Kissimee (Orlando), FL
September 30, 2001

Updated October 14, 2001

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Tori performed in Kissimee (Orlando), FL on September 30, 2001 at the Tupperware Center during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour.

Set List

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Silent All These Years
Enjoy The Silence
Past The Mission
Sister Janet
Pandora's Aquarium
Spring Haze
Here. In My Head
Me and a Gun
1000 Oceans

1st Encore:
Purple People

2nd Encore:
Jackie's Strength
Cool On Your Island


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From Mikewhy

October 1, 2001 - It is a shame that it is so late and that I have to get up early and drive nearly 1000 miles back to Louisville Monday. For the show I experienced at the Tupperware Center in Kissimee,Fl was one of the best shows I have ever experienced. It is definitely one that I would place in my top 3 shows of all time. (I have seen over 50 since 1992.) Tori seemed to sum up the evening well toward the end of the concert when she told us, "I really like it here."

First of all, there was the set list. One glance and you can see all the amazing songs that she pulled out of her hat. While the set list for Clearwater was somewhat different from West Palm Beach, this one was really out there. She did Siren, Sister Janet, Pandora's Aquarium, Talula, Here. In My Head, Purple People, and Jackie's Strength. (Which was for her mom.) There were numerous times during the show when I looked at my girlfriend Amanda with a look of surprise and amazement. The show featured 19 songs and was 1 hour 44 minutes long. The instrumental introduction that she did for Pandora's Aquarium really took my breath away! She ended the show with a version of Time that was achingly gorgeous. Even more so than the two previous nights.

However, it was not just what she performed, but HOW she performed it. She was in top form tonight, doing some amazing piano playing and singing. Tori seemed inspired tonight, and feeling and passion were overwhelming at times. Talula was especially incredible. She performed it on her "whurly". For the past two shows, she did a revamped version of Crucify at that time. This time, she pulled the most amazing version of Talula out of her hat. She kept repeating the line "Don't want to lose you" over and over. She also would sing, "Gonna protect you now." Also, at one point she sang "one plus one is three", and after realizing her mistake, mentioned something about her accountants and being able to add. This version of Talula was really amazing and had everyone floored.

Even Silent All These Years, which some fans find rather routine, was special and amazing tonight. She prefaced the song with a cute story about the people who play the Disney characters for a living in the Orlando area and talked specifically about the Little Mermaid. She mentioned hearing the Little Mermaid singing backstage. (See the other reviews for more details.)

I have to mention the lighting for this show and for ALL the shows I have seen so far. This is by far the best lighting and stage design she has ever used. From the colors to the props, the stage looked beautiful and complimented the songs extremely well.

This was an amazing and stunning performance, one of the best I think Tori has ever done. I talked to many people after the show and they all agreed that the show was one of her best. Even the fans who have seen a huge number of shows agreed this one really stood out. I really think we witnessed something special tonight, and I was honored to be part of it. This show will be added to my list of all time favorite concerts, along with Cincinnati 96, Knoxville and Indianapolis 98, and Denver 99.

For all other important details, and there are many, check out the Concert Reviews Forum.

From Nathan Herzog

Added October 3, 2001 - Here's hoping your trip back to Louisville was a good one. I just wanted to comment on Tori's Orlando concert- rather than a review. Feel free to post this or you can delete it.

This was the first time that I was fortunate enough to see Tori play live. I missed her last couple of Orlando dates. The fact that she was also playing solo prompted me to get tickets during presale.

I can't compare last night's show with her other shows, however, I can say that this is the best concert I've ever been to. Period. I thought the song selections were surprising and well balanced. Just to have heard Siren played solo in itself made the evening special.

I agree that her playing and singing were in top form, and she seemed to really be enjoying herself. She seemed very healthy and happy. And I think it was just the atmosphere that was present during the concert- being in a sold out theater where everyone is so drawn to Tori and her music just made it that much more alive. And the crowd tonight was just amazing- very warm and receptive. It makes me proud to be an Orlando local.

It's funny, I blasted Tori's Little Earthquakes album on the way to and from the concert. I had a terrible time falling asleep because I was still so excited by what I had experienced. Today at work, I often thought about last night, Tori's vocals echoing through my head, just wishing how I could hear her live versions of Rattlesnakes, Enjoy the Silence, and Cool On Your Island (she really needs to re-record that song on the "whurly" and release it) again. The people whom I met at the concert all agreed at the end that the show was definitely powerful. I hope that the Toriphiles across the country who have yet to experience this tour can experience the same aweness that those of us in Orlando were fortunate enough to encounter.

Tori will undoubtably perform again, and next time it may be with a band. And I will still, of course, be at the show next time she's in Orlando. But it's hard to think it will be quite as intimate and as magical as last night was.

Thank you for posting such a terrific review. I think it summed up the experience wonderfully. Here's to Tori! We love you.

From Tim/Pandochild

Added October 3, 2001 - I got to the Orlando show around 12 something for the meet and greet! Waited just a lil while got in front of the barricades and waited! Tori came out with Joel went to the right hand side and started talking to people. when she got to us she said HI and smiled yay! I asked for a HUG! Personal dream of mine and a PIC but I don't think she heard me! A lot of other people were asking for PICS and Joel was getting mad! but he seemed nice enough cause I said hi to him before that started! The meet and greets are always hectic anyway I asked Tori if Happiness Is A warm gun was gonna come! and she said No but a very good friend of hers was=} how cute! I also asked her to play Honey! she passed me touched my hand and said I'll see about your requests and then later I said who is Happiness friend and she said enjoy the silence but she has another friend and came by and whispered in my ear Imagine! And I was like ah! just soo happy I got to see her face to face again! and hug her! I got some PICS of her too! OK ON TO THE SHOW!

97 bonnie and cylde I really enjoyed this on the tour! But liked this one better at the West palm beach show!


A song I never heard before live this was really good solo I love when she brecks out with never was one for a prissy girl!

SPRING HAZE! how good is this song!!!! this was amazing!!!! I never really noticed this Girl too much but she took me by the hand and said I Love everybody! does that sound to strange???

PANDORA!!! hahaha this is how I got my screen name anyway I love this song and she has come before at other shows and it's always good to see Tori do this one!

Cool on your Island! Tori has never done any Y kant Tori read songs at any of my other shows and I'm glad she picked this one! one of the best songs of the night!

SISTER JANET! Never heard this one live before! Best song of the night by far! with your perfect wing A wing can cover all sorts of things! WOW

HERE IN my head! I love when she does the Besides I'm glad she came!

well those were all my faves I was also glad to see her dedicate Jackie's S to her Mom! And it was cute how she said that the guys at the meet and greets hit her up for songs and they would requests songs in two's! hahaha awesome show everybody! Tori was wonderful and amazing!

quick note I met some people at this concert that seemed really nice and friendly DOR,mikewhy! and his girlfriend novinha? I thought he said Amanda? anyway great to meet you guys! and hope to see you in Denver! maybe =}

From Dayna Crock

Added Oct 14, 2001 - I was at the Orlando show Sunday...I drove all the way from Kentucky too!  I went to the meet and greet on Friday at West Palm and at Orlando.  I did not get close enough to actually speak to her or have her autograph anything for me on Friday so I made sure that I got to the Tupperware Center very early on Sunday.  I actually got up front in the barricade for the first time ever (I have tried no less than 10 times).  She came from the bus and I handed her a picture to sign for me and then I said, "Hey Tori, I am pregnant, do you have any advise for me?"  She stopped signing things for other people for a few minutes and talked to me about prenatal things and told me to enjoy every moment of it because I am now a "house on heels".  She was so amazing to talk to me for so long in a sea of anxious fans.  She held my hand and we really connected.  

OK so to get to the correction part... you stated in your review of the Orlando show that the song Jackie's Strength was for her mother.  (Her parents sat about 8 feet from me so I know that they were there...her dad sporting that great lime green jacket of his!) but I have a very different version.  I bumrushed to the front of the stage at the end of the original set so that I could be right in front of her for the encore.  When she came back onto stage the third time, she saw me and winked (I was that close!).  Then she said, "This one is for momma".  I couldn't believe it because I knew that she was talking to me.  At the end of the song I jumped up and yelled "thank you Tori" and she looked back and gave that slow, sweet nod of hers.  So in my heart of hearts I believe that when she dedicated that song to "Momma" it was me and not her real mother who has attended so many of the shows that I have been to and have never received a dedication.  Please make note of this in your review. Thank you.

From Flax

Added Oct 14, 2001 - First off, this is only my second Tori show ever (I first saw her during her Plugged tour, where I was joyfully introduced to the songs Mary and Graveyard, which went on to become personal favorites). Anyway, the way I ended up going to the Orlando show was a rather interesting story; my friend who lives there scored free fifth-row tickets off a radio station and had no one to take with her. She's not even a fan of Tori -- in fact she often knocks her to try to get my goat, hah -- but she knew I'd be very tickled to fly down for the show. So I flew in, saw some of Florida (never been before), had some dinner, and it was off to the show.

First off, the fact Rufus Wainwraight is opening for Tori on this tour is a very special bonus. I've just recently discovered this guy and find him hugely intriguing. That throaty voice, those neat arrangements -- he's a very cool guy. And he was awesome. A bit frigidity, it seemed, which surprised me, but he was very chatty and silly and all those things that make you respond to an entertainer. And CUTE! Wow! If only he had performed more off his first album, though. Not that I don't like Poses -- although, waaa, he didn't perform any of my favorites off that one -- but his first album remains my top choice.

Anyway, I won't do a song-by-song rundown of Tori's show, although I will say that when she started into Siren, I felt like I had just stumbled upon some precious gold or something. I just knew it was going to a special show. The other highlights for me were Past the Mission, Sister Janet, Concertina, and Spring Haze. I must say, too, that the lighting was amazing. It very much fleshed out the songs, especially during her very moving performance of Me and a Gun, which I've never seen her perform before. One light was on her from the side, giving her face these very stirring shadows.

She was also very chatty with the crowd, which I just eat up, and the fact she botched Talula reinforced one of things I very much love about Tori, which is the fact she can have these mess-ups and have fun with them and bounce back -- and she always bounces back -- so I just sit back and smile.

I was hoping to hear Baker Baker, my favorite, and would've liked to hear Marianne and Merman, too, but I always prefer Tori to do what she wants to do over what I want her to do. This is a joined journey, I realize, but she's the one leading the ship, and if she says go right we go right and if she says turn left we turn left. I honor that.

Anyway, I have one more show to catch so I still have my chance to hear Baker Baker, Marianne, and Merman, tee hee. Putting the Damage On, Cooling, I'm Not in Love, Toodles Mr. Jim, iieee, and Flying Dutchman would be nice, too. Also, when was the last time she performed The Wrong Band? I don't think it came out once during her Plugged tour, and to my knowledge it hasn't showed up on this one, either. Any idea why?

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