San Diego, CA
November 20, 2001
First show at 7:00PM

Updated January 7, 2002

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Tori performed in San Diego, CA on November 20, 2001 at Copley Symphony Hall during the 2001 StrangeLittleTour. This was the first of two shows that same night. This was the "7:00PM" performance.

Set List

The set list below comes from Amanda (Novinha), who called me after the show!

'97 Bonnie & Clyde
Little Amsterdam
Enjoy the Silence
Black-Dove (January)
Black Swan
Spring Haze
Beauty Queen
Bells For Her
Me and a Gun
Beulah Land

1st Encore:
Tear In Your Hand
New Age

There was NO second encore.


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From Amanda (Novinha)

Added November 21, 2001 - There was no second encore tonight, most likely because of time constraints. However, Tori did perform New Age for the first time on the tour, as well as Graveyard. Tori did New Age on the whirly!

After Enjoy The Silence, Tori said it was last city of the American tour, and that it has been quite a journey to get here, starting back in Florida. Tori also said something concerning the September 11 attacks, saying that this was a beautiful girl, this country, and there has been a hole put in her heart. Tori then said something about mending.

Beauty Queen was longer and more exaggerated than what is typical.

At beginning of Sugar, when Tori sang "brings me sugar", she held the Sugar part a long time which caused the audience to cheer.

There were several rude disruptions during Me and a Gun. Someone from the balcony shouted "I Love You Tori" so loudly the entire place heard it, and a cell phone went off.

During the first and only encore, Tori did Graveyard and then began Tear In Your Hand immediately.

Tori perform New Age on the whirly, and before she did so she told the audience, "we are going to take you with us to the old country," refering to her upcoming European tour.

From Mary Susan Sterner

Added November 21, 2001 - I saw her first show tonight and would like to add a comment to your review section. While noting the wound to America's heart from the September 11 attacks and the need for healing, she simultaneously highlighted through her song set the need for consciousness raising and healing for women's own all too personal brand of domestic terrorism - sexual assault. In 70 to 80% of the sex crimes REPORTED (30% at best) to the police the assailant was known to the victim. Tori's experience is typical - an acquaintance rape.

Sadly, the U.S. has the highest incidence of sexual assault in the world for industrialized nations. Let's get this appalling statistic out and change it. Emphasize men's involvement in eliminating men's violence against women (95% male on female) and perhaps we will be regarded as true leaders in a free world.

From Courtney

Added November 21, 2001 - I attended both San Diego shows and they were out of this world! I am just going to touch on highlights.

First Show:

Black Dove-- This was magical, especially her forcefulness on "but I have to get to Texas..." it's amazing how she sets the tone so well with just her voice and the piano.

Spring Haze-- I heard her do this one in L.A., but for some reason it resonated with much more emotion tonight and really blew me away.

Marianne-- Normally I am not a big fan of this song at all, but the way she gets into it right in the middle of this song, with her hair flying as she pounds on the ivories, is breathtaking. It brought tears to me eyes, however corny that might sound!

New Age-- This was played on the Whirly and when I first heard the opening chords, I thought, wouldn't it be great if this was New Age! It was a perfect way to end the show.

I noticed Tori rubbed her tummy a lot during this show, if it means anything to anyone out there.

Show #1 lasted around 1 hour, 30 minutes

Lowlight: The idiot who yelled "I love you Tori" in the middle of Me and Gun. Do we have any common sense of what?

From Libby Kim

Added November 21, 2001 - Another highlight. (At least I thought it was a highlight)

During Tear In Your Hand, (I love that song) when she sang, "time to wave goodbye now" someone yelled "Don't Go, Tori!" and she giggled.

I thought it was cute.

From tessa schoneman


The show got off to a late start....Tori came out about 8pm and exited at about 9:30pm. She started her show off with '97 Bonnie & Clyde, pre-recorded. I didn't care for this too much. I would have enjoyed it more had she maybe had the curtain drop part way through, with her there. It just got a little boring staring at the poster. Just my opinion. But,instead, at the ending of B & C, the curtain dropped and then out came Tori!!!!! :) She then sat down to perform Little Amsterdam. Next she went on to play Enjoy The Silence, which I thought was quite nice. After, she turned around and spoke to everyone for a minute. She said that San Diego was the last city of the American Tour, and that it had been quite a journey in getting here, starting all the way back in Florida. She also said that the Sept. 11th attacks really touched her, and that this country was a beautiful girl, and that there has been a hole put in her heart that needs tending/mending. She was almost teary eyed while speaking. Tori then went on to beautifully play Black Dove, which I felt was appropriate. Tori was intense during this one, with her voice full of strength. Beauty Queen/Horses was incredible with a extended version. Tori seemed very expressive tonight with loads of gestures to her back and stomach and hitting her ring on the piano. She seemed to really play with her songs tonight too! She's always full of suprises and makes an her older songs seem new. :) Sugar, one of my favorites, was fun. Tori held the "bring me sugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar" part, and got the audience crazy with excitement. Her voice is incredible. Was great to hear Alamo. Several Tori followers I spoke with at the Meet & Greet, had been waiting for this one. So, I'm certain they were happy. Bells For Her and Marianne, followed Alamo. I really enjoyed those two. Me and a Gun was really intense. For some reason, the manner in which she sang this one, got to me. I was flooded with tears. Sitting front and center, I could see every facial gesture and felt like I was sitting up there with her. This made for a wonderful Tori experience! :) The encore started at 9:15 with Graveyard and then went right into Tear in Your Hand. Before going on to perform New Age, Tori again spoke to everyone and told us that we were magic and that that they(she and the crew) were going to take us with them, and thatnow, she was going to take us with them to the old country (Europe) and then went on to play, what I thought was an incredible piece, New Age. The audience was pretty tame for the most part, which I was happy about. There were the few times when someone made the inappropriate outburst, which I find totally lame, and the girls with wings next to me that kept taking flash pictures with their noisy disposable camera, but overall, everyone was pretty respectuful. I left on cloud nine and incredibly thankful to those who made my front row tickets happen. Thanks again. :) I can't wait for my next Tori concert experience, and I'm all that more psyched to continue my efforts in promoting her as an artist.

From Jessica Fripp

Added November 25, 2001 - just thought you'd like to know, the first encore was suppose to end with mister zebra, and then second encore as concertina and baker baker. we weren't suppose to get Sister Janet that night. (although that would have been a dream!)

I was sitting behind someone at the second show who had the set list to the first show, and was bummed when i saw i missed out on baker baker AND mr. zebra (two of my faves).šThe girlšturned andšsmiled at me when tori played zebra at the second show. :) (which is the only reason I remember this....heh)

From tessa schoneman

Added November 25, 2001 - Well, I still think Sister Janet was to be played for the encore, at the 7pm show. The reason I posted that information in the first place, was that Joel gave me the set list. So, I posted the intended encore info from what he gave me, which had been sitting on Toris piano. But, maybe you remembered incorrectly or one of us had a type error, so thanks. :)

And for all those that had a problem with her show and the manner in which she chose to sing them, I'm so sorry for you. I really thought Tori rocked that night. The first show got off to a slow start , but she still gave a great performance. The second show had a lot of energy and I enjoyed her twist/extended version on Precious Things and Crucify. It gets repetitive and old otherwise. If you want to listen to listen to the album, then listen to the album. But don't complain if you don't like what you hear live! Why shouldn't she play one of her songs a bit longer or shorter etc.... if that's what she felt like doing at that moment! That's one of the many reasons I love Tori and her concerts. I was really happy with her setlists, lots of old stuff with some new. The only complaint I keep seeing that seems valid, is the fact that the most of the audience on main floor, esp. at the second show, acted completely immature and lacked class. Anyhow, I hope everyone had a terrific holiday and remembers that we should have learned something from the Sept. 11th tradgedy.........Please people!!!!!! PEACE. LOVE. & RESPECT FOR OTHERS~always, a Toriluver

The reviews below were taken from the concert reviews section of The Dent Forum and added here on January 7, 2002

Review by JupiterGrl


just got back from the show!!!!
so freaking amazing!!!

I was sitting behind Glo and Tori played the first couple of notes of Alamo and we just looked at each other and I pointed at her like: "this is for you girl!"

Little Amsterdam is one of my favs!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe she played it!!

She was really intense during Sugar!!!
"your just a pusssy!!"

Alamo was absolutely amazing!!!!!
she was getting all swirly and swivling.. la la la la la la....
aaaahh I was bawling!!!!!!

OOHHHHHH...she played Bells For Her!!!! *sigh* this song has sentimental meaning for me and I was a puddle!!! on the wurly--it was so gorgeous...

*THEN*Black Dove !!!!
followed by Black Swan!!! what a treat!!!
ride on, ride on......

She really tore up Marianne!!!! she went OFFF!!!!!!
she went crazy one this one!!!! it was sooo great!!!

Graveyard!!!!!! aaaahhhh!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!
When she started Graveyard, I started realizing that she was playing everything that the people from the m&G requested!! (which was great BTW!!! I got my Winter single cd signed!!!)

She went right into Tear in your Hand like it was part of Graveyard... so beautiful!!!

and then New Age on the wurly!!! aahhhhh!!!!!
.."you sick little fucks!!!" perfect!!!

I'm still spinning...

circles & circles & circles...


Review by monkeybutler

Well, I'll get right to the point...I WAS IN THE FRONT ROW!

Yes, that's right, they upgraded our tickets for us, and we were RIGHT. IN. FRONT. Which was so amazing, that I truly didn't care what she played at that point!

Of course, I was hoping for two songs in particular ("here in my head" and/or "sister janet") and she played neither, but she did play some of my favorites--Marianne, Bells for Her, Sugar (which was fantastic!)....I'm a little sad that she played both Suede and Mother at the 10PM (man! Wish I could've afford tix to both shows), and of course Precious Things would've been nice to hear, but it really doesn't matter....I was like, twenty feet away from her! We could see her drooling! And God, she's so beautiful.

I don't think she's ever looked or sounded better in her entire life.

My one complaint: To the obnoxious girls who shout out "WE LOVE YOU, TORI!!!" - the time to do this is NOT during "me and a gun"!!!! Good Lord. "I'll just change direction, 'cause they'll soon know where I live--" "I LOVE YOU, TORI!" Unfuckingbelievable. You love Tori so much you can't keep your mouth shut through her a cappella rape song that everyone knows you should keep quiet for? How ragingly inappropriate.

That's all.

Remembered a couple things I wanted to mention:

First of all, GOD can Tori make a lot of noise, even by herself! For just a little redhead and a piano, she created quite a ruckus, ie during "Black-Dove" (which was awesome, by the way)...the "but I have to get to Texas" part, she started banging those keys and I could've sworn an entire band had come in!

And also, I had never seen "Me and a Gun" performed live before (this is only my second Tori show, and my first was the Plugged tour in '98--she didn't play 'maag'), and I'm not sure what I expected as far as presentation, but I was really surprised. She just picked up a microphone, crossed her legs, and turned to the audience. It almost felt like a conversation. Like she was giving a speech. It didn't seem to me that she was reliving the rape so much as she was trying to tell us something...I got the impression that she had largely healed, and she was revisitng the song because she wanted us to understand what the experience was like. Perhaps I'm not verbalizing this well....ummm...I kept thinking of that quote where she mentioned that "the average rape lasts 4 hours...I just want that to sink in." Because those 3 or so minutes seemed like an eternity, and the song is just amazing as she tries to divert her thoughts ('do you know carolina?', 'i haven't seen barbados') but just keeps returning to the reality: me and a gun and a man on my back. These things go through your head. In other words, these things went through MY head, and now I'm putting these thoughts in YOUR head.

Ack! Does this make any sense?! I was just really blown away, and I just really felt like I truly understood what Tori was trying to convey with singing this song night after night.

NOW I'm going to sleep!


Review by slagpit

this show was great.

the songs were amazing.

but what affected me the most was tori's little story about the tour. she mentioned how she traveled all the way from florida, she said hi to those who followed her on the tour, but she said that these songs are the songs of America. and that the country had a hole torn in it and it needed healing, and thats what we're doing.
well she said something to that effect.
and it really got me all choked up, and that led right into
blackdove which really made me whimper, it was a very emotional moment. i'm glad i was there


Review by glo glo glo

sorry, i'm combining two shows in here-

...first off, i would like to agree with MonkeyButler. whoever that WHORE was who shouted "I love you Tori" during me and a gun is SOOOO lucky i didn't find her down and beat her like the dog she is.

...secondly, i'm sorry guys, but San Diego was _THE_ worst crowd EVER!!!! I heard about 344 I love you Tori's in ONE FUCKING SHOW! truly people. get a damn life. I cannot believe L.A. people behaved better than this shit.

...thirdly, Alamo was GREAT!!!!! i wish she would've done the intro, but NO, she has to do the intro of Alamo to Spring Haze on Friday !!! it's ok...still love ya miss cute lil' fairy!

The reason for New age is the people across from the meet n greet shouted all at once "Tori play New Age!"

Reason for Graveyard is Erin drew a big poster that said "Graveyard.!"

reason for Alamo was yours truly!

and that's it...I'm gonna miss everyone

Precious things was for Wild Stella

Beulah Land was for Raven


*Tori grabbing her boobies during Precious
*Tori humping her piano during Mr. Zebra
*Agent Orange coming out of nowhere!
*Tori's 10pm outfit...very sparkly!!

i'm gonna miss everyone


Review by cw69

The crowd was much worse than L.A. I really wanted to take care of the people taking pictures, especially that girl in the center front row during the second show!

Someone mentioned the power of Black Dove, the "...but I have to get to Texas" part was so powerful and rich.


Review by IFeelTheWestInU

This was the first concert I've ever been to. I was really excited to go, but in the end I was extremely disappointed. I don't think she sang very many good songs, none of the songs I was hoping to hear. I was also very disheartened at the fact that she only did 1 encore. I feel jipped.


Review by kitten5

My Lord, I can't believe Tori sang Graveyards. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard her play.

And don't even get me started on Spring Haze. I always wondered what that one would sound like without a band- and might I say it was booty-full. Absolutly BOOTY-FULL!

I could have ripped that brat's eye out durring Me And A Gun. Honestly.

And how about those speakers? They where cracking for half of Beulah Land(or was it Tear In Your Hand?).

Needless to say, I agree- Tori Is at her best right now. I haven't heard her so flawless as now. I really wish she oculd have talked to the crowd more though. I know she was pressed with time.


Review by ebbNflow

highlights -

beulah land

the best version of marianne i've EVER heard
she was bouncing up and down off the piano bench, hair flying, keys pounding. dude.


Review by glitterspitter

MAAG was such a treat for me when she played it at the first l.a. show. by the end of last night..... I NEVER WANT TO HEAR IT AGAIN.

i dunno.... last night's shows could be called L.A. Shows Part 2 or something. maybe the whole tour was like that though. i'm not sure since i wasn't really following the setlists.

of course, certain songs like alamo, black swan, beulah land, sugar (again), new age (i screamed "oh yes" when this came on, scaring the extremely LE orientated older couple next to me), and suede (!!!) made it worthwhile for me to risk life and limb to be there (no, really, i did), but in my head the last l.a. show was my finale.

these s.d. shows were somewhat anticlimactic for me. i thought she'd at least have he decency not to start the late show with 97 b&c fr christssake! oh, damn i'm starting to sound like the kind of tori fans i hate most. i know, i know, tori is not my bitch!

and the crowd was SO AWFUL! it was making me cringe w/ embarrassment, though i was glad that sd took the rudeness prize away from my beloved l.a. hehe.


Review by sufisdance

yes the crowd was awful... I was in row N on the floor and the sound did not seem loud enough by any means. It also seemed like everyone in San Diego must have the flu or something - I have never heard so much coughing in my entire life, most of which I could hear over Tori. That and all the "I love you Tori"s... jesus fucking christ.

The girl who yelled out during Me and A Gun really was lucky she didn't get lynched. What an utterly inappropriate thing to do. Also the cell phone going off during MAAG was way annoying. 4 fucking rings... it's bad enough you leave your cell phone on during a show, but to not answer the fucking thing....

anyway, aside from all that, Tori was still great. I was very anxious for the second show though... Marianne was incredible - a lot of loud piano. New Age was absolutely breathtaking.... Alamo was nice


Review by David (charlie'swonderfuldog)

This was my first Tori show...

now, I'm one of those people who gets cynical about Tori...since so many people seem to think she shits diamonds and rubies...but I give credit where credit's due: This show was amazing. I wish I'd stayed for the second show.... If only I'd known my class would be cancelled this morning!

I didn't like the "I love you Tori" crap either, but NOTHING could have ruined me and a gun. It was lovely.


Review by Whippoorwill

San Diego meet and greet SUCKED ass. I woke up at 3:45am and we got there at 7:30. We were tenth in line. But some stupid bitches with some funky hair and some other assholes had to push their way up front so I ended up being in the fifth row back! Fuck them. I can't believe people don't have any consideration for others than themselves. Well then again, THEY NEED to meet Tori, its sooo critical that they do it, even though their lazy asses didnt wake up early like we did.

My friend Tami got to sing Tori a song. It was Tami's first time meeting her and Tori got little tears in her eyes and gave her a kiss on the cheek and Tami started crying.

The crowd inside sucked like everyone else said. However, Tori was soo on tonight. Winter was the best version I have ever heard. She HIT those high notes and didn't look back. Sugar was fuckin rad! Spring Haze, she started the second verse with "certain these clouds go somewhere", and we were thinking "arent you supposed to be billowing out right now Tori? But she covered it well and went right into the billowing out luna riviera part.

Alamo is boring. Sorry Glo. I've never liked the song and I think Liquid Diamonds would have been a better choice. Marianne was rad! I have never heard her bang the piano like that.

And New Age, well That was a yummy song. It needs the wailing guitars though.


Review by sullensiren

She played every single one of my requests...
I ask her at the meet&greets,I do not shout them out...

I asked her for 'Mother' the very first meet&greet and she turned around and gave me a look I'll never forget as she was walking away...AS in like don't worry I will play her for you...

she didn't let me down she played it and usually I never cry in front of people and I tried very hard not to,but the song means alot to me and is very specail to me for certain reasons and tori knows this and why...

and after the show,I thanked her personally and cried and her eyes well up and we hugged for awhile and she held my hand.....

GOD,I'll never forget this night....
she is something else!

Hi Danny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she played my Jackie's strength that I asked for the second night....

and she also played siren and Marrianne....

I think she'll play my Beulah land as I asked her too and maybe even graveyard!!!

By the way,I never yell out the songs,I ask her gently at the meet&greets when she's right in front of me....
very quietly....and as in like "if you want to"...not demanding,that's discusting....
if tori didn't feel like playing,she wouldn't...
but she's knows how 'mother' is for me....

She did..she played them all..
she played my Beulah Land and graveyard,but the best thing was she did it back to back...

I am sooooooooooo tired,I got back into LA @ 5am ,and Got 4 hours of sleep....

I will write a full review either when I'm on Vacation or when I get back...


and love to ALL my sweet Tori Friends,you guys also Rock....


Review by boy interrupted

for me, the 1st show was better than the 2nd show, just because it was more like "b-sides *r* us"..i mean Black Swan, Sugar, Alamo, Beulah, Graveyard...i love them all.

so before the show i asked Tori about Voodoo in Phoenix..because like everyone else on the tour that asked for it, i asked in LA and she gave me a *maybe* kind of answer and i mentioned i wasnt going to be in Phoenix, but of course that means she's going to play it in Phoenix. so i asked about it and she said she thought i was there and that it was most likely a one time thing...*whatever* then i mentioned that i had never ever heard Mr Zebra live, and she just went "really?" and smiled really big. there were a TON of requests and i think all but one (Way Down) got filled...

a few notes before the show...there were apparently 2 different set lists for the 1st show. the only difference being that one said Mr Zebra inbetween Tear and New Age, and the other saying Sister Janet in that spot. Both also listed a first encore of Concertina and Baker Baker but because of time the first encore was scrapped.

Love me some Little Amsterdam! i could hear that song at every show and not get tired of it...same with Black Dove...

Black Swan was a surprise because i was hoping she would save it for the 2nd show...

Spring Haze is just yumminess.

Alamo! i was so happy to hear this because i've only heard it once and this one was much better...more piano (some say it sounded like she was singing Alamo but playing Bachelorette) and she did not mess up once, it was gorgeous.

Marianne was amazing, i think it was one of the best performances i've seen her play...during the piano bit before "the weasel.." she just went off, flipping her head in every which direction.

i wasnt expecting Beulah Land to close the main set but it was really good.

Graveyard! i love this little song....during Tear i zoned out tho...too many people around me coughing.

New Age FUCKING was definitely my favorite from both shows, played on the whurly. it is a shame she didnt play it more on the tour.

the crowd did kind of suck but wasnt the worst i've seen by far, which i wasnt happy about because SD's my hometown... but like everyone else said there were WAY too many "i love you tori"s...especially in the begining of MAAG...just rude.


Review by prettyh8machine

Yeah, Im sorry but if that cunt who yelled during me and a gun is reading this you seriously need to be punched in the face. I enjoyed both the shows and I actually cried on my way home today. Pathetic I know...but Im gonna miss you all!
Oh and my friend Diana had her first tori experience last night...I love de-virginizing...hehe


Review by erin (viVa)

i think its basically a common belief, the first show blew away the 2nd show. it was so incredible. new age was just, so powerful. she was so on.

as for graveyard - i had mentioned it to her briefly in la, and i had my big huge sign out for it (insert thumbs up) - but as for the 'reason' or 'who' it was played for - not important. i was just thrilled to hear it at long last

and i was so happy to hear alamo...i actually thought it was bachelorette when it started.


Review by John (CoolingboiMD)


I just had to say that.

As far as for the two shows that night


Otherwise Phoenix blew them BOTH away.


Review by BottledErotica

just so you guys know, i did snag a set list..

she skipped the first encore which consisted of Baker Baker and Concertina.. and Mr (Mister) Zebra was in between Tear in your hand and New Age.

it wouldve been great to hear concertina again, i LOVE the latest arrangment... she played Zebra at the late show.. thank god


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