San Diego, CA
November 20, 2001
Second show at 10:00PM

Updated January 7, 2002

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Tori performed in San Diego, CA on November 20, 2001 at Copley Symphony Hall during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour. This was the second of two shows that same night. This was the "10:00PM" performance.

Set List

The set list below comes from Amanda (Novinha), who called me after the show! I also want to thank PuckGoodfellow for being the first to email me with all the San Diego set lists!

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
I Don't Like Mondays
Precious Things
Hey Jupiter
Mr. Zebra
Agent Orange
Father Lucifer
Me and a Gun

1st Encore:
Pretty Good Year
1000 Oceans

2nd Encore:
Famous Blue Raincoat


Latest reviews are added to the bottom of the page.

Be sure to check the Tori Concert Reviews Forum for reviews as well!

From Amanda (Novinha)

Added November 21, 2001 - The second show tonight did not start until 10:48PM and ended around 12:30. With the exception of '97 Bonnie & Clyde and Me and a Gun, all the songs she did for the second show were different from the songs she chose to perform for the first one. After Leather, Tori said that this was the last port of call. She then said, "You know how its the best night of you life, and you're with someone you really like..." Someone from the audience then shouted "You" to Tori to which she replied, "Thanks. You should meet some of my friends." She then continued saying, "And you don't want it to end. Well, we don't want this to end. But we'll be back and we're taking some of you with us."

Tori debuted Precious Things and Agent Orange tonight. She did the extended growl during the "Every nice girl" part of Precious.

Tori performed Suede on both the Rhodes and Bosey, except for the "little sister" part, which she played on the Bosey only.

Crucify had a long intro to it, and Tori sang, "Chains, chains, Feels like we're in chains. Can't really see them, but it feels like they're here again. Chains, chains."

During Pretty Good Year Amanda thought she sang, "Pretty she is," while others around her thought she sang, "Pretty shitty year."

It was a really amazing show and a terrific way to end the tour. Amanda finally got to hear Famous Blue Raincoat and Mother, two songs she wanted to hear very badly since the tour began. It was a great way for her to spend her birthday!

From Courtney

Added November 21, 2001 - I attended both San Diego shows and they were out of this world! I am just going to touch on highlights.

Second Show:

Siren- I first heard this girl in L.A. and fell head over heels in love. Again, Tori was very forceful on the piano and the vocals. I am just amazed at her ability to set the tone of the songs.

Precious Things- This got the crowd all worked up and just sounded wonderful. The girl extended part was VERY extended. It seemed like Tori was enjoying the visit with this old friend.


Crucify- Blech! I don't like how it sounds slowed down. It felt like it lasted 10 minutes.

People trying to take flash photography. I thought L.A. was bad! Tonight was worse. There was one girl in the FRONT ROW taking flash pictures and during the encores, a lot of the people in the back of the orchestra that had been trying to take pictures, rushed the stage and were snapping and flashing away. I was wanting Tori to give them the finger, but maybe she doesn't notice it as much as we think she does. It was just very distracting, along with the people in faerie wings that kept standing up!

All in all, both shows were incredible. This tour was incredible! I can't wait until the next one.

From kerry

Added November 21, 2001 - hey mike...just wanted to clarify...during pretty good year, tori sings "pretty she is", not "pretty shitty year." we were up against the stage and could see her sing the words and the look on her face...i think it's obvious she's talking about natashya

From RH Crayon

Added November 21, 2001 - Your website is the best source for tori information. I've never actually written in before, but I was at the San Diego 10 pm show last night...

The changed line in "Pretty Good Year" was one of the highlights of this show for me, so I'm a little puzzled by what people are writing about it now.

To me, it was pretty clear she only sang the "pretty good year" line differently once, and very specifically, like this: "Well let me tell you something about America...How pretty she is." She turned and smiled at the audience a little when she said the line, and some of us cheered or laughed. At the time I thought we were all on the same wavelength about this being Tori's own patriotic nod to current events. You know, that the "she" tori meant was America.

I am very interested and surprised to learn that other people heard and/or interpreted it differently. Just wanted to mention my two cents, too. I was in the 8th row, LC section, with an unobstructed view. That's the closest I've ever gotten so far. I'd still like to get closer, but last night I was in heaven.

From Valerie

Added November 21, 2001 - I was second row and I definitely heard "Pretty she is."I really think she's referring to least that's what it felt like in her version last night. Early in the show, she talked about summing up their adventure in America. The show was breathtaking!

From MysT

Added November 22, 2001 - I was debating whether or not to send a review of last nights shows. If you are looking for only favorable... Well, I'll just say that we should all strive for balance so post this, post it all - including the not-so-sweet stuff. First off - in the first show: Tear was lovely. I had requested both Tear & Thank You, and she played both in Phoenix, so this extra Tear this show was a bonus. The show felt extremely rushed. She only spoke at the beginning. These late tour shows are nothing like I've seen before. In the past Tori shows were all about personal. This tour they seemed to be about fitting in a certain number of songs, 18-19 songs, and moving on to the next venue. I've seen Tori dozens of times since 94 so I've witnessed the good old days. Its the chat, Tori telling 'lil stories between songs, making each show personal that makes the shows sparkle for me. (Frankly, I'd give up a song or two for the chat.) I reasoned the virtual no chat was due to the 10 PM show. Had to move quickly, finish and get on with the next show. Song wise, Sugar was awesome. Beauty Queen & Horses - beautiful. The encore was one of my favorite sets of 3 of all time, they just flowed together beautifully - a big plus being 2 of the three were SLT debuts. Then it was over. On to show 2. The transition from show 1 to 2 was a fiasco. Slow. Lobby crowded, hot. To the tall guy we were chatting with by the palm tree - you were cool. Sorry I don't remember your name. Show started 48 minutes late with no Rufus. Lovely show. The silly smile when she forgot the lyrics during Jupiter was adorable. Leather was fun with everyone singing along during the closing - "bring me my... leather." I was thrilled to hear Mr. Zebra knowing there was a precious 4 year old in the audience who told me its her fave, even singing it to me in the lobby. Time was a fitting ending to the show. Again Tori did little chatting. But she did tell everyone she enjoyed the tour and was taking some of us with her on the next leg. All in all a good show. Now comes the gripe and everyone who reads this should listen up! Those of you who rushed the stage - YOU SUCK! If you wanted seats up close then why didn't you pay the extra $$ like we did? .... Are you stage rushers even aware that there are people in the front rows who cannot see when you rush the stage and stand IN FRONT of us? F*N RUDE! What are we to do then? Stand? Puuuhhhlease. There are, guess what, people behind us that want to see as well! Copley had very little elevation from the front row to the last row. Those of us in the front were all on flat ground, it's not like we were elevated to see over you, nor were we supposed to. That's why WE paid extra, to be that close with nothing impeding our vision. Truly the rudest audience I have ever witnessed. You couldn't care less about anyone else could you? Where were your manners? Security did little if anything. It took me saying "Sit Down Please" then "Sit Down!" and finally "Sit the FUCK DOWN!!!" to get anyone to heed. So yup, the person on the boot yelling sit down will be me. Pretty sure even Tori heard me. Which I regret so much, I didn't mean to yell, I was just so damn pissed. I HATE it when people scream things during shows - which happened MORE than usual this show. (Yes, she KNOWS you love her. Enough already!) You stage rushers looked like salivating rabid dogs. No wonder Joel & Tori were alarmed! To the person who tried to jump on stage. WTF is wrong with you? Tori looked scared and hurried off stage. That's sad people. What a way to end a tour. With more of this crap-ass behavior things will change. Tight security in front of the stage, no M&G's, you want that? Hopefully the European crowds will be more respectful. Damn, just think people. Everyone matters, not just you. Sorry I had to yell, sorry I had to say this, but someone had to. OK, so that's it. On to Paris. Happy Thanksgiving all.

From tessa schoneman

Added November 22, 2001 - For the second show, again things ran late. Things didn't start until 11pm! The show lasted 1 1/2 hours and ended at 12:30.

Again, Tori started things off with '97 B&C. Especially less impressive after seeing/hearing it in the earlier show. Tori amazed me with Siren as she worked the vocals and piano. She was totally on fire!!!! A bit of a different vibe than the first show. She went on to play leather, which I thought was awesome. Everyone seemed to be singing the lyrics to this one and enjoying it too. Tori then went on to talk to the audience for a minute. Tori said that S.D., was the last port of call, for her American tour. She then went on to say , " you know how it's the best night of your life and you are with someone you really like, and you just don't want it to end, well we don't want this to end. But, we'll be back, and we're gonna take you with us" the middle, some people yelled out, "that's you Tori!!" Tori chuckled and smiled and then went to say, "thanks, I should introduce you to some of my friends". In the earlier show Tori said that we were magic and that she was going to take that with her. I Don't Like Mondays, was way better live, than on her c.d.~ I didn't expect to like it like I did. Precious Things, I loved as always. Everyone cheered when she started playing this one!She really got into this one and did an extended "every nice girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl", which got everyone going. Hey Jupiter was great, nice and sweet. She briefly forgot the lyrics during Jupiter, and her sweet smile in respose, was utterly adorable. Mother. Suede. Mr. Zebra, was a wonderful treat! :) Tori was very expresive with her body language. Agent Orange showed up for the first time on this tour. Father Lucifer, Tori blew me away. Crucify, was played at stage right, so those who sat stage right & couldn't really see her face, got to. I haven't heard her play crucify like this before. She had a long intro and sang, "Chains, chains. Feels like we're in chains. Can't really see them, but it feels like they're here again. Chains" etc..... I really liked this one and was pretty blown away, even if it was a bit long. Me And A Gun. Same as the first concert. Cooling was brilliant! Tori left the stage and everyone went crazy, cheering. More so than at the earlier show. Tori returned for her encore with Pretty Good Year & 1000 Oceans. During Pretty Good Year, Tori changed the lyrics to , "Pretty she is." "Well let me tell you something about pretty SHE is." She then turned to the audience and smiled. For the second encore, Tori played Rattlesnakes (very much like on Leno), Famous Blue Raincoat & Time. Time was a beautiful ending to her tour, and all and all this was an absolutly incredible evening!!!! :)

LOVE YOU TORI!!!!!!! :)

I must note, that the audience in the second show was full of energy, but very inconciderate!!!! Especially at the end, when everyone rushed the stage. I thought that was pretty sad. Then, people were screaming and stuff during her songs. Lame! Plus, the person who scared the daylights out of Tori by getting on stage, you should so know better. After the show, some poor girl had her entire bag stolen while she went to the stage for the encore songs. She was in tears. Her plane ticket home, wallet, checks, Tori photos etc... all gone. I just couldn't beleive it. Very sad that someone lacked integrity at a Tori concert. Pleeeeease be adults people and show Tori the respect she deserves and that you deserve. ~ BYE

From Chrissie

Added November 22, 2001 - Such a good show!!!! I think I was most in tune with this one, since it was the last one of the tour :(

umm, first off, i just would like to say that the girl who was in front of me, the one who was rude enough to shout out "Play sister Janet!" during me and a gun and at the end of are the rudest most inconsiderate person i have ever seen in my entire life. thank you for ruining the mood for not just the entire crowd, but tori as well. Also, why the hell would you try and jump on stage during the applause? you are lucky joel only yelled at you. My opinion- should picked you up and thrown you off the stage. Basically, I hate you.

sorry, had to get that out. besides her the show was so so good. She was wearing the usual style outfit..Navy blue and red/pink satin pants, a black seethrough shirt with black shiny flowers on the arms and front, and the fishnets and heels. she looked so beautiful. Precious things was awesome. she held out "Girl" for probably 15 seconds! reminded me so much of the last tour. During Hey Jupiter, she stalled on the second verse, like she forgot what to sing. It was so cute, we all laughed then started clapping for her. Agent orange was a surprise, I never thought I'd hear that one! Time was absolutely gorgeous. I've heard it a few times on the tour, but this was by far the most beautiful. The last 3 songs I was in tears, Tori needs to stay in the states a little while longer. Also, if you will ever be in the San Diego area, stop at Copley Hall, its so pretty!!! The show was great! ;)

From Tracy Yen

Added November 25, 2001 - There's something moderately interesting coming that I've been saving since the show.

The show wasn't my favorite mostly for the flashes and the stage rush. And I'm sorry but I really don't want to hear Precious Things for a long, long time. I could also do without people singing next to me to distract me from why I paid money and drove 3 hrs with traffic to see Tori. After the show, as many others did I stayed to see Tori get on the bus for the Bye'Bye Meet'N'Greet. It took about 2 hours for Tori to exit the building following all her backstage visits and so forth. The crew was taking out props for quite a while before Tori appeared. Marcel walked passed in some random direction only to come back much later with a tray of beverages in cups that looked sneakingly like Red Bull or some other slightly-tinted beverage in Dixie Cups and ice. He makes a good waiter. Tori comes through, does her hellos, signings and photo ops then wooshes off.

As the crowd disappears, Marcel is still hanging about. Someone engaged him in conversation about the Leslie cabinet and how it worked. They had a couple more sound engineer-like questions. Marcel said they were looking to tour again next summer (which is probably what she means by coming back SOON). He said something to the effect of recording in February -- did he mean February 2002 or 2001, I missed it. But I did ask Marcel about the record label thing. He said she definitely left Atlantic and would probably be signing with Epic depending on the talks that are still going on now, nothing definite just yet. The crowning question I had for Marcel because I just think it is... is the baby cute? His facial expression changed for a moment into that­unbelievably scrunched up face that everyone, even the toughest of all folks, gets when you ask about a baby. Then he said yes, she's adorable... Oh yes, by this time post-Tori appearance Marcel was holding a glass of red wine.

This post-concert conversation made the night much better than it had been. I saw two shows this tour -- one in LA and one in SD. I definitely like the musical atmosphere in LA much better though talking to Marcel was quite sweet as he sports a nice gold wedding band I don't recall seeing in those candid Tori pictures in the past. However at close to 2:30 am, I drove myself homeward only to get a speeding ticket and almost falling asleep at the wheel no less than 5 times with about 3 catnaps. Stumbling into my house at close to 6 am, I think seeing/hearing Tori and chatting with Marcel was well worth it. I can't wait for her to tour again, hopefully with a little less rush in her.

The reviews below were taken from the concert reviews section of The Dent Forum and added here on January 7, 2002

Review by slagpit

may i take a moment and say WOW~ i just got back from both shows!!
i dont like mondays- this was hands down the most pretty song i heard during the entire tour, tori's voice is so precise and delicate, i just love the way the rhodes piano sounds as her fingers do thier magic.

precious things- a complete suprise you guys!!! it was just fantastic, tori held the "girrrrrrrrrrrllll" forever! it was so strong! i thought that maybe it was gonna be "glory of the 80's", but it sure wasnt!

crucify- was on the wurlitzer, and she just dragged out the entire song, it was soo long, just so freakin pretty. and she did a long intro with "feels like were in chains again, girls were in chains again..." that lasted for at least 30seconds to a minute.

pretty good year- yay, i finally got to hear this song live! i loved the way tori says "pretty good she..."

time-such a wonderful song, such a wonderful ending to the tour. tori wasnt sad or anything, she just looked really emotional and happy. she seemed very pleased.

copley symphony hall was such a rad venue, i glad i got to see a show there, especially tori! during i think the middle of the show, tori went on and on about how magical the crowd was, i think she was talking about all the fans from all the shows, and she said she wished she could take us with her across the big ocean. but she said she'll be back soon!!!! yippppeeee!!!


Review by concertina_01

Highlights of the s.d. shows:

Tori singing "pretty shit year" during Pretty Good Year

Tori forgetting the words to Hey Jupiter, and laughing about it.

Tori telling us she wanted to take us all home.

I can't believe it's over.

Tori Withdrawl BeGINS.


Review by LiquiDiamond

ohhhhh! i am fucking sore and happy as hell! yesterday had to just be...magic.

my first m&g...what an experience. i got to meet some cool-ass people, Heather, Kati, Billy, jason...there were so many fun interesting people there.

that said, there were also some real morons. but i guess thats to be expected.

so the m&g was spectacular, got to shake her hand, thank her, get my bfp liner notes signed, and get some pics which i will post later.

but the shows.
dear god.

the first show seemed really intense and subdued in a subtle way. marianne made me cry, and spring haze gave me chills all the way through. and ima slap that bitch who screamed i love tori in MAAG. but i was third row, and it was gorgeous. i felt like she was looking straight thru me when she played bells on the whirly.'

SECOND SHOW...i will never forget this as long as i live. i wanted to hear mother, and when i heard the opening bars, i just froze, and the entire song did not disappoint. it was just....oh i dont have the words. SO powerful! i was bawling after this one. and 1000 oceans started the eyes leaking, too.

PRECIOUS THINGS...everyones' faces!! i looked around and the jaws just dropped. it was very raw and powerful.

damn i dont really know what to say. i loved it, and i just want to sleep and dream about it!


Review by ccjkinney

So here's my review of the second San Diego Show:

The show was supposed to start at 10pm but we didn't really get started until around 11pm. It took the audience forever to get situated...

The show was more intense and intimate than the first one at 7pm. I thought that Tori felt rushed during the first show (she only did one encore) so the second one was more spaced out in my opinion. The highlights included "Siren" "I Don't Like Mondays" (since the school shooting took place in san diego, I felt that this was even more powerful) and "Hey Jupiter" (I must say this is becoming one of my favorite songs being played live).

(During the show, the crowd was NOT on its best behavior. Too many "I love you Tori"s for my taste...and the whistling was getting on my nerves. And there was this guy sitting next to us who started making these incoherent comments really loudly towards tori although thankfully, he stopped by the middle of the show.)

The Pele songs were a wonderful treat (this album is my favorite girl). My friend Debbie who was sitting closer to the stage told me that right before she played "Agent Orange" she saw Joel approach the right side of the stage and watch Tori from backstage. He stayed for the whole song and throughout, they were having this fun eye contact with each other...

Hearing "Father Lucifer" for the second time in one week was thrilling although I secretly wished she could have done the "you're only glass" part she did during the pele tour.

The encores were well-done..."1000 oceans" was beeaaaattttiiiiffffffuuuullllll. I was sitting right in front of the soundboard and could feel tori staring at mark. i thought it was a sweet moment....

At the end of "Time," Tori went towards the crowd and touched people's hands. On the right side, however, there was this guy who was about to jump onstage but joel forcefully pushed him back down. i got really scared because it was so unexpected at the time...and i think tori saw the commotion and got frightened as well)

All in all, the second show was definitely better than the first one. "Precious Things" was the surprise of the night. Simply amazing.


Review by ebbNflow

precious was totally suprised we got her! the longest grrrrrrrrrrrrrl i've EVER heard

siren, as usual, was a highlight

by the way, she didn't say "pretty shitty year" she was singing "pretty she is" and "how pretty she is"

i'm sad it's over, but i think we'll see her again soon


Review by sufisdance

The second show I thought was much better than the first, although it could've been partly because I was in the front row for this one. Tori seemed ON tonight, especially for the second show Precious Things was wonderful.... everyone screamed and screamed when this started.

Unfotunately the crowd sucked. SUCKED. Lots of people yelling "god blesh [sic] Tori" and "I love you Tori". Um ok, if you loved Tori you'd shut the fuck up while she is singing and not yell out shit (like Sister Janet). The girl next to me was either singing out loud, crying, yelling or snapping flash photos. Also, everyone moved up to the front during the encore and rushed up to the stage. Security made them all kneel but let everyone stay there.

anyway, Tori was amazing... Suede has never been one of my favorites but it was really nice tonight. She started to forget the words to Jupiter - she paused and smiled right before the second verse and then remembered and went back into it. Pretty Good Year is definitely "pretty she is" - not "pretty shitty year".

I asked Tori later if all the flash photography bothers her and Joel said something like he was pissed about it and Tori said "you learn to look over everything" like she basically just tries to deal with it as best she can.


Review by Howling Zoe

i've been attending tori shows since 94, and in all that time, through every tour, i've wanted to hear a few songs. mother.. hey upiter, so when she played them back to back, i was done.... it was enough. but the whole setlist was relatively amazing.... according to people who've been to many shows and were at the 7 show as well, they prefered that one to the later show, but i thought the selections were fantastic and that for gods sake, the girl sang for like 5 hours, give her a break! My only note of contention is this.... i myself, really do not ever want to have to sit through another 20 minute me and a gun, as i did the past two nights.

But overwhelmingly, the nicest thing about the last two nights has been the people i met. i got to meet rob (and get him very, very drunk) and josh and a bunch of other people. it was really wonderful.


Review by gawd

dude, the 2nd show sucked big hairy monkey balls...c'mon leather, cooling, 1000 oceans, i don't like mondays, the longest, most boring crucify ever! and a second encore of rattlesnakes and much more generic can you get? aren't last shows supposed to be special, good even? lame, lame know your name... yeah precious was good, but she could have just put all the good stuff in one show but no, she had to milk us for every penny we're worth and do 2 shows!


Review by SarahDraven

I personally loved both shows.

The second one, I could hear better because we were on the main floor instead of the Mezzezene section, so it wasn't all muddled and echoing.

They were my first Tori shows...and I thought it was awesome, both of them. Her voice was so gorgeous,and the piano was just beautiful.

I also thought that the audiance at the second show was much better than at the first...probably because that girl that kept screaming I LOVE YOU TORI at the worst times didn't seem to be there.

To me, though, it seemed like Tori was going to talk more but that she was sort of put off by all the screaming, so she just shortened it. This is when she said that we were the last stop,and stuff.

I felt like I was dreaming, watching her on stage. Very very surreal. review isn't very good, i know. But I can't put the experience into words. I was so happy to hear her...she sounds better live than on the cds to me, which seems to be a rare thing. I dunno. As my BF put it. It's relieving to see an artist actually perform and not lip sync along to thier cds.


Review by twistedbutfunny

this is a combined review of both shows, highlights only:

First off, when she walked over to the whirly for the second time in the first show, I knew it was going to be New Age. we asked for it, we got it. I was SO happy.

with Beulah Land, New age, and spring haze, the first show was vocally very impressive. not alot of hhheeeee's and yyyyyeeeeaaaahhs, it was filled with the right kind of wailing.

the second show was filled with highs and lows. precious things, agent orange, zebra, suede, FBR, i was very excited to here these, but I could have done without leather, 1000oceans, rattlesnakes, and time. very generic.

all n all...

I am going to miss her SOOO much. 5 shows is SO not enough.


Review by Whippoorwill

Umm I have to say that the 7pm show was far better than the 10pm show.

Anyways, I will write about how horrible the meet and greet was in the 7pm show.

So highlights were Precious Things - she did not do the wash me clean improv. Suede was okay - it sounds better with the band. But come on, TWO freakin one minutes songs like Mr. Zebra and Agent Orange. Leather - puke. I almost fell asleep during Crucify, it was soooooooooo dragged out and boring.

The crowd was the worst I have seen. Too many I love you Tori's. People screaming and being rude. Then all the freakin people decided to run down the aisles and stand there for the encores. THIS IS NOT A ROCK concert! Then they sat in the aisles, but people would slowly trickle down one person at a time, so by the time the second to last song came, the aisles were full all the way up to Row L. Stupid San Diego people.

Then we had to hear THREE covers for her second encore. How many times must I hear Rattlesnakes and Famous Blue Raincoat! Then she ended the American tour with Time. (My friends know how bored I am with that song)


Review by Dita

This show was my first time in the front row. I'm always in butt f*ck Egypt so she could've played all my least favorite songs and I would've loved it.

When the crowd rushed the stage, thus not allowing me to go back to my seat, I decided to stay crushed up against the stage and attempted to enjoy the show though I was kneeling on a vent that was not only digging into my knees, but blowing incredibly cold air up my body. Then I had some guy behind me thrust his boner into my ass everytime we stood up from kneeling. I was hoping the boner was because of Tori and not because his pee pee was getting rubbed against my ass. Anyhow, I was as close as I've ever been to Tori, even at the meet and greets and was very pleased with the seats, the set list AND with her touching my hand after the show as she rounded the stage.

The highlight of the evening had to be after the show when some girl decided to climb on stage to get some other girl a beenie that she threw to Tori. Joel came over, utterly pissed and yelled at her. He then called her a stupid ass, while she said, "Fuck you!" Eeek! It didn't make it easy for the rest of us to stay around and beg for the setlists, but oh well. It was amusing nonetheless.

So yeah, my conclusion, FRONT ROW ROCKS!

And yeah, I'm sad that it has ended. I will miss all the wonderful people I met this tour, but I can't wait to plan that Vegas trip (you all know who you are) and meet up with y'all again!


Review by boy interrupted

ok, for the 2nd show i had 2nd row on the right which rocked! and i was hoping that it would be better than the 1st show, but the 1st was just too good to beat (kind of like the 2nd and 3rd LA shows...the 2nd was just too good for the 3rd to top)...but anyways...

i was totally expecting Mondays at one of the shows because it was apparently put on the album after some San Diego school shootings occured while making the album, and i was hoping she would mention something about it, but no.

Precious Things was a complete shock, i was not expecting to hear this song at all, but it was nice to hear once, and only once.

Suede was interesting, but the best was Mr Zebra because i have never heard that song live, and i asked Tori at the m&g about it and she just smiled, and i saw it on the setlist for the first night inbetween Tear and New Age and was SO hoping she would fit it into the 2nd show...

Agent Orange was a surprise but not a complete shock...i expected to hear Way Down afterwards...but NOT. that would have been better.

Pretty Good Year was really good. she belted out the line "whats it gonna take" 3 times instead of the usual two.

the 2nd encore was nice because she loves Rattlesnakes, and Raincoat and Time so she was really into them...i knew she would end with Time, it just seemed to sum up the tour and the state of this country which she mentioned during each show.

Tori said that these San Diego shows were magical and that she'd be back *soon*.


Review by prettyh8machine

Ahhh fucking show was amazing guys...precious things was INCREDIBLE....I screamed during the NINE INCH NAILS part...just cause I had to....nothing too rowdy though.

Hehe....funny to see this thread got diverted with my life story in the front.HA! Oh and Im fucking SO broke now...the reality is JUST beginning to set in today. *sighs*

I was so so so SO glad she played mother at that last show starburst. I thought about you instantly! I was a crying mess as well, Hey Jupiter and Mother are the two songs I cry easiest to...and in a row like that...I was a MESS!


Review by Maquiladora

the second show was a totally different vibe from the first. Tori pulled out all the stops. i think that she was trying to kill me. she played all the songs that i love. i'm so happy that i was able to be there. Precious Things was amazing... i can't believe that she saved it for the last show though, it seemed like such a staple in her previous shows. i hope everyone enjoyed it as much as i did...

but shame on those people that thought it was necessary to stand up at the end. right when tori was walking off the stage some crazy guy jumped up on stage and Joel had to throw him off. what was he thinking? sheesh...


Review by Dorena B

i have so many damn shows to review. i'm starting with this one since it's the most recent. i enjoyed this one just as much as the 7 show. she looked amazing as usual. i thought that she sounded fantastic considering she had like 45 minutes to rest between shows.

i knew she was going to play 'precious things' ahead of time. my psychic friend ms. cleo told me. just kidding. actually it was jessica and i think she posts here under the name 'wild stella'. she'd been requesting it since the first LA show without any luck. at the meet and greet yesterday, tori came up to her and told her "she'll be coming tonight" or something along those lines and sure enough, she played it. actually, she fucking rocked it. this was the best solo version of 'precious things' i have ever heard. i was ready to fucking faint during the 'girl' part. jessica, if you get a chance to read this, you fucking rock!!! i'll always remember seeing you screaming. i'll also remember christina aguilera screaming your name from her seat. yes folks, christina aguilera was at the show. if we get lucky, she'll post in this forum and give us her review.


Review by jusme

front row rocked ... thank you RAINN & All Star Auctions!

i met Novinha!! hi.

i also met the other RAINN auction winners ... hi guys ... god that was incredible, wasn't it??

i also had the misfortune of meeting some chick with burgandy hair ... yes, you've heard of her before on here ... the one who was in front row with the flash pictures.

before the show even started, i saw her and her ummm... little friend ... ? ... 'hiding' their cameras ... i politely requested that she not use flash because it really distracted Tori ... and that Joel was right on the front of the stage ...

"WELL, I KNOW JOEL AND HE THINK'S IT'S OK" (yes, she had a HUGE mouth).. when we first talked, she wouldnt tell me her Dent name ... now I know why ... because SHE SUCKED! and i wouldnt want anyone to know my name if i took flash pictures, screamed THANK YOU TORI 10,000 times and WOOOOOOOOOO'd the whole show ...

but you know what, you didnt ruin the show for me ... i had a fab time despite your ignorance. and Joel now knows you were one of the many "flashers" and no, he does NOT think it's ok.

also ... i have to comment ... and i'm sorry if i sound like a cu*t, but if people would have stayed in their seat, nothing would have been stolen/taken ... you had row H ... not row BB ...

hilights: pretty good year ... wow!

lowlight: the ignoramus sitting next to me. (no, not Rick)


Review by rocket_ships

I think on any other night, people would be raving about the 10pm gig. however since it was the last american one, expectations were high. too high.

personally, I would have been happier if the two san diego shows were on two seperate nights. since they were on the same night, it was sort of exhausting for tori and for the audience. it was just way too much to hear 'me and a gun' two times in one night! by the end of the night I felt like I had eaten too much of my favorite chocolate.

7pm, black swan, alamo (!), and new age, of course.

10pm, siren, the most gorgeous version of 'i dont like ondays', suede, hello mr. zebra, and famous blue raincoat.


Review by Chrissie (Pelerugrat)

Such a good show!!!! I think I was most in tune with this one, since it was the last one of the tour

umm, first off, i just would like to say that the girl who was in front of me, the one who was rude enough to shout out "Play sister Janet!" during me and a gun and at the end of are the rudest most inconsiderate person i have ever seen in my entire night. thank you for ruining the mood for not just the entire crowd, but tori as well. Also, why the hell would you try and jump on stage during the applause? you are lucky joel only yelled at you. My opinion- should picked you up and thrown you off the stage. Basically, I hate you. sorry, had to get that out.

besides her te show was so so good. She was wearing the usual style outfit..Navy blue and red/pink satin pants, a black seethrough shirt with black shiny flowers on the arms and front, and the fishnets and heels. she looked so beautiful.

Precious things was awesome. she held out "Girl" for probably 15 seconds! reminded me so much of the last tour.

During Hey Jupiter, she stalled on the second verse, like she forgot what to sing. It was so cute, we all laughed then started clapping for her.

Agent orange was a surprise, I never thought I'd hear that one! Time was absolutely gorgeous. I've heard it a few times on the tour, but this was by far the most beautiful.

The last 3 songs I was in tears, Tori needs to stay in the states a little while longer. Also, if you will ever be in the San Diego area, stop at Copley Hall, its so pretty!!! The show was great!


Review by starburst

I also thought she said pretty shiity year, because of what has been going on in america, and the fact that she said it after the america part, but i guess i heard wrong.

While she was Singing me and a gun the 3 girls next to me forgot to turn there phone off , and they were taking pictures the whole time, plus people were singing all around me and yelling, they were so rude and inconsiderate,i could barely hear tori during some songs.

She played Mother, it made me bawl and think of my mother(maybe she was there in spirit with me). Siren was wonderful, the whole show was great, I thought


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