays the piano is kind of unique, she can make it sound chilly, angry, sexy ... and songs are constantly changing, she kind of keeps them alive. Since I read some of the former reviews, I payed an extra attention when she sang Pretty Good Year and Crucify ... in this first song it was "pretty she is, to me" and in Crucify she sang "feels like I'm in these chains again"...

As for the setlist, you just know upfront she will include Me and a Gun. I was surprised by Baker Baker as she doesn't sing this often, and the way she turned Real Man into a Tori-song is just Tori ... personally think this song fits her much better.

She was very quiet, she referred to Brussels as being the middle sister of the three sisters Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels, and later in the show told a story about the on which she played Crucify ... all the other songs she sang one after another without even taking a break ... amazing ... I feel I have to thank her for giving the best of herself yesterday night

From August de Heij

Added December 2, 2001 - My girlfriend and me were too late for the Amsterdam show (sold out), but got tickets to Brussels instead. This was the first time we had ever seen Tori live and it was amazing. I really liked the fact that she was once again without a band and doing a lot of the older songs. I found that I could concentrate best by closing my eyes as I was getting annoyed by the fact that some people were smoking. I think you can really hear a lot better when you close your eyes. When I did open them Tori looked really great. I was just so stoked to be there, I couldn't believe she did two encores. Now that I've read other reviews this seems to be normal, but I thought it was so great. Except for some smokers, the audience was very well behaved, but I guess Tori has that kind of talent that everyone except for the really ignorant get absolutely quiet and focused when she starts to play/sing.

I am a bit sceptic about the woman that yelled 'I was there' when Tori talked about Woodstock, but who cares, Tori effortlessly integrated 'she was there' in the intro to crucify.

I was really tired getting home yesterday due to the very intense concert and the six hours of driving I did to get to Brussels and back, but I wouldn't have wanted to miss it for the world.

From Awkward Hussy

Added December 2, 2001 - The show was great, and Tori was on fire belting lines out with passionate delivery. She talked to us after Caught a Lite Sneeze and said "hey everybody, how's it going? I always think of you as one of the three sisters, you, Paris and Amsterdam are the three sexy sisters" (lots of cheers) "The older sister always get the attention and the younger sister is always out of her head so who knows what the fuck she's doing, but the middle sister is (now in a naughty voice and sassy pose) up to all sorts of things!". During Take To The Sky she held the top of her head and was standing up at the piano and doing some sexy moves to the "take it take take it boys" part. Before Marianne started she did a piano intro and started singing "wherever you are, I sing this for you my sweet friend Marianne", then went in to the song. The intro to Beauty Queen was dark. After Rattlesnakes she went over to the Whurly(stars n stripes thingy) and said to us "this is my new little friend, with its original paint job, it belonged to(?) Country Joe and The Fish at Woodstock and has been hanging around" (I hope this is correct, I'm going by my notes which are scribbled furiously trying to keep up with her!) Then a woman yelled out "I was there!" and Tori said "what was that? You were there also? That's fucking great! How do you feel? How was it? (the woman yelled out "wicked"). It was wicked huh?" The she started playing "she was there, she was there" to some laughs and claps from the audience, sang these lines a few times and then sang something like "I was just dreaming of being there, my daddy said I'll never get anywhere near there, it comes around people, back in your life, she was there(?), both here with me now", then that led in to Crucify. During Real Men she forgot the "See the nice boys" verse beginning and stopped and looked at us with the cutest expression and her pointer finge held up to her nose and lips like a little child, and said "oops!" So cute! During the first encore of Father Lucifer, she flipped the bird when she sang "girls that eat pizza and never gain weight". And finally during Pretty Good Year she sang "pretty she is, to me".

At the end she bowed to us after holding both her hands out and shook a few hands with the people who had run to the stage after the final set (before the encores), then jogged a little bit and then leaned back and gave the thumbs up to us (or maybe to someone in the front) and skipped off. Yet another excellent show, spoilt by the IDIOTS (especially the one behind me) taking flash photos. These were going off a lot during Rattlesnakes because she was facing us playing two instruments and I was praying she would sing "a girl needs a gun these days on account of flash photography".

Before Tori started Little Amsterdam, she played a dark intro and was saying "you see her die". During the "playing that organ" part, she half stood up and placed the mic in between her two forefingers and ran them up and down the mic.

Tori wore the same one-piece split-leg style outfit. It was either a grey, olive or blue-grey colour (the lights made it difficult to see what colour it was). She wore this over the black split satin pants with her fishnets and high black heels with ankle straps. The top part of the outfit looks like a business suit and was buttoned very low. Very stylish. Her hair was straight and got messed up when she grabbed the top of her head during Take To The Sky.

When Tori introduced the Whurly she said "this is my new litte friend, it's probably older than all of you" and then talked about it's original paint job etc.

From Astrid

Added December 2, 2001 - Comparing to Amsterdam this show was 10 times better; more powerful, she seemed enjoying it much more and the playlist was amazing!! Im so happy I've been here too, otherwise I was left with the dissapointment from Amsterdam. Tori was very funny at the Woodstock part, the "she was there, but now you're with me"-improv was so great!! The audience was very relaxed and at the last 5 songs we were standing near the stage...loved it!

I can only hope it will not take years till she will be backin Europe again!

And thank you Mike, so much, for this wonderfull site that has kept me informed so well the last months!

From Carline from Belgium

Added December 3, 2001 - Tori's performance was amazing!! the setlist was great!

i was not so far from the stage, i think i was between the 8th and the 10th row. she made a really special version of Crucify, i loved it.

i was lucky 'cause she played a lot of my favourite songs (winter-caught a lite sneeze-pretty good year..)

i didn't know the song "bachelorette" , if someone knows from where it comes, i would be happy to know it.

Tori was really close to the crowd, she really gave us a lot of emotions that evening and i'm still completely dreaming!

The concert ended around 11.30pm and i got a Tour Book , a t-shirt (on which is written in front "Since the earthquakes 1991-2001" and the discography on the back) and 3 posters. i hope she'll come back soon in belgium.

thanks Tori!

From Elia Pinakoulaki

Added December 5, 2001 - I went to my first Tori show on Saturday, December 1st in Brussels. It was amazing, brilliant etc etc - you've probably heard it all before, I'm sure. During the meet and greet she was very patient and sweet and wonderful. I didn't get to talk to her, but that's ok - I'll just have to hope for the next time - although I would have liked to say thank you.

The reviews below were taken from the concert reviews section of The Dent Forum and added here on January 7, 2002

Review by dabby

Hi - just got back from the Brussels show at Forest National. This is the 6th time I've seen Tori, twice on 'Under the Pink', twice for 'Boys' and once 'From the Choirgirl'. I think this was the best of the lot. It's worth mentioning that FN is a very large hall and it was close to being full - probably 4 to 5 thousand people. All that being said, the sound was great, Tori's voice was fantastic.

Sorry for all those of you waiting for a setlist, but I didn't take notes. I can remember the final encore - Leather, Pretty Good (shit she was singing) Year and a wonderful version of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'. She didn't sing 'Time', but she did do 'Caught A Light Sneeze' - I was quite suprised at this. 'Batchelorette' was also a suprise I must say, but I was dissappointed not to hear my favourite 'Flying Dutchman'.

Wait, I'll try to remember the rest of the songs, not in order though:

Bonnie and Clyde
Baker Baker
2 covers I didn't know
Father Lucifer
Beauty Queens/Horses
Me and a Gun

Blah, my mind has gone blank. But no songs from To Venus and Back and few from Stangle Little Girls. Most were taken from Boys For Pele and Little Earthquakes.

All in all, she was fantastic! During one of the covers she seemed to forget the next lyric and stopped before restarting again. She had a chat to a lady in the audience who said she was at Woodstock too, which was nice.

Sorry to be so useless with the setlist, I am sure someone younger than me with a better memory will stick it up soon...


Review by aprilbone

It was really a great show, she was very in it. Even more then at the Paris concert I've been to on thursday.

She didn't talk much
She talked about Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam being the three sisters. The biggest one getting all the attention because that's the way it is, the smallest one being a little crazy. She made gestures and grins to explain that the middel one
never got enough attention, but that she was getting on to something. (these are not the exact words maybe someone wrote them down ?!

She wore a brown suit with pants.

She did an intro before Marianne, "Wherever you are I think of you my friend...this is a song for a very special someone Mari...anne"

When she explained the Country Joe and the fish thing, somebody screamed that she has been in Woodstock.
Tori answered
"The real one ?"
"Well that's fucking great!"

Then she did this incredible intro singing
"She was there. I dreamed of being there. But my dady said you will get nowhere
near that place. They both were there and they are with me now...."Then into Crucify.

She forgot the words during "Real Men"


Review by ploopy

i just got back too... *content sigh* it was the best... i'll type up a longer review tomorrow, i'm beat right now... there was no pre-show m&g, but steve told us she'd come out after the show, and she did... *yay* more about that, and the wonderful people i met, tomorrow!

here's the setlist, in order:

97 bonnie and clyde

little amsterdam
~i was dying to hear this one! oooh, i loved it so much!

caught a lite sneeze
~powerful, and strong, kinda reminded me of the CALS on the live in NY video...

(a little talk... she said that after tonight they were leaving the three sisters... that's what they call paris, amsterdam and brussels. she said that brussels was the middle sister, being all kinds of things, while the eldest one (paris, i assume) was kind of posh (she made the cutest gestures!), while the youngest one, amserdam, was... well 'who the fuck knows what she's doing!' )

take to the sky
~she often sang 'you can say it one more time... come on now', instead of 'what you don't like'

spring haze
~like the album version... kinda surprised me sometimes with some really powerfull moments... the lighting really bothered me during this one, btw

~beautiful, just incredible. she started off with the best improv: 'wherever you are, i sing this for you' over and over again.

~i was so hoping for to this one! she messed with the lyrics a bit, going 'so put your mmmh in to my mmmh yeah put your mmmh in to my ooohhaaah....' she also gave us a funny look while singing 'yeah you can never rush a man'. all good. a personal highlight...

beauty queen/horses
~amazing! yay! BQ was gorgeous, and horses was just so incredibly powerful, you know?

~as expected, the first notes just made the entire crowd go mad... pretty standard live-winter, but great anyhow


(little talk about woodstock)

~the improv was awesome... she was just talking to this woman who'd been to woodstock and went into crucify like this: ''you were there... she was there... my daddy said you'll never go to that place, they both were there and they are with me now...." (or something like that anyway...)

real men
~cutest moment of the evening: tori forgets the lyrics! she's all 'we wonder who the real men are... aaah aaah...' she plays some piano, takes a deep breath, gets an alarming look on her face, stops playing, looks at the crowd, her finger in her mouth, all cute, and 'oops'... she sang along right after though...

me and a gun
~it felt like all the blood in my body just sank to my feet... i just couldn't breathe anymore... the look on her face, the emotions...

baker baker
~sounded much like the album version

*first encore:
(the crowd rushing to the front)

father lucifer
~she gave 'all those girls who eat pizza and never gain weight' the finger...

hey jupiter

*second encore:

~very sexy. my first time hearing it live, and i loved it!

pretty good year
~aah, another classic... again, she sang 'she is' instead of 'good year' a couple of times, sometimes adding a 'to me'

somewhere over the rainbow
~surprising, beautifully performed, but never one of my favorites...

there'll be more tomorrow!


Review by Elise dub

The show and meet & greet were fabulous!
Tori said that she always felt that Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels were 3 sisters, Paris being the oldest, A'dam the youngest ('you never know where her head is' (making a smoking a joint gesture) and Brussels the one in the middle ('You guys like everything')

She also talked about that 3rd piano, the old one from Woodstock. A woman in the crowd said she was at the original woodstock too. Tori was really impressed and happy about that and then she started singing something like: 'She was there... and now they're both here...' really funny and then she started singing Crucify.

I so love her ;-)


Review by huss

Hi everyone, I just got back home to Amsterdam after seeing the Brussels show last night. I took down notes about what she said so check Mikewhy's Dent review page, just so I don't have to repeat myself here. But I'll give a song by song review instead. I had 9th row seats right in front of her, yay!

97 B&C: in Amsterdam I couldn't see the poster of the mother but I could last night and it's well, creepy. The falling effect is great. The track is spoken live except for the "just the two of us" part as Tori added vocals over it.

Tori came out on stage, bowed to us serenely, patted the Bosey and sat down and went in to...

Little Amsterdam: first she was playing a dark sounding intro and was saying "you see her die" before going in to a great version. It was a bit slower and drawn out than on CD.

Caught a Lite Sneeze: her piano playing on this is fantastic. She was yelling out the "didn't know our love was so small, so small" part very powerfully.

She started talking to us here about the "three sisters". Please read the Dent page review by me to get as-close-as-possible accuracy on what she said.

Take To The Sky: she was slapping Bosey hard again on this, and made some sexy standing-up movements singing "take it take it take it boys". She didn't sing the "you know if you don't like me just a little" part clearly, instead it was more like "if you nanana like me just a little".

Spring Haze: there was an intro to this first which I didn't recognise so I think it was an improv. As with Amsterdam, she was powerfully singing the "uh oh let go" and the "waiting on Sunday to drown" parts were very forceful. She dragged out the final "drowwwwwwwn" part as usual and put her arms out (she did in Amsterdam the other night also).

Marianne: she did an intro to this saying "whereever you are, I sing this for you, my sweet friend Marianne". The song was beautiful and she had some very pained, almost frightened expressions on her face that gave me chills.

Bachelorette: very sassy! She seemed to have a lot of fun with this one.

Beauty Queen: this had a dark intro and she played the notes an octave or two lower here and there. It was also much slower than on the album version.

Horses: much like the album version, really good!

Winter: the crowd applauded this one wildly. It sounded just like the various live versions you've seen/heard recorded. The "proud of me" part was said more like spoken word with a cute little face and smile that looked kinda sad.

Rattlesnakes: she was switching back and forth the Bosey and Rhodes quickly to play the chorus on the Bosey. This is my fave off SLG so I enjoyed it very much.

She started talking about the whurly here and about Woodstock with a lady in the audience (see my review for more details on the Dent review page). This led in to...

Crucify: played on the Whurly. Much slower and drawn out and I'm not sure I like it that way, but the chorus was the same tempo as the album version. She left out the high parts in the middle (my favourite parts on the album, oh well!)

Real Men: this had a dark intro to it. She forgot the "see the nice boys" verse and stopped and looked at us with the most adorable look on her face and said "oops!".

Me And A Gun: people were cheering at this one when it started, I don't know whether to be highly annoyed at that or not. She sang it softly and slowly and you could hear everything breath and sound she was making. She sang the "flat on your stomach" part louder.

Baker Baker: *sigh* so beautiful.

She waved and ran off stage, we screamed for more and she
came back for...

1st encore:
Father Lucifer: wonderfully done, and she flipped the bird on the "girls that eat pizza and never gain weight" part.

Hey Jupter: played on the Rhodes. Her high notes were perfect.

2nd encore:
Leather: I'm so glad I saw this live! I know it has been said that she plays it when she feels a show isn't going so well but I don't think that's true for the Brussels show, it was so obvious the crowd was nuts about her and she was having a great time herself. During the musical part in the middle, she would stop before hitting some high notes on the piano and look at the crowd and pause and smile and then play them.

Pretty Good Year: one of my favourites, she was yelling loudly at the "heyyyyy, what's it gonna taaaaake" parts. She sang Pretty She Is To Me at some parts.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: she played an intro that had some of the notes from Merman so I wrote down Merman, then she started singing (I thought she was doing a different intro to Merman). This is such a beautiful song and it was so fitting but it made me really sad because I knew it was the last song and I didn't want the night to end.

Off to Oberhausen tomorrow! In Amsterdam and Brussels she only played a few songs off my wishlist so I know if I don't go to Oberhausen and I see Honey and Upside Down and Black Dove on the setlist I will never forgive myself

Now, a big FUCK YOU to the IDIOTS taking flash photos. These were really pissing me off.


Review by gucha

last night I was in Brussel, Forst national
my 2nd time, being with Tori....

incredible! perfect!
The way that women knows how to express everyting she has in her mind, body, voice, hart, head and soul...
every word and note are full of feeling.

I was sitting next to the women who screamt "I was in Woodstock!"
Here smily face, when Tori answer to her.... will not disapear for the next 2 mounths I suppose.

"Bachelorette" made me giggle, your...uhhhh in my uhhmm in your uhhhhm.....

Every time I see her, I'm surprised by her size, and her incredible big ears... She is a fairy... now I'm sure, and she has wonderfull magic, I could feel it!

How quiet can you make your public? Ask Tori...
Here wispering "Me and a gun", made every person in the hall, swollowing their breath...

Now I'm going to get up to the rainbow, and start dreaming yesterdays evening all over again


Review by Maaike

I loved this show, the most beautiful one i've ever seen!!
I really loved her doing Caught a lite sneeze.. i really wanted to hear her doing that..
And i was soooo happy with Pretty good year..
Well i was happy with all of them..

My seat wasn't that well, as i decided that morning to go to Brussels...
I just had to go... and i didn't cared about my seat, in Amsterdam my seat was perfect, but yesterday i didn't cared... I loved it.. i wish i could go to Oberhausen as well, but i am sure my boss won't give me a day off again.. But i am still hoping!!!


Review by SisterDew

it was an amazing concert. it is just so special to see her perform and to know that she is just a few meters away from you. i am at my work and i canot type too much, so i will not do a song-by-song review. just a few highlights:

-my favourite was bacholerette, because tori seemed to have so much fun doing this that i had to laugh. she deliberately messed the lyrics up a lot, and made the thing sound really naughty.

-marianne was really beautiful, with an intro where she sang "everywhere i sing this song to you, my sweet friend, marianne". it made me think that the girl she wrote this song for must have meant a lot to her.

-caught a lite sneeze: i ahve heard her doing this song before, but this was a very different version. when she did the 'building, tumbling' part, she played with a lot of bass, very strong.

-the part where she spoke with this woman about woodstock, and the improv she made out of it were so funny!

in general i thought that the audience behaved very civilised, at least where i was sitting. (seventh or eight row). no one was singing along with the songs, i didn't hear mobile phone's, no talking. only before the first encore, everybody stood up and a lot of people ran to the stage, i thought it must have been a bit freightening for tori, but she didn't seem to mind.

i am sorry that i didn't meet anyone from the forums. we arrived really late at the concert, and we had to leave immediately after.


Review by Chezzlebezzle

yeh, I would remember if she did putting the damage loves tori...very strange little she is ...I like the way she have sex with the piano.....oh and the conversation with person about woodstock..I think she was being quite sarcastic...even better !!

well, anywayz...oh also..fucking amazing how she can play with her hand behind her back..totally cool!! me play the is pretty difficult so anywayz...again...
me goota go now..I live in holland, joe me gotsto be a bit businesslike...lalalalala sing with me

well goodbye....and chill...... ......emy is here also doeidoei,


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